Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 17 “Bells and Whistles”

Today we discuss some of the premium items available from Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s attempts to repopulate the lions of Africa, Goose makes an appearance in the Captain Marvel bonus material. 

In entertainment news we talk about Robert Downey Jr. taking on a real life Tony Stark style initiative, we learn why you never ask a woman if she’s pregnant, then we have some Lucifer news including wedding bells for Tom Ellis as well as Damien McGinty as well.

We’ll wrap up with our Insightful Picks of the Week and some timely after thoughts.  Another great jam packed podcast.

Insights into Entertainment


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Insightful pocket by informative hopes, insights into a podcast network.:
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Yay. Welcome:
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to insights into entertainment, a podcast series, taking a deeper look into entertainment and media. Your hosts, Joseph and Michelle, Waylon, a husband and wife, team of pop culture, phonetics are exploring all things from music and movies to television and fandom.:
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Welcome to insights into entertainment. This is episode 17, bells and whistles. I’m your host Jews of Waylon and my lovely and talented Cohoes Michelle Wayland. Hi everyone. How are we today, Michelle? I am wonderful. How are you, Joe? I am fantastic. Uh, we’ve got a pretty busy show today. We sure do. We’re kind of all over the place. We got a lot to talk about, about a lot of different things today. Uh, in Disney detective, we’ve got, uh, some information on, uh, the most expensive things you can buy at galaxy’s edge because what would a podcast be without galaxy’s edge? Absolutely. Gotta throw something in there. Then we have some, uh, information online. Kings protect the pride campaign. We’ll talk about that. Uh, we have captain marvel bonus material, goose addition to look at male than in our entertainment news. Robert Downey Jr is playing Tony Stark in real life.:
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Now with his effort to clean up the earth, we have outlanders Katrina ballet who was reminding us why you should not ask a woman if she’s pregnant. Very important. Then we move on to some more Lucifer for news, which apparently is another popular, the one that keeps showing up in the show here, right? Uh, some information about a fifth season there as well as some news on Lucifer star Tom Ellis’ marriage, uh, his, his wedding, uh, and also in wedding bells, a Damien McGinty of a Celtic thunder, one of our, one of our preferred, uh, bans, uh, also got married. Then we will sum up with our insightful picks of the week and a couple of after thoughts that are more forethoughts. Then after thoughts, um, you can actually, they won’t be occurring until after the podcast, which is right. Which is very unusual for us because normally we talk about stuff after it’s already happened. So that’s kind of new for, we’re trying a new:
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trend here, new trend this week. So, uh, ready to get into it. Let’s do it.:
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Joe, for Disney detected. So one of, you know, obviously every day there’s something new about galaxy’s edge because it’s, it’s still very new. Um, there’s still obviously doing the reservation system. Things are still kind of very tame there. There’s a lot, a lot of different videos coming out about making your own lightsaber and making your own droid. And um, this one was actually interesting because it was the nine most expensive things that you could buy at galaxy’s edge. And it’s like, no, we’re not even talking about the $75 beer or the $42 cocktail at the Cantina or even the hundred dollar a droid that you can make or the $200 light saber. Nope. That’s all pocket change compared to some of these other items. The cheap, the bottom of the list is a storm trooper helmet starting at $400. Wow. Um, then an imperial tie fighter helmet is for fifth day.:
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Then I’ll set you back, you know, $50 more a. Then they had some jewelry, some a royalty cuffs that we’re going for for 50. There were a couple of different versions. There was a a weave and then a rope kind that were both $450 a then pose x wing helmet was going for $665 Kylo rens helmet was going for seven 50. Then the next is the $200 necklace that is worn as a member of the house of Organa and it’s basically a replica of the necklace, the necklace, one by Princess Leia in the throne, seen the throne room scene at the end of of a new hope. Then, uh, the next most expensive is $6,615 for a first order storm trooper armor full size. And then the most expensive is a $25,000 life size custome r two d two. Ironically enough, none of those things are appealing to me because there’s nothing Darth Vader, Darth Vader, if I could buy a Darth Vader helmet. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. So, but it was kind of interesting and you know, it kind of makes you wonder how many of these things are actually gonna fly off the shelf, you know? Or is it just, Oh, let me just look. And you know, and I’m sure that there’s cheaper versions, you know, the, you know, especially like with how Disney does their artwork, there’s always the $5,000 piece and then there’s:
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the $2,000 and then there’s the 500 and then there’s the $40 right? Yeah. Cheapo of money though. I’d expect to be able to like drive off with the Millennium Falcon or so maybe, maybe you get a fast pass. Yeah. For $6,000 thousand dollars. Yeah.:
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You know, or do you at least get, you know, a, an annual pass or something? Yeah. So that was just a quick little thing that, whew, that was a kind of funny. And then, and it just Kinda, you know, pop:
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kind of funny in a sad, sort of sad sort of way that people have that much money to just, Oh, I wanted a, a full size a storm trooper Shannon. I thought buying a couple of lights here, reserve would have been going over board. Right, exactly. So,:
