Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 38 “A Marvelous Proposal”

We start this week off with a brief editorial on the strong arm tactics of Disney Entertainment which resulted in us having to edit out scenes from a recent Disney trailer. Then we move on to discuss the new VR experience Avengers: Damage Control, we’ll take a look at a new promotion that will pay participants $1,000 to binge watch Disney movies and take a look at a heart warming experience by Captain Marvel herself Brie Larson at a recent convention.

In entertainment news Martin Scorsese is once again attacking a movie genre that has proven immensely more successful than his own preferred niche of movie styles and JJ Abrams looks to offer some hope to Star Wars fans that Rian Johnson didn’t put the final nail in the Star Wars franchise coffin with some encouraging news.

In our Insightful Picks of the Week both Michelle and Joe go a bit outside their normal comfort zones with a couple of very unique and interesting picks, making this another great podcast this week.

Insights into Entertainment


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Speaker 4: 00:51 To insights in entertainment. This is episode 38 a marvelous proposal. I’m your host shows of Waylon and I will read the script here. My totally awesome and wonderful cohost, Michelle Wayland. Wow, you did that so well that as a script that I did not actually write myself just for the record. So how are you doing today sweetheart? I’m doing wonderful. How are you? My love. I’d be doing great if I put my monitors up and I didn’t beforehand. So, yeah, we’re all doing prep work and everything. You know what? Not everyone’s perfect, but there’s always room for improvement. Always is. So we’ve got we’ve got a good show lineup today, but before we get into that, I did have a rant that I had to get on and I’m not gonna sit back and let them go. I’m not even going to include this in the Disney detective segment, so we’ll, we’ll talk about anyway.

Speaker 4: 01:49 So last week we did our typical Disney detective segment where we talked about various Disney news and one of the articles that we talked about was a movie preview. Actually I believe the movie preview was part of the regular entertainment. I don’t think was it, I don’t think it really matters though. And I’ll let you, you were just gonna sit back, right? And let me do this. I’m sitting back. So the preview that we had shown without sound, which we had commented over, was for the jungle cruise. And you know, we did our post production edits and got all the finalized video and audio done and everything and we posted it up to a YouTube and promptly received a take down notice or a block notice that we were posting copyrighted material. And this came from Disney enterprises and it was because we showed video of their movie trailer, which, so for the record, this podcast, we don’t monetize this podcast. We don’t make any money off of this. This is not a for-profit operation. This is purely for the love of entertainment and for, you know, the sake of our viewers to keep them entertained and informed. So we want to give us money. Well,

Speaker 5: 03:23 No, I’m kidding. I’m kidding.

Speaker 4: 03:26 Disney gave us a take down notice on this, which it seems kind of strange because it’s a movie preview, right? So it’s material that they’ve produced themselves, they’ve released to the public themselves and its material that its sole purpose is to generate revenue for Disney. Right? We’re helping to promote this new movie. Exactly. So at what point in time would you not want to have that distribution? I mean, granted, we don’t have a huge, you know, following, we’ve got a, on our Twitch channel right now, we’ve got less than 200 followers on our Twitch channel. So we’re not, it’s not hugely impactful, but it’s not detrimental either. At no point in time could it be detrimental to have your movie preview that’s an advertisement run somewhere else. Yet we wound up getting this block notice globally. It wasn’t even nationwide. It was across the entire market spectrum of YouTube.

Speaker 4: 04:32 And it forced me to go back in, re-edit the video, take the video out and keep the audio in and put a little editorial in for you know, why we had cut the video out of there. And I just wanted to express my disappointment at Disney for having the, the lack of foresight to allow something like that to happen on a small podcast like this where it’s not damaging to the company and ultimately beneficial to the company. And I just wanted to point out this is typical of Disney strong arm tactics of stepping on the little people, you know, not understanding the context in which cause it was an automated system to call it. And it clearly shows Disney lacks the the insight will, you know, to, to coin our own phrase, they lack the insight into how the material is being used to objective. Lee regulate their own advertising.

Speaker 5: 05:36 And it wasn’t even like it was like the full movie because there are people that post full length movies or full episodes of television shows on YouTube that it wasn’t even the full trailer. Right. And that literally only a portion of the tray and that, and that’s kind of like, okay, if you’re just doing a trailer, something that’s a commercial, something that you know you’re putting out there to draw people to come in, why would you block that from anybody using it? Right.

Speaker 4: 06:08 So we are disputing it under of fair use, copyright fair, fair use, copyright laws. We think we were well within our right because we were adding context to the material. We were not altering their material in any way. We were omitting portions of it so that it wasn’t used in its entirety. And we’ll see where it goes. But from henceforth we will not be showing any Disney trailers. We will not be giving Disney any free advertising. You know, we will report on the stories as they are reported in the media. We will comment on it. And you will probably see a lot more of me bashing Disney moving forward from here on out. Not that I didn’t really hold back before. But you know, I, I’ll, I will now go out of my way to find the stories that reflect the negativity of Disney rather than the positive aspects of Disney, because I think there’s a pretty good balance of it out there. So anyway, rant over. Are we ready to get into our Disney, the tech?

