Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 18 “Marvelously Batty”

This week we take a look at Disney’s plans to build a new Marvel Land in Disneyland, we check out the next extended trailer for Frozen 2 and look at some details release from France about the forthcoming sequel. In entertainment news we talk about Tailor Swift and an unscheduled appearance she made in support of a good cause, then we get our first look at some of the villains that are expected to be featured in the new “The Batman” movie trilogy in the works. We have two great new Insightful Picks of the Week followed by our after thoughts. All in all another great information packed podcast.

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come to insights into entertainment, a podcast series, taking a deeper look into entertainment and media. Your hosts, Joseph and Michelle Waylon, a husband and wife team of pop culture, phonetics are exploring all things from music and movies to television and fed.:
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down to insights and entertainment episode 18 marvelously batty. I’m your host, Joseph Raelynn and my beautiful and talented cohost Michelle Waylon. Hello everyone. How are you doing today Michelle? I am fantabulous how are you? I’m doing pretty good myself. So we’ve got a pretty full uh, podcast for us today in our Disney detective segment. We have some information about a new marvel land Disney has announced where you’ve got some details on frozen two and a new trailer for it. And then in our entertainment news we have, uh, some news from Taylor swift and then a surprise performance that she had put on. Then we have some more details on the Batman. I love how you just always say it like that. Just because, uh, then we’ll move on to our insightful pics and some after thoughts. Anything. That’s everything we’ve got for today. I think. So. Uh, are we ready to dive in? Let’s do it over.:
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go for Disney detective.:
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So if galaxy’s edge wasn’t enough, let’s do some more construction and in California. So brace yourself, superheroes lovers. So marvel already had a theme ride in Disneyland. Basically they took the tower of terror and they had revamped it. Um, it was actually back in 2017 to be guardians of the galaxy mission breakout. So now it seems that they have that the city of Anaheim has approved building permits for a new attraction, uh, and some new construction in Disneyland. Um, so including is a 2071 square merchandise outlet complete with three canopies. Uh, also there’s talk of a micro brewery as well. And so they haven’t really confirmed yet what the new construction will be, but talks are that there will be an interactive Spiderman ride that will let visitors take on even villa evil villains. And Disney land isn’t the only part that’s actually getting some sort of marvel makeover.:
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Um, there are actually attractions that are planned, uh, at the various parks. So Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris is planning to open their marvel ride in 2020 Epcot in Florida. We’ll be opening their marvel ride, uh, which will be a guardians of the galaxy ride in 2021 and Hong Kong Disneyland is planning, there’s four 2023. So marvel land in Disneyland is actually going to be where a bug’s land, uh, attraction was, and that was the attraction area that was, um, inspired by the movie a Bug’s life. Um, and it actually closed back in September of 2018 so it’s, it’s been closed, you know, for a little, a little while now. And so at the moment there’s a bunch of construction walls that are up that basically reads stark industries, um, to kind of give a little teaser. Obviously about it. But again, new details are still a little fuzzy at this time.:
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Guardians of the galaxy mission breakout though has been voted one of the the better rides in Disneyland, uh, since it opened. So it’s been, you know, it’s been doing well. So now they’re gonna obviously theme the area, uh, to the rest of that part. But with d 23 coming up at the end of August, I’m sure more information, you know, will be coming out about, you know, this and the expansion, you know, in the other parks. So is it just Disney land that is getting a Marvel’s land? Are they doing something in Disney world? You weren’t paying attention to what I said, well, I know this, the world’s getting multiple rides for the getting a cop car. Well, no, Epcot going to have, they haven’t said about full fledge lands, but like, right, yeah. They haven’t mentioned that galaxy’s edge was done. They did a mirror version of galaxies age in Disney world.:
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Right, right. We’re not talking about that. Right. But the thing is, because they’re, they’re not doing the same ride in Disney land as they are in Disney world because in Disney world, it’s still tower of terror. They’re not planning on changing it over anytime soon. Disney, you know, Walt Disney world and Epcot is getting the guardians of the galaxy ride, which is kind of straight up. They’re not converting. Right. Well they took down a ride and you know, basically, yeah, they’re building it up from, from scratch. They’re not using a preexisting ride. They’re using a preexisting sort of building coalition. We were done there, we saw the construction doing the construction right. And it, and it obviously was taking up much more than what the original, um, space was for universe of in energy, which is what, you know, they got rid of. But again, they’re not, you know, I can’t really see them doing an Epcot, you know, in Epcot.:
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A marvel land. It doesn’t, right. It doesn’t fit. And it, even the fact that they’re putting a guardians of the galaxy ride in Epcot doesn’t really, in my opinion, doesn’t, doesn’t fit either. So as of right now there’s nothing, but again, like they had no other place to look. Right. It was like, hey, where are we going to put this ride? And we’ll put it here. Yeah, yeah. Where it doesn’t an afterthought. Yeah. Yeah. But again, d 23 is coming up in August, so I’m sure we’ll hear more about, you know, more about it later. So yeah. So kind of cool frozen too. So what do we have for that? So we have the new trailer that dropped. So they had a teaser trailer and now here is the new trailer.:
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Okay. [inaudible] [inaudible] it was, the past is not taught Fitsi you must find this across the enchanted lambs into the, no, be careful the ways fee of posters powers were too much for this world. [inaudible] well we must have [inaudible]:
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I won’t let anything happen to her.:
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oh, that was, I know, wasn’t it? And what does that do? Well, that is due out November 22nd okay, very cool. See, I like it. I like cool stuff. So that was an extended trailer from the one that was the original trailer, basically ended with her falling into the water. Nothing, nothing more. This one, obviously there’s some sort of spirit animal or something with the horses wrong franchise. I’m impressed that you, you know, but you know that, but yeah, it, you know, kind of makes you wonder, hmm, what, what’s, what’s going on in the new movie? And what was interesting was there was an article that popped up a couple of days later that the Disney reveals first footage or frozen too. And with a little bit of explanation. So there was a animation festival in France and it was just a couple of days after the new trailer dropped that they not only displayed, um, debuted the, the first footage but also artwork from, uh, the movie as well.:
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So it was revealed that the story basically picks up three years after the original first ends. And it’s an evolution and an expansion of the story of frozen. And many of the questions raised in the first movie become the mysteries that are gang are now trying to solve in this film. And the main question basically is, why was Elsa born with these powers? Because they never really explained it. So now, you know, she’s one of the x men VP. You never know. She could have been. Um, so basically, you know what, you know, her parents obviously knew what happened, you know, a little bit more I guess, backstory, you know, with the childhood and her parents. Um, you know, there’s a bunch of the always implicate the parents with the pants are hiding something. Right? And maybe they did, maybe there was some sort of pact that the parents made or something you never know. Um, so basically, uh, one of the scenes that they, they were talking about was that else’s father relays a tale of a battle. Uh, that had happened in the forest long ago in the spirits of the forest faced off against the people of the kingdom. So that’s where, you know, all those animals, you know, or are coming from. So people come back, the rock people come back, maybe, you know, they also goes to the sea and meets Milana, right?:
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The Disney crossover crossover. No, wouldn’t that be equals, but all of the original cast a Elsa on a Christoph and even Olaf are, uh, in the movie and they basically go off on this adventure to try and help Elsa, I guess, figure out who she, you know, who she is. Maybe it’s a lion king cross over because you never remember who you are and all that. So again, you know, they were showing the, the scene of her swimming deep in the ocean and trying to, you know, turn things into ice. Um, no, she’s in a good spot for that. She is, you know, so, uh, you know, lots of, there were more scenes that they showed in in France. Um, that kind of brought more things to, to question. Um, the film is actually still in production right now. It has about seven more weeks of animation to complete and then 10 weeks of special effects to be put in.:
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And it’s due out in France, actually on November 20th and then in the u s on the 22nd one of the things they were, they mentioned was that on a French poster, it shows the four of them walking past a lake in a bright sun. But the reflection of the lake is dark red. So maybe she turns to the dark side. There’s a star wars crossover. Right. I love the fact that they’re all speculating on this. Like it’s a marvel movie now, basically. Well, you know, but it’ll be interesting to see because obviously we know from when frozen, the original came out how underwhelmed Disney, whoa. Yeah. From a marketing, from a marketing standpoint and merchandise standpoint, you know, you couldn’t find anything. And all the knock offs came out. All the knock offs came up. And, and you know, even, you know, for our daughter, I had a dress made for her.:
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You know, that wasn’t even a frozen dress for the drinking game though. It’s so tall that drinking came. Do you want to explain? It’s also drink? Yeah. The big joke was when you would walk around a Disney park. Um, and you know, cause every little girl was basically dressed as, as Elsa. It was a drink. And then was really funny was when we got our, what she was like nine at the time when we were, you know, got hurt to, you know, and she would see it and didn’t understand when you had to take a drink it was alcohol and yeah. For the record we weren’t drinking out. No, we weren’t, we weren’t drinking anything actually. It was just when we saw Elsa, we said drink. Yeah, it was a running joke. It’s just the running joke. Um, so that is it for Disney detectives. All right, let’s move on to our entertainment news.:
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so first aren’t we have a Taylor swift, uh, gave a surprise performance. Why don’t you give us a little background on that and then we can take a look at? Sure. So, um, Taylor swift actually gave a surprise performance at the Stonewall Inn. Uh, just the other the other night. Um, Taylor swift, if you don’t know, she is actually, I’m very pro LG. Be t and very active, you know, in the community and supporting glad I’m as well. Um, her one song actually gives shout outs, uh, to glad and the LGBT community. And she actually made a surprise performance in front of about a hundred people at New York stonewall in. Um, and that’s actually, you know, for those of you that don’t know, that’s where the riots were in 1969. Um, so this being pride month, it’s, you know, and a big anniversary for it. Um, this was Kinda Kinda cool. So let’s, uh, play a little clip:
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so that was kind of a special appearance she did there obviously surprised everybody that was in the crowd. Um, so after arousing pair of songs from Sarah Barelas, including her version of brave that basically had, you know, everybody sing lung swift was greeted by the evenings headliner, um, modern family started, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who you kind of saw in that clip. Um, she thanked him for inviting her, uh, and basically said, oh, I heard Jesse, you know, this is his favorite song when he does Karaoke. So, so basically everybody sang along w you know, Karaoke with Taylor swift. Yeah. That’s, that’s not a bad night. Cool. Yeah. So, um, before she performed Aeg, which promoted the event presented stone wall with a $50,000 check to support it, Stonewall Inn gives back initiative, um, to develop LGBTQ anti basis training standards, um, to help support, uh, the fun. So that was, that was Kinda cool.:
Speaker 6:
Um, and glad actually, uh, the organization glad actually released a statement on Friday saying that they’ve been getting an influx of small donations and the amount of $13 people go, hmm, what’s that for? Well, 13 happens to be Taylor swift’s favorite number. So she’s getting fans that are just, hey, I can’t give a whole lot of money but $13 I can give. And they’re giving it. Right. Exactly. Um, so thought that that was kind of cool. The organization actually started a Facebook, a fundraiser for fans to support it’s Lgbtq advocacy, advocacy work, uh, during pride month, choosing $1,300 as its goal. Again, Anthony Ramos, who was the director of talent engagement for glad, basically said Taylor swift is one of the world’s biggest pop stars and the fact that she can continue to use her platform to help support us, um, and to get the Equality Act signed is a true sign of, of being an ally.:
Speaker 6:
Um, earlier this month, swift had urgent her fans to contact senators in her home state of Tennessee and elsewhere to demand the past the passage of the Equality Act. And later that night she made a special appeal to the are the Iheart Wango Tango concert in Los Angeles, appearing in Rainbow Garb, uh, leaving fans to whether if the colors were going to be part of her new video, I guess. So. So nice to see. I got to say, I’m not really a fan of jail shift. Like I don’t love her, but I don’t hate her. Like her music is very catchy. It’s very poppy, you know, I think for, for younger girls and anybody else, you know, she’s, she’s a decent role model to, you know, yeah. She’s had some dating issues but who has:
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well, and she know, she hasn’t found herself mired in some of the controversy that so many other pumps absolutely. Which makes her, at least from a parent standpoint, you know, someone that I don’t mind taking on that role model standpoint because she, she always, I mean, she’s got a history of supporting well known charities. Yeah. Good causes. She does great things to give back to her fans. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. And it’s nice to see someone like that take their notoriety and put it towards a good cause like this. Absolutely. Yeah. Um, we were just watching a documentary on a public television about the whole movement and everything and where they had started out and seeing where it came from and where they are today. It’s, it’s nice to see the progress that’s been made. It’s even nicer to see celebrities jumping on, to support that now to help make even more progress because it’s not where it needs to be. Right. Right. But it’s a lot better than it.:
Speaker 6:
Right. And it’s nice to see, you know, somebody’s using their celebrity for good. Absolutely. And in a very positive light. Absolutely. Nice. Yeah. Uh, so, uh, in the Batman News Batman, you just make me laugh. So now it seems that more news is coming out. It seems like every couple of days I’m more, more stuff comes out about it. So it seems that the four lead villains have been revealed and some not surprising. And one, at least for me it was kind of like, Huh.:
Speaker 4:
So are these the four villains that are going to be in the first movie?:
Speaker 6:
This is what they’re kind of speculating because again, it is supposed to be a trilogy of movies. So I don’t really know, you know, the basically, so it seems like there’s this new, I guess scoop company, uh, who’s out there, who they were the ones that kind of broke this news. And again, they’re kind of new to the scoop game, so to speak. So there you got to kind of take it with a grain of salt, you know, I don’t know where they got their sources from. So you know, some of it might be true, some of it might not be. So basically these are the villains for now, uh, that have been reported to be the four photos that, uh, William Patterson who will be the four feed foes say that five times fast Darya. So according to the website, uh, the Riddler is actually kind of the main villain, I guess.:
Speaker 6:
Um, it’s uh, it’s kind of a surprise but not, but fans have been hoping to see a more comic, accurate take on the character for years. Uh, Reeves, this had to be looking for a male actor of, he really doesn’t have a, a type that he’s looking for right now, basically just between the ages of 30 and 40. So they’re not looking for anybody really specific right now. Unfortunate. Right. You’re a little too old for that. Too Young for it, right. You’re to wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Then obviously the second villain is penguin, and again, a penguin has been around. Um, and obviously he was very prominent in Gotham as well, but they’re looking to make it a different type of penguin, not the type that was in, in Gotham. They’re actually looking for a short obese man. Say you’re too tall. That’s obese party.:
Speaker 6:
You got the big part. Um, but somebody with a long nose, um, prosthetics would work for them. Yeah. Right. Um, and again, it sounds like they’re going for, you know, more comic. He, so I’m thinking more like a Danny Devito, Danny Devito back to play it, but they want somebody between the ages of 20 and 40. So anybody that’s true nowadays that they are doing that. So it, it basically, it almost sounds like they’re kind of going back towards the Michael Keaton because they were more Comic d characters versions. Right. Even going back with the darker. Right. Right, right. Um, and then the third villain is cat woman right now. Um, and she’s basically described as the Gotham city burglar who wears the tight one piece outfit uses the with. Um, and basically they’re looking for an actress between the ages of 20 and 30, so sure, they’re going to have restricted to an actress now so that they know will definitely, you know, be a female.:
Speaker 6:
Um, and again, everything’s been kind of very generic descriptions of what they’re, they’re looking for. Um, now kind of the surprise villain is kind of the, the c list villain according to this article will be firefly. Um, so firefly will be reportedly making his proper big screen debut, um, in this adaptation, um, as a parent secondary villain, um, basically it’s a professional arsonist known as firefly, basically attempts to burn everything, you know, version of firefly. This right. Totally different. Right. Um, they’re looking for a male actor between the ages of 20 to 30 discrimination, age discrimination. Now, of course, what I thought was interesting is I’m, besides any character that hasn’t been in, if there’s, um, a DC character that’s been in the comics but hasn’t been any of the movies or any of the TV shows, I, I honestly, I don’t know who any of them are.:
Speaker 6:
Um, so that’s why for me watching Gotham, it was kind of like, Ooh, who’s this? And you know, it was, it was a surprise. It was fun to watch because you saw the character before they became a villain. Right. And you didn’t know who they were, who were they going to turn into. But then when they turned into somebody, I was like, okay, that’s cool. Where, you know, weighing, you know, having a little bit more knowledge of it, you were kind of like, oh. And I’d be like, Huh, that’s cool. Um, but what I thought was interesting was that in Gotham, firefly was a, uh, a woman. So when I saw this, I was like, fireflies a guy, but firefly was still a c list. Villainy right, exactly. She was only in a couple of, you know, episodes, you know. Anyway. Um, so that, you know, interesting.:
Speaker 6:
It was kind of cool. Um, the, this, you know, they were talking about that it might be set in the 1990s period. Um, which kind of gives me that Tim Burton, he feel, you know, cause that’s when his, you know, Batman movies, you know, were made. But I guess, you know, because even Gotham, even though it was kind of modern, you knew it kind of wasn’t cause like they had cell phones but they get really old flip phone. They were old flip phones and all the cars are really old. So you really had no idea what the timeframe was. Um, so that was kind of interesting. Um, so obviously it is going to be a three picture deal because it is going to be a trilogy, which is kind of, you know, it’s, it’s not unheard of these days for actors to sign, you know, multi, uh, project deals.:
Speaker 6:
You know, marvel, they did it. Right. Right. Exactly. Um, so, you know, basically right now penguin and cat woman are definitely confirmed to appear. The others are, are kind of, um, you know, the, the hinting at, uh, aspect. Um, but then we might see more villains, um, you know, throughout the movies, because you know, you’re talking to three movies, you know, are the, these three just going to be in the first one, or if they’re going to stick for villains in one movie, it’s going to be killed Batman movies and sprite moves with overkill. Right? So, or maybe they kind of introduced towards the end of one, you know, one kind of comes in, you know, again, you know, uh, you know, we’re not really sure yet. Um, obviously there’s going to be younger versions of familiar faces, so you’re going to get to see the Commissioner Gordon, and you’re going to get to see Alfred, um, you know, the younger versions, um, of them.:
Speaker 6:
Um, the boy wonder Robin, you know, is he gonna be in there and they were saying that currently he’s part of titans, so you’re not really sure which versus version of Dick Racing, you know, you’re going to get because he has to ditch Robyn to become Nightwing. All that stuff that I don’t even know about because I just know Batman and rob, I’m a simple kind of bat girl person. I’m not really a DC person, so you know, it’s kind of go over my head. Um, but the focus will also be more on his detective skills. So he’s not really the crime fighter. It’s more, you know, solving cases. So in that respect it’s going to be more of a new war tail, you know, kind of like the old detective films, you know, from, you know, the 1940s. It kinda almost sounded like that dark and stormy night and the Batman walked in.:
Speaker 6:
But production production, uh, we’ll begin next year. Um, and the other interesting thing that I thought was kind of cool was that the Batman is kind of inspired by Jekyll and Hyde. Um, that late last year Reeves was asked about his take on the Bruce Wayne Batman divide and which of them is real and which of them is the facade. And interestingly, when it came, uh, to his inspiration of how the aspects of the characters were handled, he actually pointed to Jekyll and Hyde being a factor. And it was something, you know, when, when I read that, I was like, hm, I never really thought about Batman with a tie into leave. Extraordinary gentleman. There you go. Totally got another crossover man, Mike drop.:
Speaker 4:
So I don’t know, the more I read about this, the more it doesn’t, doesn’t sound so bad. It might actually be, it’s certainly got its appeal. Yeah. It’s catering to a different audience than what we’re used.:
Speaker 6:
Right. And I know the, the, the more recent Batman movies I haven’t seen, they were, they were too dark for me. They were too, you know, they, they didn’t have, you know, any appeal where the, you know, the older ones:
Speaker 4:
do, you know, they were terrible too. Well, yeah. Inverse Superman. Terrible. Yeah. Yeah. Justice League was really just next sequel to Superman. Right, right. Just had a couple other people show up at the same time, hey, we’re having a pour. Do you want to come over? I still say, you know, if, if DC was smart, they’d stop making films and stick the TVB right. Cause that they do, they do much better with that. So yeah. So again, we shall say cool. That’s it for entertainment news. That is it for entertainment news, my love. So we shall come back with our insightful picks of the week.:
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And as always, my dear, the floor is yours. It is, Oh hey if you were as I pay half the mortgage.:
Speaker 6:
Okay. So, Hey, do you see, let’s talk about a DC show that’s not DC, but it’s a DC character. Sure. So, uh, my insightful pick for this week is Krypton. Um, it is actually on the PSI Phi network. Uh, it just started season two. Um, just last week, uh, the first season actually started march of 2018. Um, and so basically the story of Krypton is basically the story of Superman’s grandfather. So we’re talking before, you know, he’s born before his dad is even born. Um, so it’s, you know, it’s, you don’t need to know the story of Superman to, you know, to know anything about these characters. Because for me, these were all characters that I really didn’t even know except for like Zod like he was the only one that, hey, I know him and yet somehow he’s in this. Right. Exactly. It kind of makes you go, hmm.:
Speaker 6:
And then of course there’s the whole time traveler guy who would, they’ve not really explaining, they haven’t really explained to him in, in the first season of how, you know, he’s a friend of Superman’s, so you kind of have that superman tion right. But it’s, you know, Superman’s grandfather, his great grandfather and his great, great grandfather is basically who the story is really, you know about. And it’s interesting cause it’s, it’s dark and gritty. Um, it kind of reminds me, I was trying to think of what else, what else it reminded me of, because it wasn’t your typical superman and you know, it’s not a super hero show. Nobody has, right. Everybody’s on Krypton. Nobody has a power. Power comes from, from [inaudible] son. Right. They don’t have that. So these are all regular, right? They’re all regular civilians, but you see the hierarchy, like you have the military faction, you have the ambassadors or the, um, the government factors, and then you have, you know, the, the everyday people, but then you have the people that you know, have no rights, uh, you know, the homeless people, it’s complicated caste system that they use. Right, right. Like in, you know, certain people aren’t allowed to talk to other people, you know, and, and childbirth is basically pre-determined and again, the whole class system. So it was the first couple of episodes where a little hard to follow because again, I had in my mindset, superman and you know,:
Speaker 4:
and the only thing you see a shift from awareness is slowly dissolving key.:
Speaker 6:
Right, exactly. Um, we haven’t started to watch season two yet, so, um, that’s where a couple of days behind, on, on, on TV, you watch it darn summertime, um, too many other things going on. Um, but it’s, it’s a very good show. We’ve, we both enjoyed it and we were both excited to hear that, you know, season two was, was coming and you know, so it’s definitely, if you’re into superman, this is definitely something that you know, that you might like. Because again, you know, especially if you’re, you know, a fan of the comics, you probably know a lot more of these characters, you know, than, than I do. Since I admitted that I’m not a DC person, I only know the characters from, uh, you know, from the different movies and television shows, but very well done, um, you know, and interesting twists and who’s backstabbing who and, and you know, a lot of, of that going on, so highly recommend it.:
Speaker 4:
Cool. Good. Thank you.:
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Speaker 4:
so my pick this week is, uh, it’s a documentary. I was going to pretend that it really kids lie, but it is a documentary about Ufo, so that should count for something, something different. This is a new show on the history channel called unidentified inside America’s Ufo investigation. And this is a documentary show that is based on, um, actual footage that’s been taken. Um, I’ll read the, the, uh, about here. It’s rather long, so I’ll try to be brief with it. In December of 2017, the New York Times published a stunning front paged expos, a about the Pentagon’s mysterious UFO program, the advanced aerospace threat identification program, a t I p featuring an interview with a former military intelligence official and special agent in charge, Louis Elizondo Elizondo who confirmed the existence of the hidden government program. The controversial story was the focus of worldwide attention previously run by Elizondo Elizondo.:
Speaker 4:
Uh, eight tip was created to research and investigate unidentified aerial phenomenon or uaps, including numerous videos of report it encounters three of which were released to a shocked public in 2017. Elizondo resigned after expressing to the government that these uaps could pose a major threat to our national security and not enough was being done to deal with them or address our potential vulnerabilities known as part of the histories underground. Uh, as a part of history is underground, I’m sorry, as a part of history is groundbreaking new six part one hour limited series unidentified inside America’s Ufo investigation. Elizondo is speaking out for the first time with Tom Delonge, cofounder and president of, to the Stars Academy of Arts and Science and Chris Melon, former deputy assistant secretary of defense and intelligence to expose a series of starling and counters and embark on fat on a fascinating new investigation that will urge the public to ask questions and look for answers.:
Speaker 4:
The series will reveal newly authenticated evidence in footage, interviews from eyewitnesses and former military personnel who have never spoken out before. And extensive breakthroughs and understanding the technology behind these unknown phenomenon in our skies. That’s a mouthful. Sure. Was. So basically what it, what they’re doing is taking actual known, documented, uh, accounts, talking to witnesses, some of which they are protecting their identity because they’re still active duty military personnel. Okay. Um, and trying to bring this to light and no one is saying that these are aliens. That’s the first thing that people kind of have to get over. Um, what they’re doing is they’re looking at basically telemetry that had been captured. There was the one episode details, uh, an incident over five days of a training, uh, acts of not accident incident, um, off the coast of California near Catalina Island where a US carrier group track these objects that were performing aerial maneuvers that conventional, uh, vehicles could not do.:
Speaker 4:
Okay. Um, in for instance, they had one incident in where it dropped from 30,000 feet to sea level and what would have amounted to about the speed of mach 60. Oh Wow. Um, and there’s no known, you know, a country on the earth at this time that possesses technology that can do that. So they’re not saying that it’s aliens. What they’re saying is whatever’s doing these things, whatever, whatever has these capabilities is far in excess of our own technical capabilities. Um, basically were hopelessly outmatched when it comes to even tracking things like this. I don’t want, sounds like a modern version of project blue book. It, it does, yeah. Yeah. And there were three specific incidents as the, as the about us said they were released to the public. You can go out and you can look at these things as part of freedom of Information Act.:
Speaker 4:
Um, there was this one particular incident, um, over the course of five days was tracked on radar and different things. They had one where there was a, a fleer pod on one of the fee teens that were sliding on the carrier that actually took images of this thing. Oh Wow. Um, and they described it quite accurately as it looks like a chiclet and that’s what this thing looks like cause I go check let, um, so the show itself is very well done and he goes to various locations, talks to different witnesses. And the one thing that he does emphasize in each of these interviews is, I’m not going to ask you anything about classified data sources or anything. He says, if any classified information as a real, we’ll stop the recording immediately. Anxious. Um, so he’s managed to get some people who have refused to talk, uh, to do interviews.:
Speaker 4:
Um, he’s brought in aeronautics experts, including someone from the National Transportation Board to actually look at data that track these, these objects to basically provide their expert opinion as to what could do this, what kind of capabilities and, and who possesses those things. Um, and some of the names that you have in here are not insignificant people. I mean, you have the deputy assistant secretary of defense and intelligence at a, uh, government, former government official doing this. You know, so it’s not, you know, crazy guys in the back room with frequent care pretending that there’s aliens, reputable people, reputable people that are, that are reporting these things. I mean, and you have to, you have to go back and you look at even project blue book is a fictionalized version of these accounts. Um, but reputable people report it back then. A lot of that is brought in in Harvard.:
Speaker 4:
Even Jimmy at one point in time filed a Ufo sighting before he was president. So, you know, and the concern that they have here is not, oh, we’re looking for aliens and we’re finding aliens. It’s, these people can do things that our technology is so far behind on that of if there is a threat somewhere, whether it’s a, it’s another country that’s acting or, or you know, what, what’s the plausible explanation if there isn’t then what are the theoretical explanation? So they, they go about it in a very, um, uh, analyst type, a way of trying to figure out what it is rather than saying, oh, okay, well we saw a of writing with a guy with a big head on a two in Egypt. So the rest are males and there has to be something. Okay, very good show. It’s entertaining. It’s kind of frightening. Some of the accounts that they reveal and it’s, uh, it’s, it’s definitely worth watching. Okay, very cool. Good pick on identified inside America is USAA UFL investigation history channel Fridays at 10 eastern. They’re a cool, shall we come back for some afterthoughts? My dear, we shell awesome.:
Speaker 5:
Speaker 4:
and you are an afterthought.:
Speaker 6:
So, uh, we just found out that star wars celebration, Anaheim 2020 dates have been announced. Um, so obviously star wars celebration just occurred. Um, couple months back. Um, and we have, uh, the new dates already, uh, for 2020, which will be August 27th through the 30th out in like I said, Anaheim, California, um, tickets. We’ll actually be going on sale June 21st. So already:
Speaker 4:
take a little bit further. A dry further drives in Chicago.:
Speaker 6:
Right, right. So for this one, we’d, we’d probably want to fly if we, if we wanted to go. So are we going on this one? I don’t know. Are we, I think for the sake of the podcast we have to go, right? Sure. So:
Speaker 4:
we need to cover live. We’ll, we’ll, we’re broadcast a live broadcast cas:
Speaker 6:
live that gives us, that gives us like a year to prepare. So I think we think we’re good. It works for you, I’m sure. Um, and what are the other things? Um, uh, we talked about last week that we’re actually going to be attending tonight is if you’re, if you happen to be local. Um, the man music center in Philadelphia does various, um, movies with full orchestras during the summer. Um, so we are seeing Raiders of the lost Ark Tonight. Um, later, uh, next month we’re actually seeing the empire strikes back. Um, if you’re a Harry Potter Fan, which our daughter is not, as we’ve mentioned numerous times, July 20th, Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire will be in concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra. Um, if you are a science type person, there’s the movie the voyage to the Moon, the 50th anniversary. They’re going to be doing that with the Philadelphia Orchestra as well on July 24th, um, Greece, you know, if you’re a fan of the musical grease, um, they’re going to be doing that August 15th, uh, with the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia.:
Speaker 6:
Now I did find a website, um, film concerts,, that I believe is the production company of, um, well at least Raiders of the lost Ark. I don’t know if empire strikes back is, is part of that as well. Um, and they actually do it all over the country, various movies. So they have Skyfall, they have had to train your dragon. They do ger, Jurassic Park, um, the Addams family star trek beyond jaws. Um, so various different movies, various different places throughout the country. If when you click on the calendar, it will actually, um, tell you where, um, the different, uh, movies will be. So if that’s something that you’re interested in, in seeing, um, last year we saw star wars, a new hope with this, with the Philadelphia Orchestra. And that was just really cool because again, it’s a movie you’ve seen a gazillion times, but to actually see them, you know, see the orchestra performing and you realize, wow, there orchestra plays a whole whole lot. It’s not that quiet of a movie. Um, so we’re obviously looking forward to Raiders of the lost Ark a tonight and obviously empire strikes back, um, next month. So again, if you’re a fan of, you know, movies and you know, seeing it in a different way, um, and your local to Philadelphia, you know, the man does it. But like I said, I found, you know, the other website. So, you know, if you’re not from, you know, the area here, you might have a local venue, you know, that is showing them a, around in your area.:
Speaker 4:
Very cool. Uh, I think that’s it for the podcast today. We do do, we do record the podcast at some point over the weekend usually. Uh, they go live Monday morning on youtube and a buzz frout our website as well at, uh, insights into I get to it at a podcast, I’d insights and, a into things as well. Uh, and we broke, cast them live typically a Sunday evenings and Tuesday or Wednesday. Uh, keep an eye out on our into things channel for the events. And I think that’s it. I think that is all. Thank you for another fantastic podcast, my dear. Thank you for joining me as always, and we’ll talk to everyone next week. Have a good one guys.:

Show Notes

  • Intro
    • Insights into Entertainment: Episode 18 “Marvelously Batty”
  • Disney Detective
    • Disney Is Moving Forward With a Full-Fledged Marvel Land, and Um, Say What?!
      • Brace yourselves, superhero-lovers. A full-fledged Marvel land is officially in the works at Disneyland. Set to open in 2020, the park expansion is going to center on anything and everything Marvel-related.
      • According to the LA Times, the city of Anaheim, CA, has already approved a few building permits for the new attraction, including one for a 2,071-square-foot merchandise outlet complete with three canopies.
      • Although Disney has yet to comment on the new construction, it’s been reported that the expansion will include an interactive Spider-Man ride that lets visitors take on evil villains.
