Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 10 “Recaps and Recycling”

Our tenth consecutive podcast offers some Disney Park’s information and a recap of the key things from Star Wars Celebration in our Disney Detective segment. Then we talk about a few high profile relationship breakups in the entertainment industry, a brief look at a one night revival of a couple of popular 70’s sitcoms and a recap of this past weekend comic book convention. As always we finish up with our Insightful Picks of the Week, with a tie in this week to our comic-con activities.

Insights into Entertainment

Episode Transcript

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Speaker 3:0:28Come to insights into entertainment, a podcast series, taking a deeper look into entertainment and media. Your hosts, Joseph and Michelle, Waylon, a husband and wife, team of pop culture, phonetics are exploring all things from music and movies to television and fandom.

Speaker 4:0:50Welcome to insights and entertainment. This is episode 10, recaps and recycling. I’m your host, Joseph Waylon and my lovely and talented cohost Michelle Waylon. Hi every one. And how are you doing today Michelle? I am fantabulous this our 10th episode. So this is a hen all ready milestone. This is awesome. Our holiday episode, which we’ve gone through painstaking effort to decorate the set for the holiday, thanking our daughter for the help. Yes. So I’m not doing anything that’s holiday themed on the agenda today though. So that’s about it. Yeah. So today we think that it’s a holiday. Exactly, exactly. So today we do have another addition of Disney detective. We will talk about some park related news with some delays and some brides. Uh, there’s a 30th anniversary coming up and uh, we will do a recap of star wars celebration. That was last week and we touched briefly on it. Then we will move on to our entertainment news. We have a couple of celebrity breakups. Uh, we have, um, a recycling of some 70 shows coming up in an interesting twist. And then we’ll have a recap of the comic book, a convention, the regional convention that we went to this past weekend. Um, talk about some of the details of that. Some of the panels we sat in on a and then we will finish up with our insightful picks of the week. Like we usually do. So ready to get into it. I’m ready. Let’s do it.

Speaker 5:2:45Okay.

Speaker 4:2:46Go for Disney detective.

Speaker 6:2:48So one of the, uh, delays that came out, uh, was the new Mickey and Minnie runaway railway ride. Uh, that is, uh, going up in Disney Hollywood studios. It was supposed to be opening, I think it was supposed to open actually later this year. Um, but they actually announced that it will now be delayed until the spring of 2020. I’m in other news, they actually confirmed that the ride was going to be opening in Disney land as well in 2022 which that was kind of new because everybody expected, you know, they don’t always do the same rides in, in both, both coasts. So it was kind of Nice to see, oh, there they are going to put it, um, in, in Disneyland. I didn’t see what they were, if there was something that they were getting rid of

Speaker 4:3:44Ryan since the recycling, the great movie ride. Right. That was,

Speaker 6:3:48that was basically what, um, you know, when the announced at a d 23, I guess it was last year, um, that they were shutting down the great movie ride and that Mickey and Minnie is runaway rail way, was going to be going into, uh, that location then when it was supposed to again be opening the fall of this year. Um, but the delay was announced and pretty much it was expected because of everything going on with, uh, Galaxy’s edge star wars galaxy’s edge and the rise of the resistance attraction. So I guess, you know, they just didn’t have enough people, you know, to, to get everything

Speaker 4:4:29big. They got a lot going on there at one time. One fact rise of the resistance isn’t even going to open when galaxy’s edge is right writing. So that’s in phase two of galaxies. Right, right. So I have a lot of resources tied off on that.

Speaker 6:4:42Yeah. So they’re just going to kind of scatter everything. So, you know, unfortunate for people that we’re looking forward to, to going on that now you have to wait.

Speaker 4:4:53I’m still bitter that they shut down a great movie. I am too. I, it was, you know, it was like, you know, they’ve got more than enough land there. They, there was no reason for them to recycle a ride that everyone loved.

Speaker 6:5:06Right. And I, and I guess maybe part of it also, you know, because at, at the time when the park opened, it was Disney MGM studios. Right. And a good portion of the movies that were featured were MGM related. So when they sort of parted ways with MGM and became Disney Hollywood studios, maybe that was something contractual that

Speaker 4:5:33you’ve lost the great movie ride they did away with a backlog to where, what does Disney studios have? Hollywood studios have anything to do with making movies at this point.

