Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 56 "Motivation and Inspiration"

What is the difference between motivation and inspiration? What does it take to motivate a teenager? How can you inspire your adolescent? We explore these questions and more this week on Insights Into Teens. We’ll explore hints and tips on how to both motivate and inspire and we’ll give examples of successful methodologies. You’re teens can accomplish so much more and been much more successful with the proper motivation. They can even inspire others to greatness through their own actions.

Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 53 "Problem Solving Skills"

Teens face a variety of problems, issues, challenges and conflicts as they make their way through life. Having the right formula for dealing with problems can make all the difference in the outcome of such events. This week we’re taking a look at some common situations where problem solving skills could make a world of difference. We’ll talk about the common steps to problem solving and learn the skills needed to help resolve any problem or challenge you face.

We’ll also delve into some problems and challenges that Madison has faced and how she was able to cope with them with the proper problem solving skills and how some problems required her to learn those problem solving skills on the fly.

Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 28 “Dealing with Life’s Changes”

This week we talk about how to handle some of the typical changes that teens face both emotionally and socially. We discuss the what some of these changes are, the tell-tale signs of teens struggling to cope with these changes and techniques to help recognize when teens are struggling and how to help deal with them. We also touch on what we as parents can do proactively to help prepare our children to face these changes and the type of environment we can offer our teens that will allow them the ability to better cope with these situations.