Insights Into Teens: Episode 1 “Hobbies”

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Joe and Madison delve into the subject of hobbies. What are teens into these days between technology, toys, social media, music and movies. They also take a look back at what some of the popular hobbies were thirty years ago and how they relate to teens today.

Insights Into Teens

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:10Welcome to insights into teens, a podcast series, exploring the issues and challenges of today’s youth. Your hosts are Joseph and Madison, Waylon, a father and daughter team making their way through the challenges of the teenage years.

Speaker 2:0:34Okay.

Speaker 3:0:39We’re up to episode one of insights into teen. So this podcast is about hobby. This is Joseph rallying your host along with my cohost, Madison Waylon. Hi. So today we’re going to be talking about hobbies. And prior to, uh, the podcast, I went out to do a little bit of research just to, uh, come up with some talking points. And, uh, one of the things that I found that was interesting is it, most of the data that’s available on this subject, um, did not include individuals under the age of 15. Really? Yeah. Which I thought was kind of strange. So it was always 15 or older or 18 or older or something like that. So it would see that these polling places don’t really care about the opinion of kid jury. So hopefully we can change that, the approach with this podcast. Yeah. The other thing that I noticed was that most of the data that I found was lumped into very broad, you know, topics or subjects and it didn’t really go into much in the way of specifics and it was pretty wide ranging.

Speaker 3:1:55Like, you know, it would be topics like reading or exercise or travel, you know, it wasn’t anything specific. Yup. So as we have our discussion today, there are certain things we’ll talk about here, but I’m interested in, in really understanding what, what your hobbies are and what you enjoy doing in your free time. So, and then we’ll, and then we’ll talk a little bit about how hobbies have changed and we’ll look at sort of 30 or so years ago, what hobbies were like when I was your age and what those hobbies translate to to that. Let’s just start off with, you know, what hobbies are you interested in? What do you like to do? Well, one of the things is, I can tell you if you didn’t say like, I like playing with my and collecting

Speaker 4:3:00certain ops. So yeah. And lps stands for Lois pet shops. If anyone’s heard of them.

Speaker 3:3:11That’s a good place to start. Let’s talk or categorize your lps as tours in addition to your lps. What other toys do you like to play with?

Speaker 4:3:24Well, I like to play with stuff that’s mine. Craft and spongebob related.

Speaker 3:3:30Okay. So Minecraft my career, I’ve kind of confuses things a little bit because Minecraft is a video game. But my grandma also has toys outside the video game, correct? Yup. So what are some of the toys from Minecraft that you liked?

Speaker 4:3:46Well, if anyone has seen, um, the characters with that, our actual skins in Minecraft, I like playing with those cause I have at least two of them.

Speaker 3:3:58So if you like playing with Minecraft, does that naturally translate into you liking Minecraft video game as well? Okay. So sticking to the topic of toys, you mentioned with your lps that you’d like to collect them, explained the collectible aspect of lps. Yes.

Speaker 4:4:23Well, I mainly went to collect the ones that are rare, otherwise known as the five main ops, which are short hair cats, cocker Spaniels, doxins great things and colleges.

Speaker 3:4:39Okay. So they are what are considered rare locked them. So what makes them rare to be on? Only make a certain number of them. Are there special features on them?

Speaker 4:4:52Well probably they only make like probably a certain number of them, which would probably mean

Speaker 3:4:58which make most things were so. So do you have any of these rare ones?

Speaker 4:5:03Yeah, the only type of rare ones I don’t have anymore are the congressmen knows. But I have every other type of marijuana.

Speaker 3:5:12Did you have those?

Speaker 4:5:13Well yes, but I’ve traded them off for other lps.

Speaker 3:5:17So how do you typically get these rare lps? LPS can be purchased through retail stores, but do you go to conventions to find these rare ones? Do you order them online to order them online? But I use it or the Tory conventions that you go to. Are there other things that they have in these toy convention that you would buy?

