Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 28 “Jedi, Mid-days and Deadnames”

This week we explore the rumors of a new Obi-Wan series starring Ewan McGregor, we look at a uncharacteristically discounted park ticket recently announced by Disney. In entertainment news we pay homage to Peter Fonda, look at some LGBTQ friendly policy changes at IMDB, get some Star Wars Rise of Skywalker news and take a look at the latest Star Wars Themed Barbies coming out of Mattel before wrapping with our Insightful Picks of the Week.

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Speaker 4: 00:51 Do insights into entertainment. This is episode 28 Gen I, mid days and dead names. I’m your host, Joseph and my brilliant and beautiful cohost, Michelle Wayland. Hello. Yes, that would be,

Speaker 5: 01:10 I was waiting for you to say, you know, your normal, how are you and how are you? I am fantastic. Thanks for asking.

Speaker 4: 01:18 Wow. Okay. You think by episode 28 we’d have this down pat by now. I think it’s the sugar from the donuts this morning. Right? That must be it. Okay, so busy one today. So in our Disney detective, we have some ob one news. We have some new uncharacteristically discounted tickets from Disney news. Then we have a cute little article about a mom, what moms do on first days of school with Disney then, and our entertainment news. We have a passing of a very well-respected actor. Then we’ll talk about some respect that I am d B is finally giving the transactors and then we’ll talk about Sean stuff. Can I introduce the, you do everything else on this show? Could I introduce them? At least she’s stealing my thunder. And it was like a star wars. Like you could have taken a Barbie one instead. I’m sorry. So disappointed. I get no respect. Anyway, are you ready to get into it now? No, you’ve, you’ve started me off on a bad note here.

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Speaker 4: 02:42 And we’ll go for Disney. The Tech

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Speaker 4: 02:50 my dear.

Speaker 5: 02:51 We all grumpy now. Yes. So this was kind of exciting news that came out. So one of the other new shows that Disney plus is going to be doing will be an Obi wan Kenobi live action. And they have obviously tapped you in McGregor to reprise the role. So no other details has really come out, but obviously if you’re a fan of star wars, you know that he played in the original not the original trilogy, the prequels of the trilogies. In phantom menace attack of the clones and revenge of the sith. So there’s obviously been some talk going back and forth about him reprising the role and now that they have Disney plus coming with, you know, all this new content, this is one of the new shows that they’re

Speaker 4: 03:47 Bringing up. I find it interesting that he’s going to come back and essentially do a t v role. He has graduated to the a plus status of, of not being one to do television. So if they bring this back, I don’t, I don’t know, it’s going to be a full series. I can see like a mini series, mini series, like a six part, you know, epic, right. Type. I honestly think there’s enough story there to make it a full series.

Speaker 5: 04:21 Right, because where does it start? Do you go back, you know, his more younger years or do you go from the

Speaker 4: 04:30 Talk of the movie was supposed to be picking up after revenge of the sith and before what happened between revenge of the sith and the new path? There were several novels already written for that time period. Whether or not they’ll take the story from that or not is another in another case, but they’ve got plenty of story to work with their, for a movie. I don’t think there’s plenty to work with there for . Right. as a secondary note to this I did read an article this week that Disney is canceling or ending star wars resistance after its second season. Oh, okay. I don’t know if this is a move to get it off cause it’s on Disney XD now. So phone Disney’s channel or to move it to, there’s been no talk of it being moved to Disney plus. So I’m not sure if the storyline that it’s going down is not supportable with the new movie coming out or not. Cause there’s a lot of crossover between resistance and the new, the latest trilogy. But it’s came as a shocker to a lot of people that they were ending it after two seasons, especially considering they’re bringing back clone wars for its last season. Rusty had canceled midway through prescription.

Speaker 5: 05:58 That was canceled a while back. Yeah. I mean that was years ago. It was prideful, right.

Speaker 4: 06:03 Bringing that back on Disney XD. But it’s entirely possible that because of the ones coming back, they didn’t want to support production on, you know, for shows. I guess they didn’t have at that point because you figure they’ve got the Mandalorian, they’ve got the road one spinoff with Diego Luna, they all have the over one series. So that’s three series right there, which is the most TV series they’ve ever had in production. I mean the most.

Speaker 5: 06:33 Well, and are they going to have them all in production at the same time or are they kind of scattering them? Kinda like what Netflix does, you know, it’s like you don’t have, you know, this season, this series will go for this long and then so many months later they show this one airing of them might not be okay, but there’s filming them. All right.

Speaker 4: 06:53 The production schedules are actually so long, especially for Mandalorian. They finished the first season. I’ve actually started working on the second season. Amanda learn already. I haven’t heard anything on the production schedule of row one spinoff. So that’s, that’s three series right now you’re working on. Whereas if you go back far enough back, they’ve only ever had two star wars shows in production at most. And this is back before Disney even acquired them. They had a, the caravan of carriage series and the droids animated series going together in the 80s. So having three series together, you know, I have to also wonder if this is saturation again. You know, you saw what happened when Solo came out. I mean, solely just wasn’t a very good movie.

Speaker 5: 07:47 Right. But the fact that it was, you know, every year that was a star wars movie, whereas for so many years you had such a long break in between the movies that it made you, you know, want to see

Speaker 4: 08:02 The only, the formula was every three years of star wars movie, right? No, 77, 80 83 is what set the pace. You know, you’re, your next trilogy kind of went off of that slightly with a slightly different schedule. But I think that’s the magic formula because it gives people enough time to just exactly, exactly everything. But you know, Disney’s trying to keep star wars to a marvel universe and a thing with, I mean it works with marvel cause there’s so much story out

Speaker 5: 08:34 And there’s so many different characters that, you know, everybody Kinda knows. Whereas with Star Wars you have your, your core and then now you have all these like offshoots. But you only know about those offshoots if, you know, you read the comics or read the books or you know, there for lot of people, you know, a lot of other people, they’re kind of obscure characters and nobody knows who they are. And it’s like

