Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 138 ”The Great Debates: Controversial Topics Part 2”

This week we’re continuing our little debate on some controversial topics. Last week we had a series of categories and in the interest of time only got through a few questions in each category. This week we’re going to pick up where we left off and see if we can get through the remaining questions.

Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 137 ”The Great Debates: Controversial Topics”

This week we’re changing things up a little bit as we get a little controversial. Instead of focusing on a single topic of discussion to dissect and help folks with, I wanted to get your perspective on a number of controversial topics with a series of debate questions. Just a general word of caution to our audience, we will be discussing some topics that might not be appropriate for a younger audience members but we will endeavor to keep it as mature and age appropriate as we always do.

Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 126 ”Gaslighting”

This week we’re going to talk about a term that is used a lot in the media but often misunderstood, Gaslighting. It’s thrown around a lot but most people don’t know that it really refers to a form of mental abuse that is far too widespread in today’s society. We’ll talk about what Gaslighting is, the origins of the term, signs that it’s happening and steps to stop it if it’s happening to you or a loved one.

Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 106 “Perspectives Part I”

This week the podcast goes back to it’s roots to ask a series of questions to Madison and get the perspective of a teenager on a number of topics. First we talk academics and find teen perspectives on how much emphasis colleges place on standardized test scores to whether or not the cost of college tuition is too high.

Then we’ll delve into the realm of politics. We’ll find out if our election process is fair, is our tax system fair, should the government provide free healthcare, should there be term limits on all political offices, do campaign contributions distort our political system and much more.

Finally we’ll address some “Big Picture” questions like is global climate change man-made, is the death penalty effective, should smoking be banned, do we have a throw-away society, are professional athletes paid to much and more.

Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 86 “Q&A Series: Philosophy, Politics and Stuff”

This week is another in depth Question and Answers session on topics like philosophy, politics and more. We ask a number of heavy hitting philosophical questions this week such as how would Madison explain love, is there such thing as free will and can we understand happiness without sadness.

Following up to our “Running for President” podcast from last week we ask Madison a number of politically motivated questions such as why does politics matter to you, does she think too much money is spent on political campaigns and what does she think are the qualities of a good political leader.

We wrap up with a shortened set of miscellaneous questions such as what do you wish you were more motivated to do, what’s something kids understand but adults don’t and if you could give every person a gift in the world what would it be?

It’s an insightful look at how teens think about today’s issue and we get some very enlightening answers.