Insights Into Teens: Episode 50 “Siblings”

In our monumental 50th episode Madison interviews her brother Sam, Co-host of Insights Into Tomorrow on the network. With a curated set of general and personal questions Madison delves deeper into the personality and history of her older brother in an attempt to satisfy her desire to get to know him better. It’s a touching interaction between brother and sister who were once very close but who time and circumstance has pulled apart. It’s an excellent example of how to rekindle a friendship or relationship with someone you may have grown distant from and is an enjoyable discussion to witness.

Insights Into Teens


Speaker 1: 00:02 Insightful podcast, a podcast network.

Speaker 3: 00:27 Welcome to insights into teens, a podcast series, exploring the issues and challenges of today’s youth. Your hosts are Joseph and Madison whale is a father and daughter team making their way through the challenges of the teenage years.

Speaker 4: 00:52 Welcome to insights into teens. This is episode 50 siblings or siblings Q. And a. I’m your host, Joseph Waylon. And my lovely and talented cohost, Madison Wayland.

Speaker 5: 01:06 Hi.

Speaker 4: 01:07 And Sam’s over there too. So I didn’t change the eye angle, but anyway, so this is a

Speaker 4: 01:18 Attends episode where we’re, we’ve reached the 10th of our series and we always traditionally do a questions and answer session when we get to this stage. And this week we brought in our cohost from insights into tomorrow. Who happens to be Madison’s brother, Sam Waylon. How are you Sam? How are you doing? I’m doing good. So we’re going to put you on the hot seat today. We’re going to ask you a series of 20 questions and we’re going to see where we go with it. This is our opportunity to get to know more of Sam. Shall we get into it? Why not? All right.

Speaker 6: 02:05 Hi.

Speaker 4: 02:05 Turn the questions over to you my dear.

Speaker 5: 02:08 Alrighty. So we were talking about our fifth 50th podcast and who we were going to interview. And when you came up in the section of people who we haven’t interviewed yet that they recommended me to look up questions like I normally do. So I got 20 questions here. I changed up a few of them. Some are lighter than others. Some are a little more hard heading. We already went over these or are you okay with these questions? Yeah. Okay. They’re not too personal? No. Alrighty. Cool. I’m, I, I’m, I’m sorry. I’m just really nervous about this. Alrighty. So question one is a pretty light one. So where would your dream holiday be?

Speaker 7: 03:00 I like to go somewhere cold. Probably summer North. I’d like to see the Northern lights. That’s always kind of been like a dream. So wherever I can do that, I don’t like flying though. So like somewhere in like Northern Canada, maybe

Speaker 5: 03:12 Native Eskimo was his calling. Yeah. Clearly not Florida. No, definitely not Florida now. Okay, well the next one is a slightly more hard hitting. What was it like spending weekends with your father?

Speaker 7: 03:27 No, they were fun. I remember them being mostly fun. Even if it was getting dragged to something I didn’t want to do. You know, but you have to do that in life. It is a good lesson. Builds character. But you know, overall I just remember them being fun, you know, cause during the week I’d have school and you know, what responsibilities you have in your kid like that. But then the weekends, you know, I would come here, you know, where we used to live together and it was, you know, just something fun to do usually. So.

Speaker 5: 03:55 Alrighty. Great. Sort of what we do now, even though sometimes you drag me to places as well and I don’t particularly like to go to them, so still drag you too. So yeah, it’s good to see we’re continuing that family tradition. Okay. So the next one is sort of in the middle. If you could change any part of your life, what would it be and why?

Speaker 7: 04:16 I’m not sure if this counts, but I look the change my weight eventually. You know, I’ve tried lots of times. It’s just a struggle, you know, they dealt with my whole life. But you know, if I could snap my fingers and fix it overnight, it would always be, but it’s not that easy.

Speaker 5: 04:29 That’s assuming you could snap your fingers and not wipe half the population. I think I’d take the chance. Yeah. Alright, fair, fair answer there. I think, I think I, mine was along the same lines. I thought it was, if you could go to college again, like same thing, same thing. I thought you and mommy were the one, two at the . Here he is asked the next question. Okay. So number four is a pretty lightheaded one. If you could be any fictional what? Pretty light headed one. Oh my God, I am, I do, you know all the podcasts. I don’t know if I like good grammar. It’s fine. Okay. So number four is if you could be any fictional character, who would he be?