Speaker 4: 09:01 What am I wanna watch a movie or, you know, TV series about this if, I don’t know. Right. You know, anything about it. And one more thing I did want to add to this story before we moved on was there was an update back before last Gen I dropped Disney had announced that they were going to allow of Ryan Johnson to do a new trilogy that was unrelated to the Skywalker saga. When last jet I dropped and will say two mixed reception by the Star Wars fans. I thought it was horrendous. I still do. I still am curious how JJ Abrams is going to pull this stinker out of the . But there was an announcement that Disney is still planning to let Ryan Johnson move forward with his non Skywalker trilogy and offline. Okay, well if you’re gonna ruin it, pick a time period that nobody cares about ruined

Speaker 5: 10:00 And nobody care. And if you watch and you go, Eh,

Speaker 4: 10:03 Right, right. Exactly. I mean, I definitely don’t think Ryan Johnson is the future of star wars, if anything, you know, he is the downfall of what everyone already knows and loves. So the next thing we had on Disney detectives was midday magic. Tell us about that. So

Speaker 5: 10:22 This was something that just came up during the week that they’re going to be offering. A an after 12:00 PM park ticket. And again, this is kind of very unusual for them to, you know, for something discounts. It offers something just counted. Now, if you’ve ever gone down to the Orlando area and done a convention in the area or done a convention at Disney, they do actually offer discounted park tickets for people that are attending conventions. So they have like an after 2:00 PM ticket and then after 4:00 PM ticket, like for people celebration, right when we went to celebration. And also when years ago when I went down to a convention for work, we actually had gotten those convention tickets, you know, as well. So you know, if, if you happen to be in the, know they do, you know, offer this, but this is something that they’re all they’re doing for the fall.

Speaker 5: 11:20 And it’s, you can do just a regular base ticket or you can do a park hopper ticket. But you have to do a minimum of two days and it’s up to four days. And depending on what day you actually picked to do, the price could actually range from $81 a day up to a hundred and change a day. So it’s one of those, you have to go onto the website. So if you go to Disney world dot Disney dot. Go Dot. And look for tickets and it’s under the mid day magic tickets. There’s a whole little website. Now you can still do fast passes, but obviously it has to be for an after 12. Well, no, because it’s still going to be, you’re still gonna be able to make your, your fastpass reservation 30 days out, just like anybody else. You just can do a fast pass.

Speaker 5: 12:20 That’s before, before noon. Yeah. It’s still just like anything else. It’s good for all four of the parks, so you don’t have to designate which park you’re, you’re going to. When you, when you purchase it, you just pick which days that you’re gonna buy it and it expires seven days from the first day that you use it. So, you know, you can’t use one day, you know, and then three weeks later, use your second. So how much of a discount are we talking here? Oh, it’s a, it’s a pretty big discount because when we were looking tickets were up to $150 for one day. So, you know, you’re almost getting two days for the price of one. Now obviously the more days you buy, the cheaper it’s going to be. So for two days they’re saying from $81 if you’re doing four days, it’s from $74.

Speaker 5: 13:16 So that is a per day. That’s per day. So that is a significant, you know, a a discount. And the Nice thing is, you know, now you have animal kingdom that’s open late. So you can, can you combine this with extra magic hours? If you’re staying on property, you can, but only for the PM extra magic hours. You can’t do it for the early morning, extra hours, 11 or something like that. Right, right. You’d have to, you know, 12 o’clock is when your ticket is good for. But if the park happens to close it at 10 and extra magic hours are until midnight, you can stay until midnight. I’m assuming with special events like the Christmas party and Halloween, you can still combine these with them. Yeah. You, you still could you know, but at that point for the Christmas parties, you’re usually getting in four o’clock at four o’clock. So here, you know, you’re only getting really four hours, you know, extra on top of it.

Speaker 5: 14:16 Now obviously the thing to do is if you’re planning on going, you know, from now until now, the tickets, you can only buy them up until December 15th. They aren’t offering them cause it’s a fall promotion obviously because after the 15th is, is their busiest Christmas season. So they’re not gonna do anything discounted. But my suggestion is if you are going to look at these tickets before you buy them, you do want to look at what the park hours are because the Halloween party the Halloween party would be going on, you know, for the beginning of the fall. And then you have the Christmas party and when those parties are going on, magic kingdom closes at 6:00 PM. So you want to make sure you’re maximizing your, just to clarify, when you buy these, do you have to designate the days that you’re using? You have to pick the day. Yeah, they won’t let you pick anything after December 5th trial when I had looked on the website, it basically, this promotion only goes until December 15th this is the limited time promotion.

Speaker 5: 15:18 And maybe it’s one of those things where once they see how it goes, then you know they might offer it again. But it was interesting to see because again, you did have to already pick the days. And I know sometimes when we decided to do a trip, we know, okay, well we’re gonna be down for, you know, this whole week we’re going to do three days, but we’re not necessarily sure which day we’re going to go. And there’ve been times when we’ve changed our minds where we’ve made fastpass arrangements and we’ve changed them at the last minute because, oh, we weren’t feeling well we wanted to do this instead, where we’re, you’re kind of locked in on it as an eagle pass holders, you’ve got a lot more freedom to come and go as you, right. That is true. So here, you know, and it was weird because like when I was looking like Monday was $81 but Tuesday was $84 or something. It was just weird how, you know, I could understand the weekend being more money than you know, like your Tuesday through Thursday. But it was just odd how looking out. But Kudos to Disney for giving you another option here. Yeah. You know, for, and especially since so many people are saying, you know, Disney is getting to the point where they’re pricing you out, you know, you know what I mean?

Speaker 5: 16:34 The blow back that they got from the recent ticket increases. That could be, that could totally be signaling a change for Disney. Yeah. So you can do regular base tickets and you could actually do hopper tickets as well on the hopper tickets allow you to do multiple parks within the same, within the same day. So, okay. So what else do we have for? So the last Disney story, which was just kind of like a really kind of cute piece was mom tape takes epic photos alone at Disney after her kids head off to school for the first day. This was on ABC And so this, this mom, they happened to live in Orlando, so it wasn’t like she flew down from, you know, New York to take rough kids off. Cause that would be really cool. I would totally do that. So she decided, you know, I dropped the kids off at school.