Speaker 5: 07:19 Do you have sure.

Speaker 4: 07:27 Go for Disney. Detective.

Speaker 5: 07:29 I hate to tell you, but there was no bashing. So the first story we’re going to talk about is if you’ve ever dreamed about putting on armor and fighting alongside the Avengers, your day has come as long as you have like $40. I’m so Avengers damage control is the latest virtual reality experience that the void locations we’ll be offering. If you’ve ever gone down to a Disney or in a Disney world or Disney land in a Disney Springs area, they have this virtual reality. I don’t want to say store, it’s not a store. It’s like a gaming. Yeah. Gaming experience. That’s what it is called the void. Previously they’ve done a star Wars experience. That was star Wars secrets of the empire. They had Ralph breaks the VR, which was based off of record Ralph and now they have damage control which is from what they were saying that this one will actually run between 18 and 20 minutes.

Speaker 5: 08:45 Which most of the other previous virtual reality experiences were usually shorter timeframes. So this is their longest one. So the S the, the telling of the story basically you’re introduced to black Panther’s sister who is devising a new suit based off of her brother’s uniform and then iron man’s tech from stark industries. And you’re basically going through and fighting a bunch of people. But what’s kinda cool is they also have different effects where like you feel wind and heat and a smell. Somebody had said that, you know, you get a whiff of popcorn as an example as one point you know, through, through the experience. The video will actually feature several actors from the Marvel universe and also some of their voices as well. Cause I guess some of it yeah, I was kind of impressed that they were able to pull in a Bennett Cumberbatch.

Speaker 5: 09:49 Yeah. And Paul rod. Yeah. So that, that was kind of cool. While it’s, you know, it remains, you know, expensive in, you know, regardless if you would just went to the movies tickets cost about $40. But again, the experience for like a 20 minute experience. Right. Right. So that’s, it’s an inner fully interactive experience. Right, right. Put you in a room with the gear on as a backpack and a helmet and, right. Right. So, and it’s paced based on your play through, right. You have to walk through the scenario and do all the different things. Right. So we’ve never done it. Cause I think the last time we had been down in Disney, it hadn’t opened yet because it’s relatively new in Disney Springs. But the void locations are, they obviously have it in Anaheim, which is, you know, the Disneyland location where their Disney Springs area is.

Speaker 5: 10:47 And then obviously in Orlando as well. And it’s suggested for kids 10 and up. I’m curious how how heavy the equipment is if you’re strapping a backpack on. So clear that the computing powers in the backpack with battery power and the headset. So some of the, some of the current consumer grade VR stuff can get pretty heavy. Oh yeah. Just even putting, you know, like on your, your face, not necessarily anything else. So and it actually did open just yesterday according to the article. Nice. Cool. Next up. So media site said that it is seeking the biggest, baddest Disney fans to watch 30 of their favorite Disney movies and TV shows on Disney plus streaming service for the first 30 days after the platform launches. And you could make $1,000 for it. Candidates are expected to watch these movies and shows right down the credits and then submit a review to of the new streaming platform.

Speaker 5: 11:58 A applicants are required to list two of their top social media platforms and the number of followers that they have. I’m guessing with our, you know, 200 followers, we probably wouldn’t qualify as one of the baddest, right. You do actually play and you must be 18 years or older. And a U S citizen. The application is actually available on, which is a digital publication that offers reviews on technology devices and in home services. The applications are actually still being accepted up until November 7th. And the publication is not being sponsored by Disney or any of their, their companies. Yes, exactly. So along with $1,000 five select Disney fanatics, we’ll get a one year subscription to Disney plus and a Disney themed movie watching kit, which includes a blanket cups, popcorn, popper and popcorn kernels. Obviously the launch of the streaming services expected to be a major milestone for Disney. As we’ve been talking about for a while now, you know, Disney plus we’ll be launching later next month and it’s going to be the home of all things. Disney. you were even telling me you know, one of my favorite, you know, Disney movies from when I was a kid, the cat from outer space is even going to be, you know, one of the movies available. So basically anything, you know, Disney has made Pixar star Wars, Marvel and you know, all the new content as well, we’ll, we’ll be there.

Speaker 6: 13:40 So that should be interesting. 30 events, 30 hours of streaming over 30 days though, right? 30 movies, 30 movies over 30 days, over 30 days. One movie a day. That’s really not, which isn’t tough at all. I mean, cause remember they did a similar, there was, I don’t know if this is the same conference for Avengers, right? So it was streaming

Speaker 5: 13:59 All of these movies in order or something or,

Speaker 6: 14:02 Yeah, with the exception of the book, the whole movie was because there’ll be, nobody requires you to watch more movies, especially the, the ones before, you know, cutting dialogue, folks mash real deep. But yeah, it was similar to that, but that one was, you had to do it over like a weekend. Right? Right. It was like 30 hours straight. Your eyes open, ears bleeding. Yeah. No bathroom breaks. This was a little bit more forgiving. No, 1000 bucks, you know, not bad. Even I would watch Disney movies for 1000 bucks, you know, so that those, we’ll have to put a clip together or something. We might have, cause we do have, I think we should just do the application just to see what it looks like. We’ll do that. We’ll let you know if we do it. Yeah.