Speaker 6:5:41Right now it’s really become, you have the picks are area where it’s not how they made, right Pixar, it’s that you’re immersed in a Pixar movie. Obviously Galaxy’s edge is going to be, you’re immersed in the star wars, you know, so now it’s more immersing you into film life as opposed to when the original design of the park was to be a working studio. They were doing filming there. The idea was that they don’t do any of that there, you know, anymore. So, you know, it’s kind of changed. But I think, you know, the same thing kind of happened with, with universal as well. You know, universal, you know in California was a working studio is still a working studio, but the theme park is completely different. And when they built universal in Florida, it wasn’t a studio at all. It was just a theme park.

Speaker 6:6:38So the things have changed obviously over 30 years, which is brings us to our, our next topic is that Hollywood studios will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. I’m the official celebration will begin on May 1st, uh, guests will receive a special 30th anniversary guide map and a button to commemorate. Plus there’s also plenty of merchandise that will be available. Uh, of course, of course. Cause there has to be a t shirts, baseball caps, tumblers, special magic bands, ornaments and more. And of course for anybody that’s an annual pass holder, there’s exclusive items that will be available, uh, as well. And then of course they’re going to be doing special food and beverages throughout the park, like Kylo Ren cupcakes and incredible macaroons. Um, there you go.

Speaker 4:7:32You know, they’ll find a way to get to market it and get your money.

Speaker 6:7:35Yeah. Yeah. And then of course at nine, oh 5:00 PM, they will debut the wonder for world of animation projection show, um,

Speaker 4:7:46word on whether or not they’re going to be streaming that live.

Speaker 6:7:49I haven’t heard anything. It’s still early. They, they might, they, they do usually tend to, to stream things. Um, if not the debut of it, maybe a week later they will. So, uh, usually if you go to the Disney blog, a blog, they’ll, they usually have that, but sometimes they don’t announce it until, you know, a couple of days before. So we’ll have to keep a lookout for that. Um, and then they’re going to be doing a special after hours party as well. Um, that tickets will be available for as well. So, you know, pretty, pretty cool stuff coming up, you know, nice that they celebrate their anniversaries. And now I’m going to turn it back to you to give a recap of star wars celebration.

Speaker 4:8:36Well, thank you very much. I’m honored to actually be a part of the Disney detective segment this week. I usually am not. You’re so welcome. Well, that’s what happens when it comes to star wars stuff. I don’t want to, you know, say anything wrong or pronounce somebody’s name wrong. So as we talked about last week, a star wars celebration did happen last weekend. Uh, we had covered part of it with the release of the new trailer. Um, it was out in Chicago. Uh, so I just wanted to go over real quick. Some of the really important key things that came out of obviously the first thing we came out was the, the title of the new movie and the trailer. Uh, episode nine, the rise of Skywalker. Uh, they also took a look at a much anticipated new game coming out from electronic arts. Uh, their respond division called Star Wars Jedi fallen order.

Speaker 4:9:28Uh, this is a first person platforming shooter type of game. Um, the story behind it will be Canon, which is nice at set, um, after, uh, return of the Jedi, but before the rise of the new order, um, I’m sorry, after revenge of the sith and so between revenge of the sith and um, uh, new hope. Okay. So there’s hints that you will see cameos from some very well known characters in the Star Wars universe. Um, the, uh, the footage looks great and none of it was gameplay footage. It was all cut scenes that they did, but it looks like a very interesting, almost like a, um, force on leashed type style. Very much enjoy story. Yeah. So everyone’s very much looking forward to that. And uh, there was hints during the one panel that we’ll see elements of the star wars 1313 game from a couple of years back that had been, uh, uh, canceled, but it was supposed to be like a, a look of the underbelly of, of the capital city of course, son, uh, sort of a gritty version of a star wars game that folks were looking forward to.

Speaker 4:10:44We also saw a first look despite, uh, Disney’s attempts otherwise of the Mandalorian we’re very excited about. Yes, this looks very good. What was disappointing though was as they were streaming the panel, they cut the stream when they put the footage up on the screen. Um, but they didn’t for any of the other panels. It was just for Mandalorian. Um, and John Fabro was hosting the panel who’s the executive producer of the show. He neglected to tell people not to record it beforehand. He came in and sort of wink, wink, nudge, nudge afterwards saying, don’t record any of that stuff after it. So of course that footage reach to the Internet within minutes of the panel. Uh, I did get to see, it looks fantastic. Uh, it’s going to be one of the first, uh, new shows on Disney’s new streaming platform. Disney floss, surprise, surprise.

