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Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 52 “Apologies, Thieves and The Ones We Lost”

This week we look at how Bob Iger is apologizing for Disney’s copyright police strong arming a local PTA trying to raise a few bucks while at the same time a former Disney employee is sentenced for over $7,000 in Haunted Mansion props and Disney World plays host to Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes and a lucky Make-A-Wish Recipient. We also talk about some new information trickling out about Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel.

In entertainment news we have a recently announced script rewrite of Doctor Strange 2, Pee-Wee Herman himself Paul Reubens is looking to stage a comeback. Then we pay homage to three outstanding actors we lost this week in Kirk Douglas, Robert Conrad and Orson bean before we end on a high note with our Insightful Picks of the Week.

Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 52 “Financial Responsibility”

This week we are talking about what it means to be financially responsible, how to save money and how to start thinking about money management even in your teens. We’re joined by Dan Fooks of who started his financial adventures at age sixteen and has seen great success in growing his money.

Dan gives us some hints, tricks and advice on how to make our money work for us. From looking at multiple streams of income to how to wisely invest your money safely we learn how even with a small savings from an allowance or doing chores can get you started with your own portfolio with the help of your parents. It’s never too you to start saving money, and it’s certainly never too young to have your money start working for you.

Insights into Entertainment

Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 51 “Calling Out Disney”

Disney Detective explores some premier Disney actors calling the company out for some of the production choices. A lawsuit against the entertainment empire by an artist who feels their work was ripped off by Disney.

In a separate Star Wars segment we talk about release dates for the new Cassian Andor series in production for Disney+. Then we take a look at some test footage of a live action Star Wars show shot shortly after Revenge of the Sith which never saw the light of day. Then we take a look inside a Star Wars Themed LA mansion currently up for sale.

Entertainment news takes a look at one of our favorite Netflix shows The Crown. Originally scheduled for six seasons the show will now be wrapping up in it’s fifth season with Harry Potter Actress Imelda Staunton taking on the role of the Queen. We’ll finish up the show with another couple of great Insightful Picks of the Week.

Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 51 “Injuries and Illnesses”

This week’s episode is inspired by our delay in recording due to a few illnesses in the house. Neither Madison nor dad were feeling well for our regular Friday show so we had to postpone that show and decided to do a podcast on the subject off schedule on Sunday.

We take a look at some of the common injuries and illnesses that teens face. Then we talk about some of the injuries and health issues that Madison has endured in her thirteen years and how she’s coped with them. From your typical bumps and bruises to the obscure and scary illness of Henoch-Schonlein Purpura (HSP) we talk about how we got through some of these common and not so common issues.

Insights into Entertainment

Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 50 “Jedi, Superheros and Ghosts…Oh My”

We’ve got a packed show this week. In our Disney Detective segment well discuss news of the new “Obi-Wan” series recently announced for streaming on Disney+ , we’ll talk about who will be writing the script for Captain Marvel 2 and we’ll explore Disney’s strongarm tactics cracking down on unauthorized sale of Baby Yoda merchandise while Baby Jabba sweeps the internet.

In Entertainment news we’ll talk about updates on the new Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie, we see a familiar friend returning to the Star Trek world to reprise a beloved role in season 2 of Picard on CBS All Access. Then we’ll look at a touching tribute to a recently deceased BBC producer by the cast and crew of Doctor Who before we wrap up with our own touching tribute to the comedic genius of the late great Terry Jones.

As always we’ll wrap up with our Insightful Picks of the Week and some upcoming pop culture events you don’t want to miss.

Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 50 “Siblings”

In our monumental 50th episode Madison interviews her brother Sam, Co-host of Insights Into Tomorrow on the network. With a curated set of general and personal questions Madison delves deeper into the personality and history of her older brother in an attempt to satisfy her desire to get to know him better. It’s a touching interaction between brother and sister who were once very close but who time and circumstance has pulled apart. It’s an excellent example of how to rekindle a friendship or relationship with someone you may have grown distant from and is an enjoyable discussion to witness.