Speaker 4: 14:53 And we have the title article for today’s show,

Speaker 5: 14:57 Right. Let’s talk about, so Brie Larson’s reaction to this marriage proposal will make your day. You actually found a, this article on, on Buzzfeed and for our, our listeners who are in viewing this, you have to go to Buzzfeed and look up this article because the photos, I don’t know if we’re going to be able to do it justice because it’s really a, a visual thing. So at the ACE comic con in Chicago, there were pictures that were taken when two fans met a Brie Larson during a photo shoot. So the two men are John and Richard and John told Buzzfeed that he had handed a letter to Bree that explained why it was so special for him to propose in front of her. And the pictures again, if you’re watching our YouTube or our live stream, you can see, you know, just her reaction is, is just awesome.

Speaker 5: 15:58 How, you know, she was like, Oh my God, you know you know, and, and crying and everything. He also shared that he and Richard have been overwhelmed by the response. What a special moment for my husband and me to be with our favorite hero is being embraced by the world. And it just feels so amazing. It was clearly so special to Brie with her expression that’s basically like, Oh my God, this is really happening. And even after the couple kiss, she kind peeked out from behind them, still completely, you know, in shock that, you know, she was there for this. And afterwards she actually tweeted and gave her love to the newly engaged couples. So just a really sweet, you know,

Speaker 4: 16:42 You know, as, as much as I am often down on Disney, I do try to find, you know, the field good stores once in a while. And when I saw this one, this one was just, it was too cute just to see her reaction. But not just the visual reaction, the, the response that she had about how this was a life changing experience for her to see it. It was cute. It was cute and I have to imagine considering the, the number of likes and retweets and the response it had had, it had an impact on other people too. So it was, it was nice that she was such a good sport about it that she agreed to, you know, participate in it and you know, I think it had a lasting effect on a lot of people. So kudos to Bri for, for taking her. There’s a shot of .

Speaker 5: 17:36 Yeah, there’s the shot of her beanie. I go, yeah, that

Speaker 4: 17:41 Was a, that was a great story to end our Disney detective on this week. Kind of offsets my rant a little bit, but you know, I’m not going to be better about that. No, never. So that is it for Disney detective this week. We have some entertainment news coming up next.

Speaker 4: 18:06 So tell us about our entertainment news this week.

Speaker 5: 18:09 So Martin Scorsese is double down on his beliefs that today’s movies are still like amusement parks. So we had talked about it the other week with Samuel L. Jackson basically coming forward and defending, you know, the Marvel movies and everything because Martin Scorsese a couple, you know, weeks before had made comments about, you know, the Marvel movies and superhero movies in general and kind of bashing them. And now Martin has decided to come back, you know, again, cause he has nothing. Right. He didn’t, he didn’t upset everybody. You know, so basically he, he came forward again and said that Marvel movies are just not cinema. And so per the Hollywood reporter, you know, his comments were made at the BFI London film Fest where his latest movie star-studded mafia film, which seems to be making a mafia. Right, right. And, you know, he repeated his beliefs that comic book movies, which have become one of the only genres that Hollywood studios still regularly crank out is destroying the mid budget films made by the likes of Scorsese himself are a plague.

Speaker 5: 19:32 It’s not cinema, it’s something else. Scorsese said we shouldn’t be invaded by it. We need cinemas to step up and show films that are narrative films. Basically he had compared, you know, the Marvel and DC films to theme parks. And then he doubled down on that saying that theaters have become amusement parks and they’re all fine and good, but don’t, you know, don’t invade everything else in that sense. He did offer an Al an olive branch saying that implied that he’d been listening to some other people such as guardian and the galaxies, Maven James Gunn who tried to clap back at him. But with respect saying they’re they’re finding good for those who enjoy that type of film, by the way, knowing that what goes into them, I admire them for what their do. It’s just not my thing. It simply is not, it’s creating another kind of audience that thinks cinema. Is that okay?

Speaker 4: 20:32 Right. Cause you know, we need to get rid of these feel good superhero shows that show us how the underdogs can win and you know, fight for what you believe in and replaced it with more of the mafia glorify cutthroat criminal movies. Cause that’s much.

Speaker 5: 20:48 Right. Right. But what, what was kind of funny is Scorsese’s controversial statements about superhero movies is kind of funny because while the number one movie in the, in the world right now is joker, which is a gritty standalone origins film that’s, you know, heavily embedded in two of the director’s most beloved films. It’s kinda like taxi driver also like a little bit like Kings of comedy and actually features Robert DeNiro in a key supporting role who is obviously in almost every Scorsese film. So it was kind of like,

Speaker 4: 21:26 Oh yeah, yeah. You know, this is, this is a case just like with Spielberg standing up and, and complaining and moaning about Netflix, you know, and streaming services and, and nominated for Academy awards. Right. This is a clear cut case of old Hollywood being threatened by one. What is it, you know, for it would be smart to be less critical of what’s new and be more supportive and embrace it and accept what’s new because the times change. Guess what Martin Scorsese, we don’t do silent films anymore either. Okay. I hate to break it to you. Oh, and the majority of our films thank happen to be in color now to say that. So you beat me to it. You know, the industry changes and if you don’t change with it, you’re going to be less, you’re going to be Charlie Chaplin left behind and the silent black and white.

