Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 22 “Rabid Resistance”

In this week’s podcast we dare to be stupid and get weird. We recap the Weird Al concert “Strings Attached” at the Met in Philadelphia. Then we look at just how Disney is doing it wrong on several fronts in our Disney Detective segment. We flash back to our child hood in Entertainment News with the possible revival of a favorite animated show and a few other items. Then we have yet another brief “In Memorial” segment before we wrap up with our Insightful Picks of the Week and a new media outlet to catch all of our shows in as an afterthought. Another news great news filled podcast.

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Insightful podcast by informative hopes, insights into a podcast network.:
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come to insights into entertainment, a podcast series, taking a deeper look into entertainment and media. Your hosts, Joseph and Michelle Waylon, a husband and wife, team of pop culture, phonetics are exploring all things from music and movies to television and fandom.:
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welcome to insights in the entertainment. This is episode 22 rabid resistance. I’m your host, Joseph Raelynn and my weird and wonderful cohost, Michelle Whalen. Hello, my love. Hello dear. How are you today?:
Speaker 6:
I’m doing okay. How are you?:
Speaker 5:
I am fantastic. So from our brief little intro there and your shirt today, um, yeah, we can’t see it with that camera angle, but that’s okay. I’ll switch to that camera. There you go. So we went somewhere last night. We did. That was awesome. Where’d we go?:
Speaker 6:
We went to Philly. We went to a, a venue that we had never been before called the met and we saw weird owl strings attached.:
Speaker 5:
We did indeed. That was first of all, I want to say it was an absolutely gorgeous theater that we were at. Yes, yes.:
Speaker 6:
A 1908, I believe is when the theater originally opened. It was obviously done as an operatic had that, that turn of the century feel to it. Yeah. You know, you are expecting Lincoln, you know. Yup. I believe it’s really fair to be shot. A very beautiful, uh, uh, theater. Parking was horrible, but well it’s really, it’s Philly, you know, there, there really wasn’t a good place to park. Um, there was for 50 bucks for 50 bucks. Yeah. You could definitely park really well. Um, but yeah, beautiful venue. Um, you know, not really a bad seat in the house. The way was set up. Yeah. Great, great layout. Um, and obviously it was weird owl. I’ve seen him before. It was your first time seeing him. It was Maddie’s first time, you know, seeing him. Lots of kids. Yeah. I was surprised at how many kids. Yeah, it’s little in mind.:
Speaker 6:
It’s definitely a family friendly, you know, event. Um, the La, the walk from the parking lot, there was not necessarily fab. Well that wasn’t family friendly. Um, but yeah, and just happy people. Yeah. You know, w w I obviously knew a friend and you know, my friend Marnie was there, uh, with her boyfriend Bob. And then she knew like five other people that were, that were there. Um, just a very friendly crowd. Like nobody was in a bad mood, lots of Hawaiian shirts, lots of star wars shirts, just as relaxed. It was a very geeky, nerdy, friendly feeling place to be.:
Speaker 5:
Yeah, it was a good time. It was a good time. And we do have, we have a little mentally, uh, from you, from some of the clips that we’ll, we’ll, we’ll play for you guys now.:
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Speaker 5:
so very cool concert. Uh, we all had a great time and it is worth noting the first scene in their clip, he did have a 41 piece full orchestra, uh, who opened up the show with a Raiders of the lost arc. Right. And a few other great, um, movie TV themes that really set the mood. They, so they opened up and they took a 20 minute, uh, intermission:
Speaker 6:
after they played their four songs. Yeah.:
Speaker 5:
And then they came back out. Weird Al came out. And the accompaniment with weird Al Band was just, it was incredible. It was an experience that I’ve never had before.:
Speaker 6:
Yeah. Yeah. It weird. Al Definitely puts on a good show. He, you know, um, he, he does his corny stuff, you know, and he, he does the costume changes as you could see, you know, like he kind of started off doing more of a jazzy rendition of a couple of songs of his, the a little medley then kind of goes into it. Um, does some of his parodies that, you know, most people know, you know of him if you’re not, you know, like a, a fan. Um, but then if you are a fan and you know, some of his original stuff, you know, he goes into that too. Um, and it was neat because, uh, to kind of help break it up to help his transition of the costume change. He would show video clips and it’s just amazing to, you know, the, the career span that he’s had for what he’s done.:
Speaker 6:
You know, like, you know, uh, our, our daughter was kind of commenting on it like, wow, I didn’t realize he did all this stuff. And, you know, the voiceover work, you know, all the different cartoons that he’s, he’s lend his voice to, you know, and then the, the funnier die a movie parody of, of weird owl. And you know, how, you know, he and Madonna were right. You know, they, they were a couple and, and stuff and, and the spoof of that and, and everything. And, you know, it’s, it’s awesome to see a good guy, you know, still have a career, you know, after being a parody. Yeah, it was always off.:
Speaker 5:
I would definitely go back to seeing him again. Uh, and, and we have another special clip, uh, if you guys stick around after the credits, uh, we have another special clip from the show. We’re gonna we’re gonna put out there, but a weird Alice sign. We do have a very, um, busy show today. Sure. Do. So in Disney detective, we’re going to talk about how Disney spoiled the, um, final request of a unfortunate young boy. Uh, we will talk about what was a viral video of a violent encounter at Disney land and the outcome to that. Uh, then we’ll talk about a Disney having a rabies problem in, uh, in Disney world. And then we’ll talk about our announcements for the opening dates for rise of the resistance at both Disney world and Disney land. Then in our entertainment news, we have some Harry Potter Wizard Unite News to talk about with the new event coming out. We have a new Flintstones series, the works. And then we have some news on descendants, three in the week of one of the stars passings and a, a brief in memorial. And then we’ll get to Erin’s central picks of the week. So are we ready to get down to it? Sure. Let’s do it. Alrighty.:
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Speaker 5:
go for Disney detective.:
Speaker 6:
Um, so as you, you mentioned, uh, this was a story that that came out, um, a couple of weeks ago actually. Um, there was, uh, a father, Lloyd Jones, who son Ali, um, had passed away after a, a rare genetic condition. Um, and when he had passed away, the father had actually wanted to do an engraving of Spiderman on his, uh, headstone. Um, he had been a huge fan of Spiderman and actually one of the last trips that they had taken as a family was actually to Disneyland. Um, so that he had, you know, so that the son had a chance to actually meet his hero. Um, and so the father had actually contacted his local a town to see if they could put the engraving on the headstone and the local, um, town, the town, uh, council had actually said, well, you really should contact Walt Disney, Walt Disney Company. And unfortunately, Disney refused, uh, the request claiming that it would ruin the innocence and magic of the company’s famed characters.:
