Insights Into Teens: Episode 30 “Getting to Know You Part 1”

Another question and answer session where we get to know Madison a little bit more. With questions published by Licensed Clinical Psychologist Doctor Kristi Wolfe we learn more about Madison through forty questions ranging from Personal and School to Social activities and standards.  It’s a candid look at a typical twelve year old and a great example for conversation starters for parents finding it difficult to communicate with their children. This is part one of a two part series, check back next week for the other half of our question and answer session.

Insights Into Teens


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Speaker 3: 00:26 Welcome to insights into teens, a podcast series, exploring the issues and challenges of today’s youth. Your hosts are Joseph and Madison is a father and daughter team making their way through the challenges of the teenage years.

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Speaker 4: 00:51 Welcome to insight into teens. This is episode 30 getting to know you. Part one. This is our second two part series. We’ll finish the second part up next week. I’m your host, Joseph Whalen and my lovely and wonderful cohost, Madison Waylon. Hello. So this week Madison, we’re going to be doing a question and the answer. Yup. Which we tend to do those on our, you know, even 10 marks. We did it at 10 20 and now we’re at 30 now. Yeah. Which is kind of hard to believe we’re that far into doing these already. It seems just like yesterday we started. Yeah, sure. So wow. Really? It does it. Does it seem that long for you? You don’t seem enthusiastic?

Speaker 5: 01:40 No, it says, I don’t feel like it’s been yesterday since we started. It’s just been like a new thing we’ve been doing on the weekends. No,

Speaker 4: 01:47 Fair enough. So this week we’re getting to know you a in two sessions this time. Third episode 30 and 31 I had come across a, a series of questions by a licensed clinical psychologist named Dr Christie Wolf. She had a total of 80 questions in her questionnaire that she had done. I thought that was too many for one episode. So we kind of broke it in half. They were categorized and nice and neat. And we’ll do the first half this week and the first half next week. So how’s that first half this week? Second half next week. Yeah. You kinda screwed up there. Yeah. Well it happens, you know, live, live broadcasting here. So it’s broken down into categories. So we have personal, we have school and we have social categories this week. Any questions before we get started?

Speaker 5: 02:50 No, but I think I’m ready to get started.

Speaker 4: 02:52 All right, well let’s get into within.

Speaker 6: 02:59 Okay.

Speaker 4: 03:00 So the first category we’re going to start out with is personal questions. These are questions about you, your legs, dislikes, et Cetera, et cetera. Okay. So the first question is, what is something you like about yourself?

Speaker 5: 03:17 I like the fab gum. How I’m a really good artist. If you’ve ever seen any of my art, you’d know what I mean. I’m definitely proud of all my artwork that I’ve done. I’ve definitely improved over the years and it’s still not perfect, but I like my art style. And if you, if other people say they like my art style, I’m happy about it. I mean, I don’t wanna like, I don’t care if everybody likes it. I just care if like that I like it. But if people, other people like it too, I’m happy.

Speaker 4: 03:54 Well, as an artist you can’t please everybody. Right? Yep. So question two is what is one of your earliest memories?

Speaker 5: 04:03 I guess the time that we moved, it was my third birthday and we were moving to a new house. And I remember walking by this one huge White House with like, it was on the hill and I was looking up and it was pretty huge. And then eventually after awhile we settled on the house we live in now.

Speaker 4: 04:25 Cool. Cool. So what’s the hardest part of your life right now?

Speaker 5: 04:32 I guess figuring out how I’m going to adjust to my new school.

Speaker 4: 04:36 Fair point. That’s a big change for you. Question number four is what helps you feel better when you’re upset or stressed?

Speaker 5: 04:45 Well, I do like what? Xing you to drawling or hanging out with my friends, they helped me.

Speaker 4: 04:53 Okay. Nice and relaxing stuff. Speaking of friends next question is what can others do to help you when you’re upset or stress? And this can be friends, this can be relatives, teachers, anybody that you interact with on a regular basis.

Speaker 5: 05:10 Okay. I’m just going to give an example for each with my friends, as long as they hang out with me and we can do like fun stuff that helps me calm down from when I’m stressed with my parents talking about the thing I’m stressed. And figuring out a solution helps with teachers, I guess just like helping me understand the material that I’m stressed and could help. And I think that’s pretty much it.

Speaker 4: 05:37 Okay. So question six is how often do you feel sad?

Speaker 6: 05:48 Hmm.