Speaker 7: 05:15 I think I’d like to be the flash Barry Allen specifically because he’s the most powerful flash. I don’t know. I think Superman’s boring answer and I think the flush is cooler. So I’d like to do the flash.

Speaker 5: 05:25 Yeah, I can definitely see how Superman would it be kind of a, the more popular answer, but also the more boring because he’s like, has all these different powers and the flash aside, one like specific power, but it’s still pretty cool. Barry Allen, what was so specific about Barry Allen?

Speaker 7: 05:44 Well I mean he’s not like the most powerful flash. That’s probably like Wally cause Barry Allen was like the original flash. Well I guess Jay Garrick was from like the 50s, but like you had Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West and Wally West is like the most, like he’s done the most impressive stuff. Like he like out round the universal one time. But I think Barry Allen is just kinda like, you know, he’s like the original in a way, you know, he’s the classic and excuse me, sponsored by Dai cook. He came back to life at one point, so that was pretty cool. And when his, when he came back in like the 80s, it was a pretty big reveal. So I just thought that was cool. Okay.

Speaker 5: 06:18 Alrighty. Makes sense. Number five, it’s a little hard hitting. How did your life change when you stop visiting us on the weekends?

Speaker 7: 06:28 I had a lot more, well, I had the weekends to do other things. So it helped me get closer with my mom. And closer with my friends too. I was able to, you know, do things with them more and hang out with them more. And it helped me just kind of mature more in general. I think I’ll probably touch on this more later, but when I stopped visiting I was, I was really angry, you know, cause when you’re younger you’re generally angry. I’m still pretty angry, but you know, not, not about that specifically. But I think it kind of helped me. It helped me put things into perspective eventually. Okay.

Speaker 5: 07:03 Number six is what do you think would have happened if you were still visiting us on weekends?

Speaker 7: 07:10 I probably wouldn’t be as relatively happy as I am now. I think I felt like I was really trapped on visiting on weekends. So I think taking the break that I did and now getting rekindling relationships with you guys, I think it, it allows me to, you know, get that foot in and kind of do things in a better, more healthy way instead of feeling like I’m forced to be here. So I think I would have really felt more trapped, you know, if I was still doing that.

Speaker 5: 07:35 Okay. That makes sense. Number seven is what other languages can you speak if you can speak any other languages?

Speaker 7: 07:43 I learned, I took Latin for three years in high school. That comes up sometimes, but not really. I use it as like a party trick sometimes, but I don’t really, I didn’t really retain most of it Latin as a party. That sounds like a college course. It’s great that magic. People love it. You mix the magic with the Latin. He you get Harry Potter, so no other languages there, huh? Okay.

Speaker 5: 08:07 Okay, so number eight is going to determine whether you are like me or you’re like,

Speaker 7: 08:13 Hi dad and my mom. All right. Okay. Do you love or hate rollercoasters? No, I don’t like them at all. I can’t stand them like dad. I don’t want to willingly put my body through that. I don’t see the point. Just you, sweetie. You’re the only roller coaster fan. Although we did go on a yard barn. Barnstormer yeah, whatever it was called. Yeah, we did barnstormer God, we did it like three times at one time. We were down in Disney. Yeah, but that was like a, that wasn’t like a real roller coaster. No, it wasn’t. I was able to go on it so we know that’s not a real roller coaster. Have you ever gone on a real roller coaster? No. No, I did that. That was about it. I did to sea serpent down in Wildwood. That was a real one. Didn’t like that one either.

Speaker 5: 09:00 I, I remember doing rock and roller coaster one time when we were in Disney quite recently. And my legs felt like jelly afterwards because I was the only Disney ride where you went upside down. Trust me. I was kind of reluctant to go onto the first, but apparently I was able to go on that before I was able to go on the towel off terror.

Speaker 7: 09:17 Yeah. When when we, cause we went to six flags a lot. I’d like a high school trip, which is six flags is just all roller coasters. So I would just hold everybody’s bags. Yeah. I was like, I’ll hold your bags if you want to go cause I don’t want to do any of that.