Speaker 5: 17:32 What am I going to do? I’m going to go to, to dig a little bit on our own to Disney world. So for those of you that don’t know Disney world, now it’s very popular. They have these celebration pin. So you know, it started out with happy birthday pins. Then they have anniversary pins and then they have for people that have just gotten married and then they have a generic one that just says, I’m celebrating. And then the cast member will write, you know, a little saying afterwards. So if you see you know, we have a, a, a picture of it. So she put, you know, I’m celebrating the first day of school and what she decided to do was actually just go around to different cast members and get her picture taken with, with various cast members, some being characters, so like Snow White.

Speaker 5: 18:22 But then she also did, you know, some, you know, custodial staff too and you know, basically went around and everybody kind of smiled. But the, the best reaction was actually when she went to the fairy godmother and showed her and she just got like the biggest hug and the biggest reaction of, you know, what she was there celebrating. So it was, it was Kinda cool. You know, and, and she was saying, you know, we live so close. There are lots of times when, you know, after dinner, you know, we’ll take the boys to, you know, to Disney just to ride on a couple of rides or we’ll do dinner there. Or if I want to go for a, you know, a nice walk, I’ll go to the resorts and go for a walk. So, you know, being a local obviously has the advantage though. This was just kind of, you know, again a really cool thing cause a lot of kids are starting to go back to school and, and stuff. So I could, I could totally relate.

Speaker 4: 19:19 I’m pretty sure you just put this in here. So that didn’t Bash Disney this week cause I’ve been doing it the last three weeks.

Speaker 5: 19:24 I needed that Disney feel good story. Yeah. But it’s funny because you know, as we were, we happened to be talking about this earlier today. Great adventure. I grew up in the same town as six flags, great adventure in, in Jackson, New Jersey. And for many years we were pass holders and we would do that too. We would, you know, at night, what do you want to do, you know, ah, parts open for a couple of more hours and we would just go, you know, to get dinner or to watch the fireworks or yeah. You know, obviously not to the level of, of Disney, but you know,

Speaker 4: 19:58 And again, that’s sort of the same thing we do and we’re down there with the annual passes. Right? Well, what do you want to do? Well, you know, it’s, it’s six o’clock at night. We just finished in at dinner. Ah, let’s go walk around the magic kingdom right now. Let’s just go hang out. Right, right. So you kind of have that feel. So it again, it was a cute little, you know what I, what am I going to do? So, so that was all we had for Disney detective. Right. That is it. So we will come back with our entertainment news of the week.

Speaker 4: 20:32 Go for entertainment news.

Speaker 5: 20:35 Sure. So a sad story that came out last night was that Peter Fonda the son of obviously Henry Fonda and sister of Jane Fonda had passed away from complications from lung cancer. He was 79 years old. The family confirmed the sad news in a statement which has been all over the place. So people reported it than any fair, you know, all the different news outlets. And they made the announcement that is with deep sorrow that we share. The News of Peter Fonda has passed away. The family said he passed away peacefully on Friday morning, August 16th at 1105 at his home in Los Angeles, surrounded by his family. The official cause of death was respiratory failure due to lung cancer in one of the saddest moments of our lives. We are not able to find the appropriate words to express the pain in our hearts, but as we grieve, we ask that you respect our privacy. And they go on to

Speaker 4: 21:41

Speaker 5: 21:41 Say that while we mourn the loss of this sweet and gracious man, we also wish for all to celebrate his spirit and his love of life. The family finished with and in honor of Peter, please raise a glass to freedom.

Speaker 4: 21:56 So I thought that was a nice little and it’s a nice gesture,

Speaker 5: 22:00 Nice little gesture. And you know, obviously he, he came, you know, he was Henry Fonda’s, you know, son. So he was kind of in the spotlight, you know, at a young age, but finally came into his own in 1969 when he was an easy rider. He was one of the producers of it that kind of helped to, to bring about his career. And then, you know, later on when in and did more producing obviously more acting, you know, as well. Obviously, you know, his sister Jane was, you know, obviously in the family business as well.

Speaker 4: 22:37 That’s, you know, and that’s the thing when you have a father like, like that, that is a tough legacy to have to try to Oh, absolutely. One live up to and to distinguish yourself.

Speaker 5: 22:48 Right. And you know, one of the other things in, in looking back, you know, it was a very troubled childhood as well because their mother committed suicide when Peter was 10 and Jane was 12. And it became one of those things that nobody wanted to talk about. You know, for years he was told by his grandmother that his mother had had a heart attack. And it wasn’t until, you know, years later that he and his father actually kind of reconciled and, and had a heart to heart and you know, came to terms with everything that had happened, you know, during his childhood.

Speaker 4: 23:26 So, no, it’s tough. Yeah. So I have to say it well Farewell Mr. Founder and we wish the family well. So moving right along, right along. So we also have some breakthrough, I guess policy changes. I am d B with regard to transactors. Tell us a little bit about that.

Speaker 5: 23:56 So this story came from Pink Dot UK and it was that imdv is finally going to allow trans actors to remove their dead names. Now, for those that don’t know what the term dead name is, rich,

Speaker 4: 24:13 I have to say I didn’t before this a show and I do now and I, and I am watch more educated.

Speaker 5: 24:20 Right. And that was why I wanted to make sure that I included this in, in our podcast. So a dead name is the birth name of someone who has changed it. The term is specifically used in the LGTBQ community by people who are transgendered and elect to go by their chosen name rather than what their given name was. So that’s what, that’s what the term is. So the Amazon based company told variety on Tuesday that I am DB is now going to permit the removal of birth names if the birth name is not broadly publicly known by the person no longer using that name. So the announcement came after a coalition of LGP LGTBQ groups including clad join together to have this changed. So now I am db will now allow the stars and or their representatives to make the edits on the pages. And one of the interesting things is that they were talking about the article, talked about how Wikipedia actually does allow, has, has already allowed this and they actually force some transgendered actors. They actually have blocked pages because Wikipedia is one of those pages where anybody can go in and make edits and they actually had put blocks on certain pages so that nobody could go in, you know, control it

Speaker 4: 25:57 For IMD. B, Hannah’s this actually worked because you could have a Bruce Jenner, let’s say for instance, now I don’t know how many credits he would have had to his name, but he had a lot, he didn’t have a lot. Right. So all the things that he’s done in the decades prior to going through the transition, right. Do they all get edited or just his page gets,

Speaker 5: 26:19 Well I think in reading through a kind of, almost sounded like it was going to be at the discretion of the actor, how they would want to be seen. Because you know, like you know, one of the actors who mentioned that, you know, was speaking up about this, he had already transitioned before he became an actor. Right? So he didn’t have any, right. So he have anything, they said that that was really going to be for somebody that had a career in as one name and was now going to change to another.

