Insights Into Teens: Episode 17 “Summer Activities”

Summer is almost here and the excitement of school letting out and summary activities is all the buzz. This week Madison and Joe talk about what there is to do in the summer, the four common stages of summer vacation and offer some suggestions on what to do for day trips and for those stay at home days to help keep you motivated and make the hot summer months a little more enjoyable.

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welcome to insights into teens, a podcast series, exploring the issues and challenges of today’s youth. Your hosts are Joseph and Madison whale is a father and daughter team making their way through the challenges,:
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the teenage years.:
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Welcome to insights into teams. This is episode 17 summer activities. I’m your host, Joseph Whalen and I brilliant and talented cohost, Madison Wayland. Hi everyone. How are you doing today, Maddie? Pretty good. So today I think we’re going to take things a little bit more fun today. Awesome. We did a little bit of a serious topic last week and I think next week we have another kind of hard hitting topic to do. So this week we’re gonna lighten it up a little bit. Awesome. So we’re going to talk about work. We’re going to do a with summer activities. Awesome. We have our summer vacation right around the corner, right? So you’re out of school when? June 17th. So a couple of weeks left for you. Yep. And then, um, it’s summertime in a little bit more free time, a little bit more fun. And a summer camp for you. Yeah. Yeah. We’ll talk about that a little bit more when we get to that part though. So you’re ready to get into it? Why not? All right, let’s go.:
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So as always, we start with a definition and in this case we’re going to start off with what we define as summer vacation. This actually comes courtesy of Wikipedia, summer vacation, also called summer holiday or summer break is a school holiday and summer between school years and the break in the school year, the school academic year students and teaching Stanford typically off between eight and nine weeks depending on the country. In district. In the United States, summer break is approximately two and a half to three months with students typically finishing the school year between late May and and mid June and starting the new year between mid August and early September. So we’re talking about that timeframe in North America in this, yeah. So this sort of fits right into your school year. So your mid June and then you’ll start early September back in, uh, your middle school. Yup. Okay. So when we talk a summer vacation and stuff like that, this is the timeframe that we’re talking. Okay. Yep. All right, so according to the there are four common stages to summer vacation. Now I want to go down these, give you a brief description and then get your thoughts on them. Okay.:
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All right. Yeah, and I’ll see if I can really,:
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yes. So Stage one, the lazy days of summer, we soak up the freedom of no homework, quizzes or school drama and ease in the summer of relaxation and not a care in the world. Is that a, a fairly accurate summary of the first few weeks where you’re just enjoying not going to school?:
Speaker 6:
Well, in some cases.:
Speaker 4:
Okay. Give me a little more detail.:
Speaker 6:
Well, in my, at my age now, unfortunately I’m getting schoolwork over the summer to do so that I don’t forget the curriculum because apparently it’s something for the middle school, so I don’t forget math and ELA. Okay. So, unfortunately I’m still going to be thinking about schoolwork, but on the plus side I won’t be getting homework every single day and having to get it done and bring it to school. I will have that sort of relief. And on weekends I will seem a bit more lazy.:
Speaker 4:
So the schoolwork that you’re getting, is this one big lump sum of schoolwork or is this something that you receive a doled out to you during the course of the summer where you have to do consistently? Or is it here’s a bunch of homework, get it done by the time, come back to school?:
Speaker 6:
Well it was basically like they want us to stretch it out. They give it us, they give it to us right before we leave to go on summer break. And um, they expect us to stretch it out all the way until the end of the summer and make sure it was done it at the end of the summer break so that we can give her to school and take notes on it.:
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So you’re asked to basically do it at your own pace then. Okay. So it’s sort of a start of that lazy summer day, but you still have that element of having to do some schoolwork. Yup. Okay. Fair enough. So Stage two is the, I’m bored stage. This is where there’s only so many times you can watch the same cat video and play the same board game or listen to the same song or read the same book. It’s too hot to go out. Even if you’ve got a pool, you don’t feel like roasting in it like a duck in sauce. It’s two miserably hot to go out and you’re two board to stay in:
Speaker 6:
stage. Your thoughts on that doesn’t apply to me at all. Why not? Well, like I say, like we said before, I go to summer camp and for five days a week I go there. And of course there’s certain, there’s different activities and mainly my friends from school actually go to my summer camp. So I’m not actually completely born even though I don’t like going there. I mean there’s still activities I enjoy on the weekends. We always have stuff in something planned. So I’m never really at that stage of boredom. Well that’s good. Um,:
Speaker 4:
glad we’re able to keep you out of that stage. Cause I can tell you as a kid, you know, my mom was a stay at home mom. So in the summertime I didn’t go to camp. My other friends would go to camp. So in the summertime, that’s the stage that I dread it where my friends work camp, I was stuck at home bored. I didn’t have anything to do. And at the time we didn’t have any of the technology that you had now. So it was always a matter of trying to find something to do. So Stage three is finding your groove. They call it a time home, isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. So day trips, break up the monotony play dates with friends, a trip to the shore. I run to the farmer’s market or weekend at an amusement park. After a few weeks of adjustment we finally hit our stride RN and are enjoying summer. How does this stage release to a, your typical summer?:
Speaker 6:
Well, I’d say that’s most of my summer on the weekends. Okay. Well because we always have something planned every weekend. And I mean sometimes they’re not stuff I completely enjoy, but things I would tolerate and most of them I actually do enjoy. So I’m not actually sitting at home being lazy like a, like a couch potato. Oh, you’re such a good sport for putting up with us at indulging in our little side tracks. Unfortunately it’s not like that at school, at summer camp. But eventually I do get used to it. So let’s talk summary:
Speaker 4:
Campus second there. So five days a week you’re going to summer camp. Right? So while at summer camp, do you do day trips, field trips, anything like that?:
Speaker 6:
Yeah, I mean now I’m able to chew like me and mommy when we have to have the paperwork done for the trips. Um, we always sit down and talk about it together. Unfortunately due to some of my changes, I’m not able to do some of the trips. Okay. Mainly swimming. So I can’t do most, most of the trips and some of the trips that don’t involve swimming I don’t like. So I think there’s only like five. I actually wanted to go on.:
Speaker 4:
Okay. So you have the option basically of being able to indulge in this stage. Even at Camp Work Camp, we’ll provide the option to do trips. It just because of the stage you’re going through right now. There’s some limitations on what you can and can’t do.:
Speaker 6:
And of course my own mind on what is fun or what’s not fun. Yeah.:
Speaker 4:
Right, right. Cause you’re not critical at all about stuff like that. Nope. So the last stage that we have here is the back to school panic stage four. Um, the weeks were on and we realize it won’t last. We have that book to read or that packet, the finish for school, we have to go to school, we have to go school shopping for clothes, book bags, supplies and new shoes. The leisurely pace of summer turns into a frantic panic to enjoy the last vestiges of time and a mix of excitement to get back the school and out of the border we’ve been living in. How accurate is that for you?:
Speaker 6:
Last part, not so accurate. Most of it very accurate.:
Speaker 4:
So you’re always rushing to get that packet. Dot and:
Speaker 6:
well, not necessarily rushing. Of course, I do go at a slightly faster pace as og as August was on. And of course want to go school shopping. I’ve secretly dread it. I really don’t like it.:
Speaker 4:
What don’t you like about it? The triangle of clothes or just shopping in general or the preparation to go back to school? I have aeration to go back to school. Okay. It’s always a nightmare. I could see that I was always the same way too. Okay. Well that’s the four stages as it sounds like they don’t apply to you too much. And I think mainly because of the somewhat unique situation you’re in with your day camp situation.:
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Speaker 4:
So one of the other things that I wanted to look at was some just suggestions on summer destinations. And this is in for like a vacation destination. These are more for a, I don’t know, day trips or something to break up those, uh, the long days or the someplace to go on those hot summer days when there’s nothing to do. Yep. So I’d like to run down this list here to find out and I think you’ve done all of these or most of them. Um, so I’d like to throw these out to you and get your thoughts on them. So the first one that we have is the zoo. Just about everyone has a favorite zoo they go to are great places to experience some of the outdoor weather in a relatively controlled manner. For those of us who don’t like to be out in the wilderness with bugs, uh, you can kind of commune with nature and learn about animals and have a fun day out. So is there a zoo to you go to or do you not enjoy going to zoos?:
Speaker 6:
Well, I did use to go to zoos. Been fortunately the ones that were used go to I think closed. I really don’t remember which year was at the Philadelphia Zoo. Well, we never stopped us. Well we still didn’t, for some reason we stopped going there. I mean I did enjoy it. Of course I did dread the heat, but it was really cool to see all of the animals. I especially like the one with the big cats because I’m in love with it.:
Speaker 4:
You love coaching. I love that. The Skype too cause I’m allergic to cats. Okay. So Zoo is is certainly an option for you. The next one is similar. It’s an aquarium. So this one’s all indoor, pretty much probably not as common or convenient as a zoo. Aquariums give you a chance to commune with animals in a much more climate controlled manner and can be equally as fun. Now we’re fortunate to have the adventure aquarium in Camden, which isn’t too far from us that we can visit. But we’ve also been to the national aquarium in Baltimore as well. And there’s a couple of different aquariums that are down the shore that we’ve visited as well. Linux city I think point pleasant. We’ve been to the one there. Um, what are your thoughts on aquariums? Good destination in the summer?:
Speaker 6:
Probably especially for people who really don’t like the heat and who actually on are fascinated with the underwater life. Okay. See Life, I definitely would recommend, um, the, um, the adventure aquarium cause there are a lot more activities to do job than just I’m looking at the engine. Do cool stuff like pet a shark there. Huh? It’s not exactly a strike like a sand shark. He stood up and pet it though. Oh yeah.:
Speaker 4:
Yeah. Kind of cool. Huh. So the next one that we have is a nature preserve. Nature preserves state fours or a national parks are great places for other day trips or even an overnight camping where applicable. Now we’ve never done camping. Uh, and we’ve done some major preserves. Uh, we did, uh, the pine barons, we went down to, um, oh shoot, I forget the name of the place down in the pine barrens that we’ve been to. What we’ve done that we’ve done a red bank battlefield, we’ve done Fort Mifflin, which are, they’re not nature preserves, but they are national parks. What do you think of this? I know the heats of factor for you.:
Speaker 6:
Well, I’m not exactly the outdoor person, but anyone who would be willing to stand the heat and the bugs, I would say you’d enjoy it because you get out into nature. You’d experienced some of the wildlife and their habitats and you just have a good time enjoying the nice, cool breeze. If there is a cool breeze or if you’re just like pushing out in the sun, then that’s also a good thing. Okay,:
Speaker 4:
cool. So the next one that we have, our museums, uh, most major cities have a plethora of museums specializing in a variety of subjects to choose from. But you might find a little research with a little research. There are some very interesting and quirky museums off the beaten path, uh, that you might find the day trip to be interesting. Right now, we’re fortunate to be, you know, we’re close to Camden, so therefore we’re close to Philadelphia and Philadelphia has a very wide array of museums are that we go to, uh, some of the ones that we enjoy, the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Art Museum, Museum of natural history, which, what’s kind of museum would you like to do or do you enjoy doing in the summertime?:
Speaker 6:
Well, my favorite one of course is the Franklin Institute, mainly because I’m interested in science and technology and engineering. And I just think it’s a really cool experience, especially because you’re able to actually interact with all the stuff. Yeah. And you get to learn more. And even some of the stuff I learned in school is there and I, and one of my favorite ones was the mystery that you get to solve by the, by the regular train, which is always quite fun. It gets, it tests your logical thinking and your reasoning and it’s actually really cool. I remember some times when we went on field trips there we would work, we would do, um, those, I also remember when we had the, they had the toy story Pixar thing and that was really cool. I definitely liked that experience even though it’s no longer there, replaced multiple times in the last few years.:
Speaker 4:
Yup. Yeah. Franklin Institute’s a great, I’m using him because of how hands on it is. It’s not just a matter of going in, looking at artifacts behind glass. You actually get to do some hands on stuff, which is cool. Yeah,:
Speaker 6:
I actually like doing that because, well, I’m not going to go against any museums because I really do think that they’re interesting. Unfortunately I’m not that into history, but like I do find most, most museums, um, are quite cool and have interest in history. Like my field trip to the Penn Museum, that was actually quite fondly. We’re able to do a small scavenger hunt, which was actually quite cold. So it actually helps me learn more about the history. And it was actually really cool because we learned about most of the stuff in schools. So that was nice.:
Speaker 4:
Nice. Cool. Yeah. So we might be doing some trips to the museum the summer then maybe. Uh, the next thing that we have is a one year. I don’t think you’ve done a minor league sports teams. Not so much. Huh? Not really an evening of baseball or soccer to support the local from team could be a great experience and a real throwback to American values and just a good time for all. I have not done much in the way of this myself. Although there are a number of league baseball teams in the area here in Camden. You haven’t been Trenton, you have them farther north than us. Mommy’s done used to do this quite frequently. They’re easier to get into than a major league team. Uh, you’d done generally don’t have to deal with the crowding a and the one thing with doing minor league and, and I, you know I mentioned soccer here cause there is a soccer minor league soccer stadium not too far from us. I’ve never done a soccer game, but I know the minor league baseball teams do a very good job paying homage to the fans and doing fan appreciation nights and having specials for, for the fans that come on, they make it a very good value for a family to come out and enjoy themselves at night. So that might be one that we do one night just to test it out, see how it is. Yeah, I know. But they’ve got different things out there for the kids is do different attractions and stuff like that.:
Speaker 6:
Okay. That actually sounds a little better even though I’m not,:
Speaker 4:
you’re not a sports fan. I get it. I’m not a big baseball fan either. Well, we’ll see. We’ll see. Uh, the next thing that we have is a drive in movie. Now, have you ever done a drive in movie?:
Speaker 6:
No. I mean I’ve seen some cartoons and maybe even some actual live action movies where they did that. I never actually did it myself. I don’t think:
Speaker 4:
there aren’t many left in America, but if you look hard enough you might find a drive in movie theater is still in operation and there are always a great place to spend an evening with the kids just to get out of the house. So the closest one that I’m aware of is actually a down towards where mommy works. Uh, it’s about 45 minutes from here. And uh, I think probably the drawback to drive and movies by their very nature is that they’re late movie. So they have to happen after the sun goes down. Otherwise you can’t see the movie. Yeah. Uh, the one advantage is you get in what for one price and you get to see two movies if you stick around that long. Yeah. Yeah. You think it would be Kinda neat. Mommy and I have gone down. I think we’ve done them driving movie theater down by her work ones. I don’t think we ever took Sam to go down to see a movie down. It was just mommy and I, but it might be actually kind of fun to go down and sit outside under the stars and watch a movie. That’s always fun.:
Speaker 6:
Yeah. Unfortunately due to my teenage mind or something, I’d probably fall asleep before the first room was even overs.:
Speaker 4:
Well, yeah, you’ve slept through the Billy Joel concert so he can sleep through that. You’ll sleep through a movie. Yeah, that’s right. The fact that you had your phone at home, you’d be up til midnight, so we might try that. We’ll see. So the next thing on the list is amusement parks, whether it’s a children’s park, a major roller coaster hub or waterpark, a day in the amusement park is a fun day for the whole family. Uh, how do you feel about amusement parks?:
Speaker 6:
I would definitely recommend them. It’s definitely a good, it’s definitely a good way to get out of the house and have fun for the whole family and I at, and since I’m older now, there’s actually his trip that my summer camp takes to go to one of the ocean city. I’m amusement park and it’s actually kind of fun even though it’s really hot outside, so yeah. Yeah. The one drawback, I mean, yeah,:
Speaker 4:
no hair for that amusement park is indoors though.:
Speaker 6:
Yeah. Well not the, uh, ocean city one that I go to for camp. Oh yeah. Wow. Okay.:
Speaker 4:
Well, yes, there’s a few amusement parks in the area here. Um, we really haven’t, we used to do water parks a lot. We don’t do it as much anymore. Yeah. But yeah, there were a lot of fun. The one, the one water park that we go to, uh, the last time you went out there they had expanded and they’ve put a waif outdoor way for him. That was fun. I like I, yeah. Uh, the next thing that we have is the renaissance fair. So there’s a couple of renaissance fairs that we happen to go to a step back in time with a traveling renaissance fair and enjoy the crafts, food and entertainment. They invariably bring during the summer months, uh, there’s one will probably be going to next month. The New Jersey Renaissance Fair up at Liberty Lake. Uh, we did just did the one at Fort Mifflin over in Philadelphia. I don’t think we have plans to do the big one. The Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair, right up mount home winery this year, but that’s one that we go through every couple of years. I think you, uh, you’re kind of outgrowing the renaissance faire stuff, aren’t you? A little bit. Yeah. Yeah. You kind of find it boring now. Oh, little. Oh, you know,:
Speaker 6:
I mean, yeah, I’m happy that I get to learn a bit a more about the past and get to see an up close image of it, but I mean, being a teenager I find that stuff a little more born now. Yeah. I mean, I still want to go to support you guys and even see some of the cool stuff, but I’m just not as into it as I was.:
Speaker 4:
All right. No, I totally get it. It’s not, not for everybody, but, uh, you know, just a suggestion for the audience out there. Um, the next two I’m actually going to lump together because they’re kind of similar. Okay. And that’s carnivals and surfaces. Now the carnivals or themselves or like sort of a traveling amusement park type things with the rides in the circus is are, you know, obviously with the circus performers and stuff like that. And these are a couple of the ones that travel through the area that we do here. We haven’t done the circus with you yet. The last time we did the circus I think we did with cm several years back and that was kind of fun to see the ant, the acrobatics and the performers and the animals. Um, we did do one carnival so far this year. Yeah. And uh, that one kind of lost its luster, didn’t it? Tell us a little bit about that.:
Speaker 6:
Well, the main problem was I was too big for most of the rides. I mean, when I used to go, like he used to come along when I was very young and I was able to ride most of the rides and it was fun back then. Unfortunately now I’m a little more older and with my phobia of heights, some of the rides I can’t do, especially the pirate one when I was in there. I really hate that. Right. I really didn’t like that at all. So I mean I did go on some of the rides. I tried to meet the requirements that meant with the tickets, but I don’t,:
Speaker 4:
well, when we save requirements, you know, it was one of these, we went family nights, so you bought a wristband and you can go on unlimited rides. The requirement was go on as many rides as we would have paid for tickets so that we got our money’s worth. Yeah. So it wasn’t a height requirement or you know, anything like that. It was a make sure we get our money’s worth out of it type thing. That’s all.:
Speaker 6:
Yeah. Unfortunately most of the rides I went on was spinny and when I tried to go in the last ride, I was way too dizzy and that ride was going to make me probably sick to my stomach.:
Speaker 4:
Yeah. And we didn’t want that.:
Speaker 6:
Yeah, you definitely did. I didn’t want that either.:
Speaker 4:
Yeah. So, okay, well things change. People Change. The last thing that we have on the list here is fireworks. So the fireworks, depending on the time of year. In the summertime, you get them at different times a year. A lot of those happen around Independence Day, so it’s not an event to just be restricted to independence day. But a lot of your local townships do fireworks throughout the summer as well. And that’s one of those ones where it’s a nice get out, maybe get some barbecue or something like that, a little festival and watch some fireworks in a social environment I guess. But tell us your thoughts on the fireworks.:
Speaker 6:
Well, I’m not the same for everyone, but I really do not like fireworks just because of the loud noise. I really do not like going and actually seeing fireworks up close. I mean seeing them on screen, which we normally do because we’re way too far away for our to see most of the fireworks. But we would always watch it on screen just as a small celebration. And I definitely prefer that over real fireworks. But I’m not the same for everyone. So fair point. If you, if you do like fireworks, I would recommend actually looking at them in person and not on a screen. But:
Speaker 4:
aside from going out and doing your day trips and a little vacation, John’s hearing there, there’s a lot of things that you can do in December time at home. So I went out to the honesty or they had 40 things to do at home, which we cut that list down significantly to kind of expedite the list and uh, remove some of the stuff that is wasn’t age appropriate. So I want to run down the list real quick. I’m probably going to skip some of this stuff here just to get your thoughts on whether you think these are good ideas or not. So the first thing that we have is read a book while everyone’s assigned a book over the summer. Right? So what are your thoughts on that one?:
Speaker 6:
Well if you actually do like reading, even though you were assigned a book, I, I would definitely see if you would like to read a book over the summer, an extra book over the summer just for entertainment instead of just school. Unfortunately with my me, I really don’t like reading as much as I really need to unless it’s was comics, so I would probably just comics or books too. Yeah, so I would pretty much just read what I was assigned and that’s it.:
Speaker 4:
Okay. How about starting a garden or just gardening in general? I know you and Mommy do that. Is that something you enjoy?:
Speaker 6:
Yeah, I would definitely enjoy. I definitely enjoy it. Unfortunately not being in the outdoors person at kit. At occasions it would kind of get a little girls, but it helps me step out of my comfort zone a little bit and actually have a little fun with Mommy and eventually we get to eat them at dinner.:
Speaker 4:
That’s a good point because generally when we garden, we don’t garden for farmers regarding for veggies and fruits. How about painting? Do you enjoy painting?:
Speaker 6:
Well, I’m not that big of a painter, but I do like trawling.:
Speaker 4:
Okay. This one I thought was kind of interesting. Baking brownies and cookies. Do you love hitting the kitchen up even more with the oven going?:
Speaker 6:
Wow. Wow. Well I actually do like baking and I’m actually going to try, I want to actually try storing Nacog but I also do enjoy making low treats. Like mainly on Thanksgiving and Christmas. We would make cheese cake together and that’s always a fun experience. Just like to help out the family and also to get a good treat.:
Speaker 4:
Cool. Yeah. That’s good to get a good treat. Yep. A humble flying. Carnita you ever flown a kite?:
Speaker 6:
Um, we tried once with an old, Kate didn’t work. I’ve never actually really flown at Kate birds because we don’t actually have one.:
Speaker 4:
Well I think we don’t have, you know, without getting in the car and driving someplace, there’s really no place convenient. The flyer credit around here either. Yeah. About Board Games. You like to play board games?:
Speaker 6:
Yeah, I mean all occasions when I, I’m like at my board, I’m stage, I would always ask you guys if you wanted to play some board games and most of our famous games where Disney monopoly and Scattergories.:
Speaker 4:
Yep. There were a couple of good ones about scrapbooking. You like the scrapbook?:
Speaker 6:
I do DIY eyes. That’s closest thing.:
Speaker 4:
Okay, that’s fair enough. How about starting a journal? Do you journal a lot?:
Speaker 6:
I had one journal but I stopped because I had other things that were, that I thought were better than making a journal. Also. I really didn’t like the idea of writing my thoughts out. I mean I do that when I’m angry now, but I really don’t feel like doing it anymore.:
Speaker 4:
How about going to the beach? Are you a beach person? That’s much, yeah.:
Speaker 6:
Not really. I mean I’ve never actually had a good chance to actually go into the water and swim. Normal people would have the beach. I mean we would always walk on it and um, we would collect. She sells, but that’s pretty much it. Any other time would just stay on the boardwalk and buy stuff. At the stores and also eat at the stores. So yeah.:
Speaker 4:
Yeah. We’ve never really done beach day with you as a family. Every, nope. Maybe wrote to do that at some point. Me about binge watching TV. Do you binge watch on things other than youtube? Buy Meat?:
Speaker 6:
Yeah. Like I would, I did been watched this one show on Netflix and um, well there was a couple shows on Netflix. I’ve been swatched before. I mean it’s nothing serious. Of course I would take breaks. I’m not like one of those crazy people who spend three hours just watching their TV, doing absolutely nothing. Not even getting up and going to the bathroom, which is just weird. So that’s not very healthy. I don’t think. I’m not becoming one of those people about picnics. Do you enjoy going on picnics? We do do this one day on call. There’s one labyrinth on labyrinths day and we would have a picnic canceling. I enjoy the bugs, but that’s the closest. I think that’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a picnic cause I can’t remember anytime we ever, we’ve ever done a picnic over the summer.:
Speaker 4:
Yeah. Well, you know, when we would stop and pick up sandwiches at while while go eat in the park, I’m not sure what qualifies as an official picnic. Nope. Let’s see. How about puzzles? You like doing puzzles at home?:
Speaker 6:
Well, I mean I have puzzles, but I’ve already done them like multiple times and when I did go to this one place called wow, I don’t even remember the name. Oh, women gathering my godfather. Did I not remember the name? I would like bring some puzzles to do there if I was bored. So yeah. And that’s actually over the summer someone, so yeah.:
Speaker 4:
Hell about reorganizing or redecorating your room. You kind of got a jump on that earlier this year to yeah.:
Speaker 6:
Yeah. I’m actually doing it constantly. No, I’m always like when there’s like my blankets not even folded on my bed. Yeah. Yeah. After I moved my stuff into my new room, I’ve kind of been a perfectionist.:
Speaker 4:
You’ve been a bit obsessive. Yeah. The last one I wanted to mention here is that I know you love doing and that is marathon watching the entire Harry Potter series.:
Speaker 6:
Oh, you’re kidding. Seriously. Is that literally all, oh my God,:
Speaker 4:
that’s on my list here. I figured it out through that. It just to get a rise in. Yeah.:
Speaker 6:
Oh, of course. Side note everyone. Sorry for any Harry Potter lovers, but I absolutely hate that. I hate when he messes with me like that.:
Speaker 4:
Do you know what, just like you’ve grown out of other things in your later stages of life here. Perhaps you will grow into Harry Potter. Mommy and daddy’s still hold out. Hope:
Speaker 6:
it doesn’t even make any sense to me. Yeah.:
Speaker 4:
Okay. Moving right along. So for this last segment I wanted to a Chicana, threw out all the lists that we’ve have here in and talk to you directly and ask you how your summer is. Now we’ve, we revealed some of it already, but I just got a couple of questions here that I want to ask you directly and get your thoughts on. Alrighty. What do you typically do? What does, what does your summer typically look like?:
Speaker 6:
Well, most days are typically looks like waking up at six 30 having the normal schedule I would at school. Then you probably taking me to camp, having fun with my friends in the morning than being separated by grade. Having always miss out on the activities and hanging out with one of my friends that did my grades that we were separated by because we’re always separated by their grade. We just graduated from, so now I’ll be part of the sixth grade group and I’ll actually be part of the older kids go because I’m six graduating sixth, seventh and eighth graders all gathered in one group and are separated by gender now. So that’s just wonderful. I sent sarcasm. You don’t like that to you? Well I don’t like how we’re separated by gender, but I would enjoy staying away from the boys because boys are kind of annoying during the summer was knowing all the time, aren’t they just want your honest, let’s be honest and well that’s a good thing though, right?:
Speaker 6:
Luckily most of my friends are female, so there you go. And of course I’d always have free time to always hang out with my friends who are younger than me, like go to school, they go to camp and like I’d play with them. Then I’d go back to like a little lid drawing on the side and not even wanting to, wanting to participate in the activities that are done because I really am not as slick. Like I said before, unfortunately some of the activities I’m forced to do so I’m miserable with that. And then eventually around five 45 mommy would pick me up and I’d have dinner and have regular schedules.:
Speaker 4:
Okay. Well thank you for that rant. I appreciate it. So the next question I have is what kind of home activities do you do during the summer?:
Speaker 6:
Well, drawing would be one of them. Okay. Watching you tube, bending shows and also occasionally playing board games and also playing video games with you normally. Right. And interacting with my family.:
Speaker 4:
Okay. Well it doesn’t sound too terrible, doesn’t it?:
Speaker 6:
It actually is quite paradise to be honest.:
Speaker 4:
Glad to hear that. Do you take day trips during the summer?:
Speaker 6:
Well look whether it’s camp or not. Yep. I do take d, um, trips in camp and it on the weekends. And what do they typically entail? Well, camp ones are basically sort of like field trips. We call them field trips. Okay. And Tori normally get some on them in right after we do roll call because we do that. I camp not okay. But some of them we actually have to wait a little bit and then we leave. And for the weekends we basically do some random stuff that peaks their interests. Okay. I mean, like we have plans and then we sometimes make plans over the summer, which is basically what we typically do. And it’s always interesting to see the new stuff.:
Speaker 4:
Uh, the next question I have is, do you go on vacation during the summer?:
Speaker 6:
I used to. You used? Yep. Where did you go? Disney twice during August. Biggest mistakes of our life. Extremely hot. Caution. That’s the worst time to go to Disney down in Florida. You’re gonna sweat no matter what. Trust me. Right.:
Speaker 4:
So we don’t do that anymore though. We go to Disney different times.:
Speaker 6:
Yeah, I would not recommend it. I’d recommend either spring or winter or occasionally fall late fall. Yeah.:
Speaker 4:
And the last question I have is do you get a chance to hang out with your friends more in the summer?:
Speaker 6:
Yes, because it’s basically sort of like school. I’m able to see my friends most of the days. Unfortunately we have restrictions. Some of my friends can’t go on the days, but I do see some of my friends from summer camp on it because I actually go to summer camp on the weekends. Occasionally we’d planned something, but we haven’t really done anything so. Okay. Yep. Cool. Well thank you for answering the questions. No problem.:
Speaker 4:
So I think that brings us to our conclusion today. Uh, the last thing before we go into the closing remarks and shout outs, there was a programming note that I wanted to put out there. Uh, we do tell everyone that our links to the articles that we use are available in the credits after the show. Our contact information is available in the, in the credits after the show. And that works wonderful for the folks who enjoy our video podcast. However, for those folks who are enjoying the audio version of the podcast, it does them absolutely no good because none of that comes across in the audio except the music unfortunately. So this week we will be including all that information and our show notes on our website. So if you go to and click on this week’s show, you will get audio video versions of the podcast. You will get a subscription links as well. You will get transcripts, uh, which full disclosure, they are done through an automated system. So they are not a hundred percent accurate. In fact, they have very amusingly murdered the spelling of our last names, um, among other things. Uh, but on that page, under the show, on the website, we will also include the show notes that we actually work from here. Uh, and you’ll see that there are some things in the notes that might not necessarily make it into the show sometimes due to time restrictions.:
Speaker 6:
So make sure you check it out so you learn about everything we miss. Yes.:
Speaker 4:
So just a, just a programming note there for everyone else and for our audio listeners and that will take us into our closing remarks and our show notes. Two, you’ve Addison.:
Speaker 6:
Well, for anyone who’s planning to do anything over the summer, good for you. Make sure you’re not bored. Also try not to panic too much when you have to go back to school. It’s regular. Yeah. Gala, long break. Basically Solo like Christmas, except you’re still going to school and you don’t need to actually get your school supplies and you’re not switching grades. But I would say to enjoy your summer, get some cool activities, make sure to hang out with your friends and do stuff you’d enjoy. Make sure to hang out with your family and do some family activities and just have a good time with their family and friends.:
Speaker 4:
Alright, awesome shout outs this week. Who are we giving a shout out to?:
Speaker 6:
I’m going to give a shout out to all my friends. I can only see it in summer camp because you guys helped me from not being bought over the summer. And you guys are absolutely amazing. So are my friends that I see in school and I, and some of them, I can actually see it, my camp. So yeah. Anyone who I was not able to see over this school year that I only see during summer, shout out to you.:
Speaker 4:
Okay. Awesome. Keep that was a great podcast. I hope everyone enjoys their summer. And um, thanks for listening. We’ll be back next week with another podcast. Hi everyone. Hi everyone.:
Speaker 5:

Show Notes

  • Introduction
  • What is Summer Vacation
    • Summer vacation (also called summer holiday or summer break) is a school holiday in summer between school years and the break in the school academic year. Students and teaching staff are typically off between eight and nine weeks, depending on the country and district. In the United States, summer break is approximately 2.5 to 3 months, with students typically finishing the school year between late-May and mid-June and starting the new year between mid-August and early-September.