Speaker 4:11:42We aren’t going to be subscribing for if for no other reason than the mandalorian. Um, they also offered a sneak peek at, uh, the next, which is supposed to be the last season of clone wars. Clone wars was, it came to a close, right around the time that, uh, Lucas had sold Lucas film to Disney. Disney pulled the plug on it and midstream didn’t really give the show a chance to finish up its storyline and, uh, there was a backlash from the fans. Okay. Uh, so much so that they had, they had some footage that wasn’t fully rendered of the stories and they actually released those of like the last three episodes or something of the one season that they had been working on, just based on fan demand. Oh Wow. Okay. So there’s been enough ups swelling from, you know, a grass roots effort that Disney bowel depressure and actually gave Dave Filoni, the executive producer the go ahead to do another season.

Speaker 4:12:50So they’re going to get their final season there, which is nice. Um, but those, those are the four big highlights I think that came out of it. Um, next one will be in Anaheim next year. They’re not skipping a year. That’s what I actually brought to your attention. And you were like, what? Yeah, well I think, I think Disney realize they’re making so much money off of this and they shouldn’t be skipping it, you know? So it’s a, it’s a Disney thing. I’m sure. I don’t think so, but okay. So that’s it for our Disney detective, this room.

Speaker 5:13:24Okay.

Speaker 4:13:25So entertainment news this week we have a couple of celebrity breakups that are happening, which I will let you talk about my dear. So

Speaker 6:13:35obviously one that we’re actually both shocked, you know, people first is Adele and her husband have decided to separate the statement came out from Adele’s representative. That’s a stated. Simply Adele and her partner have separated. They are committed to raising their son together lovingly. And as always they ask for privacy. There will be no further comment. Uh, the two have actually been involved involved since 2011. Um, but really didn’t talk about their, their relationship basically kept it private for the most time. Uh, for most of it, uh, they welcomed their first child in 2012. Uh, they were rumored to have gotten married in 2017 but never confirmed when they officially got married. Um, so anybody that is a fan of Adele knows that most of her songs from previous albums were all about breakups and past boyfriends were her, her latest album was of a different mood, uh, was much more loving. There were songs related to her, her son and obviously her boyfriend slash husband at the time. So, um, so her next album should be, it should be interesting to say the say the least if she goes back to the, uh, the breakup.

Speaker 7:15:03Yeah. And I have to say, I don’t know how she manages to keep such a low profile and keep such a private life being a celebrity, like she is. Yeah. But you know, people didn’t even know that she was married, that she had gotten married, have, you know, there were people who saw, well she has showed up at the Grammy’s with a wedding ring on. I mean, you know, there was no official announcement. I think she’s, she’s been one that’s always kept a low profile in general. You know, she, you know, I think just the fact that she can do that, I think in today’s Day and age amazes me. And I think too, you know, for the most part, she lives

Speaker 6:15:44in the UK, you know, and over there things are a lot different. You know, she’s not part of the Hollywood hubbub as much, you know, she would come here when she needed to, but for the most part, you know, stays there and, and, and leaves everything, you know. Right there. Um, one of the other breakups, which when I mentioned it to you, you had no who these people are. And that’s totally okay. The cultural swine. Alright. Uh, so Anna camp and Skyler Austin, um, they were, they actually met wall filming, uh, pitch perfect one. Um, uh, and a campus 36. Austin, um, Skyler is Skyler. Austin is 31. Um, she was actually previously married. Um, so this was her second marriage, his first. Um, and they basically announced on social media that after two years of marriage, they were, they were separating, um, they, I guess it was about a month ago, they actually put their house up on the market.