Speaker 5: 22:24 Oh. And wait a second. Your movie came out in certain theaters, but you’re streaming it on Netflix, right? So you you’re not,

Speaker 4: 22:37 Yeah, let’s be less hypocritical and more open minded and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with superhero film now that they can make them, you know, I mean we were stuck with some, some real stinkers for awhile there. Now the technology has caught up to it that they can do it right

Speaker 5: 22:55 And do it so well that right.

Speaker 4: 22:58 Like Avengers end game was not w it was not wrapped in special effects. It wasn’t the special effects wasn’t what people went for. It was the story. Absolutely. And it was to his point, the narrative, you know, the fact that you can take, I don’t know, what was it, 23 films over the course of 10 years, 23 individual films with different characters, different lead characters, build them up over the course of 10 years and then finalize it and bring them all together in a single movie. That in itself is a work of art. Scorsese’s not even come close to that. Making the same mafia movie over and over again every time. With the same actors, all they do is the color of their suits. So, and the cars, right? The cars, the cars get better. Right? But yeah, you know what, you need to go back to your origins and realize that the stuff that you do now is the same stuff that you were doing 30 and 40 years ago. You need to get with the times. So good director, but kind of pigeonholes himself and, and this commentary that he has proves that point. Yep. So let’s talk store.

Speaker 5: 24:15 So JJ Abrams said that star Wars, the rise of Skywalker strives to give a cohesive ending to all nine movies. He said, endings are the things that scare me the most. He said when

Speaker 4: 24:31 Especially when they had the followup that stinker, that Ryan Johnson,

Speaker 5: 24:35 Right. And obviously he co-wrote and we’ll be directing this last one. So after all, he has, you know, arguably never been. There’s never been a film tasked with wrapping up more stories that span a longer cinematic period than Skywalker. The film not only finishes, Abram’s Disney produced trilogy that launched in 2015 with the force awakens, but obviously George Lucas’s six previous episodes that began in 1977 with a new hope. So that’s 42 years of blockbuster Saifai adventures that somehow have to conclude in one movie,

Speaker 4: 25:18 But not shut the genre down because Disney is not done milking. It

Speaker 5: 25:22 Absolutely move you. We need like cows. I don’t effects for that. This is about bringing this thing to a close in a way that is emotional and meaningful and also satisfying in terms of actually answering as many questions as possible. He said that, so in years from now, someone watching these movies, all nine of them, they’re watching a story that is co is as cohesive as possible. He said, while there were things that were planned for and discuss, George Lucas himself said that he created this, that he actually saw it as three, three act plays. And it doesn’t mean that there isn’t discovery. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that you know, come up and make. You go, Oh, here’s another opportunity. He said, it also doesn’t mean that there’s a list of payoffs that we do because of the setups. We’re but we’re also very much aware of this and that the end of the trilogy, it also needs to be very satisfying. We went into this thinking knowing that it has to have an ending and we’re not gonna screw around. So hopefully again, with everything that happened in last gen, I there, you know, fixing all of that and then just bringing, you know, a, a good close to the whole story.

Speaker 4: 26:48 Well I got a kick out of the fact that he talks about, you know what Lucas, his original idea was, you can’t really go down that path and talk about what Lucas’s original idea was when Disney acquires the entire franchises and basically throws everything that Lucas had out the window and doesn’t even want him involved. Cause look as cavemen treatment for force awakens. And they were like, eh, no thanks. We’ll do it ourselves. You know, and they did. And, and force awakens was a, you know, one for the fans. And then you let Ryan Johnson come in and ruin the entire franchise with that debacle of what he came out. Right. So now I can certainly understand his apprehension to having to end the series itself because he has the weight of wrapping up nine movies over a 40 year time span. But that’s overshadowed by having to clean up the mass that buying Johnson made. Right? So you’re going to have to spend a large portion of the movie cleaning up all the stuff that he screwed up. Then bringing an entire saga

Speaker 5: 27:56 To a close, or if it’s kind of like what you know happened with last gen, I when, you know, Ray handed the lightsaber to, to Luke and he just went right. You know, where half of her journey was, you know, getting it to him. Maybe there’s going to be that quick little fix herself. You know, maybe it won’t be so long in the movie that screwed up so many things in that wrong. Hopefully

Speaker 4: 28:22 The take at least a third to a half of the movie fixing those things. If you want to put this train back.

Speaker 5: 28:27 Well, hopefully it’ll, it’ll happen.