Speaker 4: 05:49 Let’s say in a given week, how often do you think you feel sad on a given week?

Speaker 5: 05:54 A couple of times at least.

Speaker 4: 05:56 And what’s usually the source of that sadness?

Speaker 7: 06:00

Speaker 5: 06:00 I just guess

Speaker 7: 06:04 Mm.

Speaker 5: 06:06 Just like I’m going to give an example from camp. Okay. the fact that I just feel like mostly kids don’t really like me. They’re okay. I mean I sometimes feel lonely whenever we’re separated by grade cause most of my friends aren’t actually in my grade and the friends that are in my grade aren’t coming anymore.

Speaker 4: 06:25 Oh. Cause it’s so late in the season. Yeah. Okay. I can understand that. So question seven is when have you felt angry recently?

Speaker 5: 06:39 Yesterday actually I was kind of frustrated because I wanted that Friday to be like a casual Friday. Nothing interesting would happen, but spoiler alert, more stuff happens than I would have wanted it. Yeah. Okay.

Speaker 4: 06:53 Okay. So you just wanted to have like a nice relaxing Friday then?

Speaker 5: 06:57 Yeah, basically just going to have to go to the activities and just have a normal day. But that’s good.

Speaker 4: 07:06 I can understand that. I prefer to have my Friday’s nice and you know, easy to, cause the rest of the week is usually pretty hectic for me at work. So question eight is a when or sometimes that you felt worried?

Speaker 5: 07:25 I guess whenever I think about anything when I’m going into my new school, I feel worried about what if I’m not going to get used to it? How am I gonna handle my new classes? How am I going to handle having to switch classes? How am I going to be able to get to my classes in like under two minutes? That kind of stuff.

Speaker 4: 07:47 That is a lot of variability, you know, and I think important thing is that once you get there and you get a couple of days, maybe a week or two under your belt, I think a lot of that anxiety has got to melt away pretty quick. So question nine deals with feelings. What hurts your feelings typically?

Speaker 5: 08:09 I guess whenever other people seem to be mean. Okay. Like I have my one friend who’s in my grade and for some reason everyone has a grudge against him. Okay. And

Speaker 4: 08:32 Is he not a nice kid?

Speaker 5: 08:34 No, he’s a, he’s a nice kid. When you get to know him, it’s just like all the other kids are way too mean to him. Like what movie?

Speaker 4: 08:42 Different in some way.

Speaker 5: 08:44 Oh no, he seems like a normal kid. I have no idea why people have a grudge against him. I mean, I just think people want to mess with him.

Speaker 4: 08:53 Yeah. Well unfortunately people are mean like that.

Speaker 8: 08:56 Yeah.

Speaker 4: 08:58 A number 10. That is, what’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

Speaker 5: 09:05 I’m gonna say it’s a pretty recent one. I think maybe it was Thursday. It was at camp and Ms Anna, the head of the camp was carrying Taylor yell at our grade because of our attitude. But when Al went well, when everyone had to sit at one table for her to yell at them, I was actually able to sit at the farthest table from them because I was the only one. They didn’t actually give attitude on purpose to the counselors.

Speaker 4: 09:34 Good for you. And you were the only one. Wow.

Speaker 8: 09:38 Yup.

Speaker 4: 09:39 Okay. let’s see. Number, question 11 here. What is one of your favorite memories?

Speaker 8: 09:49 .

Speaker 5: 09:50 Hmm. I’m going to say it. Memories.

Speaker 8: 09:55 Hmm.

Speaker 5: 09:56 I guess like times when I’m with my best friends. Actually I think the sleep over has to be one.

Speaker 4: 10:06 The wishbone when the kids were over here. Yup. For your birthday.

Speaker 5: 10:09 Yeah, it was a pretty hectic one, but it’s still one of my fondest memories because it was just so fun to have them over there even though it was screaming and me and my friends who were in my grip and me and my two girl friends who were in my grade had to hide in the downstairs pass room.

Speaker 4: 10:26 Yeah. That that was hectic. All right.

Speaker 5: 10:31 Yeah, but it’s still one of my fondest memories.

Speaker 4: 10:34 So question 12, we kind of already answered. It’s what do you worry about the most moving into the new school. So that’s the new school. So I just didn’t want to skip it here and have you call me out on it so I won’t. So question 13 is what does your perfect day look like?