Speaker 4: 26:52 So now there’s this covered just actors or is this producers, writers, directors,

Speaker 5: 26:57 Anybody, you know, anybody that has any sort of credit, you know, you’re going to be able to go through. And, and the original, I just

Speaker 4: 27:06 So the first question is, it could be confusing going back and looking at credits of for work that someone did back in say the 80s and they were known as that actor, that name.

Speaker 5: 27:19 Right. And I could see, you know, maybe having something where if you clicked on, you know, Joe Smith and Joe Smith is now Josephine. You know, like if you click on the old length, you know,

Speaker 4: 27:34 the annotate married names in and a maiden name.

Speaker 5: 27:38 Right? And maybe that’s what they would do is that, you know, they would click that, you know, to bring up something else.

Speaker 4: 27:46 The biggest thing I guess I, I could see about this is, you know, it may seem like a, a small thing to do, but you know, in the grand scheme of things, this is huge. This is how

Speaker 5: 28:00 You’re, you’re actually seeing somebody for who they, are. They all, they truly are. You’re acknowledging that person for who they are. Exactly. You know,

Speaker 4: 28:10 That’s, that’s a huge step, you know, for our society to say, okay, you know, you are now this personnel. We acknowledge who you are. We acknowledge the personality that you are now and all the accomplishments that you have now are this person here. Right. And I think it’s a step in the right direction. I think there’s a lot more steps that need to happen. But it’s definitely moving down the right path. That’s very cool. Oh, look at that. There’s a star wars article. Wow. Who would’ve thought, gee, I didn’t, didn’t know that. Huh?

Speaker 5: 28:49 You didn’t, you didn’t know you didn’t prep. Why don’t you tell us about the star wars article that you ruined for me earlier there. Oh my goodness. We’re back to that. So John Williams will score the rise of Skywalker and it will feature every star wars theme in the score. Then once she got to the score, all you have to do is go back and come up with the hits track. You got to mash it together. So the legendary composer will basically John Williams mixed tape. That’s kind of cool actually when you think about it. And that is, that is awesome. You can just use my playlist almost lecture. Good. Good name. So the legendary composer will deliver a whopping 135 minutes of music to conclude the Star Wars Saga. Culminating a saga that began in 1977 would be a daunting prospect for anyone except for John Williams. I’m the final, the finale of Skywalker’s Duh. I can talk. This Chi Walker saga will bring his tenure as a composer of the star wars galaxy two a bittersweet end.

Speaker 4: 29:59 Well, you know, it’s like Carrie Fisher said about George Lucas is writing, you can write this ship and nobody can actually read it.

Speaker 5: 30:07 So William has been the composer, obviously for every single episode of the Skywalker Saga and has his masterful themes, obviously have become the lifeblood of the franchise. So he’s actually been been scoring and the idea is that there’s gonna be bits and pieces of other famous scores kind of weaved in

Speaker 4: 30:34 Jaws. I want to hear Joel’s in there.

Speaker 5: 30:35 No, not Josh. Just raise a little all star. No stop. So you know so the, the one article so this article they were actually interviewing his brother, Don Williams. And he said that he’s basically has 135 minutes worth of music for this upcoming movie and they have about 34 minutes in the cannon at this point. So it would suggest that most of the scores are usually about two hours and 15 minutes. So the average star wars movie has been about two hours. You know, with the most detailed soundtrack actually being phantom menace, the deluxe edition. So this should be kind of, you know, this’ll be a little bit longer, so,

Speaker 4: 31:28 Well, there’s a lot of cleanup that JJ has to do over Ryan Johnson.

Speaker 5: 31:32 Right. Exactly. So so his brother had said, but I can tell you that everything that you heard is going to be compiled into this last effort from Leah’s theme Yodas Phantom, Darth. It’s all going to be in there. And in his usual style, he’ll actually be hiding some of it. So you’re going to have to go back and listen, you know, for them. So it’ll be, you know, interesting. So it sounds like, you know, JJ Abrams and John Williams are going to actually give, you know, a, a great sendoff hopefully. And star wars rise of the sky of a Skywalker will be December 20th, so not that much longer.

Speaker 4: 32:16 Well, and you know, I can’t help but think, given the last couple of weeks of entertainment news and the number of lawsuits that people have been getting hit with for reusing someone else’s work is, is, is Disney going to like sue John Williams for using, you know, that’s a lawsuit just waiting to happen there. That’s funny. That is funny. You know, it goes back to credence suing a John Foggerty for competent copying in itself himself. Yeah. So, okay. Like it’s gonna be awesome. I don’t think there’s anything.

Speaker 5: 32:55 I think it’s so, you know, and now you’re even more,

Speaker 4: 32:58 You know, it’s like it’s school starting back up. Ooh, that means right. And that’s the thing. It’s like I didn’t have a problem with the music and write last Jed. I had a problem with the directing and the story and how much Ryan Johnson screwed everything up and last July, so. Right, right. So the music’s going to be great. I have no doubt. This is just a little bit of information is helpful, but j j really needs to pull this franchise hours out of the trash. Right, man. I think he knows he has to because if he doesn’t then you know everybody’s going to be, you know, he’s dead to us. And the Skywalker Saga on a high note and the let Ryan Johnson bastardize it from there. It’s, it’s not my star wars anymore after that. Right. I’m Ryan Johnson can do whatever the hell he wants with it from there. One last cute little star wars and another star wars story. Yeah, it’s like a star wars podcast, but that is without a being one. We’ll have to work on that. So what do we got star wars as it gets closer there we go to star wars.

Speaker 5: 34:01 So Mattel has a new star wars Barbie and they are exquisite. So if you want to bring them up so when you think star Wars Barbie as a concept, you probably think, oh, we’re just gonna put, you know, Barbie and cosplay and you know, call it a day, which they’ve done before because there has been the Princess Leia,

Speaker 4: 34:26 Let me just chime in real quick. The art to dress not like another law.