Speaker 5: 09:28 Yeah. Like the one time when I went to my summer camp, we were at I think it was ocean city and we went on rides and there was the one alien thing where you get strapped in and you just spin around. And I’m like, ah, no, I’m good. I’ll just hold just stuff like, yeah. Yeah. I was really reluctant to go on that.

Speaker 7: 09:50 Okay. Well some things haven’t changed.

Speaker 5: 09:52 Yeah. Alrighty. So number nine is a pretty fun question. What is the weirdest weekend that you had with us?

Speaker 7: 10:01 I don’t know why this one sticks out in my mind, but we went to this Island one time, I can’t remember if you were born or not. We went to this Island of Mickey’s of like Mickey statues as landing. We did. That was over principle. It’s not an Island by the way. I know, but like it did take a boat to get there. That’s why I thought it was an Island. Cause like, you know, cause I was younger so like I created like this mythology of it in my head. Like I go on like the Island of misfit, Nikki’s or something. And I think looking back on that, it’s actually kind of cool cause it was a bunch of Mickey, I think the statutes were all the same. Right? They were just statutes are all the same. And then different people painted the statues in their own styles. Yeah. I just thought it was super weird. But really, you know, clever in hindsight, they were the Mickey inspiration statues and they were done by famous people and the statues themselves were then auctioned off for charity. And actually we have a whole bunch of little ones that are downstairs in the Curio cabinet now from that series.

Speaker 5: 10:57 Oh yeah, I know that.

Speaker 7: 10:59 Yeah. So that was over at Penn’s landing where the sea port museum is where they got the ship and stuff like that. And we’ve done that a couple of times. So, but yeah, the Island Penn’s landing. Anyway, moving right along, halfway through. Are you like us in collect anything? I’m not sure. I guess, I mean, I get records, I have a lot of records. I don’t know if I’d call it a collection. Like I don’t actively seek out certain records. But if I see ones I like, I’ll get them and I like to listen to them and I just like to have that, you know, my setup with like the record player and the tape player and all that stuff. I’m really proud of that set up that I’ve made. So it’s not retro have you, I’m not gonna think I’m missing, I was like an eight track, but they’re really expensive. You don’t make them anymore, so I guess you’re gonna find one at like which is why they’re so expensive. Yeah. Okay.

Speaker 5: 11:55 Alrighty. Moving on to number 11, what would be your average weekend when you were visiting us?

Speaker 7: 12:01 No, I kind of touched on this before. It was kind of a dice roll. I either we’d do like grocery shopping, which I never wanted to do or it was just playing video games a weekend. Nobody does.

Speaker 5: 12:11 Well, I mean, I know the whole video game thing because sometimes when I would come down I would see you guys playing video games.

Speaker 7: 12:17 Yeah. So it’d be that. Or we’d, we’d go on a road trip or something like that to somewhere or we’d go do something he didn’t want to do. Yeah. Roche or somewhere. Some of those were fun, like you mentioned. They’re always fun. But yeah, you know, so. Okay.

Speaker 5: 12:30 Alrighty. Number 12, if you could meet anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Speaker 7: 12:37 I wasn’t asked this question recently and I really don’t have an answer. I’d probably like to meet my mom Waylon again, just cause I was so young when she passed. It’d be nice to be able to talk to her and actually get to know her. And you know, now that I’m older or I don’t know, like I don’t wanna meet anyone from history cause they’re probably not nice or good people. Like I don’t, I can’t think of anyone from history that would be like, I feel like if you’d actually meet them they’d be like terrible people. You know, like they’d shatter that image. Yeah. I don’t know. Maybe like Dave Grohl he’s still alive though. Explain who? Dave Rose. Oh, he’s the lead singer of the foo fighters. They’re my favorite band. He used to be the drummer for Nirvana. He just seems like a really nice guy and he’s got his, he’s done a lot for music, especially rock and a lot of young musicians, which is pretty cool. And I just really admire and respect him. And he’s like one of the only people that something horrible hasn’t come out about. And so yeah, that answer.

Speaker 5: 13:27 Yeah. I mean you could meet anyone living or dead so I guess he still counts. All right. Number 13, what was your favorite cartoon growing up?