Speaker 5: 10:53 Well, since I’m still sort of at camp all run through it, my perfect day would go off with me and Lindsey hanging out and doing the stuff we would normally do in the morning af and then see some of my other friends come by. Then we would separate into our grades and if Natalia was still here it would be nice to have her there as well. And then we would go separate into our into our activities and me and Itali would play with her lps and do the stuff we would normally do afterwards. We’d go to free time and I’d hang out with all my friends. Lindsey would eventually come over and play with me and Natalia with our lps and my other friends would occasionally come by. After free time, we’d separate back into our groups. We, me and Natalia would still hang out.

Speaker 5: 11:41 Then we’d actually have the one snack I like, which was ice cream sandwiches afterwards. We would we would go back to the activities and would actually want her to stay like she used to at the end of the day by afternoon downtime because she would normally, because unfortunately she started leaving earlier, so then we’d hang out until they both left. And then eventually I would just like have one of my other friends who would stay late and we’d hang out and then I’d leave. And then we’d have one. My favorite, one of my favorite things were dinner and I would probably .

Speaker 4: 12:21 What was your favorite thing for dinner bay?

Speaker 5: 12:24 Like something I liked, like Spaghetti hamburger while you guys had steak and stuff like that. And of course, and then at the end I would watch an episode of Big Brother with Mommy.

Speaker 4: 12:38 Okay. All right. That sounds like a good day. So the last question we had in our personal category here is if you could be famous, would you, and if you would, what would you want to be famous for?

Speaker 5: 12:56 I mean, I don’t really like bragging about my stuff, but if I could be famous I think I would be famous for maybe trying to help the world, like finding something to cure cancer, stopping world hunger, helping stop wars or something similar to that.

Speaker 4: 13:18 Okay. Very magnanimous of you. That was all we had for our personal questions. When we come back, we’ll talk about some school questions. So question 15 today.

Speaker 6: 13:38 Yeah.

Speaker 4: 13:38 Is, what was the best thing that ever happened at school for you?

Speaker 5: 13:44 One of the best things that happened at school I guess there would have to be the dance we had in sixth grade me and Mariah hung out. Then we had snacks and even dance to a couple of the songs and sung event. It was a pretty enjoyable experience.

Speaker 4: 14:07 Oh, that sounds like fun. Let’s see, 16. What is something that usually makes you laugh during school?

Speaker 5: 14:17 I guess whenever some, I guess whatever. Me Mariah, talk about something funny or one of the kids in my class would say something kind of stupid. Okay.

Speaker 4: 14:30 I’m not even going to comment on that. If you could choose who would you like to sit next to in class?

Speaker 5: 14:40 Right? Yeah. Right. Yeah. I mean it’s kind of obvious cause she’s one of my friends in my grade.

Speaker 4: 14:46 Sure. Makes Sense. What is your favorite part of lunch or recess?

Speaker 5: 14:54 I guess I’ll go with recess even though I’m not gonna have recess when I go to the middle school, but I’m going to talk about my past school experiences. Sure. So I guess whenever me and Mariah would talk about our days, because like we said early, like we said in the friend’s podcast, we normally talk to each other about stuff that, some bad stuff that happened, we’d also left with each other and talk about some stupid stuff. It’s, it’s an enjoyable experience for me.

Speaker 4: 15:24 Okay. So it’s just sort of the socializing aspect of recess. Yeah. okay. I can’t argue with that. I think we’re on question 19 now. Question 19 is what part of the day do you look forward to?

Speaker 5: 15:44 When I go to F, F after school sparring care, like at, I don’t even remember what it’s called anymore. I don’t know why, but like that’s the time where me and Lindsey can hang out again like in the morning, but like in, in the afternoon, that’s when we can hang out the most.

Speaker 4: 16:06 But you’re not going to have that in the new school though, so yeah. You’re going to have to find the new highlight of the day for yourself now. Yeah. A in question 20 is what part of the day do you dread? And don’t say getting up cause that’s not part of school.

Speaker 5: 16:25 I won’t say that even though I do dread that.

Speaker 4: 16:28 Yeah. You wouldn’t be both.

Speaker 5: 16:30 I’m like, yes.

Speaker 5: 16:36 If I am f I’m, I ever have to go to gym, I don’t really enjoy going to gym. Okay. Unfortunately, that’s going to be every day now, so that’s fun.

Speaker 4: 16:45 Well, you’ll get used to it. Don’t worry. Yeah. which class do you learn the most in? And in this case, since you haven’t started separate classes, let’s say, which subject do you learn the most in?