  • The 4 Stages of Summer Vacation
    • Stage 1: Lazy Days of Summer
      • We soak up the freedom of no home work, quizzes or school drama and ease into a summer of relaxation and not a care in the world
    • Stage 2: I’m bored
      • There’s only so many times you can watch the same cat video, play the same board game, listen to the same song or read the same book. It’s too hot to go out, even if you’ve got a pool you don’t feel like roasting in it like a duck in sauce. It’s too miserably hot to go out and your too bored to stay in.
    • Stage 3: Finding you groove
      • Time home isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. So day trips break up the monotony. Playdates with friends, a trip to the shore, a run to the farmers market, a weekend at an amusement park. After a few weeks of adjustment we finally hit our stride and are enjoying summer
    • Stage 4: Back to School Panic
      • The weeks wear on and we realize it won’t last. We have that book to read, or that packet to finish for school. We have to go school shopping for clothes, bookbags, supplies and new shoes. The leisurely pace of summer turns into a frantic panic to enjoy the last vestiges of time off and a mix of excitement to get back to school and out of the boredom we’ve been living in
  • Great summer destinations
    • Your choice of summer destinations will obviously vary depending on what part of the country or world you are from.  While the specifics may be different, the generic ideas listed below are pretty universal:
      • A Zoo
        • Just about everyone has a favorite zoo they go to. These are great places to experience some of the outdoor weather in a relatively controlled manner. Commune with nature, learn about animals and have a fun day out.
      • An Aquarium
        • Probably not as common or convenient as a zoo, aquariums give you a chance to commune with animals is a more climate controlled manner but can be equally as fun
      • Nature Preserve
        • Nature preserves, state forest or national parks are a great place to either for day trips or even overnight camping where applicable.
      • Museum
        • Most major cities have a plethora of museums specializing in a variety of subjects to choose from. But you might find with a little research there are some very interesting and quirky museums off the beaten path that might be a find day trip.
      • Minor League Sports Teams
        • An evening of baseball or soccer to support the local farm team can be a great experience and a real throwback to American values and just a good time for all.
      • Drive-In Movie
        • There aren’t many left in America but if you look hard enough you might find a drive in movie theater still in operation and they’re always a great place to spend an evening with the kids just to get out of the house
      • Amusement Park
        • Whether it’s a children’s park, a major roller coaster hub or a water park a day at an amusement park is fun for the whole family
      • Renaissance Fair
        • Step back in time with a traveling Renaissance Fair and enjoy the crafts, food and entertainment they invariably bring during the summer months
      • Carnivals
        • Whether it’s your local church, township or highschool you’ll find traveling carnivals crisscrossing your state a few times during the summer. It’s always a nice night out and great fun for the kids
      • Circus
        • Unfortunately like Drive in Movies they are a dying breed but some of us are fortunate enough to still have the Circus come to town. Kids and parents alike love a good circus
      • Fireworks
        • Not an event to be restricted to just independence day, fireworks displays and township fairs are happening throughout the summer.
  • Things to do at home over summer vacation
      • Read a book
      • Start a garden
      • Paint
      • Take an online course
      • Bake brownies or cookies
      • Fly a kite
      • Play board games
      • Make a scrapbook of old memories
      • Start a journal
      • Go to the beach
      • Binge-watch a TV show on Netflix
      • Start a bucket list and cross off one item every week
      • Catch up with an old friend
      • Have a picnic
      • Learn a new instrument
      • Discover new music
      • Complete a puzzle
      • Visit a museum
      • Build a card tower
      • Reorganize and redecorate your room
      • Start a blog
      • Exercise
      • Spend time with your family and friends
      • Marathon the entire Harry Potter series
  • What do you do over the summer
    • Where do you go?
    • What kind of in home activities do you do?
    • Do you take day trips?
    • Do you go on vacation?
    • Do you hang out with friends?
  • Closing remarks and shoutouts