Speaker 6:16:51Nobody really knew, you know, saw it as, as suspicion and basically, you know, they came out with a statement saying that we can confirm that we have decided to separate the decision was made mutually and amicably. Um, and again, we asked for privacy as we navigate through this transition. Um, both had kind of been away from social media. They had unfriended each other on Instagram. Um, it’s, it’s, it’s the way of the world now. Social media, so, right, exactly. Um, and, uh, you know, but recently they’ve both posted, um, she posted a picture of their dog and he actually posted a picture. He was at a Passover Seder the other night. Um, so they’re starting to, to come back on to social media, but again, um, they are separating as well. So that was kind, um, sad news to hear about both of the couples breaking up so

Speaker 4:17:56well. And you know, being in a relationship, being in a marriage is difficult on their normal circle. Yeah.

Speaker 6:18:02Oh, absolutely. And I’m sure being in the entertainment business and you know, you know, working different, you know, locations, you know, taking time away, you know, from the family and you know, thing things happen.

Speaker 4:18:18Yeah. I mean, under normal circumstances it’s difficult under the certain circumstances of being a celebrity, I have to imagine that there are additional pressures that weighed on that tend to make it difficult. Yeah. So anyway, we shouldn’t invest. Everything works out. Yup. Uh, so the next thing that we had was a kind of a nostalgic throwback here. Um, Norman Lear and Jimmy Kimmel are actually coming back with a special night of a live version of all in the family and the Jeffersons. A one night only woody Harrelson and Marissa toe. Maybe we’ll play Archie and Edith, Jamie Foxx and Wanda Sykes. We’ll pay it, play George and Louise Jefferson. Uh, there’ll be appearances by Ellie Kemper just and Macado little feral on a bunch of others that are still to be announced. Um, it, this is almost a prove them wrong type of asset here. Norman Lear came out with a statement saying a quote, people say these two shows were meant for the 70s or would not work today. We disagree with them and are here to prove with the great cast to pick thing all in the family and the Jeffersons. The timeliness of human nature. The 90 minutes special doesn’t currently have an air date yet, but it’s slated for sometime next month. Um, and I have to say in today’s culture, it’s going to be a challenge to capture what the spirit of those shows were and not invite too much controversy.

Speaker 6:19:56Mm. It, it should be interesting to, to see, because obviously all in the family had a very different feel to it then say the Jeffersons. Right. In some respects where, you know, everybody knows Archie bunker, you know, he meant well, but he was, he was a race thing is

Speaker 4:20:19presented a segment of the population that given the current presidential administration clearly still exists.

Speaker 6:20:27Absolutely. And even maybe more so now then, then ever before. So, um, so it’ll be interesting to see their, their take on it, their spin on it, how, you know, how they, they bring that, you know, to light, um, where the, you know, the Jeffersons, you know, back then, you know, he was, George Jefferson was a, a successful black man in the 70s and that was very, you know, uncalled, you know, very unusual for the time, you know, living, you know, in a high rise apartment and, and whatnot. And having, you know, a, a neighbor that was mixed race, you know, that was so taboo, where now it’s, you know, you don’t even think about it. You don’t even, you know, to even say that there’s somebody who’s mixed race, you know, a mixed race marriage is almost insulting because it’s just a marriage. It’s two people that love each other, that, that got married, who cares the color of their skin or you know, their, their religions or, or whatnot. So it’ll be interesting to see how, how it plays out.

Speaker 4:21:36Yeah. I mean, in the 70s, both shows themselves were groundbreaking. Uh, they were controversial. Uh, even, even some of the stuff that they dealt with on all in the family back then was headline generating controversial type stuff. Um, and they were pushing the boundaries of social norms back then. They weren’t afraid to, to point out the white elephant in the room. There. They, they drew a very clear line between what America saw as, as wholesome television and what reality was and society. Uh, and they, they, they poured in the spotlight on it. Oh yeah. And it made a lot of people question themselves. Um, so this is only a one time special here, but, uh, I’m curious how it’s going to play out. I’m curious, the reaction that it’s going to get from the audience should be interesting to say. So the next thing that we had was actually a recap from a comic book convention that we went to this weekend. We went to the Greater Philadelphia Comic Con, uh, held out the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in oaks, Pennsylvania. It ran from Saturday the 12th through Sunday, the 14th, Friday the 12th, Friday the 12th through Sunday the 14th, sorry. I was, you know, there’s a lot of time travel happening at the convention, so various tortoises and time lords and whatnot. So there were a ton of panels, discussions and workshops that were there. They had more photo ops and I had expected, I was really surprised at the turnout that they had for us,