Speaker 5: 17:00 I guess we’ll go with mass for now. Even though Eli is pretty equal to that. They’re both pretty equal and a lot to learn because they take up two periods. They’re actually taking up two periods in my in the middle school as well, so.

Speaker 4: 17:15 Okay. That makes sense. So contrary to that, which subject do you learn the least in?

Speaker 5: 17:29 I just feel Jim because we basically just learn how to play new games and I mean it’s not including health, it’s just including physical activity.

Speaker 4: 17:42 Well, you’re supposed to be learning social skills there and you know, sportsmanship and how to interact others and stuff like that too. Yeah. Okay. Oh, wrong. I’m not going to argue with you. A question 23 is what do you want to do when you graduate?

Speaker 5: 18:02 I guess find a successful career and neither engineering or technology. Okay. Just cause I think that’d be a successful career for me. And it’s a pretty good option for me right now. Even though I could probably do whatever job I really wanted.

Speaker 4: 18:17 You probably could. Yeah, I’m separation. So you want to be an artist? I kinda thought you were gonna say that.

Speaker 5: 18:24 I mean, I think that’s more of a hobby. I mean I’m, who knows, I might actually become a real artist, but for now I think I’ll just have it as a hobby for now.

Speaker 4: 18:34 Well, and you could combine the two and become like an architect where there’s a certain amount of engineering and a certain amount of artistic skill required and you can design buildings. So that’s another thing. You can do a question 24. And we’ve talked about this one in the past, but we’ll reiterate it here. Are there any bullies in your class?

Speaker 7: 18:59 Mm,

Speaker 5: 19:00 Not any per se.

Speaker 4: 19:01 Okay. Now keep in mind our definition of bully has shifted significantly since the podcast has started. So we’re not talking just about people who beat you off on the playground and steal your

Speaker 5: 19:15 People who talk about you.

Speaker 4: 19:17 Right? The ones that make fun of you or laugh at you. Now, I know you’ve got a little bit of that in camp at this point in time. Have you experienced anything like that in school prior to the s the summer break?

Speaker 5: 19:36 Not like, I’ve never heard anyone talking bad about me. They might’ve talked a little bit about other people, but I’ve never heard anything about me. Okay.

Speaker 4: 19:47 Okay. All right. Well then the next question of question 25 is how you ever have they ever targeted you and how do you deal with them, I guess is not relevant in this case here, right? Not really. Okay. Well that will finish up our school questions and when we come back we’ll talk about our social questions. Okay.

Speaker 6: 20:11 so

Speaker 4: 20:17 I already know the answer to this and I think the audience, just given the discussion we’ve had today, he knows the answer to this, but it’s a multipart question and I’ll throw it out there since it’s on my list. Question 26, who is your best friend? What do you like about him or her and what do they think? What do they like about you?

Speaker 5: 20:42 I don’t have just one best friend. I have plenty, but I think I’ll just go with my two main best friends right now. Lindsey and Mariah. Okay. And what I like about Meraya, I’m, I can understand her. She’s my age. We are sort of going through similar problems and we can understand each other. Lindsey, she, I can understand her a bit. I also help her with some of the problems she goes through and she, oh. And we can always make each other laugh.

Speaker 4: 21:15 Okay. I think that’s a couple of fantastic traits of, of friends. So question 27 is who do you wish would listen more closely to you?

Speaker 7: 21:31 Hmm.

Speaker 5: 21:33 Man. Honestly I feel like everyone listens to me a good amount. I mean, you and Mommy listen to my problems. My friends would also listen to my problems. I don’t really feel like there’s anyone who needs to listen to me a little more.

Speaker 4: 21:51 So you’re, you don’t have any, any issues with your communication of your emotions, opinions or anything like that?

Speaker 5: 22:00 I mean, I only talk about it with my friends. Sometimes the counselors, less teachers might want to know a bit more about my problems, but I don’t, don’t feel like I can speak to them as well as I can speak to my friends and family.

Speaker 4: 22:13 Okay. Well that’s good. That’s good. Having good communications with those groups of people I think is very important. Question 28 do you have any friends you’re worried about right now,

Speaker 5: 22:28 Like worried about losing or worried about like in a brutal way,

Speaker 4: 22:32 Worried about any issues that they might be facing or problems they have or anything like that?