Speaker 4: 28:30 And like I said, you can’t, you’re not ending a franchise

Speaker 5: 28:35 All, you’re ending the saga of sky

Speaker 4: 28:38 Story line right there. Right. But you have to do it in such a way as to open up the door to the stuff that’s coming down the road. Right? like I don’t expect them to set up the next series here, but you can’t, you’re dealing with things in the star Wars universe that affect the entire universe. You look at stuff like the Mandalorian. Okay, so the Mandalorian is a, an offshoot, it’s a tertiary story that the stuff that happened in the Mandalorian, as soon as you don’t go and kill a head of state as an assassin, you what you do does it affect the grand scheme of things. But when you’re talking about, you know, in the S the, the star Wars Skywalker saga, you’re talking about things that are affecting the entire galactic structure. So like, you can’t end this and not change everything else.

Speaker 4: 29:31 And the closest parallel that I have to, this is when they tried to get agents of shield to sort of follow the of Avengers. Okay. So you would see when Avengers came out, there was some spillover in agents of shield and then you had, you got to the point where shield falls, well that has a dramatic impact, but you didn’t have shields like feeding back into Avengers. And this is one of those things where if you end the universe, you know. Exactly. So I was like, you have to kind of have that, that animosity moving forward. You have to have this plots whisk going forward and then you, you resolve everything. You know, you can kinda rule the rest of the franchise. Almost everything I do is going to, you’re going to keep going back and doing origin movies because we saw how well that went with solo. Right. I want to be a pilot. I want to look like, I want to look like it’s all, Whoa. That was probably our favorite, our favorite moon. Cause it was like every other line that I was, I would have you buy it. I’ll buy it. I would have you pilot best pilot anyway, please. J J saved the franchise. That’s all I have to say on this.

Speaker 5: 30:54 And if you don’t already know star Wars, the rise of Skywalker opens December 20th.

Speaker 4: 31:02 All right. That is all we had for our insightful picks. But no, that was done. That was all we had for entertainment news. We’re going to move on to our insightful .

Speaker 4: 31:19 And to you mean,

Speaker 5: 31:21 So I’m going with something kind of different, but something, you know away from the television movie entertainment more in entertainment to, to go and enjoy with your family. One of the fall festivities that, that we like to do every year or so or every other year is a local farm called shady Brook farms that that is located in Yardley, Pennsylvania. So not too far away from us, not too far away from the Philadelphia area. If you’re, you’re in the surrounding area. And they do different seasonal activities during the Christmas holiday season. They have a drive through a light exhibit that you can go through. There’s fruit picking throughout, you know, the summer seasons. And then during the fall they have a fall Fest. A fall Fest includes Apple fast and pumpkin Fest. And then there’s app they do, that’s kind of what it got fast and then they actually do their scary horror Fest, which is done at night.

Speaker 5: 32:35 So what fall Fest is, is you pay a flat fee to enter and they have various different attractions and things to do. So they have wagon rides that will take you out to the Apple orchards and the pumpkin patch. And the apples, it depends on what time of the season they there are. We actually happened to go last weekend and there were still a bunch of apples, but I know we’ve gone other years where it was kind of later in in the season and the apples weren’t around, but there’s always pumpkin’s available. Then they have a little playground area. They also have these giant jumping pillows for, for the kids to jump on. They also bounce house. They’re literally right, a big giant pillow that but they do have bounce houses for the smaller kids. They have a sports challenge area a corn maze, which this year you actually joined us and, and we, and cheated.

Speaker 5: 33:32 But we, we lasted a lot longer in the corn maze this time than, than before. Then they, what they do which is kinda nice is during the day they have to have their quote unquote horror attractions that they do for kids. So basically you’re still walking through the, the haunted house, but the lights are on and none of the ones home basically, there’s no actors to, to scare you. It’s just the gory props that are there, but nothing’s moving or anything sometimes. Yes. That was kind of risky. The one area is like hell, are you that, yeah, that, that, that was kind of freaky. So they have two of them set up during the day. They have the, the barn house of terror junior, and then they also have an alien invasion of junior. So again, which is three D it is kind of cool.

Speaker 5: 34:35 So, even though the lights are still kind of on it is kind of freaky. But then at night they do have two other attractions. You’re walking a little wall left and the the really dark hall. That was kind of funny. But at night again they do it comes to life. They have two other attractions that are available. They have a little go-cart section. They have barnyard animals. They have a, a hail Bay obstacle course racing. They do pig racing. They do have a nice little obstacle course now that set up, but you have to be 52 inches or under. And unfortunately our daughter is taller than that. So she was a little bummed that she, she wasn’t able to do that. You can shoot paint balls. I was going to say then for an extra fee. So basically it’s, it’s one cost to get in for all of that, but then they do have extra things.

Speaker 5: 35:34 So they have paintball guns. What was it? Tomato. Cannon. That’s your truck. They have monster trucks, they do pony rides. They do have food. There are refreshments of, of all kinds, even the adult beverage kind. And there’s live music on the weekend. They usually have, you know, drinks with little umbrellas. Rye makes the parents very happy. Apple cider donuts kettle corn, you know, your traditional damn Kellogg know best. Darn darn. Yeah, it was so you can definitely, you know, and it’s funny cause we always say like when we leave the parking lot, the parking lot is so incredibly full, but because it’s spread out over such a large area, you never feel like you’re on top of anybody. Right. You know, now we’ve never gone for the horror side of it. So I don’t know, you know, how long the lines are for for other things.