Speaker 7: 13:39 I had a lot of them. I liked a lot of time on cartoon network. Like I liked foster home for imaginary friends and Dexter’s laboratory and like all the ones that went on like classic cartoon network. I remember Ben tan. Oh yeah, that was another one. I watch like three different versions of that cause they just couldn’t make it out of you’re still making it. It’s never ideal. They brought that back. That was awesome. I watched it. I was so excited. I used to enjoy watching samurai Jack Raytheon. Did you watch the, when they brought it back? I haven’t seen it. The Reebok. It’s great. It’s fantastic cause it’s like samurai Jack even more for adults than it was before. It’s like they deal with like PTSD and stuff. It’s really cool. Yeah, it’s awesome. Cool.

Speaker 5: 14:19 Alrighty. Moving on. So number 14 is, do you remember any Halloweens we had together? And if so, what do you remember about them?

Speaker 7: 14:27 I think just the one, cause there’s pictures of it, but when I dressed up like that in that low rent budget costume? Yeah. The one with all the blood. That one? Yeah. Which was just an apron with a $5 where we got, that was when we moved into the house we’re in now. Yeah. I think that’s why I remember it because it was our first one here. Another one that I remember with the two of you. You did? She was in I think a

Speaker 4: 14:52 Bunny costume. And you did, or cat costume and you were van Helsing. Oh, really? Remember where the overcoat we got the crossbow and the hat and then forgot about the, yeah, that was when we were still in the apartment. Yeah, I forgot about that.

Speaker 5: 15:09 I don’t remember ever dressing up in no bunny costume. Then again, I was like less than three at the time, so

Speaker 4: 15:14 Yeah, we’ll have to go back and find the pictures for that. Yeah. So next question.

Speaker 5: 15:20 Alrighty. Number 15, what’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

Speaker 7: 15:26 I don’t know. When I got my wheel I was pretty excited cause like that was the year that we came out and like it was the biggest thing ever and it was like all I wanted and I think my mom went to like four or five different places and like I think she ended up buying one off eBay for like double the price

Speaker 4: 15:41 That first year that we came in. And it was so hard to find. Yeah.

Speaker 7: 15:44 Yeah. so when I got that I was so excited and I played the like all the time you know, by myself or with my friends. Like it was, I was just awesome. So yeah, that’s probably, I’m like the super Nintendo kid off you ever seen that video freaks out when he gets a Nintendo? It’s kinda like the .

Speaker 5: 16:00 Nice. Alrighty. Number 16, what do you say? That our relationship has gotten better thanks to the podcast.

Speaker 7: 16:09 Yeah, I mean, I, I mentioned this before as well. I think just in general doing this and, and having a reason to swing by and to interact with everybody and to kind of get back into each other’s lives. I think the podcast has been a great way to do that. And I think, you know, it’s, it’s something that’s casual, but it also lets us talk about regular issues, you know, which is kinda like a small talk. We’d have to get into something heavy all the time. So yeah, I think it’s definitely, definitely helped our relationships.

Speaker 5: 16:35 I definitely think it has to. Alrighty. Now let’s see if you’re like daddy or me and my mom. Number 17. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Speaker 7: 16:49 I’m definitely a dog person. 100%. I had a dog for awhile. Okay.

Speaker 4: 16:53 For what it’s worth. I’m a dog person too. I know. Yeah. You just wants to be a cat.

Speaker 7: 17:01 Yeah, I had a dog for awhile. He recently passed away, so, but we’re looking at getting another one, but I still have two cats that refuse to die.

Speaker 4: 17:09 Despite your best efforts, we feed them and all, but they kind of act like

Speaker 7: 17:14 Dogs, which is weird. Like my special, my one cat, like he like plays vetch and like I’ll throw a ball and I’m like, bring it back to me. So yeah. You know, even like the dream alive. Yeah. Even my cats kind of like, like dog, you know, so, but yeah, definitely dogs and the dogs are way better. I don’t know how anyone could like,

Speaker 4: 17:29 Excellent. Okay. Alrighty. Oh, just for the record, our one cat was originally supposed to be yours yet. Just just for the record now. Now I’m stuck with a spasm of a cat. You mean PAC man? PAC man, yeah. Liotta

Speaker 5: 17:47 Yeah. One of the thing is I had, I had plastic bags in my room and like when I woke up, I’m like, wait, does that rain? Then I turned around and I see we were just chewing on the bat and erotic cats who chew on plastic bags. Yeah. Dorothy actually came in my room at one point and ate the bag and ate a piece of the bed. Then they’d shoot them up and it’s like rap, like it’s great. You know, all the things I love about cats. No. Alrighty. Number 18, get into the last ones. What is your fondest childhood memory?