Speaker 5: 22:38 I guess Mariah is the one I worry about the most because she has problems. I’m not going to discuss them because they’re probably personal to her, but no, I think she’s the one that has the most problems and I really feel bad for that. For her about it.

Speaker 4: 22:53 Yeah. And you know what, we all have problems, you know, whether it’s school or personal or medical or you know, whatever it is. Yeah, every, everyone has problems to a certain degree on the fact that you’re concerned enough about your friends to worry about them, I think is, is touching. So let’s see, question 29. Okay. Are you happy with the number of friends that you have?

Speaker 5: 23:24 Yes, I am.

Speaker 4: 23:25 And how many friends would you say you have?

Speaker 7: 23:29 MMM, mmm.

Speaker 5: 23:30 We’re going to go for a cam cause most of my friends go to camps. So one t I’m also going to include Mariah.

Speaker 4: 23:41 Well, she would be a friend, right?

Speaker 5: 23:42 Yes. I know she’s a friend. I guess I’m just gonna round it a bit. I have a little more, but for now I have six,

Speaker 4: 23:56 Six. And you’re happy with that number of friends?

Speaker 5: 23:59 Yeah, I know. I have more. It’s just like,

Speaker 4: 24:03 Despite, you know, my insistence on you trying to make more friends throughout camp this summer, you, you know, you’re happy with the number of friends you’ve got.

Speaker 5: 24:12 Yeah. Honest.

Speaker 4: 24:13 Okay. Well, you know, you get too many friends. It’s hard to juggle friends, right? Yep.

Speaker 5: 24:18 I think I’m pretty happy with the amount I have now.

Speaker 4: 24:21 All right, good. Question 30 do you ever feel lonely or left out?

Speaker 7: 24:31 Huh.

Speaker 5: 24:32 I guess whenever I feel invisible pretty much like grind that. Okay. So I’m going to give an example from school and from camp. So at school, close to the end of the year we were giving out two kids had a slide show where they were giving out awards. It was like s kind of thing where like people voted on the nicest person. The friendly contest, not a popularity contest. That’s essentially what they are. Yeah. I guess. And to be honest, the only one I was actually in was the friendliest and only one person voted for me. And I didn’t care if I won any of them. It’s just to see that

Speaker 7: 25:22 Okay.

Speaker 5: 25:22 I was hardly in any of them kind of hurt.

Speaker 4: 25:24 Yeah. Well, and I think in that kind of environment you get, you get kids that wind up in their own little cliques, you know, their own little groups and they all stick together type thing and, and they don’t worry about other people’s feelings. They don’t consider the impact that things like that have. And honestly, I don’t blame the kids because it’s really the level of maturity at that point in time. I wouldn’t expect the kids to have that kind of maturity. The people that I blame are the organizers of it. You know, why would you expose kids to a situation where they’re going to be ostracized like that by not being included? You know, when it’s, it’s shame on, on the counselors who allow that sort of thing to happen. Same thing with the counselors that, you know, when they do a sporting events or games or something like that, they don’t ensure that it’s conducted fairly.

Speaker 4: 26:26 So the kids aren’t left out or singled out. You know, it’s, they’re the adults, right? They’re the ones that are supposed to be setting the example and you know, abiding by a rule and making sure everyone’s included and treated fairly. You can’t expect the, the kids to do that. You have to lead by example. And if the adults aren’t leading by example, then the kids are never going to learn how to behave correctly. So you know, as much as as it socks, the kids can be mean. There’s only so much blame that I can put on the kids because the adults are the ones that are supposed to be teaching the kids the right way to do things. But I totally understand how it can, it can get to you like that. Question 31, what makes a good friend?

Speaker 5: 27:17 Okay. I guess honesty is one of them. Being honest about their feelings to their friends. Trust is also kind of similar to the honesty because if you, if your friend trusts you, they’ll be on it. They know, to be honest with you. I’m also friendliness, like being friendly and considerate of their friends’ feelings is also good. Okay. just being an overall good person is also another one. Like not being snobby about popularity is good. Like, I know some kids who are snobby, a papa about popularity don’t really make good friends. Also friends who really care about you.

Speaker 4: 28:07 Okay. I can’t argue with that definition at all. I agree with that 100%. Question 32

Speaker 4: 28:20 Who in your class is a really good friend to others? Not necessarily just to you but someone in your class who exemplifies all those traits that you just defined and they do it across the board to everybody.