Speaker 6:23:19was the first time that we had been planning to go to this one for a couple of years. Now it’s, it’s usually always held the same time of year. Um, but again, for the past couple of years we’ve either been away on vacation, just coming back from vacation, getting ready to go away. And it was just kinda like, Eh, we’ll get there, we’ll get there. And as it happened last weekend, we really didn’t have any plans and it was like, Hey, let’s

Speaker 7:23:46finally go to this one and check it out and see what it’s like. And I think we were both, you know, very impressed with it. Um, it kind of helped that one of the panels that was going on, um, on Sunday, which is when we went, was one that we were both very interested in attending. Normally we don’t do the panels at some of the comic cons just because of the grand scale of some of the comic cons and the fact that, you know, you’re waiting hours and hours to even get into a panel and you don’t get to enjoy, you know, the rest of the convention. But this was a nice size. It wasn’t too big. It wasn’t too small, you know? Um, very goldilocks ish. Um, you know, it was just right. And it happened to be a panel we were both interested in seeing and we didn’t need a ticket to get in.

Speaker 7:24:37You know, we, we were kind of surprised actually. We got there a little early and we were like, oh, we can, we can sit it on the panel. That’s right before. Oh, okay. Um, so it was a, it was a good one. I think we will, we’ll definitely be going to, going back to that one again, what I really liked about it was it was very well balanced. So you had, they touched on everything that you want and a convention. So you had a dedicated area for caused clay and costuming groups. They did the cosplay costume contest. You have artist alley. That’s why I think that’s probably what blew me away more than anything was that when you’ve walked into the convention center, you started at artist’s alley. They didn’t buried in the back. When I’m in the shop, these guys were the highlight of the show.

Speaker 7:25:26Basically. This was the premiere walk in and see them first and go through that and I think that was a credit to them. You had a number of vendors there. You had a Gamey element there with a gaming tournament. They did some Dragon Ball, Z submerged card, super smash brothers and so forth. Um, and they were, they were pricing you out. So, you know, it was, I think it was a $5 buy in to play and they were pricing out based on what they collected. So they weren’t profiting off of the prizes using the prices to pay off to the winners, which was really cool. Um, they had a ton of guests there. I mean they had Alice Cooper, they had Edward James Almost Michael Horn from a Battlestar Galactica. Um, they had I Zombie representative, Rosa Macgyver, Malcolm Goodwin, a dingle bungs. Your was there a Jake Busey from starship troopers. Um, then you had star trek was represented deep space nine. You had Michael Dorn, a visitor, Jeffery combs. Um, you had star trek discovery with Anson Mount, which we call the tail end of his panel. That was very cool. Um, and then the panel that we sat in on that I was really,

Speaker 4:26:44we were really interested in seeing was the expanse panel. You had Carragee Frankie Adams, uh, Dominique tripper and Kaz an bar from the experience there. Um, so that was the panel that we sat in on a for the whole panel. Right, right. And what I really thought was interesting, now I’m no spoiler here, my pick of the week is

Speaker 6:27:08francel talks about it in more details, but the panel itself,

Speaker 4:27:13I thought it was interesting because they talked less about the panel and the characters and more about the message that the show is trying to portray and that of being all inclusive, you know, regardless of race, religion, creed, whatever. Um, and the fact that the show itself is allowing the, the actors and the writers to do that. Yeah.

Speaker 6:27:38Right. And to represent how they want to represent. Right. They’re not doing the cookie cutter, the blonde blue eyed actress to play the role. The, it’s very uh, a very unique cast, a very melting pot and a very female strong female Larry. Yes. Yeah. And it’s funny because I never really thought about it watching it that how female, you know, oriented until like, you know, cause I just saw it as hey this is a really good show. And then sitting back, oh, oh yeah. Wow. That she is, she’s the one. Oh Wow. Like all these, you know, the female leads the, that take part of it,