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yeah, silly you. Um, so another Disney news, Disney announces the Lion King protect the pride campaign. As we all know. Uh, the New Lion King Live action movie is going to be coming out. Um, it’s also the 25th anniversary of the Lion King. Um, so it’s actually a global conservation campaign to where to raise awareness of the crisis facing lions and other wildlife across Africa. So the focus is on protection and revitalization of the lion population. So Disney is lending a hand in support to the wildlife conservation networks. Lion Recovery Fund. Their vision is to double the population of Lions by 2050. So obviously it’s not gonna happen overnight. It’s gonna take some time. But hopefully the idea is to stop poaching and destruction of the habitats. And that’s really what their main focus is. You know, at the start of this, um, Disney has already donated 1.4 million to the lion net, a recovery fund and plans to double that through grants in participation from fans for a local contribution. Of $3 million. Uh, the protect, the pride effort will be the largest single contribution in the 24 year history of the den. Disney conservation fund. The fund has actually already directed $75 million to save wildlife globally. And that’s one of the things when you go to, um, animal kingdom, right? You know that they have all over the place, you know, drop a dollar here, drop a dollar there. You know, obviously they, they’ve, you don’t hear about it as much, but you know, that they’re helping to,:
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hey, check the wildlife. It’s, it’s, I mean, even what they do at animal kingdom there, they’re protecting and healing and so forth. Right. But you look at this and they make really a big deal out of $3 million couple of weeks ago, what were we talking about for [inaudible] salary? $156 million and $3 million to try and save an endangered species. Right? That’s all it takes. You think they could muster a few more bucks?:
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Well, and I’m sure they probably, yeah, for it. You know, and they probably will. I’m, I’m, I’m hoping you never know. It is, it is Disney. Um, and another cute little add on story for the Disney detective is that, uh, earlier this week it was national hug your cat day and to celebrate it, Disney and marvel released a variety of fun images and videos, including everyone’s favorite flirt, skin goose. Um, so they, they came out with this cute little youtube video, which we watched and you know, I started watching, you’re looking, you know, watch. And then we watched it. Then of course, halfway through where we had to bring our daughter and because we worked cat people. So it was just a very cute video, you know, of like behind the scenes stuff and talking about goose and um, the one, there was another article that I read is that hoping that for Captain Marvel Two gooses obviously a a predominant, you know, character that would be, would be very cool. Um, and obviously the whole reason for a lot of this coming out is that on June 11th, Captain Marvel will be available on blue ray. So that was kind of the, the tie in for that. But it was a, it was a cute little video, a little montage of,:
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of our favorite one was tabby cat actually show some of the behind the scenes footage and, and some of the discussions that they had. And there was initially, you know, a brief scene with the goose and the producer said, I need 200% more. We need 200% more goose. So that was, that was cute. I want like 5000% more goose. Yeah. I’m telling you, you said the only engine story they need to remake the cat from outer space. And that is goose goose is the cat from outer space. That would totally work. They’re remaking all the other movies now. That’s a perfect opportunity. Yep.:
Speaker 5:
So let’s, let’s start writing it and submit it so we can get our millions and retire. There you go. Walk for that. So that is it for Disney detectives my dear.:
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Okay. So onto our entertainment news. And the first thing that we have comes to us from ABC News. Robert Downey JR launches a climate change coalition to clean up earth within 10 years. Very Tony Stark of them.:
Speaker 5:
Yeah. And actually that was one of the headlines is that it looks like Tony Stark has really rubbed off on Robert Downey Jr. Um, he announced at a summit in Las Vegas that he is starting up, they climate change coalition to help clean up the world using advanced technology. So it kind of seems like a lot of what Tony Stark and all the, the buzz words and everything that he used to, he’s like, well, wait a second, all of this technology exists. We have nano technology and we have drones, we have robots. Why aren’t we using all this advanced that we have to help clean up the world? So it, it kind of makes sense. So he took the stage, uh, Tuesday at Amazon’s a re Mars, uh, artificial intelligence conference to announce this real life plan, uh, to do just that. So he had various pictures that he had posted a on his Instagram and Twitter talking about the event. They kind of did some something with, with Matt Damon, who he’s very much into cleaning the environment as well. So, you know, so he did wonders on bars totally to it. Um, so they had a, they had a fun play back and forth. Um, you know, but basically he said between robotics and nanotechnology, we could have a clean planet if not totally in 10 years, but pretty much close to it. So it sounds like going in the right direction. You figure he doesn’t have anymore of vendors move.:
Speaker 5:
Right. You’re still going to see ever the answer you, but Oh, I’m sure. But you know, it’s nice to see when, and that’s a thing, like we’ve talked about this in the past that, you know, Robert Downey jr when he took on the mantle of Tony Stark and iron man, his entire personality change. He totally, he raised it between this and what he did for, for different children’s organizations, going to hospitals as Tony Stark and helping to, to deliver, uh, you know, prosthetic parts, you know, arms and legs for, for kids and, and, you know, helping them. It’s, it’s made a difference. And this is just an extension of that. And as nobler calls and is worthy causes. This is, I think the first thing that you need to do is stop destroying the planet before you can actually, you know, we’re seeing too many trends drifting in the opposite direction, especially with our current administration, basically pulling us out of worldwide efforts to curb pollution.:
Speaker 5:
You know, and until that’s taken care of, until you, until you change the trend of world leaders from deliberately destroying the planet, all these efforts that you’re going to have, no matter how much technology you throw up, you’re only going to fix so much because they’re, you know, look at Flint, Michigan, you know, for how long have they been still without clean water. And we’re the most powerful country in the world and this is what we do to our own people. So, so maybe, you know, maybe that’s one of the things he’s he’s looking at is, you know, a quick fix away to, you know, hopefully it’ll help. Hopefully it’ll help. So we also were reminded by helped landers Katrina valve that you should not ask a if she’s pregnant. Why don’t you explain that one? So, uh, there was a story that came up where, um, the Outlander stars were at an event, uh, with, uh, and took a picture with rapper 50 cent who happens to be in one of the shows that’s on the starz network.:
Speaker 5:
And because she looked a little kind of standing off to the side, all these people speculated, oh my God, you must be pregnant. Congratulations. When did, when did you do? And basically she came out and said to all the people who think it’s appropriate to ask, no, I am not pregnant. I’m just having my period and was bloated. So yeah. Thanks for asking. Not really. Not all stomachs or washboards. And basically the article talks about how a woman’s reproductive right is her own. Don’t assume that just because somebody’s stomach isn’t flat or they have a little bit of a bump, that they’re pregnant and she’s not the first actress that has been, you know, asked this and berated by it. Um, even though different than going up to somebody who may look Guinea or Pallor or ball. So how’s the cancer treatment goals? Right, exactly.:
Speaker 5:
You would never think to do that. And here, you know, and of course in, in this day and age in, in the society that we’re in, you know, you have so many people who, who troll others and, and, and maybe they weren’t being mean. Maybe they were, they weren’t trying to be spiteful or just, oh look, she looks pregnant. You know, cause how many actresses you know, are constantly being harassed by Paparazzi and because they’re wearing baggy clothes one day or they look, you know, they’re, they’re not made up as perfect as they should be and everybody assumes they’re sick or they’re pregnant. And, you know, it’s just like, you know, if you work in an office complex in a pregnant employee there people come up and want to touch. You’re stalling. It’s right. Exactly. Touch someone if, right. Would you just go up to any random, right.:
Speaker 5:
Exactly. It, it’s just, you know, again, in this day and age, use common sense, not every person, you know, is common sense isn’t uncommon. Right, exactly. So again, she’s not the first person that’s, it’s happened to. Um, it’s even happened to obviously Megan Markle and Princess Eugenia and Jennifer Aniston and basically any celebrity who either has, you know, never had a child, you know, and then it comes down to the hole. Well, why haven’t you gotten pregnant yet? Why aren’t you, yeah. It’s not a your business, you’re judgmental Jewish grandmother, what are you going to have a kid? Right. I dealt with that for how many years, so, you know. Exactly. So it was just kind of fitting with all of the, you know, issues that women are going through right now with having their body autonomy and other people deciding what to do.:
Speaker 4:
Pardon me? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that phrase before. Really? Oh, you haven’t been to red tent in awhile? I’ll wait. You don’t go to red dead? Yeah. Um, yeah, it’s, you know, so I’m not going to tell you what to do with your body. You’re not going to tell me what to do with my body. So don’t just assume, you know, unless I, I say, Hey, I’m pregnant. Don’t just come out there and, you know, start on the NSC. Other thing, like a lot of times people who are trying to get pregnant sometimes have issues with it. Absolutely. When they do get pregnant, they tend to not announce it until they’re pretty far along and they’re pretty:
Speaker 5:
right. And because of you know, things that that sometimes happen and you know, it can be very painful and you know, so you don’t know what somebody else is going through. Right. And so this, like I said, when I saw this article it was Kinda like, oh yeah, that’s kind of, it hits phones. Yeah. It totally hits home. Yeah. Uh, so as you had mentioned in our intro, some Lucifer News, obviously that was one of my insightful pecs couple of weeks ago, um, because it had been on the Fox network, it got canceled within a month. Netflix picked it up, picked it up for at least one season. Nobody really knew where it was going, but Netflix actually came out and announced that they’re going to do a fifth and final season. And I guess the, the show writers kind of, they were kind of expecting after season three on Fox that that was kind of the end of things.:
Speaker 5:
And they were just very happy when, when Netflix picked them up. So they were able to kind of move the storyline along and even the way that they ended, cause I, I did finally, you know, finish a season four and the way that they kind of finished it, you could have almost been like, all right, that’s how it ends, you know, happy ending ish. Not really. Um, so now it gives them a chance to really finish it how they want to. Um, so obviously the cast was very excited, you know, to, to get the word because they hadn’t really heard anything after the season came out if they were going to be picked up, if it was done. Um, because just because you’re saved by Netflix for once he’s in, doesn’t mean you’re going to be around forever. As we’ve seen with a couple of shows, you know, that, that I’ve enjoyed that, you know, seem to be too wow.:
Speaker 4:
Flicks, ending it in the fifth season just because the story has no place else to go? Or is it a ratings issue?:
Speaker 5:
I don’t think it’s a rating issue. I think it, I think it was more the, the, the writers were like, you know, hey, you know what, we got saved more times than that’s thing like when you get saved after the one time you couldn’t end the show and then you write the next season as though you’re ending the show. Right. There’s only so many times you can end the show season. Even liquid, timeless, you know, that was another favorite of ours where that was in limbo for was like a Zombie debt coming back. And Diana [inaudible].:
Speaker 6:
All right, well we’re not, no, we’re back again. We’re not really sure where we’re going to die.:
Speaker 5:
Okay. Well, and then what would the final was a TV movie they did the TV movies of the final season was just a two hour, you know, wrap up of everything. So yeah. So it, you know, they, they again, they totally believe that the fans had everything to do bringing it back. And so they kind of want to give, you know, give the characters a, a nice sendoff. So I thought that was kind of a, the fourth season was a 10 episode season. Um, season five, they haven’t given an episode count yet, so it could be, you know, 10 could be a little bit more seasoned. Yeah. Television, movies, television movie. But you know, again, they were very excited to, to be able to play the characters all, you know, one last time and in obviously Lucifer Related News, we had talked about Tom Ellis last week about him and his fiance requesting gifts right.:
Speaker 5:
For their wedding to be sent to a donations to be sent to planned parenthood. Well, they actually got married over the weekend. That’s why they’re not doing another season because he got married because he got married. Um, so they’ve been together for a about four years and they tied the knot over the weekend. Um, and on Monday they posted pictures, uh, you know, from the wedding. They were sharing pictures of the gown beforehand and some jewelry and kind of some teasers over the weekend. And what was really sweet was all of the cast was actually at, uh, the wedding. So the cast were posting videos and stuff on social media, you know, from the wedding. So it looked like a really fun time. So the cast was there with their significant other. So it was like, you know, one big, you know, a college reunion, he type thing.:
Speaker 5:
Ellis was actually previously married to an actress who was on east enders. Um, but their marriage actually ended in 2014 and they actually have a three daughters from, uh, from that, that wedding. And that was actually some of the pictures, uh, that Tom had actually shared before though the wedding was, you know, spending time with my girls, you know, before the wedding weekend. So it was kind of awesome. You just have one. So we’re so happy to, happy to hear, uh, about that. Um, and other wedding news, uh, as you had mentioned a Damien McGinty, you might not know who he is. Uh, he did not know who he is. Honey, not everybody is into Celtic vendors. Well, yes. And that, um, so if you don’t know the, the musical group, Celtic Thunder, Damien was actually, you should, maybe that’s what I should and I should have made that should have been your pick of the week.:
Speaker 5:
Celtic thunder, Irish drinking songs. Um, so your on loves it. Yes, she sure does. Um, so Damien actually started out as a, as a singer, as part of the group Celtic Thunder. Um, Kelty hunters, almost like the Irish version of my nude up in a way, obviously not as young. Um, but the, the Rotarians. Yeah, the, the group, uh, you know, there were certain singers that came along and went on to do other things. Um, and then some people came back. So Damien happens to be one who he started out as a kid, right. Um, got a little older and he was actually on, it happens. Uh, he was actually, when glee was on, they actually had a reality show called the glee project, which I was kind of a fan of because I was a very big fan of, of Glee. And he was a contestant on it, which I thought was just kind of funny.:
Speaker 5:
I was like, oh my God, we know who he is. Um, so he actually didn’t win the competition. He was one of the runner ups from it. And what they did with the, the couple of, uh, they actually did with a lot of the cast members from the glee project was they actually got rolls on glee. So he was actually on, on glee for 18 episodes, the one one season as a recurring character. Um, he has a new album out. He just did a tour of the U s a couple of months ago and he’s been engaged to Anna Claire, a Sneed. They started dating in April of 2014 and last weekend they got married in Memphis, Tennessee. So that was a nice little, yes, we’re all Irish people. Gotta get married. Well, she’s originally from there. Yeah. Um, so that is it on our entertainment news. Oh, okay.:
Speaker 7:
Speaker 5:
and to you for your insightful picked here. So since we were talking about, uh, Katrina valve from Outlander, I figured might as well do Outlander. Is My insight full pick. This was actually a show that I kind of found after, I think the first season had already aired. I heard people talking about it and was like, what? What is this show about? So it’s on the starz network, but the first two seasons of Outlander are now available on Netflix. So I’ve actually been going back and rewatching because it’s been a couple of years since, um, since I saw the first two seasons. Um, so, and season five is actually going to, is already starting, um, production right now. So if you get the starz network, you can probably see all four seasons of it. Um, I’m actually behind because we don’t have stars anymore. Um, so I waiting to finally catch up on season four.:
Speaker 5:
Um, so the, the idea of the show is that after serving as a British army nurse in World War II, Claire Randall is enjoying a second honeymoon in Scotland with her husband, frank, who is an officer in the army as well. And looking forward to his career as an Oxford historian. So suddenly Claire is transported to 1743 in some into an mysterious world where her freedom and her life or threatened to survive. She’s forced to marry Jamie Frasier, a strapping Scott’s warrior with a complicated pass and a disarming sense of humor. A passionate relationship ensues. And Claire is caught between two vastly different men into various different lives. Um, it’s actually a book series which I started reading but just couldn’t get into, but that’s just because I have, I have to like really be in the mindset to sit down and read. And because I had already watched the first two seasons, it was kind of hard to go back, kind of spoiled the book for me.:
Speaker 5:
So maybe over the summer all I’ll get back into it. So I think it has 55 episodes total in the four seasons. Um, so each episode is about an hour long. I’m not safe for kids. It’s definitely one that you want to make sure that the kids are not around for, not every episode is, is unsafe, but better to be safe than, than, sorry, a very loving romantic story. Um, you get to see how, you know, Claire falls in love with Jamie, but how she also remembers her husband, you know, and, and kind of goes back and forth between that, pulling at the heartstrings of, you know, but I’m still married to somebody else. He just hasn’t been born yet. How do I get back there? And the inner turmoil. So one of my favorite shows, you know, so it, like I said, it’s, it’s nice to go back and watch it. So if you’ve never watched it before, it is on Netflix. If you have Netflix, you can at least catch up on the first two episodes, first two seasons and hopefully not much longer. The, the next two seasons will show up. Okay, cool. Thank you.:
Speaker 7:
Speaker 5:
so my pick this week, um, we’re going with history again. Entry again.:
Speaker 4:
Never thought that you think, listen, that these, that I’m boring, but I’m really not as boring as I come across a fun guy. This week is a show on national geographic channel. It’s in a first, it’s first season. Uh, that’s about three episodes in right now, about an hour long. And it’s called making a dictator. A growing threat to democracy’s appears in the face of dictatorships. Dictators like Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Augusto Pinochet, and Fidel Castro found their way to power through similar methods. Making a dictator examines the brutal methods and common practices implemented by each dictatorship along with the ways in which they corrupted the countries they claim to improve. What’s interesting about the show as they, each episode breaks down different aspect of dictatorships and they take the concept of a dictatorship and the personality associated with it and they show that it’s rather formulaic. Every, every dictator has these traits from column a column and they go into details and examples of how these traits manifest themselves.:
Speaker 4:
You know, whether it’s seizing power and you can seize power this way and you control the press, are you, you rule by fear or whatever it is. Any take you through step by step in each episode and they show you how various dictators basically employ these tactics and some of them are, I mean obviously the names I mentioned, there’s some pretty brutal tactics are absolutely without even watching the show. I can only imagine. Yeah. What they’re selling without saying it by name or directly mentioning it. There are frightening parallels between the dictators of history and just the ones of the 20th century, the cares of the 20th century and a lot of the government administrations that we see today controlling the press, trying to discredit the press, trying to come up with a, a credible fear that you could have people focus on so you can distract from other things.:
Speaker 4:
See, I don’t know anyone like that. There’s a lot of things that these dictators have done that history knows that they’ve done, that certain politicians today are continuing to do in order to protect or prolong their corrupt government. Right. Um, so it was very educational and the episodes are, are very, I like to call it watchable. You know, it’s one of those things where the, the postulate a theory and then they pull you into it when they give you the facts and the examples and some of these episodes, when, when that is over, it leaves you scratching your head wondering, you know, just what direction the world’s going in today. And, and you know, it’s my hope that obviously other people have learned from history. And it’s my hope that the rest of society can learn from shows like this about our history, where we’ve been, where we’re going so that we don’t repeat it and how to correct our courses. So a national geographic channel, making a dictator, uh, check your local times, local listings for times. Good pick.:
Speaker 7:
Speaker 4:
and last thing we have is some afterthoughts. We have a couple of events that are coming up, only one of which we’re attending. Right. Um, but the other we have attended in the past. The other we have, I’ll let you do Ariana for thought.:
Speaker 5:
Sure. So, uh, the like, like you were mentioning earlier is normally we mentioned things after they’ve actually happen. So unfortunately if you’re listening to our podcast and you hear about it, you’re like, oh, would have been nice if I knew about that week or so ago. So I kind of, you know, thought, hey, these are things that are coming up. Let’s talk about it beforehand. So one that we’re not going to this year, but we have been in the past and I’ve gone many times is wizard World Philadelphia. Um, you just wanted to say that, um, it, it’s your typical comic con op culture, pop culture, conventions, comics. It’s not just comics. There’s usually um, various, uh, entertainment, people from different movies and television shows. There’s usually wrestlers, there’s usually, it always cracks us up. There’s usually always some sort of Philly pop culture person, you know, Tony Luke, you’re like, why are you here?:
Speaker 5:
Yeah. Um, why are you here and not cooking cheese? Where are the cheese steaks? So yeah, that’s something. Um, I’ve been going to wizards a little bit longer than, than you have. Um, I first went when I had a friend who was into comics, like, hey, you want to go? And I was like, all right, I guess so I’m not really sure if I’m into anything. And it was a little bit more calm Mickey in the beginning. Then they got into a lot of gaming stuff. Now there’s a lot of caused play. Um, there’s different panels that you can, you know, go to various different celebrities with photo ops. Um, unfortunately for us it’s kind of, it’s priced out for us. Um, you know, for what we go for and how much they charge. Now for us, we just don’t feel it’s, it’s a reason, you know, shoot,:
Speaker 4:
go for the three or four days that it’s there. It’s difficult to get into any of the panels. Right. I am not a pay for celebrities signature type person. I don’t, celebrities don’t impress me enough to pay money to get them to sign a piece of paper or a fixture. So we don’t do that. Right. Uh, the gaming has been largely removed. We used to go for some of the wizards of the coast stuff that they had there and they had some of the video game manufacturers or that’s sort of petered out. Right. Um, so we go basically to hit the vendors in and buy stuff that you can’t buy it. Yeah.:
Speaker 5:
Right. And that, and that’s obviously something that’s a very big draw for a lot of people. You know, if you’re looking for that hard to find Darth Vader or that hard to find Lego, oh, you know, the chances are you might find it there. Yup. Um, and then there are a lot of people that are into meeting you know, celebrities and getting pictures with them and you know, if that’s your thing, this is definitely a chance, um, you know, for, for you to meet, you know, some of your idols. Right? Yeah. Um, I, I have a couple of friends that they’re very into it, that they look forward to going every year. And then I have other friends who go just because they enjoy dressing up, you know, and doing cause play and seeing all the other characters and things like that. We’ve kind of been staying away from it and doing more of the smaller, like we did the Greater Philadelphia Comic Con, which we really enjoyed that one. And we’re looking forward to that one next year. It’s a much smaller venue. We don’t get as tired walking around and doing it in one day.:
Speaker 4:
This is much more mainstream and it’s not on the seams scale as like a New Yorker.:
Speaker 5:
Right. In New York comic con Diego Comic Con.:
Speaker 4:
It’s not on that scale, but it’s a mainstream one. They do anywhere, I think they’re doing three cities these days are done. The Philly, Chicago and I forget where the third city is, La maybe, I don’t know.:
Speaker 5:
Yeah. And back in the day used to just be the three days, cause we even did the one year we got a three day pass where we, you know, it was just the two of us on, on Friday. Kind of like a a date day and then Saturday and Sunday we, you know, we had the kids with us and obviously if you can afford it and it’s something that you want to do, definitely do the multi day because then you don’t feel like you’re rushing to do things. You can spend a day doing. Um, you can plan out panels, right? You can do the panels and if you do want to see celebrities, you, you know, you’re not standing in line the whole day, just waiting, you know, to see one celebrity. Right. Um, you know, back when our daughter like dressing up, you know, we, we dressed her up and she did the kids costume contest and you know, and, and so that was fun.:
Speaker 5:
The, the one year things just kind of changed over the years. So, you know, I have a friend at work who he goes every year, um, they usually get their tickets around Christmas time because they come out on there a little bit cheaper. Whereas now if you, you wait to get them, honestly, I don’t even know what were they going for? $65, I think. Sure. Yeah. I don’t, I don’t even, cause we kind of made the decision, you know, between parking and tickets for three of us, you know, it just, you know, so when, when his was, so wizards is actually next weekend. So it’s Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th, and it’s at the Philadelphia Convention Center in Philadelphia, in downtown Philly. There’s plenty of parking garages around. It’s right across from um, you know, reading markets. So there’s plenty of places to eat if you happen to be in town and doing other things, you might even want to two blocks away from trying to tell.:
Speaker 5:
Right. Exactly. Um, so if, if it’s something that you’re interested in doing, that’s definitely, uh, something, uh, that’s for you. Okay. Um, and the other thing that is actually happening next Saturday that we are going to, um, is a Raiders of the lost Ark in concert and it’s going to be at the Mann Center, which is in the outskirts of Philadelphia. Um, we actually went and last year they were showing star wars a new hope in concert. Um, and it was really neat because you got to see the movie and they had a full orchestra playing along with the soundtrack.:
Speaker 4:
Amazing. People don’t really appreciate how much the music in these big blockbusters makes the film. And you really understand that when you go and you, you see these musicians are literally playing the entire time of the movie with few exceptions.:
Speaker 5:
Right. And it, and it was funny, like when we saw a new hope, it was, it was kind of funny, like, wow, I didn’t realize how many scenes there were that there weren’t any sort of music, you know, because there were times when all of a sudden they were kind of like, all right. Right. Yeah. Yeah. And then there were other times when the Cantina, we were so hoping for that. Um, so the, they do a couple of, uh, movies throughout the year. Um, they actually had mentioned when we saw a new hope that for this season they were going to be doing empire strikes back, which we have tickets for already, which I believe is in August. Uh, it’s either July or August. I don’t remember the, the hottest part of the seat. Yeah. That’s the thing is if you’ve never been to the man, it’s an outdoor theater.:
Speaker 5:
So it’s really, um, so bring fans. Um, but Raiders of the lost Ark, uh, the symphony, the orchestra that’s actually going to be playing is the, the Redding Symphony Orchestra. Um, I’m sure tickets are still available. They do have a lawn seats, so they’re very reasonable tickets. Yeah, they weren’t that bad. Um, so it’s actually June 15th, next Saturday at 8:00 PM. If you do get there early, they have different food trucks there. Um, I think they let you in two hours before, maybe two or three hours before or after weekend, Savvis had done dinner. Right. They actually have a, an area where you could do like a sit down buffet dinner. We kind of just happened upon that. So we had dinner, but they had other various things, um, available for eating. They had plenty of lawn seats. Now the one thing with the lawn seats, if you’ve ever gone to a, any kind of, uh, outdoor venue that has lawn seats, most of them, uh, it’s, it’s kind of, you know, pitch. So if you’re sitting at the top, you can still kind of see down. What I did notice with the man was that it was a very hilly, yeah. And a lot of times in the lawn seats you can actually really see, but they did have big screen,:
Speaker 4:
right. They had extra screens off the ball because the way they do the concert is the movie’s projected on a screen behind the orchestra. Right? Right. And then the orchestra is in front of the screen when you’re inside the enclosure of the venue. But the, the stadium seating or the, the lawn seating is outside. But outside the venue they do have large screens on that.:
Speaker 5:
Right. So you’re probably, you know, so if you were looking to get lawn seats, just know if you, again, if you’ve never been to the man, cause this was our, our first time and we actually did have seats. So we, you know, we didn’t have to really worry about it. But if you’re sitting, you know, in lawn seats, chances are you’re not going to actually be able to see the Awkward Orchestra from where you are, but it is going to be projected with the movie. And you know, you’ll see, you know, the orchestra and, and hear them as well. So again, that’s a coming up next Saturday.:
Speaker 4:
And, and pro tip, if you do go use the restroom before, before intermission.:
Speaker 5:
Yeah. Unfortunately. Yeah. When, when we, uh, when we went to intermission, we waited pretty much all of inner mission just to use the restroom. So yes. Yep. If you think the intermissions coming, get up and just run. Yup.:
Speaker 4:
Don’t wait. Don’t wait. All right. I think that’s all for this week. That was a busy one. Shore was another great podcast and we’ll be back next week with another one. All right. Have a great one, guys. Take care.:

Show Notes


  • Insights into Entertainment: Episode 17

Disney Detective

  • The 9 most expensive things you can buy in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland
    • We’re not talking about the $75 beer flights or $42 cocktails in Oga’s Cantina. Or even the $100 astromechs at Droid Depot that you assemble yourself. Or the $200 lightsabers at Savi’s Workshop that will run you more than the cost of admission to the Anaheim park.
    • We’re talking big ticket items that will set you back more than a Disneyland annual pass, your monthly house payment or even a new car.
      • $400 Stormtrooper Helmet
      • $450 Imperial TIE Fighter Helmet
      • $450 Royalty Cuff – The golden bracelet worn by Star Wars royalty has floral imprint designs, marbled jade and ruby red gem insets and beaded edges.
      • $450 Oro-Weave Bracelet – The climbing rope bracelet features thin golden strands that coil around the wrist approximately 30 times
      • $665 Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Helmet
      • $750 Kylo Ren Helmet
      • $2,000 Chalcedony Waves Necklace – As a member of the House of Organa, the royal family of Alderaan, Princess Leia wore the silver-plated Chalcedony Waves necklace at the victory celebration at the end of the original 1977 “Star Wars” film.
      • $6,615 First Order Stormtrooper Armor
      • $25,000 Life-Size Custom Astromech Unit
  • Disney Announces The Lion King “Protect the Pride” Campaign
    • A global conservation campaign to raise awareness of the crisis facing lions and other wildlife across Africa
    • Focus on protecting and revitalizing lion population
    • Disney is lending its support to the Wildlife Conservation Network’s Lion Recovery Fund
      • Their vision is to double the lion population by 2050
      • The lion population has been halved since the release of Lion King 25 years ago
      • Poaching and destruction of habitats are the main cause
    • Disney has already donated $1.4 to the LRF and plans to double that through grants and participation from fans for a total contribution of $3 million
    • The Protect the Pride effort will be the largest single contribution in the 24 year history of the Disney Conservation fund
      • The fund has already directed $75 million to save wildlife globally
  • Captain Marvel Bonus Material – Goose Edition
    • Yesterday was #NationalHugYourCatDay! To celebrate this, Disney and Marvel released a variety of fun images and video featuring everyone’s favorite Flerken, Goose! Captain Marvel is now available on Digital HD and arrives on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™, and DVD June 11th.
  • Entertainment News
    • ABC News: Robert Downey Jr. launches climate change coalition to clean up Earth within 10 years
      • It looks like Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) has really rubbed off on Robert Downey Jr.
      • Robert Downey Jr. announced a climate change coalition to clean up the world using advanced technology.
      • If you’re a Marvel and Iron Man fan, you know that Robert Downey Jr.’s character Tony Stark is a genius who’s hell-bent on using technology to save the world.
      • Well, Downey took the stage Tuesday at Amazon’s re:MARS artificial intelligence conference to announce his real-life plan to do just that.
      • Downey posted some short clips and pics from the Las Vegas event on Instagram, writing, “What a #night @amazon #amazon #remars #thankyou #articlegroup #footprintcoalition #2020 #lasvegas.”
      • In one of the clips, his introduction is purposely botched as they announce an Oscar-nominated actor, writer and humanitarian, and then say … Matt Damon.
      • When Downey finally comes out, he says, “I didn’t come all the way to Las Vegas to be humiliated,” as the audience laughs.
      • Downey’s new venture, called the Footprint Coalition, will launch in April 2020
      • “Between robotics and nanotechnology, we could clean up the planet significantly, if not totally, in 10 years,” Downey said, according to the many new outlets in attendance, including Forbes and Variety.
    • Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe just reminded us why it’s never OK to ask if a woman is pregnant
      • When is it OK to ask if a woman is pregnant? It’s a trick question, actually. Because it’s never OK. Speculation as to whether or not a woman is pregnant is insensitive and uncalled for. A woman’s reproductive status is entirely her own business, and there are a myriad of reasons why she might, or might not, have children or even be thinking about having them. And to ask impertinent questions about whether or not a woman is pregnant is reduce a woman to the literal sum of her reproductive parts.
      • That’s what happened to Caitriona Balfe, the star of Outlander this week. The actor was at an event promoting the forthcoming fifth season of the show with her co-star Sam Heughan. After sharing a picture of herself, Heughan and, erm, 50-Cent to Twitter, Balfe says that she was inundated with comments from fans asking if she was pregnant.
      • Balfe responded swiftly with a tweet that perfectly encapsulates the problem with this line of speculation. “To all those who think it’s appropriate to ask,” she wrote, “No, I’m not pregnant. Just having my period and was bloated… So yeah… Thanks for asking. Not really. Not all stomachs are washboards.”
      • Balfe is right, of course. It’s not appropriate to ask whether a woman is pregnant. But it’s also not OK to think that the only non-pregnant stomach is a “washboard” one, as she pointed out. It’s 2019. Surely we can agree on the fact that women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes?
      • She’s not the first person to fall foul of the vicious pregnancy rumour mill. The same treatment has been given to everyone from Meghan Markle to Princess Eugenie and Jennifer Aniston, who perfectly summed up how damaging this line of questioning really is in a blistering essay on the subject.
      • “The sheer amount of resources being spent by press trying to simply uncover whether or not [a celebrity is] pregnant (for the bajillionth time… but who’s counting) points to the perpetuation of this notion that women are somehow incomplete, unsuccessful or unhappy if they’re not married with children.”
  • Lucifer Renewed for Fifth (and Final) Season at Netflix — ‘I’ll See You in Hell!’ Says Tom Ellis to Fans
    • Lucifer shall rise again… one last time. TVLine has learned exclusively that the Fox-turned-Netflix drama has been renewed for a fifth and final season. The show’s fourth season, which was released on May 8, earned an average grade of “A” from TVLine reader
    • Season 5’s episode count is TBA.
    • “We are so incredibly thankful to Netflix for resurrecting our show last season, and now letting us finish the story of Lucifer on our terms,” reads a statement from co-showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich. “Most importantly, we want to thank the fans for their incredible passion and support. The best is yet to come!”
    • When TVLine asked the series bosses last month about the renewal timeline, they indeed hoped to get the good word by early June. As Henderson noted, “The fan support is super-important, and in particular [the first] month is going to be crucial towards whether or not we get a Season 5, because they [at Netflix] are paying attention. So far, the fan support has been amazing — everything you could ask for.”
    • After airing for three seasons on Fox, Lucifer was “rescued” by Netflix just weeks after its cancellation. The 10-episode Season 4 found the titular devil dealing with both a pesky priest and the return of his very first girlfriend, Eve (as in “Adam and”). The finale, without spoiling anything for you inexcusably tardy bingers out there, was both a treat and a taunt for the “DeckerStar” faithful, raising big questions about how the series will move forward from where it left off.
    • The showrunners told TVLine they have known Season 5’s opening sequence “literally since we started Season 4,” with Moldrovich adding: “We also have one other, really fun toy to play with, that we know is going to be a big guiding factor in Season 5, so we’re excited about that, too.”
  • Tom Ellis Marries Meaghan Oppenheimer
    • Over the weekend, Ellis tied the knot with screenwriter Meaghan Oppenheimer, 33, after four years together.
    • On Monday, Ellis posted a wedding pic, writing on Instagram, “My new wife @moppyoppenheimer was a little unsure about my choice of transport for the honeymoon 🤗 thank you to everyone who made our special day so precious #happy #married.”
    • Oppenheimer, who wore a Naeem Khan wedding gown, shared her own photo, writing, “married!!!!!!”
    • Some of Ellis’ “Lucifer” co-stars were in attendance, including Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt, D.B. Woodside, Aimee Garcia, Kevin Alejandro and Rachael Harris.
    • Last month, Tom and Meaghan asked people to make donations to Planned Parenthood in lieu of wedding gifts.
    • Tom was previously married to “EastEnders” actress Tamzin Outhwaite for eight years, but they ended their marriage in 2014.
  • Damian McGinty weds Anna Claire Sneed
    • Damian McGintyis an actor and singer from Derry, Northern Ireland. McGinty has been performing for over a decade, and a member of the group Celtic Thunder for four years starting when he was fourteen.[2] On 21 August 2011, McGinty won the Oxygen reality show The Glee Project, earning him a seven-episode guest-starring role on the hit Fox television show Glee which was later extended to 18 episodes.
    • McGinty announced his engagement to Anna Claire Sneed, on 3 June 2018, via instagram post.[4] The pair have been dating since April 2014.[5] On June 1, 2019, McGinty and Sneed got married in Memphis, Tennessee.
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      • Making a Dictator
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  • After thoughts
    • Wizard World Philadelphia
      • June 13, 14, 15, 16 • Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
    • Raiders of the Lost Ark In Concert
      • with the Reading Symphony Orchestra
      • June 15 – 8:00PM