(Host) Joseph Whalen is an executive manager in the technology manufacturing industry. With over 20 years of experience in Information Technology and software development he’s always on the bleeding edge of new technology. In his free time he’s a huge Star Wars fan, enjoys creative writing and manages a large online gaming community.

(Host) Michelle Whalen is a seasoned logistics professional in the manufacturing industry. Over twenty years of experience in the industry have made her an expert in organizational and logistics systems management and integration. Michelle is a huge Disney fan and has enjoyed over fifty visits to Disney World. She is an avid consumer of all forms of entertainment and a social media expert.

(Host) Madison Whalen is an exceptionally skilled middle school student with an aptitude for math and a passion for learning. Otherwise she is your typical teenage girl struggling to navigate the challenges of the teenage years. She enjoys watching and making Youtube videos, collecting hard to find toys and hanging out with her friends.