Speaker 4:28:21you know, being the parents of a 12 year old daughter, it’s very important to see things out there that are empowering to her, you know, for her to see that, you know, you can be what you want to be, you know, don’t let stereotypes hold you down. Don’t let people tell you who you are or what you can do. Right. Um, and that’s really what the message of the panel was. At least my takeaway was, oh, definitely. You know, it was, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is. It doesn’t matter where you come from. You can be anything you want to be. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. Right. You know, don’t live by other people’s rules. Make your own rules if the rules aren’t fair. Absolutely. So that it was a great panel, a great show. Um, I’d love to go back again next year. They have it every year. Uh, I don’t know how many years they’ve had,

Speaker 6:29:11I don’t know how long they’ve had it, but it’s, it’s been quite, you know, quite a few years and it’s usually that first or that second week, you know, in April timeframe. So

Speaker 4:29:21great show. I was glad we, we made it this year. Yeah. So it is time for our insightful picks of the week.

Speaker 6:29:33Well ha ha ha. And as always, I defer to you my dear. I thank you. My Love. I’m, so this is one been a favorite of ours, um, since the beginning actually, I think I started watching it without you deny the first couple of procedures and I was like, Hey, you know, you’re going to want to watch this and then you’re really gonna Watch it. Um, so I’m talking about the Orval, um, which is a science fiction comedy drama series created by and starring Seth Macfarlane. Um, he stars as Ed Mercer, an officer in the planetary unions line of exploratory space vessels, um, after his career takes a downfall following the divorce he’s given ownership of, or he’s given the ship, the Orville to be his first command. Only to discover that his ex wife has been assigned as his first officer. Um, it’s inspired by several sources, which, you know, if you’re a fan of any other Scifi fantasy show, um, including like star trek or twilight zone, you can definitely see some of the parallels.

Speaker 6:30:43Um, so the series tells the story of Mercer is a ex wife bracing and the crew of the Orville as they embark on various diplomatic and exploratory missions. Um, the show is, uh, airs on Fox. Uh, the season finale is actually this coming Thursday. Um, there’s been two seasons, so you can obviously find it, um, online to, to stream it if you’ve missed any of it. Um, it’s, it’s definitely a throwback to the old star track in some respects. Um, a lot of the first couple of episodes we’re dealing with the, the different, um, crew members and their races and the different lifestyles that they, that they had to deal with. You know, where the, the one, um, the one character came from a very, the, the, uh, I can’t remember what her, her race was, but, um, very intellectual. So the fact that she was part of, you know, a union officer was like totally against what her parents ever wanted.

Speaker 6:31:55Um, you know, and then you have boardus who was a mock Lynn and it’s an all male race. But as you find out, you know, through some of the episodes, not every Macklin that’s born is actually mail that they ended up having surgery to become male. And you know, you can see some parallels within our own, you know, society now of what’s right and what’s wrong and, and, and whatnot. And, um, you know, some of the episodes are really funny and some of them kind of get you in and really make you think. And I kind of like that. You never know what you’re going to get when you’re watching an episode there. You know, there’s always little bit of comedy because, you know, macfarlane is known for that, but yet there’s always that serious, you know, undertone.

Speaker 4:32:47Yeah. Model. Every episode is about one of the crew members having to go pee for the first time.

Speaker 6:32:54That was one of the episodes. I was one of the episodes, you know, there were some where we’re saying they’re going really that, when was this episode about, you know, but then, you know, there have been coal off the rails once in a while. Every now and then the Vic. It’s a good cast. It is. It’s a very good cast. It’s a good mix. We were kind of sad when the, the one cast member from the first season, um, she left the show. I don’t know why it was that she left, but the, the uh, character that came in to replace her kind of a perfect fit. Everybody kind of, you know, I’m making a little, the departure tastefully, it wasn’t, yeah, exactly what peer get killed off. Right. So she decided she needed to go back home and be with her family and yeah. Yeah, yeah. Definitely a good show. I’m going to SPEC.

Speaker 5:33:52Okay.

Speaker 4:33:54So when it was previously mentioned, my insightful pick of the week is the expanse. So shot, we will stick with the Scifi theme here. Uh, this is a television series based on the books by James s a uh, of rich. I’m about midway through a, there’s a lot of, um, uh, the first three seasons were produced an aired by Saifai. They’re currently available for streaming on Amazon prime sign. I did cancel the show in 2018. Uh, but apparently jumped basis was a huge fan of the show and decided that he was going to pick it up and produce it for Amazon prime. It must be nice. Yeah. You know. Anyway. Um,

Speaker 6:34:36but no, it works out well because it had, you know, a lot of, uh, had a good following. So a lot of people are happy about that.