Speaker 4:5:44Funny thing is I have have to look at things very closely and some things I you get interested in. Others are not really that interested.

Speaker 3:5:54You play with the ips to, so what do do with them?

Speaker 4:5:58Well, I’ve kind of got like what I like to do is do um, high school kind of thing.

Speaker 3:6:05And what exactly does that mean?

Speaker 4:6:07It basically means like getting whole group of Lps and you have them go to high school.

Speaker 3:6:15So you kind of do real life scenarios with them using acting it out through the choice. Yup. That’s interesting.

Speaker 4:6:23And it’s strange to know that I give them names and I can’t completely remember what names they have. It’s just weird that I can just like give one a name and then I can remember it and remember like, Hey, the shoe name like that.

Speaker 3:6:37And that’s gotta be a lot of names for a lot of different lps. Yeah. Wow, that’s impressive. So other tours, do you plan to rescue spongebob? Yup. You have a lot of spongebob toys.

Speaker 4:6:51I at least have enough to where I can actually have a drawer where I clicked.

Speaker 3:6:55Okay. Okay. Now with spongebob, when you’re playing with the sponge rock tours, are you finding out spongebob type episodes? Are you still doing high school tape thing? But what’s fun about it?

Speaker 4:7:08Well, I don’t really do high school or one of my favorite things to do is do like a superhero episode cause most of the toys I have or themed.

Speaker 3:7:19Okay. So was it sort of like you’re making your own sponge Bob episodes that don’t exist with these toys? Pretty much, yeah. Okay. That’s interesting.

Speaker 4:7:31I mean some of the Tories do this from the actual episodes, but I made my own issues with

Speaker 3:7:38do you do anything? I don’t know. Unusual with them clean by hot. Well I know some kids make videos of lps play sessions and stuff like that. Do you do anything like that with youtube or anything? Well some, well I haven’t really posted anything on me, but I do

Speaker 4:7:55make certain videos. I mean, I mean I’ve tried making videos with lps and some and I even do stop motion

Speaker 3:8:03stop motion. Yup. Well that’s kind of cool.

Speaker 4:8:07Yep. And basically I have this app on my phone where I take pictures of lps and student positions and when all the pictures are turned into a video, it looks like the lps are actually moving without me using my hands. Which was recommended by you.

Speaker 3:8:24That’s interesting. So there’s kind of like the old same nation, Rudolph the red nose reindeer type stuff. Yeah. Besides toys, what other hobbies do you have?

Speaker 4:8:38Well, I guess I do. I am sort of a Gamer.

Speaker 3:8:44Okay. What kind of gains? Obviously Minecraft, but you signs that. What else do you, what?

Speaker 4:8:49Well, there are certain Mario Games I play like Mario Kart. Yeah. Mario. Mario Odyssey. So, okay. So tell us about your, your Gamer. What platforms do you play on? What game systems do you play at all? Well, I have an intender switch, which I use for most of my games now. Okay. Uh, you also used to play it with my old lap games on my laptop. Okay. And, um, no. Were they online themes? Yeah. Play it on that. Well, what do mean by that? There were some games that are web based games. Some games that you actually install on the computer. Oh, I didn’t actually install on the same other than Minecraft on my computer. So some of these role like web based so much. Yeah. So what are some of your favorite video games? Do you play Minecraft being on right. Um, I also just do stuff on my phone.

Speaker 4:9:51There’s this group of banks called talking Tom and other animals. Okay. So what do you do with these are on your phone. So they’re touch interactive, I assume? Yes. And where did you do with the words? The premise of the games? Well, basically with at least four of the games I have four out of six. They, it’s basically like they start off as a baby. You reached them. Okay. Like you feed them, put them to bed, to the bathroom and wash them grow. And with one of them you brush the teeth. Oh, that sounds tedious. Tedious. What do you mean? Like I have to do that in real life. I don’t want to do that biggie. It’s you do in the game. Oh, okay. Well I guess that helps. Yeah. And there’s also with some of the games, there’s other stuff like what? Like with, um, with one of the newest additions that I got from the game, there is this plane where you play the games and you earn points to go on the plane and you’re able to get like, oh prizes. And then what’s the name of this game? Uh, talking to him too. Oh, so it’s a sequel to the original one then pretty much navigate the plane portion of the game itself. Is that like a mini game inside the game? Oh, it’s not like a mini game that was just like, well you play many games to get points to fly the plane. Ah, I see.