Speaker 5: 28:37 I’ll talk about my other class that I just got out of and I sixth grade class. I guess there were a couple of girls in the class. I’m not gonna mention their names but like they were definitely overall nice and smart and I’m pretty sure if anyone was down they’d be willing to help.

Speaker 4: 28:59 Okay. So we know what makes a good friend. Tell us with question 33, what makes someone a bad friend?

Speaker 5: 29:10 I guess distrust basically lying to your friend and doing s also. Let’s see. So distrust lion re lie dear friend. I guess being a fake friend, basically pretending that your your friend’s best friend but you actually aren’t. Okay. Also I guess being snobby about popularities also what makes bad friend? Like, if your friend only like wants to be a friend, big cause of death because they want to get popular and if they leave you for popularity, it’s not right like at all.

Speaker 4: 29:58 So like using a friend to get something out of them. Yeah. Using, yeah, I agree with that. And I would even venture to say the the idea of someone who dominates their friends, you know, and tries to change them. Yeah. if I’m your friend, I’m your friend because of who you are. If I’m trying to change you, then I don’t like who you are. I’m trying to change you to who I want you to be. Yeah. So someone who wants to manipulate you and change you and make you behave in a way that’s you don’t really gets right. Right. That’s uncharacteristic of how you would normally act. OK. So that was question number 33 34 is, has anyone ever been a bad friend to you?

Speaker 7: 30:50

Speaker 5: 30:51 Not that I know of. Most of my friends are definitely kind and are like, are good friends.

Speaker 4: 30:57 Good, good. You’re very lucky like that. So let’s talk for the next couple of questions about popularity. Okay. So popularity is a big thing in school. Popularity in high school is a big thing. It’s sort of what defines those cliques of people that we talked about before. Yeah. So the next few questions deal with that. So question 35 is what does it mean to be popular at your school?

Speaker 7: 31:29 I,

Speaker 5: 31:30 I really don’t know. I guess just, well, there are like, there are kids who are snobby and annoying and I think they’re the ones that consider themselves popular. Okay. I don’t get into them popular. Like I don’t feel that they’re popular. I just feel like they’re annoying. Okay, fair enough.

Speaker 4: 31:59 Do you want to be popular?

Speaker 7: 32:01 No.

Speaker 4: 32:03 And why is that

Speaker 5: 32:04 One I don’t want, I don’t, well, since I just feel like some popular people are snobby and annoying and I definitely do not want people to think of me like that. Even though they would phrase me too. I don’t want people to praise me. I’m not exactly that kind of person. I’m not greedy or anything like that. Okay. Three I shouldn’t care about other people’s opinions on me as long as my friend, as long as my friends don’t think I’m a horrible person or as long as I don’t do anything bad, I really don’t care what other people think. Okay. and for I really don’t understand the meaning of popularity.

Speaker 4: 32:47 Okay. So then let me finish up this little sub category by asking question 37, what do you think true popularity should look like?

Speaker 5: 32:58 Do popularity should be someone who’s smart, kind, caring of others and would be helpful to anyone.

Speaker 4: 33:06 Okay. I think that’s a very good outlook on it. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about that. I know they don’t. Unfortunately, this world would be a better place if more people thought that way. So question 38 we’ll move away from popularity. Question 38 asks, would you consider yourself to be more shy or more outgoing than most people? More shy. More shy?

Speaker 5: 33:35 Yeah. I don’t exactly not like mommy. I don’t go up to random strangers say hi and just have a nice conversation with them. I prefer to just let it go easily. Like, if I want to talk to someone I will, I don’t actually just randomly go on site and talk to a random stranger.

Speaker 4: 33:59 I’m not sure. Mommy’s quite as bad as your maker out to be with that.

Speaker 5: 34:02 I mean yeah, but like,

Speaker 4: 34:04 But yeah, she is far more outgoing than I think you or I are. Yup. I’m 39. Is there anyone at your school that you would like to get to know better?

Speaker 7: 34:20 Hmm.

Speaker 5: 34:22 I guess some of the, some of the girls who are pretty smart and nice because I just think they would make good friends.

Speaker 4: 34:32 It’s always nice to hang out with people that are smart cause you can learn a lot. Yep. And the last question that we have today is question 40. Is there anyone at school that seems to get left out or teased a lot?