Speaker 6:
A Disney actually sent their condolences, um, and noted that they were honored that they had played a small part in his son’s happiness. Um, Disney actually cited a policy from Walt Disney himself, which said, quote doesn’t, uh, does not permit the use of characters on headstones, cemetery or other memorial markers or funeral urns. Uh, the company did offer the family a, one of a kind illustration of Spiderman, which included a special message to, uh, their son. Um, it prompted an online petition to, you know, to change things. Um, the father also added that on Ali’s last holiday, uh, at Disneyland. He loves Spiderman and brought him all the toys. But now that his son has died, he won’t be spending any more money on Disney stuff because they just don’t care.:
Speaker 5:
Yeah. And, uh, uh, you know, I, I’m not a, uh, as you know, a big fan of Disney, but Disney is totally in the wrong on this one.:
Speaker 6:
No, I think I, I kind:
Speaker 5:
of see there, first of all, spreading out is not a Disney character. Well, no, he’s, he’s more evolved. Yeah. Yeah. There’s no magic around Spiderman. I’m sorry. So this was, this was the wrong decision on Disney’s part. There was absolutely no reason you shouldn’t do this for, for a child who, you know, unfortunately isn’t with us anymore.:
Speaker 6:
No. And I understand that, but I could see wanting to bury your child with a Spiderman toy or a stuffed animal of whatever. But to put it:
Speaker 5:
on a headstone, I just,:
Speaker 6:
you know, it, it’s not for the, the child’s,:
Speaker 5:
no, it’s just a coping mechanism for the parents to bolster. And who the hell are Disney to, to deny them that they’re going to give them a special, a special picture that’s,:
Speaker 6:
no, I see. You know, it would have been, you know, Nice. But it’s been their policy for, you know,:
Speaker 5:
for Disney characters, and I’m okay with this. That’s fine. Right? Spiderman is not a Disney character, but he’s owned by Disney now. So that, I think that’s completely irrelevant to this case because the spirit of their siting of rule that Walt Disney himself came up with, didn’t own Spiderman at the time. So the rule does not apply to characters that didn’t exist at the time. I’m sorry, it just, it’s just another example of Disney doing it wrong. Okay. So anyway, what’s the next thing we can bashed? I mean, what’s the next Disney story?:
Speaker 6:
So the next Disney story, which I’m sure if you’ve been on social media or read the news, was a lovely family argument that happened actually at Disney land in Toontown. So probably one of the most, uh, happiest places, I guess, uh, you know, more kid friendly, kid centric. It’s, you know, where, uh, toddlers and young kids can, can go play. So abroad, bro broke out between family members, so Yay. Happiest place on earth. Um, so there was a fight that broke out and there was a, um, another, uh, visitor to the park that actually took the video of it and posted it. Uh,:
Speaker 5:
now we do have the video, but we’re not gonna play the video because it’s an exceptionally violent of them.:
Speaker 6:
Yeah. So, you know, basically the, the brother hit the sister after somebody spit on somebody else. Um, you know, and, and nobody really wanted to break it up, which I don’t, don’t play the, uh, you know, blame them for, cause, you know, they were kind of, uh, violent, um, you know, basically, you know, the first person attacks the woman and knocks at the ground and then punching and whatever, uh, basically the, the park said that, you know, the parties involved all denied that anything had occurred and you know, they weren’t there to witness it. Uh, the video at the time hadn’t been available to the police. I’m sure by now they, they’ve seen it. Um, so what was really funny was I saw a headline where the family basically denied anything that happened. Like, how do you deny that after, you know, thousands of people have now seen, you know, w w the fools you made yourself, you know, you made of yourself in f, you know, while you were, uh, at the par.:
Speaker 5:
Well, that’s the interesting thing. There was more than one video, right? There was one video that’s, that’s circulated, but there were multiple people that were taking video. Right. Right. And what struck me is the most heinous part of all of this. It took Disney nearly five minutes to get security on site.:
Speaker 6:
Right. And that kind of shocked me because you know, from what I’ve always known now, you know, not only is regular security around, but there’s, you know, from what I always knew, undercover security, you know, and we’ve actually seen them pop into action. Um,:
Speaker 5:
well I had an incident at downtown Disney when we were meeting for the gaming group, right. Where we were approached by four or five individuals from Disney security, right. To uniformed three plain clothes when the one of the individuals who are meeting with, they notice he had a holster on, right. Did have a weapon on, he left a weapon locked up in his car. Right. But, uh, but yeah, I mean, if they can notice that in downtown Disney and Disney springs or whatever it is now, right, right. How can this go on for five minutes and kind of custodian there and the video you see a custodian, Disney cast members show up,:
Speaker 8:
Speaker 5:
Does nothing, which I can’t fault him for that. It’s not his job.:
Speaker 6:
Right, exactly. And that’s probably, they’re probably trained not to.:
Speaker 5:
Right. But interact with something else. Did he call somebody at that point in time? Because it took a full three minutes, three and a half minutes before somebody else showed up at the break up the fight. Right. To the point that you had other guests who just couldn’t stand by anymore. Right. I mean, there’s at one point in time where he’s, he’s punching this woman in the head violently, she falls down. He’s picking her up by her hair and trying to drag her at that point in time. Right. And finally, you know, you had a couple of decent people in the crowd there who, I don’t know how you can sit there and videotape that, right. And not do something about it. Right. But you had several individuals who, you know, stepped up and tried to stop the violence at that point.:
Speaker 6:
Right. And that’s, and that’s more of the, the mentality that you see nowadays is that people are quick to, well, let me just video it. I’m not gonna, you know, get involved. You know, I don’t want a lawsuit happening against me, but let me, let me get it on. You know, ported to see it. Yes.:
Speaker 5:
Is another example of Disney doing it wrong. How can you let a fight like that? Right. Between four or five people go on for five minutes long before security shows up. Now I don’t feel any sense of safety from my family going to a Disney park at this point. If someone can sit there and assault you for five minutes before Disney does anything. Right? Right, right. That’s shameful. Just shameful. So what’s the next one we can bust on?:
Speaker 6:
So another happy Disney news. Now in Florida, on the other side, health officials in Florida have issued a 60 day rabies alert for an area surrounding Disney’s popular. Epcot theme park are urging tourists and residents to avoid any stray dogs or other wildlife.:
Speaker 5:
So hang on, let me stop you there for a second. So I got a laugh out of this. So they advise, advise you to avoid contact with feral cats, stray dogs, wildlife, particularly raccoons, bats, foxes, skunks, otters, bobcat’s and coyotes just in case. Do they need to tell me to stay away from bobcat’s if is that really necessary?:
Speaker 6:
Yes. Just in case, you know.:
Speaker 5:
Oh look, there’s our local bobcat though. You need cat food for exactly. Because that happens all the time.:
Speaker 6:
Well down there, you never know. People have pet gators and others:
Speaker 5:
and stay away from the packs or coyotes. So are these animals actually roaming Disney parks is what I want to know. I don’t know. That’s a good question.:
Speaker 6:
Well, you know, if you do go on splash mountain, you have all the wild animals at the wolf.:
Speaker 5:
And I’m thinking Ra. So even if they don’t have rabies, should you really have bobcats and coyotes on your, on your park property at that point in time?:
Speaker 6:
Well, I may, might not. You know, they, they might be in the wilderness area that they just don’t, you know,:
Speaker 5:
I guess they might. Yeah. But maybe their annual pass holders, you just don’t know. This is great. So when I can go to Disney and get rabies. Awesome.:
Speaker 6:
Yeah. So, and our final, uh, Disney news is opening dates have now been announced for star wars rise of the resistance. So that is the second ride that is in the star wars galaxy’s edge at, uh, addition to the park. Um, so they finally made the announcements. Um, now for California, it was actually supposed to be December 5th, which happens to be Walt Disney’s birthday. A was when rise of the resistance was supposed to be opening in California, but it’s actually going to be the opening day in Hollywood studios in Florida. I’m sure.:
Speaker 5:
Why. What’s the reasoning behind that?:
Speaker 6:
Anything behind it is because the engineers are actually still in Florida now getting the park galaxy’s edge ready in callow in Florida. Um, Galaxy’s edge is actually going to be opening on August 29th down in Florida. Well the engineers are actually just going to stay in Florida and finish up everything there and then go back to California and finish everything there.:
Speaker 5:
Well that makes sense. Cause Disney doesn’t have nearly enough money to fund two engineering teams. Right,:
Speaker 6:
right. I don’t know why they didn’t do that. Uh, but anyway, so on the west coast, it’ll actually open a little over a month later, um, on January 17th.:
Speaker 7:
Speaker 5:
and they had previously announced an earlier date for Scotland one year that they’ve now pushed back as a result of this decision. Right. So instead of going back forth, back and forth, they are going, they went from one to the other and the, and that is how Disney has more money than gone is that they make these money saving decisions like,:
Speaker 6:
right. Absolutely. That’s, that’s why they do that.:
Speaker 5:
Okay. So that’s it for our Disney detective. Shall we move on to our entertainment news or was there more bashing I could do with, no, I think, I think we’re good for that. We’re good for this week. Okay.:
Speaker 7:
Speaker 5:
You’re a wizard Harry.:
Speaker 6:
Yes, you are. Uh, so as we had mentioned, um, we had started playing the wizard zoo night game a couple of weeks ago. We started playing, um, and they had actually made an announcement that they’re going to be doing a Community Day on July 20th. So not a lot of news has come out about it. Um, basically it was posted on there, uh, the wizard’s unite Twitter account, um, basically saying save the date, more information, uh, to come. So again, not really sure what it’s going to entail. Um, but since wizards unite is kind of based off of Pokemon go with the same kind of concept of you go around to various places and find things and, and um, do different things with, with other people. Um, they were basically saying, here’s what it could be basically with, um, Pokemon go from what my understanding is, because again, never played that when they would do their community days, there’d be special limited edition, one of a kind things that you could find or activities to play.:
Speaker 6:
But usually it’s only been for like a three hour period. So island tour basically, so different. Um, people were posting saying, Hey, I hope that it’s not just a three hour thing or I hope it’s going to be something where stuff’s going to be out and about, you know, more available, you know, because there were a lot of people that were saying that still with, um, wizards United, a wizard unite that still people have to actually travel pretty far to find things, you know, things aren’t popping up, you know, all over the place. Uh, you know, like for us, we happen to live in a populated area where we don’t have to drive very far to find it in to, to get more power, do cheat and drive slows.:
Speaker 6:
Right, exactly. So more information. Hopefully it’ll come out. Um, you know, but most of the time, like I said with Pokemon go was a three hour window. Um, so I don’t know if it’s going to be the same thing or if it’ll be kind of an all day event to kind of get out of the, they just had ran for for a couple of days. Yeah. Yeah. But I don’t know if it was, you know, that was an event where they had special things where you could get special powers and stuff. So this might be, it was incredibly frustrating cause those damn unicorns not want to, we were trying so hard to help them. Um, so it’ll be interesting to save because this’ll be the first one and, and uh, so we’ll see what it’s like. All right. And we’re going back to a bedrock it looks like.:
Speaker 6:
Yeah, it looks like, so Elizabeth Banks, um, and her production company are in talks with Warner brothers animation to do a Flintstones series. Uh, so the project is still in early development and it’s kind of just, uh, been described as a primetime animated adult comedy series. Um, which is what the original show was, was actually meant to be. It wasn’t meant to be a kid show. It was kind of a, a honeymooners take off in some respects, but set obviously, you know, prehistoric time and animated. Um, so the Flintstones originally ran for six seasons, um, and over 150 episodes on ABC between 1960 and 1966. The series obviously followed the misadventures of the Stone Age family, which was Fred and Wilma with their daughter pebbles and their family pet dino. And the show obviously had the neighbors of the rebels who were Fred’s best friend, Barney, his friend, best friend Betty and their son, Bam, Bam.:
Speaker 6:
Um, and then Bam, Bam and pebbles as they got older, they got married and they had their own show. So there were obviously various spinoffs. I really, cause I don’t remember seeing man. Really? You never saw that? Oh yeah, I remember that one. They actually had like a teen show and then they actually had a show where they were older. Um, and obviously there have been the various movies that they’ve, which were, which. Yeah. Um, so they’re, you know, they’re, they’re still in talk, so could be interesting to, to see them try and bring that, uh, bring that back. Interesting. Yeah. Um, and our last, uh, news, which, uh, is a little sad. Um, so after our podcast, we had done our podcast last week news came out, um, that Cameron Boyce, um, who was a Disney Channel Star, uh, had passed away at the age of 20.:
Speaker 6:
I’m not a lot of news, had come out as to, uh, what had happened. Um, but more news had come out. Um, and that he had actually had epilepsy and had actually passed away from a seizure, the results in his, in his sleep. Um, so it was very sad. Um, lots of celebrities posting, um, you know, their condolences. Uh, Adam Sandler, he had actually, uh, uh, played his son in grownups one and two. Uh, he, um, had been in descendants, which is, um, Disney’s a made for TV movie, um, where it’s the children of villains and growing up and stuff. Um, so some news that came out, uh, so descendants three, um, is actually going to pre, uh, premiering in August, August 2nd. Um, and they were actually going to have a big red carpet event and Disney actually decided to cancel it in the wake of, um, the, the death of Cameron and actually donate the money to a foundation that he had actually been very involved in, um, very, uh, refreshingly a decent of Disney today.:
Speaker 6:
Oh, definitely. So they had said, um, we’re proud to be a part of Cameron Boyce’s legacy by showcasing his talents on screen, but we are canceling the red carpet premier event of descendants three scheduled for 22nd. And instead the Walt Disney company will make a donation to the thirst project. I’m an organization to which Cameron was deeply committed, um, with permission from the boy’s family. Disney channel will dedicate the telecast of descendants three in his memory. Um, so we thought, you know, I thought that was, that was a very nice move, you know, on their port. Um, you know, and the family is still trying to navigate their way, you know, through all of this. And you know, it was a, it was a decent oh, absolutely. Yeah. And that, and that was the thing we were even talking about it at work was that when the news came out, you know, and he was so young, it was like, please let it not be an overdose, let it not be this, you know, so it was,:
Speaker 5:
and it’s not much more of a relief knowing:
Speaker 6:
it’s not, it’s not, but at least, you know, Disney didn’t, you know, spoil another kid type thing and you know, and still very heart wrenching, you know, cause he was so young and any, it was a good actor. You know, Maddy and I’ve seen various things that, you know, that he was in, you know, he had a promising career. So it was sad that it was cut. So short. Yeah.:
Speaker 5:
Well that will lead us into our, in memorial when we come back.:
Speaker 7:
Speaker 5:
you know, it would be nice one of these weeks to not have to do one of these.:
Speaker 6:
Yeah, it would be,:
Speaker 5:
these are a, it’s brief this week, you know, in addition to Cameron Boyce’s death, we would just report it. We have two others to report on. Um, so let’s get,:
Speaker 6:
well, let’s get to it. So, you know, a little bit of childhood, you know, feeding away. Um, so it was announced, uh, Willy Wonka actress Denise Nickerson, uh, had passed away at age 62. Very, very young. Um, you might not know the name, but you would definitely know her if you saw her. Um, obviously you might not notice her, you know, in her, uh, her older self. But she was a violet Beauregard in the 1971 film, Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. Um, she was the gum snapping, uh, eventually, uh, turning purple, uh, violet, uh, Beauregard as I mentioned. Um, uh, she actually was taken off of life support on Tuesday by her family. Uh, she had actually suffered a major medical emergency at home on Monday, and she was admitted to Colorado Hospitals ICU. Um, she had actually had a severe stroke back in June of 2018.:
Speaker 6:
Um, and at this point her family had said they basically took her off of all of the equipment because nothing was actually helping. It was basically just making her more uncomfortable. And the family said that we were telling her that it’s okay to go. Yeah. Um, they actually had posted on, on Facebook on Wednesday about it. Um, so very sad. Um, but again, at least she’s no longer in pain and that’s okay. That’s true. You know, that, that’s the main thing. Um, and in other sad news, a rip torn, uh, the actor, excuse me, best known for men in Platt, men in black and the Larry Sanders show passed away at age 88, uh, he was an Emmy award winning actor who starred in men in black, the Larry Sanders show of various other movies and TV series, you know, had a career, you know, spanning, you know, decades.:
Speaker 6:
Um, and it was actually the Larry Sanders show that kind of brought him back into the public eye after, you know, being so many, you know, you know, he was always very active but you know, wasn’t as popular. And then obviously men in black, uh, you know, have, uh, help to, to revitalize, uh, as well for the younger, the younger crowd. I’m in a statement to NPR. Uh, his publicist hadn’t released the cause of death, but said that he was at home surrounded by his family in Connecticut. Um, he had a seven decade career, um, with almost 200 credits to his name. So not, not a bad life. Uh, he survived by six children, four grandchildren, his wife and his sister.:
Speaker 5:
That’s an impressive legacy to leave. Yeah.:
Speaker 6:
Yup, sure is.:
Speaker 5:
But fortunately that is all we had in our memorial this week. Yeah. So should we move on to our insightful pitch? Sure.:
Speaker 6:
Let’s do it.:
Speaker 7:
Speaker 5:
all right dear. I turn it over to you.:
Speaker 6:
All right. So I had a hard time this week with my insightful pick because I kind of started watching something on Netflix and I was like, alright, this isn’t so bad. And then when I started to research about it, it was like, wow, this is really kind of bad. I don’t know if I want to do, this is my insightful back. But then I was like, Eh, oh, what the heck? Let’s do it. That’s it. We didn’t, let’s say they were good picks. Just insightful one. This is kind of like, it’s almost like, it’s like car racking. You’ll want to keep watching in a way, like, you know, it’s not real book. Ah, whatever. You kind of just, it’s really more for the entertainment value. So where you always do some sort of historical documentary, rich in history. I kind of went with the Docu drama where it wants to be real, but I think a lot of its names haven’t been changed.:
Speaker 6:
Right, right. So it’s a six part Docu drama, uh, that’s on Netflix called the last SARS. Um, and it basically follows, uh, it’s the story of the last Romanov Emperor Czar Nicholas the second. Um, so they kinda try and do it a little bit like the crown or Victoria, but yet they have interviews with, um, historians. So it, it kind of does the document, the documentary style with clips of historians talking about various things. So, hey, this kind of happened and we speculate this is kind of happened. Um, so for the person who, if you don’t know anything about the Romanovs it might be, and you’re not really like, hey, I want to watch a documentary. This is kind of a, a good segue, but kinda take it with a little bit of grain of salt. Pretend like you watched it on the Internet. Right, exactly.:
Speaker 6:
Um, so it’s funny because I’m on Amazon prime. There was actually a, a series called the Romanovs, a mini series, um, which was basically it centered around people who believed they were related and descendants of the Romanovs. And it was funny because when I saw a, um, a trailer from that, that kind of peaked my interest. And when I watched it, it wasn’t really what I was looking for. I didn’t actually end up finishing the series. So then when I saw the clip for this, I was like, Ooh, maybe this is kind of, you know, cause I was looking for that crown, you know, ask you needed that fix of British accent. Right. And watched the Russian documentary. But none of, nobody has Russian accents really. So that was kind of funny too. So everybody again has, has British accents also. So again, it, it talks about, you know, it’s basically from when, you know, Nicholas comes to power and it will take up until, you know, he, he’s, he’s murdered with his, his family and then it even delves a little bit into the whole Anastasia thing. Um, because there’s, uh, a woman, it kind of starts off with, oh, we think she might be, you know, the last daughter in their defense, there is a lot of surrounding, a:
Speaker 5:
lot of,:
Speaker 6:
oh, the last days of the Roman. Oh absolutely. And it’s a six part series about Natasha and black widow or something came out of that. That’s interesting. So it’s one of those, if you’re not like the like I think you’d watch it and you’d probably cringe. You’d be like, ah, I’ve watched one or two episodes with you. And it’s like, that’s not how that happened. No, you didn’t watch it with me. I’m pretty sure I did. No, I launched one of them with, you know, cause I’ve been watching it while I’m working out. So you were probably watching something else. Something else that you cringed that go, oh, that’s so not, so this is the history show for people that don’t watch history. This is fake history. It’s kind of fake, but it’s not because the people are really old fake news, but old. Right, exactly. So it’s, it’s the people are real. Some of the things are kind of speculative if that’s the way it really happened. You know, a lot of creative license. Yeah. Creative license. But they have, you know, the historical people that are talking about it. So it Kinda makes it seem like it’s okay. Real, you know? Yeah. So again, it’s one of those guilty pleasure shows. Like I might have to watch it just to see how much I cringe at it. Yeah. Yeah. You will.:
Speaker 5:
Okay. Well, well thank you for the big no problem.:
Speaker 7:
Speaker 5:
so my pick this week, uh, should come as no surprise that it’s a documentary.:
Speaker 6:
Oh my God. Is it real?:
Speaker 5:
Actually it is. It’s a bio biographical documentary. It’s a movie called life after flash. Life after flash is a feature documentary that explores the life of Sam Jay Jones since the iconic, before for his iconic performance as Flash Gordon in the 1980 classic of the same name and the aftermath of the young stars clash with one of Hollywood’s biggest legends producer, Dino De Laurentiis. Uh, it’s an inspiring and moving future documentary that celebrates what makes a, that Mike Hodges and during classics so iconic with audiences to this day. And it looks at the real man behind the heroic mask, his successes, his battles, and his ultimate struggle for redemption. Uh, stars, Sam Jones, Melody Anderson, Brian Blessing, uh, Topo, uh, Peter Wingara basically all the stars of the show, they even bring back Brian May from queen the talk about Queens involvement.:
Speaker 6:
Oh, okay. Cause they were the musical partners. Okay. Yeah.:
Speaker 5:
Uh, so there’s a lot of, uh, nostalgia associated with it. They talk about, um, some of the labor disputes that, uh, Sam Jerilyn’s, who was a relative novice at the time when he came in and he was given some bad advice from his representation to sort of hold out. And after the filming was done, um, there was supposed to be a session to go back and do voiceovers for the audio track and everything. And he had held out going back. They had broke for a holiday break. They were filling in your up. He came back to the u s, uh, decided that he was going to hold out for more money based on his recommendation to buy as his management and they basically shut them down and brought in a completely different actor to do the voiceovers for. Oh Wow. So, um, and then it sort of follows his career after that.:
Speaker 5:
And it’s neat cause a lot of his interviews are at a comic con, so they follow him around as he’s setting his booth off and stuff like that. And you know, they talk to his children, they talk to his ex wife and it’s a, it’s a very moving, um, portrayal of how show business how cruel showed business can really be, um, where he was basically blacklisted for a long time. Um, got some acting jobs here and there. Uh, I remember watching him in the 80s in, uh, uh, a dystopian television series called highway man, which I used to love. And then he sort of fell into obscurity and say, I can’t imagine, I can’t remember anything else that he was. Yeah. And then really it sort of fell into obscurity and hit the harsh reality that he had to support his family. And he’s a former marine, so he sort of pivoted on that training and experience and went into private security.:
Speaker 5:
Okay. So he was a personal bodyguard to some high profile individuals, moving people through foreign countries and stuff like that. Um, and it was, he seemed very well suited to his personality. It was something that really picked him up. Um, and that shown through the documentary itself. And then when the movie Ted came out, uh, he was asked by, um, the producer, director of Ted two, and I can’t for the life of me, Seth Macfarlane. Thank you. Uh, he was asked to Cohen basically portray himself in the movie. And it turned out to be a very exaggerated version of himself and stuff like that, just for the purpose of the movie. But that wound up getting him the spotlight. He’s been acting again since then. So that’s good. Very interesting. Behind the scenes look at how the industry works and, and the movers and shakers and what to do, what not to do.:
Speaker 5:
You know, some of the rules behind the game. Right. So it was a very interesting, behind the scenes look at Flash Gordon too. Um, especially the, the interview with Brian May and the talks that he had and, and that queen had with, uh, Dino de Laurentiis during the whole thing where they had basically done the whole soundtrack and Brian May want it to do the, the, the theme song or hero song for it, right. Which everyone recognizes, you know, the original Flash Gordon theme song for the movie. Right. And they debuted it for a dino. He didn’t like it. He’s like, ah, it’s very good, but not for my movie. Right. So then they screened the movie in a private screening with a bunch of other people. they loved it, you know, and it just matched the action perfectly. Right. And the decision was made. So it was kind of a little cool stories like that that were really neat. So we’ll have to go and watch that now. It’s definitely worth a watch. It’s available on now on Amazon prime for streaming. Awesome. So good. Hey, did we have any afterthoughts? I don’t think we did. Do we? I don’t think so. No. Thanks. So I think we had a jam packed week for sure. We did a, I think that’s it for this week on just a gentle reminder stick around. Did you want to plug the face?:
Speaker 6:
Oh, I did a, so I just set up a Facebook page for our podcast. So any of you that are the network for the network? Yes, exactly. So it’s uh, insights into things podcast a on Facebook and there’s a link to our webpage and I will try and remember to, uh, upload links to our weekly podcasts on there. Uh, so like us give us a like, thumbs up.:
Speaker 5:
Yup. And, uh, if you’re not already subscribed, obviously subscribe and again, uh, podcast is available through the website. Uh, both audio, video. We have transcripts and show notes. And I think that is it. Stick around after the, uh, credits for a special treat. Absolutely. All right. We’re out. We are out. Have a good week. Everyone. Take care.:
Speaker 4:
Speaker 6:
Speaker 4:
we run the that’s we found to stay in here. a yes. .:

Show Notes

  • Introduction
    • Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 22 “Rabid Resistance”
    • My Weird by wonderful co-host Michelle Whalen
  • Disney Detective
    • Disney reportedly refuses to allow Spider-Man engraving on tombstone of dead boy who loved superhero
      • Lloyd Jones, the father of Ollie, said he asked the entertainment company to include the superhero on his son’s grave. 
      • The boy suffered from a rare genetic condition for two years before his passing in December.
      • Ollie was given a Spider-Man-themed funeral, as he loved the young hero, and his last vacation before he died was to Disneyland to “meet” him.
      • To honor Ollie’s love of the Marvel superhero, Jones wanted a photo of Spider-Man engraved on his late son’s grave. 
      • He said he asked the local council for permission and was told to contact Walt Disney Company.
      • Disney reportedly refused to allow the boy’s tombstone to feature Spider-Man, claiming that doing so would ruin the “innocence” and “magic” of the company’s famed characters.
      • Disney sent their “sincere condolences” and noted they were honored if they “played a small part in Ollie’s happiness.” 
      • Disney cited a policy from Walt Disney himself which “does not permit the use of characters on headstones, cemetery or other memorial markers or funeral urns.”
      • The company did offer Jones a one-of-a-kind illustration of Spider-Man, which would include a special message for his son.
      • The company’s refusal has prompted the creation of an online petition to force Disney to allow the family to use Spider-Man on Ollie’s grave. 
      • The petition currently sits at over 12,000 signatures.
      • The father added, “Ollie’s last holiday was at Disneyland. He loved Spider-Man and we had bought him all the toys. But now he has died and we won’t be spending any more money, they don’t care.”