Speaker 4:11:31So we’ve talked about toys, we’ve talked about video games. What else do you do? Do you do sports? No, about reading. Do you like to read? Sometimes I read, I like to read comics. Okay. What kind of comics do you read? I mean that each lunch about comics, but I’ve also been into comics. And where do you

Speaker 3:11:54get your comics room?

Speaker 5:11:56MMM,

Speaker 4:11:57please call all things fun. They have all sorts of comments there. And we go every few months.

Speaker 3:12:05Oh, so you have your own comic bookstore that yeah, that’s Kinda cool. Um, what about novels? Do you read novels?

Speaker 4:12:14Well, only when I have to. Normally that’s rock room. Well I have gotten into a series called the warrior series after doing an inventory, the school.

Speaker 3:12:25So you had to read the original one for school and then it got you interested in the series. Obviously you have to read for school. Yup. Are they giving me different things to read for school now?

Speaker 4:12:36Well, they allow you to choose you own books at John Your level.

Speaker 3:12:39Okay. So there’s no preassigned book. You basically are sent to the bookstore to buy your own book and read. How are you on?

Speaker 4:12:46Yeah. But only or so our reading do they actually assign a book to you?

Speaker 3:12:50I see. Well that’s Kinda cool. So what about listening to music? Um, well I do like to listen to music. What kind of music do you listen to?

Speaker 5:13:04Wow,

Speaker 4:13:05there’s this game we used to play called rock band. And I like to listen though social nail.

Speaker 3:13:12So they like modern songs. Are the classic old people songs like your mom and Dad listened to? Yeah, pretty much. So are some songs that I liked from there. That’s great. Hey. So in my research I, uh, I listen all the music, so we’ll, we’ll pick what, oh, like songs that are popular now. What do you like to listen to be like Katy Perry?

Speaker 4:13:39Well, I don’t really go by who makes them. I just really go by what songs I like. Like I listened to songs from the movie sing

Speaker 3:13:51popular songs or they put it in the movie itself. Well, yeah. Okay, well that’s fine.

Speaker 3:14:02And doing my little bit of research, I came across a whole nother Polish from 2015 so it’s Kinda old, but it was from a Nielsen, which is a very popular readings and polling company in the United States. This was age 15 to 20. They were asked, uh, what hobbies were you most interested in? And then what I’ve run down a couple of these with the percentages. I’d like you to comment on these one on one. Uh, so the most popular category was listening to music, 37% of those polls. So they preferred listen to music. 27% said reading, which I thought was kind of unusual. I didn’t think people that age we’re big into reading. 23% said watching TV. Now we haven’t talked about that yet. Are you a TV watcher? Well obviously you watch spongebob. What else do you want?

Speaker 4:14:55Well, I watch teen titans go. Okay, well I also watch,

Speaker 6:15:02um, well, um,

Speaker 3:15:08oh my God, I watched gravity falls. Hey though. So the next one that they had at 19% was connect with family and friends. I guess what we’re doing now is connecting with family and friends. But yeah. Do you hang out with your friends from school?

Speaker 6:15:26Wow.

Speaker 4:15:27Sometimes I do. I mean I invited them over to my house a few times and I had their numbers. So yeah.

Speaker 3:15:32You do sleepovers. Do you do parties

Speaker 4:15:35well done sleep overs and a couple of parties, so yeah.

Speaker 3:15:38Okay. Do you hang out with your friends and go out and fly him?