      • And Disneyland isn’t the only park getting a giant Marvel installment. Marvel attractions are expected to open at Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris in 2020, Epcot in Florida in 2021, and Hong Kong Disneyland in 2023.
      • Marvel land will occupy the space where A Bug’s Land — the attraction inspired by A Bug’s Life — once sat at Disneyland, which closed for good back in September 2018.
      • At the moment, construction is taking place behind walls that read “Stark Industries,” Tony Stark’s business in the Avengers franchise. While the rest of the details around the new section of the park are still fuzzy, Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout, which was updated in 2017, will likely be one of the main rides. More information on the Marvel attractions will be released at the Disney celebration D23 Expo, which takes place in Anaheim from Aug. 23-25.
    • Frozen 2 Trailer
  • Disney Reveals First Footage of ‘Frozen 2’ in Annecy
    • Just a day after Disney dropped the trailer for Frozen 2, it debuted first footage and artwork at the Annecy Animation Festival in France.
    • It was revealed that the story picks up three years after the ending of the first film. “It’s an evolution and an expansion of the story of Frozen, and many of the questions raised in the first movie become the mysteries that our gang are trying to solve in this film,” the main question of the film is: “Why was Elsa born with her powers?”
    • “[It’s] about two sisters trying to stay together while the world tries to tear them apart,” Key scenes revealed Elsa hearing a haunting sound from the forest, and key art showed her father telling her bedtime stories as a child. It was inspired by the ancient Swedish herding call Kulning.
    • Elsa’s father relays a tale of a battle that happened in the forest long ago when the spirits of the forest faced off against the people of the kingdom. Now the group — including Elsa, her sister Anna, Kristof and snowman Olaf — must head deeper into the woods to find out about the past, putting them in danger.
    • Another key scene showed Elsa swimming deep into the ocean, turning a wave into ice and descending into the depths of a stormy sea, while a happier vignette showed the characters playing charades together, though Elsa is distracted because she cannot stop hearing the cries from the forest.
    • the film is still in production, with seven weeks of animation to be completed and 10 weeks of special effects. It’s due out in France on Nov. 20 and the U.S. on Nov. 22. They revealed the French poster, which shows the four walking past a lake in bright sun, but the reflection in the lake is dark red.
  • Entertainment News
    • Watch Taylor Swift Give Surprise Performance at LGBT Landmark Stonewall Inn
      • Taylor Swift is doubling down on her pro-LGBT activity during Pride month: Less than 24 hours after she dropped her new single “You Need to Calm Down,” which includes shout-outs to GLAAD and the LGBT community, she made a surprise appearance before about 100 people at the Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village, the site of the pivotal 1969 riots that launched the gay rights movement.
      • After a rousing pair of songs from Sara Bareilles — including a version of “Brave” that had virtually each of the 100-odd lucky people inside singing along — Swift was greeted by the evening’s headliner, “Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
      • She thanked him for inviting her and said, “I heard this is Jesse’s favorite song to do at karaoke — which is an incredible rumor, I really want to believe it’s true,” she laughed and then turned to him. “So if there’s anything you feel like you want to jump in on, a part that you’re really good at, just sing, dance and be yourself — this is a really safe space!” She then launched into the song — watch it in the clips above and below.
      • Before Swift performed, AEG, which promoted the event, presented Stonewall with a $50,000 check to support its Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative’s (SIGBI) development of an LGBTQ+ anti-bias training standard in conjunction with anti-bias training experts. The standard is designed to ensure that all people are treated equally in public spaces regardless of gender, gender expression or gender identity. On June 14, AEG and SIGBI are partnering with Hawkins Mikita, Spring Place and Tie the Knot to host the first annual SIGBI Summit luncheon in New York.
      • In a statement released Friday, GLAAD announced that it has seen an influx of small donations in the amount of $13, likely in reference to Swift’s favorite number. The organization has started a Facebook fundraiser for fans to support its LGBTQ advocacy work for Pride month (choosing $1300 as a goal).
      • “Taylor Swift is one of the world’s biggest pop stars,” said Anthony Ramos, director of talent engagement at GLAAD. “The fact that she continues to use her platform and music to support the LGBTQ community and the Equality Act is a true sign of being an ally. ‘You Need to Calm Down’ is the perfect Pride anthem, and we’re thrilled to see Taylor standing with the LGBTQ community to promote inclusivity, equality, and acceptance this Pride month.”
      • Earlier this month, Swift urged her fans to contact senators in her home state of Tennessee and elsewhere to demand passage of the Equality Act. Later that night, she made a similar appeal at an iHeart Wango Tango concert in Los Angeles, appearing in full rainbow garb, leaving fans to wonder whether the fringe of many colors might make its way into the next video.
    • THE BATMAN’s Four Lead Villains Have Reportedly Been Revealed And There Are Some Surprises
      • Geeks WorldWide is relatively new to the scoop game, but they’ve been spot on about a few different stories lately, including Swamp-Thing’s shock cancellation. Now, the site has shed some light on who they claim will be the four lead villains in The Batman courtesy of some casting breakdowns.
      • We’ve been hearing rumours about The Batman’s villains for a while now, but a new report claims to finally shed some light on the four foes Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader will square off with…
      • According to the site, The Riddler will more than likely be The Batman’s lead villain.
        • That’s definitely a surprise but no bad thing, especially as fans have been hoping to see a comic accurate take on the character for years now. Reeves is said to be looking for a male actor of any ethnicity between the ages of 30 and 40.