Speaker 5: 36:34 You know, the biggest line that we had was waiting for the wagon to go do the Apple picking and the pumpkin patch picking. But it really wasn’t that long. But as we were leaving, we did notice that the line did get a little bit longer for that run that round trip all day long. Right. It’s a constant thing. You know, I think they stopped running the wagons at five o’clock, basically once it gets dark. Same thing with the, the, the two haunted houses, the kids version, they shut it down at five o’clock because they need to get it ready for, you know, the evening, right. Bright. But once you’re in, you’re in, so if you want it, you know, if you, especially if you go on the weekend, if you want it to stay, you know, cause at night they start doing like bonfires and three, you can do the kid friendly version and then stick around for four, the adult one. So

Speaker 4: 37:26 Cool. Good back. We had a good time there. Thank you. Thank you.

Speaker 4: 37:36 So I’m going to dig out a golden only for my pick this week. This actually happened to be one that I stumbled across on Netflix. It’s a series a, it’s a six part series that was produced for PBS. I was actually one of the most popular PBS shows of all time from what I’ve read. And it is Joseph Campbell and the power of marathon. And if you don’t know who Joseph Campbell is Joseph Campbell was an American professor of literature at Sarah Lawrence college who worked in comparative mythology and comparative religion. His most well known book is the hero with a thousand faces, which was published in 1949 in which he discusses his theory of the journey of the archetypical hero shared by world mythologies, which he termed the mono myth. Now, the reason that that’s significant is that Joseph Campbell has had a huge influence on a number of authors and movie producers and story writers, one of which happens to be George Lucas.

Speaker 4: 38:49 George Lucas attributed much of Campbell’s work to influencing him in the star Wars saga. Luke Skywalker epitomizes the, the hero architect archetype that Joseph Campbell defines. And, and Joseph Campbell, his definition of this hero archetype is one that spans acrossed literature for thousands of years from, you know, Greek mythology to Indian mythology to various cultures. So Joseph Campbell was very well known in the literature circles and fictional writing circles. And this series itself was a series of interviews that he did over a course of a couple of weeks with a journalist, bill Moyer. And it was published shortly after his death, Joseph Campbell passed away and in October of 1987 and it’s done almost like a series of college lectures where Moyer poses questions to him based on his works. And you get a very deep and detailed understanding of the historical and cultural background on myth and the various, each episode goes into a different aspect of storytelling.

Speaker 4: 40:33 And I had never read Joseph Campbell. I was aware of him based on the influence he had on Lucas. And in watching this series, you really understand the impact. And Haman Lucas even makes an appearance in the series at one point in time talking about the influence because he had actually met and, and knew Joseph Campbell. But the series itself, it’s not, it’s a documentary, but it’s not a typical Ken burns style documentary. It’s the, like I said, lecture series basically. So if it’s, if you’re interested in fictional writing, if you’re interested in mythology this is really something that you probably want to spend a couple hours and, and sit down and watch because it’s incredibly educational and incredibly insightful. And it really makes you understand where the minds of people like George Lucas and other storytellers are when it comes to how they make come up with their stories and come up with their ideas and how they flow the stories.

Speaker 4: 41:43 And you know, we talked during the an obtainment segment about JJ Abrams and how Lucas had envisioned, you know, three, three part trilogies. And it’s a formula that comes out of the work that you as of Campbell, you know, and this is work that, and his, he’s, these are his original ideas, right? It was basically Joseph Campbell going back and looking at literary history, even in Shakespearean plays and seeing this recurring pattern over and over. And it was a pattern that came out of different cultures that didn’t really have contact with each other. So there was a common baseline of how these stories came about. And, and how the human mind things. And there is a very deep psychological angle to the entire thing. And, and at the end of the series, you kind of see how he, he sums everything up and things tend to make a lot more sense.

Speaker 4: 42:59 You know, why things are done, what order they’re done, in, what the motivations of characters are. So if you’re someone who’s interested in, in creative writing, I think this is an absolute must watch because it really, it, it teaches you how to tell a story and it’s a story that’s been told, a formula for stories that’s been told for thousands of years of human history. Fascinating man to to listen to. And just a great, great learning experience for me. Joseph Campbell and the power of myth streaming on Netflix now. And I think that was a, all that we had this week here. Do we have any afterthoughts? I don’t think so. No. All right. Well I think that will do it for us this week. Don’t forget to reach out to us. You can email You can get us on

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Speaker 6: 44:12 You can get our audio podcast at podcast, at dot insights in or on backslash insights into things, podcasts, and I think that’s it. Another one in the books and the other one done. We’re out of here. Have a good one, everyone. Bye. Bye. Bye.