    • Family in violent Disneyland brawl claimed fight never happened before video went viral, police say
      • The Anaheim Police Department presented the case to the Orange County prosecutor’s office this week after investigating the wild altercation that was caught on a now-viral video. 
      • The “uncooperative” family involved in Saturday’s fight initially denied their involvement and claimed it actually never happened, according to police.
      • The feuding family was escorted from the theme park after the fight, which took place in the park’s Toontown section. 
      • Footage of the fight shows a man punching a woman repeatedly after she spat on him during an argument with her and another man.
      • The two men are then seen fighting each other before the other man, too, punches a different woman seen in the video. 
      • Before the fight is broken up, the first man again attacks both women, knocking one to the ground and punching her repeatedly while she’s down.
      • Park officials are seen responding to the melee as the footage ends.
      • “The parties involved all denied anything occurred and we were not there to witness it,” the department tweeted on Monday. “The videos that were not available at the moment [now] make things clear and the case has been presented to prosecutors.”
      • “Police believe there is the possibility of felony conduct,” spokesperson Kimberly Edds said.
      • It was not immediately clear what charges were recommended to prosecutors but in a tweet about the brawl, the Anaheim Police Department urged victims of domestic violence to seek assistance.

    • Florida health officials warn of rabies in Disney World’s Epcot theme park
      • Health officials in Florida have issued a 60-day rabies alert for an area surrounding Disney World’s popular Epcot theme park, urging tourists and residents to avoid “stray dogs” and other wildlife.
      • The Florida Department of Health issued the rabies warning for a two mile radius in the area surrounding Interstate 4 and Epcot Center Drive in southwest Orange County after a feral cat in the area tested positive for the disease.
      • Officials advised the public in a statement to avoid contact with “feral cats, stray dogs and all wildlife particularly raccoons, bats, foxes, skunks, otters, bobcats and coyotes.”
      • Multiple resorts and two theme parks are located in the affected area, the New York Post reported.

    • Opening Dates Announced for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
      • It’s official! Disney has released the grand opening dates for the show-stopping Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction!
      • Guests on the East Coast will get to experience the attraction first, as Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance officially opens on Thursday, December 5, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Florida.  (As a reminder, Florida’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land officially opens on August 29 with Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run as its only attraction.
      • The attraction will open on the West Coast just a little over a month later at Disneyland in California on Friday, January 17, 2020.
      • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is slated to be the most state-of-the-art attraction the the Walt Disney Company has ever done. The attraction will blur the lines between fantasy and reality and will put guests in the middle of a climactic battle between the First Order and the Resistance. Guests will be recruited to join Rey and General Organa at a secret base. Along the way, they will be captured by a First Order Star Destroyer. With the help of some heroes of the Resistance, guests break out and must escape the Star Destroyer, protect the secret base, and stay one step ahead of Kylo Ren.
      • Bob Iger, chief executive of Walt Disney Co., had previously promised Disney fans that Rise of the Resistance would open in 2019.
      • Instead, Disney said on its website Thursday that the much-anticipated Rise of the Resistance will open first at the Florida park before the Christmas holiday vacation and then at Disneyland in January, when families will have returned to work and school after the winter break.
      • Disney’s website suggested that the California attraction would open later than the one in Florida because Disney engineers and ride developers can open only one ride at a time.
      • “As soon as work is completed at Walt Disney World, Imagineers will head back to California to complete their mission at Disneyland Resort where Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will open on Friday, Jan. 17,” the post said.
      • Many Disneyland fans expressed frustration on social media over the timing of the opening at the Anaheim park. Meanwhile, fans of Walt Disney World Resort, cheered the news that they will get to visit the new ride first.
      • Disneyland representatives declined to elaborate further on why the second attraction will not be ready to open this year at the park.
      • The announcement comes amid a whirlwind of rumors among Disney followers that the Anaheim park’s opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has failed to draw as many visitors as management expected.
      • To support such assumptions, Disney fans point to social media reports of staff layoffs or a hiring freeze at Galaxy’s Edge, along with announcement that the resort recently lifted the restrictions that kept employees from visiting the park during the busy summer months.
      • A Disney spokeswoman rejected the online rumors, noting that the resort continues to hire employees and said that the resort lifted the blockout dates for employees after it was clear that staff could visit Galaxy’s Edge without exacerbating normal park congestion.
      • “The land is performing better than expected,” said resort spokeswoman Liz Jaeger, adding that crowd management fixes throughout the land have helped ease crowding and improve pedestrian flow. “Guests are loving the immersiveness of the land and interactive experience with our cast members.”

    • Entertainment News
    • On Wednesday, the official Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Twitter account shared that the game’s first Community Day was on its way. While the event date is scheduled for July 20, 2019, the tweet was somewhat cryptic, offering no additional details beyond encouraging players to “stay tuned.”
    • While there’s no way of knowing for certain what the devs have in store, fans of the game have already started discussing their wishlist for the event. Some hope the event will center around increased spawns for severe or emergency Foundables while lowering their flee rates, while others are hoping the event will last more than just a few hours.
    • “Just please be the whole day. I don’t care what it is but missing every event because of work sucks,” said one Redditor.
    • In addition to these pleas, a number of players are also hoping the event will reward the wizarding community the extremely rare restricted books that have so far only been available during special in-game events.
    • We reached out to Niantic for additional details about the first Harry Potter: Wizards Unite community day to see if they’d let us in on any secrets. So far we haven’t gotten any bites, but we’ll be sure to update this post if they do. As Wizards Unite is heavily based on Niantic’s popular Pokemon Go game, we imagine Community Days may function in much the same way. Pokemon Go’s community days have typically been short events that take place within a three-hour window. During these events, players can discover special Pokemon lurking in the wild. Often these Pokemon are rarer offerings such as “Shiny” versions. Successfully capturing community day Pokemon will often yield extra experience and new battle moves. Translating this to Wizards Unite, it’s possible we’ll see things like extended life for Dark Detectors or more difficult and rare Foundables spawning more frequently. As more is learned about the event, we’ll be sure to update this post.