Speaker 5: 34:31 Yeah, that one is a little, a little weird. So Matalan Lucasfilms announced a new collaboration series that we’ll see. Three new star wars theme Barbie dolls hit the store shelves later this year. And this same collaboration recently did a Ziggy stardust, Barbie 13th doctor Barbie and even Dana Scully Barbie from, from x men. I’m not x-men x files. That’s fine. So the dolls are, you know, from what you can see, they’re not just a Barbie in, you know, a cosplay outfit. It’s a very exquisite outfit. It’s a very detailed outfit. If you look at if you go back to Princess Leia, she actually has like, her purse has the rebellion logo on it. And then she still has the, the bonds, but they’re like a more classic look about the, the hair. If you look at the Archie, I’m not the, the, the Darth Vader you know, the, the breast panel is, is like her little purse chest panel, sorry, the chest panel, whatever the chest panel, you know, is a little purse.

Speaker 5: 35:54 And you know, it’s kind of the chest though, guy. You don’t know it, you know, it, it, the one person in the article said it was very Edna mole from, from the incredible, you know, look to it. And then the, the r two D to One was a bit more punk lady Gaga Ish, I guess. And what’s neat is that her purse is c three Po. What part of him know? Well, I think it’s his head, I think, or so ripped off, you know, if you’re into, you know, so it’s, it’s not just, you know, Barbie in dress up. It’s glamorous. You know, Barb, how much are these supposed to go for? Well, because these are glamorous bars. They are going to be going for $100 a piece, so, so yeah, these are the collectible ones. Not like, you know, the ones you just kind of, well, and I can totally see us, you know, I could see me getting the Darth Vader one for our daughter and it sits on the shelf.

Speaker 5: 37:03 Right. Right. Or sits, you know, or it sits in the corner and, and go, but you don’t have enough stuff in there already or you got jars via, you know, maybe Darth needs a girlfriend and he’s, she said we’re gonna have to dedicate a podcast just to have a studio set off at some point. Yeah. And do a little tour. There you go. Maybe that’ll be our special 30th, you know, episode 13. God, if we make it 30 years, holy crap. Crud. Yeah. So that is it for all of my entertainment and Disney updates. Oh boy. How entertaining it was. A, shall we move on to our insightful pigs? Let’s finish off with our insightful picks.

Speaker 5: 37:53 Can I turn it over to you? My dear. So my insightful pic is a new show that actually just aired last Tuesday on the CW from nine to 10. It is called mysteries decoded. And what happens is over the course of the hour it’s kind of done in an investigative documentary style where they delve deep into America’s greatest unsolved mysteries, exploring newly discovered evidence. And you utilizing high tech tools to reopen these cases dangerously close to a documentary. It does, doesn’t it? Yeah. So from area 51 to the Salem witch trials, each investigation is led by Jennifer Marshall, who is an accomplished nay us navy veteran turned private investigator as she mobilizes a team to embark on the quest to bring closure to these long lingering historical puzzles. So this past week’s episode was actually Lizzie Borden. And what was interesting about it was this, this woman Jennifer Marshall, she’s kind of the lead investigator.

Speaker 5: 39:02 She’s very much a skeptic when it comes to two different things. So they had a local medium come in to, to kind of, you know, help with things. And, oh, I feel this. I feel that. And Jennifer’s just kinda sitting there like, I don’t feel anything, you know. So it was kind of interesting to, to see that. And then at one point they went to another location and they had a local group of ghost hunters come in and do part of an investigation with that. So, you know, so it wasn’t all like a ghost hunter show and it wasn’t all historical stuff. It was like a little bit of everything. And then she actually had like a forensic specialist, you know, come in and they went through the court documents and you know, and kind of went through all the things and you know, said how many loopholes there were in different things.

Speaker 5: 39:58 And basically at the end of it, they concluded that Lizzie Borden did in fact kill her parents. That like, one of the interesting things was that like, she, you know, somebody, they had said, you know, like when the police came, like she didn’t have any blood on her dress, but that she also looked very full and like like her dressing very full. And what the, the one investigator had found out was that she had multiple dresses made in different sizes. So she wore this thinner dress that’s when she killed her parents and then put another dress over. So she was wearing the bloody dress with no, you have to believe that far in advance. Yeah. And that’s what they were saying is that when you kind of look back and piece things together, she really did have this all planned out and that there were things that like the basically the day that her parents were, were killed was kind of the final day because she had actually tried killing them a few days before.

Speaker 5: 41:04 She had actually tried poisoning them with arsenic and it didn’t work. And then she tried doing something else. She figure what lead poisoning was best with the honor. All because what was supposed to happen was that day they were supposed to go to the bank and she was supposed to be taken off of the will and she wasn’t supposed to be getting an inheritance. So when you look back at all of this evidence and you got, okay, so you know, years later now. So it was interesting. So it was again, it was a totally different take because it wasn’t just the investigation part. They had the little bit of the ghost hunter stuff and you know, different things, you know, involved. So very cool. Very. It was one of those things. It definitely kept my attention and you know, interesting to see there. You know, there are other episodes after this one. So cool mysteries decoded on the CW. Very cool. Thank you.

Speaker 4: 42:05 So my pick this week is shocker. A documentary. Oh my gosh. And you know how you can tell it’s a documentary cause it’s on the Smithsonian channel, which I didn’t realize it was on when I told you. Yeah.

Speaker 5: 42:19 Right. Cause you told me it was some other channel and I tried looking it up and I couldn’t find it.

Speaker 4: 42:22 Well there’s so many channels that dock with documentaries. So this is mystic Britain over Britain’s tens of thousands of years of civilization. Its history has played host to a series of strange and mysterious rituals, events and cultures. British talk, show host, Clive Anderson and anthropologist, Mary Anne, a Cota travel across the UK to explore the sacred sites and supernatural beliefs of the ancient Britons by examining their mystic places and practices, they hope to unlock the secrets of their ancestors and better understand the worlds in which they live. So it’s, it’s a new series. It’s four episodes in right now. One episode, right? You saw, which is in demons and demons. That was the only one that was showing up on demand at the time. Right? So in which is in demons that go into black death rituals to Henry, the eighth sorcery band. And James the first, first which hunts, which have to emphasize Oh, good omens.