      • There’s been talk of The Penguin coming to The Batman for quite some time, but this “Gotham City mobster” won’t be quite as drastically reinvented as the version we saw in FOX’s Gotham.
        • Apparently, he’s a “short, obese man with a long nose, and he uses high-tech umbrellas as weapons.” That sounds very comic accurate, and Reeves is reportedly looking for another male actor of any ethnicity, this time between the ages of 20 and 40. Who knows if Josh Gad stands a chance!
      • Another character who has been linked to this movie for a while, it sounds like Selina Kyle is definitely coming to The Batman. Described as a “Gotham City burglar” who “wears a tight one piece outfit and uses a bullwhip for a weapon,” Reeves wants an actress of any ethnicity between the ages of 20 and 30.
        • That may be a generic description just being used for these casting calls, but fingers crossed it’s accurate because the realistic interpretation of Selina Kyle we got in The Dark Knight Rises disappointed many fans. Either way, Reeves clearly wants a fairly young star to take on the role here.
      • Despite being very much a C-List Batman villain, Firefly will reportedly be making his proper big screen debut in this DC Comics adaptation as an apparent secondary villain. Called “a professional arsonist known as the ‘Firefly,'” it’s said that he “attempts to burn all the places that he lacked the privilege to go as an orphan child.”
        • Reeves is said to be looking for a male actor of any ethnicity between the ages of 20 and 30, so that’s yet another pretty wide net. Seeing Batman battle this guy promises to be great fun, though.
      • It May End Up Being Set In The 1990s – This “period” setting for The Batman would free Reeves from having to link to what’s come before and the rest of the DCEU, but fans will obviously be hopeful for some connections.
      • Honestly, though, 90s setting or not, common sense says this will essentially be a reboot for the franchise because it’s doubtful that Reeves will be happy about being forced to adhere to specific plot points like Wayne Manor being burned down and Robin being murdered by Jared Leto’s younger Joker.
      • Matt Reeves Is Planning A Trilogy – These days, an actor being signed to a three-picture deal is no great surprise, and we’ve seen stars who have ended up starring in trilogies along with those who have been done after just one appearance because a movie hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations.
      • With that in mind, Robert Pattinson being signed up to star in three movies is hardly a shock, but a number of outlets have claimed that Reeves is writing The Batman with an entire trilogy in mind. If that’s true, here’s hoping the filmmaker is able to write the screenplays a little quicker than he has with this one because, otherwise, we’ll be waiting three or four years between each chapter!
      • The Penguin And Catwoman Are “Confirmed” To Appear…
      • …We May See Even More Villains
      • Younger Versions Of Familiar Faces
      • The Boy Wonder is currently part of Titans, but it seems as if that version of Dick Grayson will have ditched the Robin mantle after just a single season in order to become Nightwing
      • The Focus Will Be On The Caped Crusader’s Detective Skills
      • It’s A “Noir” Tale
      • Production Will Begin Next Year
      • The Batman Is Inspired By Jekyll And Hyde – Late last year, Reeves was asked about his take on the Bruce Wayne/Batman divide and which of them is real and which is the facade. Interestingly, when it came to his inspiration for how that aspect of the character will be handled, the filmmaker pointed to Jekyll and Hyde being a factor.

  • Insightful Picks
    • Michelle
      • Kryton
      • Years before the destruction of the legendary Man of Steel’s home planet, Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El, fights to redeem his family’s honor after the House of El is ostracized and shamed over Seg’s grandfather’s false claims of a world-killer coming to Krypton. When an attack on the government is attempted, Seg seizes an opportunity to advance himself and his family by allying with those who sentenced his grandfather to execution and destroyed his family’s name but when evidence that his grandfather’s claims were true is discovered, Seg must work within the system that discarded the House of El in order to protect their future legacy.
      • First episode date: March 21, 2018 – New Season started last week
      • Network: Syfy
      • No. of seasons: 2
      • No. of episodes: 11 (list of episodes)
    • Joe
      • Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation
      • History Channel – Fridays at 10 eastern
      • In December of 2017, The New York Times published a stunning front-page exposé about the Pentagon’s mysterious UFO program, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Featuring an interview with a former military intelligence official and Special Agent In-Charge, Luis Elizondo, who confirmed the existence of the hidden government program, the controversial story was the focus of worldwide attention. Previously run by Elizondo, AATIP was created to research and investigate Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) including numerous videos of reported encounters, three of which were released to a shocked public in 2017. Elizondo resigned after expressing to the government that these UAPs could pose a major threat to our national security and not enough was being done to deal with them or address our potential vulnerabilities. Now, as a part of HISTORY’s groundbreaking new six-part, one-hour limited series UNIDENTIFIED: INSIDE AMERICA’S UFO INVESTIGATION, Elizondo is speaking out for the first time with Tom DeLonge, co-founder and President of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science and Chris Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and Intelligence, to expose a series of startling encounters and embark on fascinating new investigations that will urge the public to ask questions and look for answers. The series will reveal newly authenticated evidence and footage, interviews from eyewitnesses and former military personnel who have never spoken out before, and extensive breakthroughs in understanding the technology behind these unknown phenomena in our skies.
  • After thoughts
  • Local to the Area  – The Mann Music Center in Philly
    • July 20 -Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire™ In Concert
    • with The Philadelphia Orchestra
    • July 24 – Voyage to the Moon: A 50th Anniversary Concert
    • with The Philadelphia Orchestra
    • July 26 – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™ In Concert
    • with The Philadelphia Orchestra
    • August 15 – Grease™ with Orchestra
    • performed by The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia