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Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 76 “Disney Magic with CBD”

Bag checks are in the news this week in our Disney Detective segment. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is implementing new Artificial Intelligence Bag Check Scanners that have already proven effective in speeding up lines and detecting illicit items such as weapons in Epcot. Then we’ll take a look at bag checks gone wild at Disney when 69 year old Hester Burkhalter was subjected to a bag check that ultimately led to her arrest and a full body cavity search after it was revealed that she was carrying CBD oil into the park. Finally we’ll take a look at the latest movie role that Tom Hanks will be taking on for Disney studios.

In Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy we’ll take a look at just how Star Wars got their titles wrong. A fan video shows that the titles of all nine primary Star Wars movies work much better when they are applied to different movies. The videos gives the alternative titles and their reasoning and will leave you wondering if perhaps there wasn’t a larger theme at play with the naming of the movies.

Entertainment news this week is all about Disney’s latest live action remake Mulan. In an unexpected change of policy speculated on in the podcast a few weeks ago Disney will be streaming the movie on Disney+ but with a catch. While that news was a welcome change of heart to most of us, one theater operator in France didn’t take the news so well. We have that story and his reaction this week as well.

We’ll finish this week up with a bit of a reversal of roles in our Insightful Picks of the Week, with Michelle highlighting a documentary and Joe a surprising non-documentary pick this week.