Speaker 7: 18:21 Yeah, I saw this one and that’s another question that I get asked, you know, and then like regular surveys and stuff. And I have no idea. I don’t have an answer. I’ve had a lot of good childhood memories. I mentioned the, we that’s probably higher up than it should be cause it’s like a material object. But Christmas and Chris and Dan’s was always really fun. Especially when I was younger and like, you know, having Santa show up, I don’t know. And like that party, those parties he used to have that all felt really wholesome and genuine to me. And Christmas in general too. Like even at my house, we would have a Christmas party that always was really nice. And when you’re younger you kinda just get swept up in the moment. And I think that’s what it was. So those memories were always really nice.

Speaker 7: 19:01 Christmas Eve hunt for the Mon monster is Christmas tree. Yeah, I did that again this year and we fell in pretty easily. We turned the home Depot, but this was the first year I was like, this is kind of a dumb tradition because we’re that family that shows up on Christmas Eve looking for a tree, which is why we cannot find one well on. The problem is when you need a 24 foot tree, you can’t buy it early. Too expensive. Downsize. Now how can you don’t keep it in the, in between the vaulted ceiling anymore. Still scrapes on that ceiling from that tree. But yeah, but probably Christmas, Christmas, different Christmas memories. Well,

Speaker 5: 19:36 Alrighty, number 19, would you be a superhero or a super bill? Sorry, would you be at Silvio or supervillain and what would your super power be or superpowers

Speaker 7: 19:50 About this more often than it probably should because there’s more pressing matters in the world. I feel like I would start off as a superhero, but then it’s like Harvey, Dan, like I would become the villain just cause I would probably get bored. Especially if I had like godlike powers, like

Speaker 5: 20:01 Sounds like how I play red dead too. I started out being good and let me just go around. Yeah, I actually could see that. I would be a really nice story.

Speaker 7: 20:10 Yeah. And I mentioned the flash earlier. I think if I could have a superpower it wouldn’t be super speed because the flash doesn’t just have that. He has the speed force, which is cool. It’s like the force from star Wars, it lets them feel like anything he wants. Like he can like chat with like time and like phase through walls and make tornadoes with his hands and so like that, you know, or green lantern ring. That’d be cool too. But I don’t think my strong enough wheel for that. The tornadoes with your hands thing, I don’t care. He can put out fires and that’s about it. Okay. Moving right along.

Speaker 5: 20:40 Yup. Onto number 20, our final question for the podcast. What would you say about relationship? When we were younger?

Speaker 7: 20:50 I don’t know. I mean I wasn’t, I think we kind of just, we did our own thing. You know, I wasn’t like outright meaning like, you know, kicking it on the steps or anything. But, you know, I tried to think we didn’t have a lot of steps. I tried to look out for you where I could. But I think, I don’t know, I feel like we just kind of had separate lives to a certain extent. Especially because I would only ever be here on the weekends. So, you know, I was kind of dropping in and out. But you know, I think it was pretty average. All things considered. Alrighty. Okay. Did you did you have any questions for Madison? Sure. You can do the superhero power one.

Speaker 5: 21:29 Let’s see. I actually do, I have a version of myself that I think, I don’t know. I mean, she was kind of evil at the beginning and slowly got more good. Honestly, she could have like, her power was basically, he insisted on whether she was evil or whether she was good. And to be honest, she’s actually half and half, like half of her, like her human self. She’s a pretty kind person. The normal may and her other half is her demon side. She was possessed by a demon when she was younger. So that’s how she got her powers. Occasionally the demon will come out if she ever gets angry and whenever she’s trying to fight people who are trying to either kill her or take her or kill any of her friends harm, I knew of her friends, all that kind of stuff, her demon power show and occasionally she’ll just bring out her demon self. But in the beginning when her demon self was with her, they never really got along. So they would come, her damn self would come up more often. Eventually they did get along. I guess it’s sort of like how we’re spanner and the Hawk kind of evened out in the end, so.

