Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 76 “Disney Magic with CBD”

Bag checks are in the news this week in our Disney Detective segment. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is implementing new Artificial Intelligence Bag Check Scanners that have already proven effective in speeding up lines and detecting illicit items such as weapons in Epcot. Then we’ll take a look at bag checks gone wild at Disney when 69 year old Hester Burkhalter was subjected to a bag check that ultimately led to her arrest and a full body cavity search after it was revealed that she was carrying CBD oil into the park. Finally we’ll take a look at the latest movie role that Tom Hanks will be taking on for Disney studios.

In Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy we’ll take a look at just how Star Wars got their titles wrong. A fan video shows that the titles of all nine primary Star Wars movies work much better when they are applied to different movies. The videos gives the alternative titles and their reasoning and will leave you wondering if perhaps there wasn’t a larger theme at play with the naming of the movies.

Entertainment news this week is all about Disney’s latest live action remake Mulan. In an unexpected change of policy speculated on in the podcast a few weeks ago Disney will be streaming the movie on Disney+ but with a catch. While that news was a welcome change of heart to most of us, one theater operator in France didn’t take the news so well. We have that story and his reaction this week as well.

We’ll finish this week up with a bit of a reversal of roles in our Insightful Picks of the Week, with Michelle highlighting a documentary and Joe a surprising non-documentary pick this week.

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Insights Into Teens: Episode 76 “Relationships”

In a twist of roles Madison plays host of this weeks show guiding us through some of the finer points of relationships. We talk about what relationships are, the different types of relationships and what a toxic relationships to look out for. We’ll talk about the various types of toxic partners to avoid, what to look for and why you should be careful. We’ll also talk about what you can do if you do ever find yourself in a toxic relationship.

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Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 75 “Delays, Distancing and Disappointments”

Just what is the cost of staying safe at Disney World during the COVID-19 crisis, we’ll get the inside scoop from so Disney employees. We’ll also look at some of the unique Disney Park items coming up for auction this month as Disney hosts the “Disneyland: The First 65 Years” auction in Sherman Oaks California on August 15th and 16th.

Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy gives us some disappointing news about delays in three of the as yet untitled Star Wars movies on the horizon due to the COVID-19 crisis. We;ll also take a behind the scenes look at the true inspiration for Supreme Leader Snoke from the man who designed the character.

In Entertainment news we have some additional delays due to COVID-19. Films like “A Quiet Place 2”, “Top Gun: Maverick” and even a sequel to “Sonic The Hedgehog” are all getting delayed release dates. We’ve got all the details on that as well as our take on the digital versus cinematic release methods currently in play in the industry.

We’ll round out the show with a couple of great Insightful Picks of the Week. But before we go we’ll talk a bit about how well Comiccon@home did as a virtual San Diego Comic Con this year and whether it’s a model worth exploring in future years.

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Insights Into Teens: Episode 75 “Personal Freedom”

After a week off we’re back with a discussion on Personal Freedom for Teens. We discuss how the proper balance of freedom and boundaries is important for allowing our teens to grow, mature and take on new responsibilities. We’ll look at some of the issues that parents face when granting personal freedoms to teens. We’ll also look at some of the temptations and consequences of too much personal freedom in teens.We take a look at how to best balance the need for freedom for teens to explore who they are and who they want to be while still maintaining that layer of protection that all parents feel for their children.

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Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 74 “Plagueis and the Bad Batch”

This week our Disney Detective looks at specific steps Disney is taking to protect the players of the NBA as they resume their truncated season at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports. Annual Passholders may be penalized for violating their terms of service by selling exclusive merchandise swept up in the wake of the news of Splash Mountain being rethemed. And breaking news about changes to the planned revisions of Disney’s EPCOT theme park as a result of the current COVID-19 situation.

Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy has news on a new spin off series from the Clone Wars centered on the “Bad Batch” that premiered in the final season of Clone Wars. Headed up by Dave Filoni we’ll see the Star Wars animated world live on after all. We’ll also look at speculation of who the ready made villain of a new Star Wars show slated to launch in Disney+ in the near future and lead by Leslye Headland, creator of the Netflix series Russian Doll.

In Entertainment News we’ll look at the news of Tom Holland currently being in talks with Disney for a six movie deal to keep the Spiderman franchise going strong. Finally we’ll look at a story about a very special young man who played hero to his sister by saving her from a vicious dog attack and the outpouring of support from fictional heroes in the entertainment world, not the least of which is Tony Stark himself Robert Downey Jr.

Of course we’ll wrap with a couple of great Insightful Picks of the Week.

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Insights Into Teens: Episode 74 “Family Problems”

This week we’re discussing some of the more common problems that teens face at home with their family. First we’ll discuss typical friction points between teens and their parents like teen independence, arguing with your parents, a lack of communication between teens and parents and the need for parents to set boundaries and teens to push those boundaries.

We’ll also look at how troubles in the home can cause issues for teens. How do parents who are experiencing interpersonal issues and the arguments that inevitably rise from that affect teens. We’ll talk about the academic pressures and the frictions failing in those expectations can cause. We’ll explore sibling rivalry and how teens competing against each other can be both a benefit and a hindrance.

Finally we’ll talk about ways to combat some of this problems and discuss how to help teens get through these troubling but some times unavoidable scenarios. Learning to negotiate, listen and work as a team are key techniques to solving these problems.

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