Speaker 4: 43:37 Cause we talked to, they explored that in good omens to Dr who and Dr Who and Dr Ho. And you get to witness medieval Britain’s war on evil. They do the role right, which where they examine a 6,000 year old roll, right stones and the legendary tales of witches and fairies and druids. Then this week’s was Hadrian’s mystic wall. How the battle between the druid led Brits and the superstitious Romans led to the building of the massive mystical wall. And the first one in the series was the revenance enter the abandoned village of warm Percy homed to the mysterious pit of human bones. And what’s neat is there’s science behind it. They go to these places, you see what these places look like. You almost feel like you get to touch these pieces of history. Right? but it’s not all stuffy science stuff.

Speaker 4: 44:36 I mean, Clive Anderson, a lot of people may know him from whose line is it anyway in the, in the UK he’s Hilarious, you know, and it’s this scene, dry humor that you’re used to, you know, he shows up at the the, the roll right stones and there’s a bunch of people doing a druid reenactment there. And you could just imagine how his contemporary humor is, is, you know, experiencing this. He’s, he’s saying and concluding a lot of the same things that I would say myself, right. Really is like, like we’re all dressed up for this. Is this really what we’re going to do here? Right. So there’s an element of humor to it. There’s science to it. And there’s history.

Speaker 5: 45:23 Yeah. Well, like I said, I saw the witches and demons one and the one, the part of it was they had him get dressed up in the black death outfit of, and it was kind of interesting cause you’re looking at it and you’re going, oh my God, that’s so weird looking. But it had practicality to it. Like, guess they thought it right. Well they had the long nose so that, you know, you put the herbs at the tip of it, you know, that would filter any of the , you know, obviously the gloves were men, so that, you know, so it, it, and he was saying how ridiculous he looked, you know, and it, and everything. But it had the practicality to it for, for the time. So it was, it was interesting. So I’m looking forward to seeing the other episodes.

Speaker 4: 46:08 It’s, it’s a very interesting show on the way that they’re kind of like your pick, where they assemble things and present them in a way that you don’t normally see them in this document. Right, right. So mystic Britain is on the Smithsonian Channel. Check your local listings. Cause when I went to look at the listings, the times were a auratic I’ll say you have a DVR, you’re probably yes. And they do stream them off the website to watch them off the website. So that was my pick of the week. Did we have any afterthoughts? I don’t think we did. Okay. So then I think we are done for the week and we’re out of here. We’re out of here. Thanks a lot, having a week everyone. Bye. Bye.

Speaker 2: 47:09 .

Show Notes

  • Introduction
    • Insights Into Entertainment Episode 28 “Jedi, Mid-Day’s and Deadnames”
    • My Brilliant and beautiful co-host Michelle Whalen
  • Disney Detective
    • Ewan McGregor to Return as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Disney Plus Series

      • Ewan McGregor is in talks to return as Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi in a series for Disney Plus, Variety has confirmed.
      • No other details on the potential series were available. McGregor previously played the character in the three “Star Wars” prequels “The Phantom Menace,” “Attack of the Clones,” and “Revenge of the Sith.” There had been talk for years that McGregor would return in an Obi-Wan standalone film, but those plans were reportedly put on hold following the unsuccessful roll out of “Star Wars” standalone film “Solo.”
      • Reps for McGregor and Disney Plus did not immediately respond to Variety’s request for comment.
      • The Obi-Wan series would be the third live-action “Star Wars” show on Disney Plus. The nascent streamer has previously announced “The Mandalorian” from Jon Favreau starring Pedro Pascal as well as a series based on Cassian Andor, the character first introduce in the film “Rogue One” with Diego Luna reprising his role from the film.
    • Walt Disney World launches new ‘Mid-Day Magic Ticket’ option
    • With this new ticket type, guests can enter one theme park per day after 12 p.m. 2-, 3-, and 4-Day Mid-Day Magic tickets are also available, with start dates on or before Dec. 15, 2019. This ticket can be used at all four Walt Disney World theme parks, but is not valid for morning Extra Magic Hours and Disney FastPass+ selections before 12 p.m. will not be valid. FastPass+ selections can be made up to 30 days in advance with this ticket.
      • The 2-Day Mid-Day Magic Ticket starts at $88 per day and expires four days after the selected start date; the 3-Day ticket starts at $84 per day and expires five days after the selected start date; and the 4-Day ticket starts at $79 per day and expires seven days after the selected start date.
      • There are also Mid-Day Magic Tickets with Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus options, and you can check out those prices below:
      • Mid-Day Magic Ticket with Park Hopper Option
      • 2-Day: from $116 per day, 3-Day: from $101 per day, 4-Day: from $94 per day
      • Mid-Day Magic Ticket with Park Hopper Plus Option
      • 2-Day: from $126 per day, 3-Day: from $108 per day, 4-Day: from $99 per day
    • Mom takes epic photos alone at Disney after kids head to first day of school

      • After dropping her kids off for the first day of school, Lisa DiNoto did what so many parents wish they could.
      • The mom of two told “Good Morning America” the family lives just “1.2 miles as the crow flies” from Cinderella Castle, and to call them Disney regulars would be an “understatement.”
      • “It seemed totally natural to pop into Magic Kingdom after I dropped the boys off at school to take a fun ‘Celebrating Being Here Alone’ moment,” DiNoto, who has a blog called The Castle Run, said.
      • Pins are used for celebrating just about anything at Walt Disney World, and for her special day, DiNoto donned one reading, “Celebrating the 1st day of school!”
      • “After I grabbed the pin, I saw some of the Citizens of Main Street U.S.A. out and about and had the idea to have them hold the pin. They got such a kick out of it that I just kept going,” she said.
      • The best part of the day, she said, was “the Fairy Godmother’s reaction. Hands down. She was laughing so hard she was crying and we just started hugging and laughing together,” she said.
      • “She reached into her sleeve and pulled out a bag of pixie dust and handed it to me and said, ‘This is for you and only you. You use it today.’ It was one of those moments of connection that is really what the parks are all about,” DiNoto said.
      • “We live so close it’s just a regular part of our lives,” she said. “It’s not unusual to pop into Epcot for lunch or go for a run at a resort or take the kids to ride a favorite attraction or see a favorite show after running errands on a weekend.”
      • Besides, she said, “They were excited for their first day at school and I was excited for some time alone. Pickup time came soon enough and all of us had lots of fun sharing the details of our day.”
      • DiNoto said the response to her fun photos has been “amazing.” And she may have inspired a few other moms to do the same thing if given the chance.
      • “This sweet mom who was clearly very tired and in the midst of a lovely family trip was watching at one point and as she read the pin I saw this amazing expression come over her face.” DiNoto told “GMA.” “It was like a light came on. She said, ‘You. You are my life goal. Have the most amazing day you’ve ever had an do it for all of us.'”
  • Entertainment News
    • Peter Fonda Dead at 79 After Respiratory Failure from Lung Cancer: ‘Please Raise a Glass to Freedom’