Show Notes

  • Introduction
    • Insights Into Entertainment Episode 38 “A Marvelous Proposal”
    • My Totally AWESOME and WONDERFUL co-host Michelle Whalen
  • Disney Detective
    • ‘Avengers: Damage Control’ muscles into world of virtual reality
      • If you’ve ever dreamed about putting on armor and fighting alongside the Avengers, your day has come — but for a fee.
      • “Avengers: Damage Control” is the latest virtual-reality experience at The Void locations, following previous exercises devoted to other Disney-owned properties “Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire” and “Ralph Breaks VR,” derived from the “Wreck-It Ralph” movies.
      • “Damage Control” is distinguished by a few factors, the first being that it’s the longest VR experience that Disney and its development arm at ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment unit, have as yet undertaken. The adventure runs 18-20 minutes — almost twice as long as “Ralph Breaks VR” — depending on how long the participants take to walk, and fight, their way through it.
      • Telling a story set after the events in “Avengers: Endgame,” players in VR headsets and backpacks are introduced to the encounter by the Black Panther’s sister Shuri (Letitia Wright), who, in the story, has devised suits based on her brother’s uniform combined with Iron Man’s tech from Stark Industries. Those small groups are then dispatched to fight off a threat — using Iron Man-like blasts to shoot down enemies — which is augmented by a variety of haptic effects, including wind, heat and smell. (The faint whiff of popcorn, for example, which given the moment, is a nice touch.)
      • “Fans wanted to have a longer experience,” Shereif Fattouh, senior producer at ILMxLAB, explained at a demonstration of the “Damage Control” program. Without disclosing a budget, he added that there were “no holds barred in delivering on the fantasy.”
      • Beyond the video featuring Wright, several actors in the Marvel universe — including Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly — lent their voices to the project.
      • Virtual reality remains expensive relative to movie-going — prices vary, but tickets run close to $40 at the Void location in Anaheim, near Disneyland — and the suggestion is for children age 10 and up.
      • Still, the technical wizards continue to improve and refine the technology, from more elaborate storytelling to immersive imagery that offers fans the “wish-fulfillment,” as they designers put it, of getting a taste of what it would be like to don Iron Man’s suit, or at least a version of it.
      • For those weaned on the characters, said ILMxLAB experience designer Ian Bowie, once the backpack and headset are strapped on, “You get to live it.”
      • “Avengers: Damage Control” will begin playing at The Void locations on Oct. 18.
    • Five Disney fans could get $1,000 for binge-watching movies
      • Media site said it is seeking the “biggest, baddest Disney fan” to watch 30 of their favorite movies and TV shows on the Disney+ streaming service in the 30 days after the platform launches on November 12.
      • Candidates are expected to watch those movies and shows right down to the credits and then submit a review of the new streaming platform.
      • Applicants are required to list two of their top social media platforms and the number of followers they have, according to the job listing. They must be at least 18 years old and a US citizen.
      • The application is available on, a digital publication that offers reviews on technology devices and in-home service. The application closes on November 7. The publication is neither sponsored by Disney (DIS) nor affiliated to the company.
      • Along with $1,000, five selected Disney fanatics will get a one-year subscription to Disney+ and a Disney-themed movie-watching kit with blanket, cups, popcorn popper, and popcorn kernels.
      • The launch of the streaming service is expected to be a major milestone for Disney.
      • Home to exclusive content from major Disney franchises like Marvel and “Star Wars,” as well as content from Disney Animation and Pixar, Disney+ is the iconic media company’s attempt to take on Netflix (NFLX), Apple (AAPL) and Warner Media’s HBO Max in the US streaming battle. (AT&T’s (T) WarnerMedia is the owner of CNN.)
      • Disney expects to amass between 60 million and 90 million global subscribers for the streaming service by 2025. It also plans to invest more than $2 billion in original programming.
    • Brie Larson’s Reaction To This Marriage Proposal Will Make Your Day
      • Well, this weekend Brie was just minding her business at ACE Comic Con in Chicago and taking pics with her fans when THIS happened:
      • Yup! Two men got engaged right in front of Brie and her jaw DROPPED.
      • The two men are John Chambrone and Richard Owen. John told BuzzFeed that he handed a letter to Brie that explained why it was so special for him to propose in front of her.
      • He also shared that he and Richard have been overwhelmed by the response. “What was a special moment for my husband and me to be with our favorite hero is being embraced by the world! It just feels amazing!” he said.
      • And this was clearly also special to Brie. Her expression is basically saying, “OMG, is this really happening?!?!??!”
      • Even after, as the couple kissed, she peeked out behind them, still completely shook to her core.
      • Afterward, she tweeted and gave her love to the newly-engaged couple. 💕
  • Entertainment News
    • Martin Scorsese Doubled Down On His Belief That Today’s Movies Are Like ‘Amusement Parks’
      • Martin Scorsese, the legendary director of Raging Bull, Goodfellas and untold more, has unwittingly become the scourge of comic book movie fans after saying that Marvel movies are “not cinema.” But it’s clear fanboys aren’t scaring the man who, some thirty years ago, stood up to the entirety of the Catholic Church after making The Last Temptation of Christ. The filmmaker and film advocate has doubled down on his comments while offering a slight but significant update.