Speaker 4:15:43Wow. I normally just like, well sometimes a few years ago I used to hang out with someone and yet

Speaker 3:15:55no for now is what you’re saying?

Speaker 4:15:57Yeah, no it’s an hour. Normally just stay in the borders of house of home

Speaker 3:16:02and the borders are from, yes. Okay. Rough neighborhood you live in or

Speaker 4:16:06oh, it’s not a rough neighborhood. Actually most of my friends are my neighbors

Speaker 3:16:10and get you don’t hang out with them. Play with them. Well I do

Speaker 4:16:13like at school stuff by hanging out in place though

Speaker 3:16:17cause apparently it’s too much of an effort to walk oh a hundred feet to their house. Anyway, moving on. So the next one that we have on the survey at 18% is exercise you do for exercise.

Speaker 4:16:34Well,

Speaker 3:16:36you know whenever you start with an answer like that, it usually means I don’t do that particular activity

Speaker 4:16:41well sometimes. Okay.

Speaker 3:16:44Okay. Playing online games came in at 17% do you play online games?

Speaker 4:16:50Well there are games download to please.

Speaker 3:16:53Okay. I’m not sure if qualifies as online. What do you mean by that? Or online games would be going to a website thing. Again, when a website? Yeah, I do that. Okay. Social media, 17% review social media. Do you do a lot of social media?

Speaker 4:17:08Well, there’s only one thing that’s social for me, but which is called Kids Messenger where you have to like choose who you like. My mom chooses who I should talk to and it’s mainly my family members and a few friends that are on this museum.

Speaker 3:17:28So you don’t do Twitter, you don’t do snapchat?

Speaker 4:17:34Well I do snapchat but I don’t really post pictures. I just like to see the filters and take a few pictures.

Speaker 3:17:40Did you do any kind of photo blogs or anything like that? What do you mean? Well, I don’t know. Some people do like silly photo blogs of like their pets or toys or stuff like that. My mom does have an Instagram account for my stuffed animal kitty. That’s Instagram that you’re is on. Uh, so 16 was played video games and I think this was what we were talking about before you download it or if you play. So you play on the switch, you play on your phone, you play on your laptop. Anything else you play on TV? Do you have any other gaming consoles, like an x box or a playstation? While I do have a few extra bucks is around the house. And what do you playing on those? Both like to play call of duty because dictating the Rambo because why? Because you like to go crazy with the guns. Exactly. Yes. There’s nothing wrong with playing call of duty. As long as you realize that it is a video game, it’s not real life. And in your case it’s, it serves as a very good stress reliever cause you know how much I have stressed, especially on Mondays and then you can handle this and that’s a whole nother series of podcasts I’m sure we’ll be doing. So it’s 14% we had sports and we tell us about your love of sports.

Speaker 3:19:13So you don’t really do a lot of sports. You don’t go out and kick the ball around and have a catch or anything like that. Okay, well that’s, that’s good. Uh, proper sense of travel. Do you travel alone? Where do you usually travel to them? We do that a lot. I know you probably should have been Tyler places. I mean in California to go to Disney. That’s really why protective the those for my work. Oh Hi. Oh we did. That was fractured actually for daddy’s gave me group. You went to kings island out there as a matter of top of the Eiffel Tower. Yeah. You don’t really like heights and it was pretty high fears. Yes, we have lots of those. So at 11% we had shopping online. Do you shop online? What do you shop online for? Rare. LPS. And where’d you buy those from? I’ve looked on Amazon a few times, but I really haven’t been interested in too much, but I have good place to show. 80% said they’d cook. Do you cook?

Speaker 4:20:49Well I don’t really cook, but I do make my own bread

Speaker 3:20:53sometime. Okay.

Speaker 4:20:55Every day I make my own breakfast. Almost mommy always go with my eyes or get makes my own breakfast. But I’m capable of making me all day.

Speaker 3:21:03That’s, that’s good to know. US being self sufficient as it

Speaker 4:21:06Micah and I can also ask to sell and I help you.

Speaker 3:21:10Oh, yummy. And I help you with cheesecake and cookies. Yeah, we do love making cheesecake, but we want to do the cheesecake once a year. Yeah. How would you help mommy make things?

Speaker 4:21:22Well, sometimes I do like what? Like a few times I would ask her if I can help out with dinner, but normally I have homework I need to do. So I haven’t done it recently, but I do like to help out around the kitchen when a few things I can probably make a sandwich now. I mean,

Speaker 3:21:40well anybody can make a sandwich now, baby. I mean, at least with I’m making in mass, right? Yeah. Even though I still make a mess. All right. Last thing we had on the survey at a whopping 2% was gardening. Do you garden? Wow. I used to. Okay. I used to help my son to do a lot of things. You’re only 12 years old. Why don’t you stop doing all these things? Well, we don’t really go on anymore number. Well, I think that was cause mommy missed the planting season. This time in the garden you’d did a lot of work. Yeah. We used to plant tomatoes, watermelons, which were never successful. Carrots, which are sometimes successful. And then the random squashes that would come up that we’ve never planted, which was always a mystery. Yeah. Because we probably threw away the squash in the garden. Then they started to grow for some reason. Are there any other hobbies that you’re interested in that we haven’t touched on yet?

Speaker 4:22:43Well, I do like to collect, um, oh, toys

Speaker 3:22:47up? Yes. And what are they?

Speaker 4:22:50If you’ve ever seen one? They have like the big guys and they were up on shift and they have a bunch of characters of them. Like if you’ve ever seen them in a little container, they have like big black eyes and I’ve collected a few.

Speaker 3:23:04Okay. What else do you collect? You seem to be a collector. Oh, I also clicked who she and stuff. Who Sheen. Yup. Okay. What does appreciate, um, who she is a gray cat with the little sister story. Okay. What else do you collect? Don’t they come and milk jugs? Oh yeah. I’m lost Katie. All cuties. Right. You have a lot of those. Yep. Then la for Christmas this year. Yep. So you collect a lot. Yup. Do you play with the things you collect? Well I do. What else do you collect? I like to collect legos. Legos. Well I know you put all mine together when I get star wars ones much because you can’t stand having to do you

Speaker 4:23:46eat.

Speaker 3:23:47I lack the dexterity to, to handle small parts like that. But it turns out to be profitable for you though. Cause you make money when you put it together for me.

Speaker 5:24:02Yeah.

Speaker 3:24:02This last couple of minutes of the podcast, what I wanted to do was sort of compare and contrast like you had requested that we do. I’ve got a couple of different categories. Those categories have things that I had when I was your age. So I’m going to list those things and I want you to tell me what the contemporary version of that is today.

Speaker 4:24:24All right, so like listing the item and then I’ll tell you probably the contemporary version.

Speaker 3:24:29Yes. So when I was a kid, video games were in their infancy. So for video games, we had an Atari 2,600 we had in television, which was the sophisticated video game we had clico vision. And then in 1985 centuries ago, the big revolution to kick off the Karen video game industry happened. And that was an intender entertainment system. And that was the first chance you had of taking what you’ve found in the arcade and bringing it to your house. It was that high quality. So what is the video games of choice today?

Speaker 4:25:13Well, we have advanced arcade games. We have now a virtual reality. One of the places we go where you can eat your lunch and then,

Speaker 3:25:29well just talk to you about what’s the, what’s the, the pinnacle of video games in your home. Probably tend to switch Nintendo switch. And what’s so unique or special about that?

Speaker 4:25:40Well, the Nintendo switch is basically again console where there are two little controllers on the end. You can slide them in and you can do also to stop. If you have your own television, you can put the um, actual a screen in there and then you can play it on your TV with the two little controllers. You can even make your own actual controller. You know, like the regular controller, you can put them in like a place for both of them to have like an actual controller.