Speaker 5: 34:52 I guess I’ll go back to my class. There’s a boy in my grade, his name’s Panos. We actually have Tromba lessons together and he’s sort of similar to me. He gets picked last in most of the gate in most of the Games, in most of the sports we do at Jim. And they actually hear people talking like the kids who seem to be athletes. Just talk about how he’s pretty bad at sports and I actually hear them saying about it, but he’s also sort of similar to me saying he doesn’t care what they think

Speaker 4: 35:24 Good for him. And you know, it’s, it’s Kinda funny. I, I feel bad for those kids who are athletes because they are people who hold on to really a fleeting aspect of who they are. Like your athleticism number one only gets you so far. And number two, it only lasts so long. So if at your core you’re not a good person, but you’re a good athlete, that doesn’t get you very far in life at all. It doesn’t get you a good job. It doesn’t get you a good career. It doesn’t get you a good family, you know, it doesn’t get you anything, any of the things in life that matter at all. You know, it might make you popular for a couple of years in school, but those couple of years in school are, are such a small and relatively insignificant part of your life growing up that if that’s really what you’re focusing on, then you’re, you’re not getting the point, you’re not focusing on what’s really the important thing to focus on. So that was all the questions we had this week. We will be back next week with three new categories and 40 new questions. Did you want to finish up with a closing remarks? We’ll come back for that. If you could do though, did you, did you have closing remarks this week?

Speaker 5: 36:55 I guess going on the topic of school and some of the social situation.

Speaker 4: 37:02 Okay. Then let’s, let’s break real quick and we’ll come back for that. Okay. Okay. Alright. Go for your closing remarks and, or shout outs.

Speaker 5: 37:17 So I guess since we were talking about the school and the some of the social situations I guess my shout out will be, don’t let other people hold you down. Do be who you want to be. And don’t be someone who someone else wants you to be. I mean, if your friend, your true friends should be the people who understand you and who will accept you for who you are. Your the people who you don’t want to be friends with are the people who will actually not accept you for who you are and how you are as a person.

Speaker 4: 37:58 Okay. That’s all very good. I think that’s all we had for this week. We will be back next week with part two of these questions. Before we go, I did want to put a little teaser out there. We do have a new show in development with a new host, a hope to have that in the next couple of weeks. That will be insights into tomorrow. So stay tuned for that and should be another good addition to the podcast network. Yup. Other than that, thank you so much for listening and, or watching this week and we’ll be back next week. Bye everyone. Bye.

Speaker 11: 38:47 .

Show Notes

  • Introductions
    • Insights Into Teens: Episode 28 “Getting to know you Part 1”
    • This is a two part series offering a deeper dive into Maddie’s personality using a series of conversation starter questions posted by Licensed Clinical Psychologist Doctor Kristi Wolfe
  • Categories
    • Personal
    • School
    • Social
  • Questions
    1. What is something you like about yourself?
    2. What is one of your earliest memories?
    3. What’s the hardest part of your life right now?
    4. What helps you feel better when you’re upset or stressed?
    5. What can others do to help you when you’re upset or stressed?
    6. How often do you feel sad?
    7. When have you felt angry recently?
    8. When are some times you’ve felt worried?
    9. What hurts your feelings?
    10. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?
    11. What’s one of your favorite memories?
    12. What do you worry about the most?
    13. What does your perfect day look like?
    14. If you could be famous, would you? What would you want to be famous for?

    15. What was the best thing that ever happened at school?
    16. What is something that usually makes you laugh during school?
    17. If you could choose, who would you like to sit by in class?
    18. What is your favorite part of lunch or recess?
    19. What part of the day do you look forward to?
    20. What part of the day do you dread?
    21. Which class do you learn the most in?
    22. Which class do you learn the least in?
    23. What do you think you want to do when you graduate?
    24. Are there any bullies in your classes?
    25. Have they ever targeted you? How do you deal with them?

    26. Who is your best friend? What do you like about him/her? What do you think they like about you?
    27. Who do you wish would listen more closely to you?
    28. Do you have any friends you’re worried about right now?
    29. Are you happy with the number of friends you have?
    30. Do you ever feel lonely or left out?
    31. What makes a good friend?
    32. Who in your class is a really good friend to others?
    33. What makes someone a bad friend?
    34. Has anyone ever been a bad friend to you?
    35. What does it mean to be popular at your school?
    36. Do you want to be popular?
    37. What do you think true popularity looks like?
    38. Would you consider yourself more shy or outgoing?
    39. Is there anyone at school that you would like to get to know better?
    40. Is there anyone at school that seems to get left out or teased a lot?