      • Peter Fonda, the son of Henry Fonda and the younger brother of Jane Fonda, has died, PEOPLE confirms. He was 79.
      • Peter’s family confirmed the sad news in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE on Friday and said that the two-time Oscar-nominee died after suffering respiratory failure due to lung cancer.
      • “It is with deep sorrow that we share the news that Peter Fonda has passed away,” the family said. “[Peter] passed away peacefully on Friday morning, August 16 at 11:05 a.m. at his home in Los Angeles surrounded by family.”
      • “The official cause of death was respiratory failure due to lung cancer,” they continued.
      • “In one of the saddest moments of our lives, we are not able to find the appropriate words to express the pain in our hearts. As we grieve, we ask that you respect our privacy,” they wrote.
      • “And, while we mourn the loss of this sweet and gracious man, we also wish for all to celebrate his indomitable spirit and love of life,” the Fonda family finished. “In honor of Peter, please raise a glass to freedom.”
      • Peter, who became a movie star and counterculture icon with his 1969 movie Easy Rider, was born in New York City to screen legend Henry Fonda and Frances Seymour Brokaw.
      • The star spent his early years growing up alongside his older sister, Jane, until he was sent to boarding school at just 6 years old.
      • Their childhood was struck by tragedy when their mother, who struggled with her mental health, committed suicide when Peter was 10 and Jane was 12.
      • In his 1998 book, Don’t Tell Dad: A Memoir, Peter said his mom’s death was something that his “forbidding figure” father, who was remote and often away on set, lied about and subsequently “ignored”.
      • “When I walked toward [my family] they told me to go through the closed doors and into the living room. I opened the doors and saw Jane, Grandma, and Dad sitting on the couches. Jane was on Dad’s lap,” Peter recalled in the memoir. “I went to Grandma, and she told me Mother had died of a heart attack, in a hospital.”
      • “After that, no one ever talked about Mom. No one seemed to miss her. It was almost as if she had never lived. Jane and I never went to a funeral or service for her; I didn’t know where she was buried,” he added.
      • When he finally did learn what happened to his mother, Peter said “he was stunned. I sat there for two or three minutes, speechless … Everyone else knew. Knew everything! But not me.”
      • Speaking to PEOPLE in March 2014, Jane recalled how Peter “was much more affected by the fact that no one talked about our mom.”
      • “It was like she’d just been erased,” Jane said. “[The Christmas after she died], Peter filled a chair with presents and a letter for her. He couldn’t stand that there was no acknowledgment of her. He was such a sensitive, sweet, vulnerable kid.”
      • Later in life, Peter would reconcile with his father by offering him a role in the 1979 film Wanda Nevada.
      • According to his memoir, one day after spending the afternoon together, dad Henry started to cry.
      • “Slowly and choking on the high-powered emotion, he said, ‘I love you very much, son. I want you to know that,’” Peter wrote.
    • IMDb finally allows trans actors to remove their deadname

      • A deadname is the birth name of someone who has changed it. The term is especially used in the LGBTQ community by people who are transgender and elect to go by their chosen name instead of their given name.
      • The Amazon-owned company told Variety on Tuesday, August 13: “IMDb now permits the removal of birth names if the birth name is not broadly publicly known and the person no longer voluntarily uses their birth name.”
      • The announcement comes after a coalition of LGBT+ groups including GLAAD joined a legal challenge against the website over its practice of using trans actors’ birth names without their consent, commonly known as dead-naming.
      • IMDb will now allow stars or their representatives to request edits to their page, however they will face a wait while officials decide to act.
      • “Once the IMDb team determines that an individual’s birth name should be removed – subject to this updated process – we will review and remove every occurrence of their birth name within their biographical page on IMDb,” a spokesperson for the site said.
      • Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox is among the most high-profile actors who were dead-named by IMDb. She previously called it “the ultimate insult”.
      • Jake Graf, who had supporting roles in The Danish Girl and Collete, said that the act “seems like an infringement of privacy”.
      • Speaking to IndieWire in April, Graf noted that he hasn’t had to deal with dead-naming personally because he transitioned before beginning his film career.
      • GLAAD’s director of trans representation Nick Adams said that dead-naming has repercussions beyond being extremely disrespectful.
      • “To reveal a transgender person’s birth name without their explicit permission is an invasion of privacy that only serves to undermine the trans person’s true authentic identity, and can put them at risk for discrimination, even violence,” he told the New York Times in June.
      • Despite Adams’ warning, IMDb has said that it won’t correct instances where an actor has been credited onscreen under their birth name.
      • In such cases, the dead-name will remain listed in parentheses under the credits section of the actor’s page and on the title pages for films and TV shows.
      • “This is in order to continue providing IMDb’s hundreds of millions of customers worldwide with comprehensive information about film and TV credits, thereby preserving the factual historical record by accurately reflecting what is listed on-screen,” the spokesperson said.
      • IMDb usually appears as the second result when searching for an actor’s name behind Wikipedia, which does not publish birth names without consent and has reportedly been known to lock the pages of trans actor to prevent abuse.