      • As per The Hollywood Reporter, Scorsese’s comments were made at the BFI London Film Festival, where his latest film, the star-studded mafia epic The Irishman, is the closing night film. He repeated his belief that comic book movies — which have become one of the only genres Hollywood studios still regularly crank out, destroying the mid-budget films made by the likes of Scorsese himself — are a plague.
      • “It’s not cinema, it’s something else,” Scorsese said. “We shouldn’t be invaded by it. We need cinemas to step up and show films that are narrative films.”
      • Previously Scorsese had compared the films of Marvel and DC to “theme parks.” He doubled down on that as well: “Theaters have become amusement parks. That is all fine and good but don’t invade everything else in that sense.”
      • He did offer a single olive branch, saying implying he’d been listening to some of the people, such as Guardians of the Galaxy maven James Gunn, who tried to clap back at him but with respect, saying they’re “fine and good for those who enjoy that type of film,” and added, “by the way, knowing what goes into them now, I admire what they do. It’s not my kind of thing, it simply is not. It’s creating another kind of audience that thinks cinema is that.”
      • Scorsese’s controversial statements about superhero films comes, amusingly, while the number one movie in the world is Joker, a gritty stand-alone renegade origin story that is heavily indebted to two of the director’s most beloved films: Taxi Driver and King of Comedy, even featuring those films star, Robert De Niro, in a key supporting role.
    • J.J. Abrams says Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker strives to give a cohesive ending to all 9 films
      • “Endings are the thing that scare me the most,” admits J.J. Abrams, which means co-writing and directing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker must have been at least a little terrifying. 
      • After all, there has arguably never been a film tasked with wrapping up more stories that span a longer cinematic time period than Skywalker. The film not only finishes Abrams’ Disney-produced trilogy that launched with 2015’s The Force Awakens, but also George Lucas’ six previous “Episode” films that began with 1977’s A New Hope. So that’s 42 years of blockbuster sci-fi adventures somehow concluding in one film.
      • “This is about bringing this thing to a close in a way that is emotional and meaningful and also satisfying in terms of actually answering [as many] questions as possible,” Abrams tells EW in its November issue. “So if years from now, someone’s watching these movies, all nine of them, they’re watching a story that is as cohesive as possible.”
      • That said, Abrams noted that in writing the film (along with Chris Terrio), the filmmaker left room for inspiration and the unexpected. “While there were many things that were planned for and discussed — George Lucas himself said when he created this he saw it as three, three-act plays — that doesn’t mean there isn’t discovery, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things that come up that make you realize, ‘Oh, here’s an opportunity,’” adds Abrams, who returned to helm the final Skywalker Saga chapter after directing 2015’s The Force Awakens. “It also doesn’t mean that there’s a list of payoffs that we have to do because of setups. But we also were very much aware this is the end of the trilogy and it needs to satisfy. We went into this thing knowing it has to be an ending. We’re not screwing around.”
      • If Skywalker didn’t have enough to handle in its narrative galaxy, the film is also bringing back Billy Dee Williams’ Lando Calrissian for the first time since 1983’s Return of the Jedi, the late Carrie Fisher’s beloved Leia Organa (by repurposing previously unseen footage shot for Force Awakens) and Ian McDiarmid’s sinister Emperor Palpatine.
      • Plus, Skywalker has new characters, such as Keri Russell’s mysterious Zorri Bliss and Naomi Ackie’s bow-and-arrow-weilding Jannah, while also taking time to answer the current trilogy’s biggest burning questions.
      • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker opens Dec. 20.
  • Insightful Picks
    • Michelle
      • Shady Brook Farms Fall Fest –  931 Stony Hill Rd., Yardley, PA 19067
      • FallFest includes AppleFest, the award-winning PumpkinFest, PumpkinFest After Dark, and scary HorrorFest! Enjoy wagon rides, apple picking (when in season), pumpkin picking, 5 acre corn maze, giant jumping pillows and lots more festival fun. 
      • Monday through Thursday – $10/person
      • Friday 11am to 5pm – $10/person
      • Friday after 5pm – $18/person
      • Saturday & Sunday – $18/person
      • Wagon Rides to the apple orchard & pumpkin patch 
      • Pick your own pumpkins (pumpkins are sold separately)
      • Pick your own apples (available while supplies last, and sold separately)
      • BEARS Playground
      • Giant Jumping Pillows
      • Sports Challenge
      • 5 Acre Corn Maze
      • Inflatable Attractions
      • Barn of Horror, Jr. – closes at 5pm
      • Chalk Truck
      • ALL NEW Chicken Show
      • Alien Invasion, Jr. – closes at 5pm
      • SBF 500 Pedal Go Carts
      • BarnYard Animals
      • Spider Web Climb
      • Hay Bale Run
      • Obstacle Course (under 52″ only)
      • Rubber Ducky Races
      • Pig Races – weekends only, last race is at 4pm
      • Live Entertainment – weekends only
    • Joe
      • Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth
      • 1988
      • Netflix
      • 6 part series
      • Joseph John Campbell (March 26, 1904 – October 30, 1987) was an American Professor of Literature at Sarah Lawrence College who worked in comparative mythology and comparative religion
      • Campbell’s most well-known work is his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949), in which he discusses his theory of the journey of the archetypal hero shared by world mythologies, termed the monomyth.
      • He gained recognition in Hollywood when George Lucas credited Campbell’s work as influencing his Star Wars saga


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