Speaker 3:26:10So it’s Kinda like a transformer of a video games.

Speaker 4:26:14So like a little wheel in case you were playing a racing game, you were able to actually steer wheel and you and was only two sets. You can have four players.

Speaker 3:26:25Okay. So we talked about Tory’s already, the kind of foods that you played with. So I’m going to go down a list of toys that are in three different categories. They’re either general, does, anyone would play with think of boys toys and girls toys. So for general, we, what is really on a rebound now? The Rubik’s cube. Oh yeah. That was huge. Um, we had smurfs, smurfs cause the TV show was on at the time, the tours were, were huge and we had garbage pail kids. They were collectible hard system that you had and you ask mommy, mommy has like every one of them from the original set still preserve so and the boy side. We had GI Joe. This is the small ones, not the, not the big 12 inch ones. We had transformers which thanks to the series of Michael Bay movies are making a comeback.

Speaker 3:27:23We had go bonds, which was kind of like a cheaper version of transformers. We had of course star wars because return of the Jedi came up, empire strikes back, came out and he returned to judge. I came out in 83 and we had he man, which has gone through a couple of iterations since then on the girl’s side, which is where I want to get your take from. We had my little pony, which is still around today. We had cabbage patch kids which had a resurgence. They were crazy. Mommy can tell you about average pass kids. We had chair barriers who had their own TV show. We had strawberry shortcake. You’ve heard strawberry shortcake, right, and we had easy bake ovens back then. They were only for girls. Now they make easy bake ovens for boards. So that’s what the toys were like back in my day. So what, I mean we talked about some of the toys that you play with now. Um, any of these tours sound familiar to you at all?

Speaker 4:28:22Well, I know about the, my little pony cause like every time I look fro yes, there’s always a my little pony right next to it. All right next to it. So yeah. Um, cabbage patch kids. I’ve heard of them but they’re not been popular anymore.

Speaker 3:28:39Okay.

Speaker 4:28:40Um, and uh, uh, what was the other ones?

Speaker 3:28:45Well, you had a care bears.

Speaker 4:28:48Well I think I might know what they are. Are they like different colored bears from TV show that um, yes, they were, ah, yeah. Well I know what they are, but they’re probably more for younger girls now because I don’t really know if anyone might, he just actually ended them.

Speaker 3:29:05Okay, fair enough. So yeah, so the next category is electronics. And at the very top of the electronics list is one that you’re kind of familiar with and that’s an intender may have the game board. That was the first portable gaming system that you could use cartridges, it and that was revolutionary, but it was black and white at the time so it was a little tiny black and white screen. Mommy can tell you about that too. Our portable music came in the form of a Sony Walkman. You didn’t have iPods or smartphones or anything like that? Uh, they came out with the compact disc in 1982 and that was the first music want to digitize this 1980s it started out with the computer revolution with the IBM PC to commodore 64 the apple Macintosh. What did it, what are the popular computers that you have today?

Speaker 4:29:58Well, apple is one of the most popular computers which you have a few,

Speaker 3:30:05right, which we’re not recording this podcast on the recording again on an HP today.

Speaker 4:30:09Yeah, and each page thinking each piece of good. I mean I have a lesson on Lenovo, Lenovo and Lenovo pretty good as well.

Speaker 3:30:21They are pretty good. So that’s just sort of a contrast as to what we had back then sort of now. Yup. Did you have any closing remarks or anything on hobbies for today’s podcast?

Speaker 4:30:40Well, no. I mean, I’m just going to say that I’m a club, do, uh, all sorts of things and that’s pretty much my hobby. I also play with all the things I have and so things I just have because I think,

Speaker 3:30:54oh, cool. Okay. Well, thank you very much. I appreciate your time today and I think that’s going to do it for insights into teens.

Speaker 4:31:02That’s a good one. Bye Bye.

Speaker 2:31:09Okay.