      • The legendary composer will deliver a whopping 135 minutes of music to conclude the Star Wars Saga.
      • Culminating a saga that began back in 1977 would be a daunting prospect for anyone, but for legendary composer John Williams, the finale of the Skywalker saga will bring his tenure as the composer of the Star Wars saga to a bittersweet end. Williams has been the composer for every single episode in the Skywalker saga and his masterful themes have become the lifeblood of the franchise.
      • As we near the release of The Rise of Skywalker, the composer is making his way into the Star Wars recording studio for the last time tasked with sweeping us away on one final symphonic adventure before he walks away from the franchise forever. But according to his brother Don, Williams is going all out to ensure he culminates the Star Wars saga with an almighty bang!
      • Don Williams is currently part of the orchestra for The Rise of Skywalker and he was on hand at a discussion with the Academy of Scoring Arts where he revealed some juicy tidbits about working with his brother on the new score. He revealed brother John has composed roughly 135 minutes’ worth of music for the upcoming blockbuster.
      • “John’s started up on another Star Wars. We started on it last week. He’s got 135 minutes’ worth of music to write, so that kind of tells how long the film is. It is top to bottom music. We’ve done four days and we just scratched the surface. I think we’ve got something like 34 minutes in the canon at this point.”
      • That would suggest that the score for The Rise of Skywalker is currently running at two hours and fifteen minutes, which a considerable score even for a Star Wars movie. The average Star Wars episode has a running time of over two hours and even the most detailed soundtrack (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace – The Deluxe Edition) only comes in at two hours and five minutes, which would suggest that The Rise of Skywalker is set to be a juggernaut of a finale.
      • When discussing whether fans of the franchise can expect to hear any of John’s iconic themes amongst the new score, Williams had this to say: “But I can tell you that every theme that you’ve heard is going to be compiled into this last effort. Leia, Yoda, ‘Phantom,’ Darth, all of it is going to be in there. And in his usual style, he hides them. You gotta go look for them.”
      • It sounds like J.J. Abrams and John Williams are going all out to ensure The Rise of Skywalker is going to be the mother of all send-offs, and yet, I cannot help but feel a sense of sadness that this will mark the final time the maestro will be scoring a Star Wars movie. That being said, what better way for the composer to step aside than after culminating a franchise he helped start over forty years ago.
      • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker culminates the Skywalker legacy on December 20th.
    • Mattel’s New Star Wars Barbies Are Amazingly Extra

      • When you think of “Star Wars Barbies” as a concept, you think it would be very easy for Mattel to just put Barbie in a Princess Leia costume and call it a day. Which, to be fair, Mattel has indeed done. But it has also gone beyond that to deliver two extra Star Wars Barbies who definitely are…well, very extra.
      • Mattel and Lucasfilm announced a new collaboration series today that will see three new Star Wars-themed Barbie dolls hit store shelves later this year, in line with previous Barbie collaborations that have given us everything from a Ziggy Stardust Barbie, to a 13th Doctor Barbie, to a truly fabulous Dana Scully Barbie, and her associate, Disheveled Fox Mulder.
      • The dolls aren’t necessarily straight up Barbie in Star Wars cosplay, or Barbie standing in as a character from the galaxy far, far away, however. They instead lean toward Barbie’s status as a fashion icon by re-imagining several Star Wars looks as high-end couture. The closest to a “traditional” Barbie in the trio sees her wearing a slightly more dramatic version of Princess Leia’s iconic gown from A New Hope. She comes complete with cinnamon bun-inspired braided hairdo to accessorize the look, but, also hilariously, a silver purse with the Rebel Alliance emblem on it, and wild high heels?
      • They are, frankly, incredible. As much as I would’ve loved to have seen a Darth Vader body with Barbie’s head on it instead of the helmet, or Barbie essentially wearing R2-D2 as an incredibly unwieldly, boxy halter dress, these looks instead go full on weird and wild. Vader Barbie looks like a cross between Edna Mode from The Incredibles—if Edna deigned to wear capes, that is—and fashion designer Anna Wintour, clad in leather number that wouldn’t look out of place in Star Wars burlesque.
      • Bartoo-bie-too, meanwhile, is a truly out there look that kind of looks like a mashup between an astromech droid, Lady Gaga, and Dazzler from the X-Men, with some inspired make up and a clever re-imagining of R2’s panelled design as a modernist print. And the C-3PO-gold purse she’s clutching? Brilliant.
      • These are so much more fun than just simply putting Barbie in a Leia, Rey, Jyn, or Ahsoka costume and calling it a day—it’s an honest to god merging of the sensibilities of both Star Wars and Barbie, instead of just franchise cosplay. But alas, such inspired Star Wars fashion demands a collector’s price tag: Each of these Barbie dolls will set you back a whopping $100 each when they release this November.
  • Insightful Picks
    • Michelle
      • MYSTERIES DECODED Tuesdays (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) on The CW
      • Over the course of each hour, the investigative documentary series MYSTERIES DECODED will delve deeper into some of America’s greatest unsolved mysteries, exploring newly discovered evidence and utilizing high-tech tools in reopening each case. From Area 51 to the Salem Witch Trials, each investigation is led by Jennifer Marshall, an accomplished U.S. Navy veteran turned Private Investigator, as she mobilizes a team to embark on the formidable quest to bring closure to these long-lingering historical puzzles.
  • Joe
    • Mystic Britain
    • Smithsonian Channel – Check local listings
    • Over Britain’s tens of thousands of years of civilization, its history has played host to a series of strange and mysterious rituals, events, and cultures. British talk show host Clive Anderson and anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota travel across the U.K. to explore the sacred sites and supernatural beliefs of the ancient Britons. By examining their mystic places and practices, they hope to unlock the secrets of their ancestors and better understand the worlds in which they lived.
      • THE REVENANTS – Enter the abandoned village of Wharram Percy, home to a mysterious pit of human bones.
      • HADRIAN’S MYSTIC WALL – See how a battle between druid-led Brits and a superstitious Roman Army led to the building of a massive, mystical wall.
      • THE ROLLRIGHT WITCH – We examine the 6,000-year-old Rollright Stones and their legendary tales of witches, fairies, and druids.
      • WITCHES AND DEMONS – From Black Death rituals to Henry VIII’s sorcery ban to James I’s witch hunts, witness medieval Britain’s war on evil.