Speaker 4:34:44Um, production wrapped on season four under Amazon in early February. Um, we’re expecting a release date and uh, sometime in 2019, uh, guesses are probably sometime in the summer. June or July, 2019. Right, right. So the show has been described as a game of Thrones and space. Uh, not watching game of Thrones. I can’t really see

Speaker 6:35:09rather than kind of see from, from what I know, obviously of game of Thrones, since I don’t, I don’t watch it either, but I could kind of see that.

Speaker 4:35:17So it’s an epic space adventure noted for its realism. That’s the one thing that really turned me on was that, you know, it’s, it’s set in the future but not far enough in the future that we have fantastical technologies to travel faster than light or anything like that. Um, they haven’t even mastered gravity at this point in time. So one of the interesting that you have is during space flight in the show, they don’t have artificial gravity. So the only time you have the perception of gravity is either using magnetic boots to sticky to the deck or if the ship is under thrust. And there’ve been a couple of episodes where the, there’ve been combat scenes and you’ve seen the effects of having things that aren’t properly secured in a zero g environment when you’re in combat. You know, and I remember when you were first watching the show, that was one of the big positives that you, that you liked about the show was that it wasn’t this fake future.

Speaker 4:36:17They were taking a lot of scientific isms and you know, and using it and you, you enjoyed that. Yeah, they do. They do a very good job keeping things as scientifically accurate as possible while still, you know, moving the plot along. Um, you know, there’s, there’s certain science fiction elements could as a science fiction show, but, uh, they’re, they’re generally faithful to the realism of fact that they’re going for in it. Uh, it’s a diverse group of talent like we talked about before. Um, what’s interesting though is you, while you have racially diverse crew, there’s nothing that’s talked about when it comes to race. Uh, you have free factions in the show. You have earth, you have Mars, which was colonized by earth. And then you have the belters who were really the underdogs in the show. And the belters are, are basically, um, oppressed individuals who, you know, we expand it to the asteroid belt for resources at some point in time as a corporation, corporate type event.

Speaker 4:37:27And people who wound up living out there and they stayed out there and they stayed in their own society. And, and while they’re fighting for equal rights, they’re fighting for basic survivability. You know, the corporation turn off their air if they don’t work or produce enough, they don’t provide the water forum and stuff like that. So, so are basic human needs, that term that make them the underdog versus everyone else. And uh, there’s an anti big anti corporation feel through the whole series itself. Um, it’s one of the best Scifi shows I think I’ve ever watched from an just an overall standpoint. Um, as I said, I’m a fan of the books and the television series, uh, to the credit of the producers remains very faithful to the books, which is under normal circumstances is very difficult to do. Um, producers tend to be much, you have a very abbreviated amount of time to tell a story that, that a series of books as telling. Uh, so you’re very, you’re often very tempted to

Speaker 7:38:36trim that down and alter the story a lot to fit into the amount of time that you have. Um, and they don’t do that. You know, they’ve turned to seasons into the first book, which was, which was done fantastically. And that was actually something that they did briefly touch on in the panel was that the producers went against Psi Phi and a lot of the PSI Phi wanted it to be more cookie cutter and they said, no, we want to keep it more like the book. And that, that’s one of the things that they’re kind of excited about going to Amazon now because now you don’t have to worry about the commercial breaks. You don’t have to worry about fitting into that 42 or 45 minute per episode. If you want an episode that’s you know, 60 minutes, you can do an episode that 60 minutes.

Speaker 7:39:31If something’s only 30 minutes, it’s only 30 minutes and that now they can actually be a little bit more truer to the books then they were allowed to be in the past. Yeah, and they’re, they don’t have the same constraints that they have, but even with the constraints at CFA put on them, they were still able to maintain the spirit of the books. Yeah. So I recommend it’s this fourth season is going to be coming out soon. I recommend catching up in the first three seasons, which you can do from Amazon prime. And, um, and that’s a great show and I think that’s all we had this week. I think that is, we’ll be back next week with another great podcast. Uh, anything to say in closing, dear, have a great weekend. Have a great week, and we’ll catch everybody next week. All right. Thanks a lot. And we’re out.