Speaker 7: 22:44 Okay. That’s a really detailed answer. That was really well thought out. Yeah, I was not expecting all of that.

Speaker 5: 22:49 Yeah, I have a whole

Speaker 7: 22:51 Do you have any issues of like comics? I can read about this. It sounds like it’s, you know, you’ve already written or something, you know.

Speaker 5: 22:56 Well, I mean I am in an app where you can basically like do that kind of thing.

Speaker 7: 23:01 Oh really? That’s interesting. Well, good answer. Fleshed out answer. That’s all I got. So I had some questions I wanted to ask you too that I think she might benefit from the answers on. And these are softball questions, personality questions. And I didn’t write it down so I’m doing this off the top of my head here. So the first question I had is what type of music do you typically listen to? Like what’s your favorite kind of music? What are your favorite band? You already mentioned foo fighters. Yeah. What else did would you have in that category? I think a lot of people say this, that you’d go, I listen to all kinds of music, but I really do try to diversify. What I listened to and I like to listen to new things and I don’t like to shut out. John knows the music cause I think the second you do that you start to lose touch, not just with other people, but just with music in general. And I like music a lot. It’s, it’s pretty important to me. But I mostly gravitate towards rock. In general. Like that’s probably, if I had to pick a category I’d probably pick that.

Speaker 4: 24:01 Okay. Well that’s good. Good answer. What am I, let’s apply that same question to movies and TV and what, what if you had a play list of your top five movies and top five TV, what were the be? Not necessarily that you don’t have to get specifics on the shows.

Speaker 7: 24:18 That’s a tough one because I really been trying to get in. I’ve gotten in the movies a lot in like the past, well before I started going to college cause I’m going to college for radio, television and film. So I’ve been studying it too. I like westerns but I haven’t seen that many of them for the one I’ve seen now, like a lot, especially like the surgery or Luining ones, I think, I just think they’re really great. Sci-Fi is pretty great cause I love star Wars. I’m not a big horror fan. I like, I like to read about horror movies. And how they’re made, cause I think you can do a lot with horror movies in terms of like genre conventions and, and storytelling. I just don’t like to get scared. But I watched a movie the other day called the lighthouse, which I guess is kinda like, it’s kinda like a horror movie, but it doesn’t rely on jump scares. It’s more like psychology.

Speaker 4: 25:05 Yeah. They’re more of the type that I’m into too. I don’t like the cheap, you know, jump out and scare you type thing,

Speaker 7: 25:11 Disturbing imagery, stuff like that. And that movie was awesome and like for me, a good movie. The more you think about it, the better GEDs or they could kind of just get stuck in your brain. Whereas a bad memory, the more we think about it, the worse it gets. So, you know, things like that.

Speaker 4: 25:26 No, like the little star Wars. Yeah. So let me ask you this, when you grow up, what do you want to be at? Sounds like a silly question, but given your age now and, and the fact that you’re in college, I think it’s kind of a profound, you know, where are you going to be 10 years from now in your career?

Speaker 7: 25:43 Well, I like to be a radio producer first and foremost. I like the idea of maybe not always being on the air, but working behind the scenes to create content for, you know, people that are better versed at being on camera. Being on Mike, just the idea of being a producer in general. I really like you know, creating situations where, you know, either whether it be comedy or, or discussion can happen. Things like that I really enjoy doing and I just like radio in general. Even if it has the connotation of being a dying industry. I just love it. I love doing radio. I do a radio shift every week and I love doing that. So anything in that area I really love ending up doing if I can.

Speaker 4: 26:27 Okay, cool. I think that was all that I had as far as questions. Did you have any other followup questions, Madison? Not that I really know of. I think I kind of put all the questions I wanted to really ask down. Okay. Oh, it a pretty late session here. I think we’re pretty much done with what we’re going to do. Anything else you wanted to talk about? The podcasts were less than a half hour at this point. Okay. Was there anything else you wanted to talk about?

Speaker 5: 27:00 Well, would I guess the way that, how you ask the questions to Sam and how it would better benefit me. Maybe you could ask a few more questions to me to help them better benefit him.

Speaker 4: 27:14 Okay. So Sam probably hasn’t had an opportunity to really keep up on what you’ve been doing lately and stuff like that. So why don’t you tell Sam a little bit about what some of your interests are, some of your talents, you know, some of the stuff that we’ve talked about, maybe you on the podcast.

Speaker 5: 27:32 Alrighty. So I liked drawing. That’s definitely something that is a big thing for me. I always liked to draw on my free time. And I also generally have a huge imagination. If you remember from our childhood, I probably had a pretty big imagination too, that has not wearing off at all. And mainly how I was able to come up with the backstory for my superheroes slash felon was bought by with my imagination. I like to create characters with different backstories. I’ve definitely done it a lot more now since I have the app that can help me create whatever character I wanted. And I’ve also been drawing the characters now. And although I don’t do, I used to do comics on SpongeBob just cause I read a SpongeBob comic once and I decided to make a new whole thing. I haven’t done that in a while, but I do love to draw and most of my friends also draw as well. So that’s a whole nother thing.

Speaker 4: 28:46 Good answer. So, aside from my suggesting that you interviews and what was the driving force and having him on the podcast today and what was the reasoning behind some of the more personal questions that you had asked?

Speaker 5: 29:05 Well, the reason for it was mainly that hopefully get closer to you since ever since we started seeing you more often. We never really had the closest relationship. Me and mommy would just sit back while you two talked about, you know, latest star Wars news, all that kind of stuff. And this podcast was intentionally supposed to be hopefully getting to know you better, getting to hopefully have a closer bond with you since we are technically brothers and sisters. So hectic and we are okay. I’m sorry. Okay. I’m not good with serious talker.

Speaker 7: 29:40 Okay, then we’ll stop being so serious. How do you respond to that soon? I think it’s good you decided to take the initiative and I think, and this was a good way to do it. You know, instead of just sitting back and, and having the issue, it’s good that you found a way to, to broach the subject. So, Sam, let me ask you this you know, in understanding what Madison’s motivations were here in the fact that she was hoping to try to rekindle what, you know, that relationship that you guys had before and the fact that you guys are both several years older now, what do you, what do you think the future looks like? You know, as far as being a part of Maddie’s life? I think things like this do help a lot and I’ll definitely do more podcasts of this type.

Speaker 7: 30:29 You know, but as you get older, if you need help, especially entering high school in college, things like that, I can give you a little bit more practical or real world advice and most people might just because I’ve been through it and I’m currently going through it and a lot of what I was told, it turned out not to be true or accurate. So I think it helps to have someone from that background to give advice. So kind of the the big brother role that I think you were kind of looking for a Manny. And I’ll tell you, I wish I could, I could offer some insights into it, but I was the youngest of four and my three brothers didn’t particularly care too much about me, so I didn’t have much of a relationship with them. So I’m hoping that maybe the two of you can have a little bit, you know, closer relationship that I had with my brothers.

Speaker 5: 31:23 Yeah. And to be honest, I’m actually go, I’m actually sort of taking on a similar role like you hopefully will one day. My, I have younger friends around and I have younger friends around the neighborhood and I’ve been through what they’re going through. My old oldest friend that I have around the neighborhood is, and was two years younger than I am. And when they were going through issues, I would always be there to help them. So I sorta felt as though I was sort of the big sister. So

Speaker 7: 31:55 That’s good. Now the only thing with that is, you know, it’s, it’s good to be able to give personal, personal advice from having Lutheran. You just don’t want to do it to the extent where you ignore the other things that may be going through that person’s life. Cause not everybody, obviously every situation is going to be different. So you want to be able to pull from your personal experience but also combine it with whatever their circumstance may be. Yeah. So Sam, on the subject of friends, I did have a question for you. The friends that you hang out with now, are they friends that you’ve known coming up through high school or are they friends from college mostly? No, I, I don’t really have any college friends. I have like two maybe than I, but I never knew I really talked to anybody from college. You know, unless we’re in a class together, all my friends, my main, my friend group of, I have like three friends that we all hang out together there. I’ve known them since I was like a freshman and sophomore in high school. So yeah. And we all, we all still live locally, so,

Speaker 4: 32:46 So, so decent, long lasting bonds, you know. Nice. Tell us about college. What courses, what, what are you majoring in, in college now? You said you want to work in radio. Tell us a little bit about that.

Speaker 7: 32:58 I’m currently pursuing a major in radio, television and film, RTF and then a minor. I just picked up in journalism which the minor, because you have to take like 13 courses to fill it out because they force you to take more courses than you actually need for your major. So they were going to make me do it anyway, but they suggested that I take the minor journalism. I was already thinking about doing that, so I was like, okay, whatever. So starting on Tuesday when classes resume I’ll start taking like an intro, a journalism course and then get that minor by senior year. So yeah. Yeah, working on the, I have a couple more major courses. Mostly now it’s just major courses and then the minors for journalism that I’m going to be working on. I think I did on my general education courses except for one, which I have to take this year or it’s an online course. And like I think it’s called human variation. I have no idea what it is, but it was either that or lab classes, whichever they didn’t want to do.

Speaker 4: 33:56 Okay. So your first year in college, your second year now, right. So your first year you were staying on campus, you’re not too far for the college show, you decided to not stay on campus this semester. How’s that working out for you? What was your reasoning behind that and was it a good choice?

Speaker 7: 34:15 I absolutely think I’m definitely for the better for living at home. I mean it’s cheaper, which you know, is always important, especially when dealing with college. I think it saved me like 10 grand a year or something like that. Oh yeah. Well Rowan, especially because I go to Rowan university, they put a lot of precedents on living there because they’re like currently demolished parking lots for communities and stuff like that. So they really want you to live there, which means they can charge anything they want. But yeah, I didn’t, I tried living there my first year because I wanted to get that college experience. But I’m just not that social of a person. And like I said before, all my major friends are from high school, so I would go home on the weekends, anybody hang out with them. So at that point I was, it was just me sleeping there so I could get to class earlier. And for the amount that I was paying and having the time, I didn’t have my license, so I needed a ride to and from campus every weekend. It just didn’t make any sense. So choosing to commute this year also gave me the motivation to get my license and to get a car and just to be more independent and to, you know, kind of mature and be more of an adult with the situation. So. Good. So it sounds like it’s been beneficial for you. Absolutely. But it’s not for everybody.

Speaker 4: 35:26 I totally agree. So I, the reason I mentioned this is for a lot of the reasons why Sam mentioned that staying on campus wasn’t a benefit to him for, you know, social reasons and stuff like that. Things to take under consideration. You know when you go to college. So we heard so, yeah. Any other questions?

Speaker 4: 35:51 Not that I can think of. All right. Sam, did you have anything? No, I think I’m good. All right. I think that was all that I had. Thank you for joining us today. Sam. I think it was a definitely a good talk and I could certainly see us doing things like this again in the future. So I think that is it for today. Just a reminder you can reach out to us via email and comments and insights into You can get us video and audio podcasts on our along with show notes and transcripts of the show. You can get our video directly at into things. You can get our You can hit us on Facebook at into things podcast or on Twitter. We are at insights underscore things and I think that’s it. Thanks so much for your time folks. Thanks everyone. Have a good day.

Show Notes

Where would your dream holiday be?

What was it like spending weekends with your father?

If you could change any part of your life, what would it be and why?

If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?

How did your life change when you stopped visiting us?

What do you think would’ve happened if you still were visiting us?

What other languages can you speak?

Do you love or hate roller coasters?

What was the weirdest weekend that you had with us?

 Do you collect anything?

 What would be your average weekend when you were visiting us?

 If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

 What was your favorite cartoon growing up?

 Do you remember any Halloweens we had together, and if so, what do you remember about them?

 What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

 Would you say that our relationships have gotten better thanks to the podcast?

 Are you a dog person or a cat person?

 What’s your fondest childhood memory?

 Would you be a super hero or super villian and what would your super power be?

 What would you say about our relationship when we were younger?