  • New ‘Flintstones’ Series in the Works From Warner Bros. Animation, Elizabeth Banks’ Brownstone Productions (EXCLUSIVE)
    • Warner Bros. Animation and Elizabeth Banks’ Brownstone Productions are teaming up for a new “Flintstones” series, Variety has learned exclusively.
    • The project, which is in early development, is described as a primetime animated adult comedy series based on an original idea featuring characters from “The Flintstones.” The series will be produced by Warner Bros. Animation. No network is currently attached.
    • “The Flintstones” originally ran for six seasons and over 150 episodes on ABC between 1960 and 1966. The series followed the misadventures of the titular modern Stone Age family, comprised of Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, and family pet Dino. The show also heavily featured the Flintstones’ neighbors, the Rubbles — Fred’s best friend Barney, Wilma’s best friend Betty, and their son, Bamm-Bamm.
    • There have been multiple attempts at new versions of the show over the years, including short-lived series like “The New Fred and Barney Show” and “The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show.” There have also been several “Flintstones” TV specials as well as two live-action films. Seth MacFarlane also developed a reboot of the series for Fox back in 2011, but that project ultimately did not go forward.
    • Banks and Brownstone recently re-signed their overall deal with Warner Bros. Television. Banks has been increasingly active as a producer in recent years, setting up multiple projects and pilots across all of the broadcast networks as well as cable channels and streaming platforms. Variety exclusively reported in June that Banks is currently developing a series adaptation of the podcast “Over My Dead Body” for the WarnerMedia streaming service, which was recently christened HBO Max. Banks is also preparing to release a new film version of “Charlie’s Angels,” which she wrote, directed, and executive produced in addition to starring as Bosley. She will also appear in the upcoming FX drama series “Mrs. America.”

Descendants 3 red carpet premiere canceled in wake of Cameron Boyce’s death

    • Disney Channel has canceled the red carpet premiere for their upcoming film Descendants 3, after the death of lead actor Cameron Boyce. Boyce, who portrayed Cruella de Vil’s son Carlos in all three films in the franchise, died suddenly on Saturday at 20 years old.
    • “We’re proud to be part of Cameron Boyce’s legacy by showcasing his talents on screen, but we are canceling the red carpet premiere event for Descendants 3 scheduled for July 22 and instead, The Walt Disney Company will make a donation to the Thirst Project, a philanthropic organization to which Cameron was deeply committed,” Disney Channel said in a statement.
    • “With permission from the Boyce family, Disney Channel will dedicate the telecast of Descendants 3 in Cameron Boyce’s memory.”
    • Boyce’s family confirmed to People that the actor’s “tragic passing was due to a seizure as a result of an ongoing medical condition, and that condition was epilepsy.”
    • The family added, “We are still trying to navigate our way through this extremely heart-wrenching time, and continue to ask for privacy so that the family and all who knew and loved him can grieve his loss and make arrangements for his funeral — which in and of itself, is agonizing.”
    • Fans can watch Boyce in one of his final projects Descendants 3 when it premieres on August 2.

  • In Memorial
    • ‘Willy Wonka’ actress Denise Nickerson dies at 62: family
      • Denise Nickerson, who starred as the gum-snapping Violet Beauregarde in the 1971 film “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,” has died at 62 after being taken off life support Tuesday, her family said.
      • Nickerson suffered a “major medical emergency” at home Monday that caused her to be admitted to a Colorado hospital’s intensive care unit. Nickerson had suffered a severe stroke in June 2018.
      • “They just took off all the equipment. None of it was helping, but making her only more uncomfortable. We’re telling her it’s OK to let go,” her family wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

    • Rip Torn, actor best known for ‘Men in Black’ and ‘The Larry Sanders Show,’ dies at 88
      • Rip Torn, an Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in “Men in Black” and HBO’s “The Larry Sanders Show,” has died, according to his publicist Rick Miramontez. He was 88.
      • In a statement to NPR, Torn’s publicist did not release a cause of death, but said he was at his home surrounded by family in Lakeville, Conn.
      • The actor had a seven-decade career in film, television and theater, with nearly 200 credits to his name.
      • Torn is survived by six children, four grandchildren, his wife, Amy Wright, and sister Patricia Alexander.

    • Insightful Picks
      • Michelle
        • The Last Czars, a six-part docu-drama created for Netflix uses documentary-style clips of historians and dramatized scenes with actors to tell the story of Russia’s last Romanov emperor, Czar Nicholas II.
        • Not like The Crown or Victoria… 
        • Given the fascination with the subject matter, The Last Czars is hardly the only project about Russia’s royal family available to stream right now.
        • For example, Matthew Weiner’s miniseries The Romanoffs, which stars Diane Lane, Christina Hendricks, and Corey Stoll, among others, premiered on Amazon Prime in April of 2018 and centers around people who believe themselves to be the modern-day descendants of the Romanov family. 
        • But unlike Weiner’s project, which was more an exploration of how the Romanovs have been mythologized in modern popular culture, this new series will focus on exactly what happened to the family, and will feature interviews with historians on the subject.
      • Joe
        • Life After Flash
        • Documentary/Biographical film on Amazon Prime
        • LIFE AFTER FLASH is a feature documentary that explores the life of Sam J Jones since his iconic performance as ‘Flash Gordon’ in the 1980 classic of the same name, and the aftermath of the young stars’ clash with one of Hollywood’s biggest legends, producer Dino De Laurentiis.

          LIFE AFTER FLASH is an inspiring and moving feature documentary that celebrates what makes that Mike Hodges enduring classic so iconic with audiences to this day, and looks at the real man behind the heroic mask: his successes, his battles, and his ultimate struggle for redemption. 
  • Starring: Sam J Jones, Melody Anderson, Brian Blessed, Topol, Peter Wyngarde, Brian May, Richard O’Brien, Deep Roy, Howard Blake, Peter Duncan

  • Available now on Amazon Prime