Insights Into Teens: Episode 30 “Getting to Know You Part 1”

Another question and answer session where we get to know Madison a little bit more. With questions published by Licensed Clinical Psychologist Doctor Kristi Wolfe we learn more about Madison through forty questions ranging from Personal and School to Social activities and standards. It’s a candid look at a typical twelve year old and a great example for conversation starters for parents finding it difficult to communicate with their children. This is part one of a two part series, check back next week for the other half of our question and answer session. Continue reading Insights Into Teens: Episode 30 “Getting to Know You Part 1”

Insights into Teens: Episode 2 “Depression”

Joe and Madison tackle the difficult topic of teen depression. They discuss the factors that cause depression, the symptoms of depression and how to cope with some of the more common sources of depression. It’s an emotionally stirring and inspirational discussion that illustrates the strength and emotional maturity our twelve year old host possesses. Continue reading Insights into Teens: Episode 2 “Depression”