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Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 132 “The Year In Review”

This week we mix things up a bit. Instead of doing our news articles of the week we’re going to take a look back and reflect on some of the big news articles of the year in each of our respective categories. Then we’ll finish up with a recap of our trip to Maryland for Ocean City Comic Con along with some footage of the show before we end with our afterthoughts.

Insights into Entertainment

Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 81 “Walking Dead or Dead Man Walking”

In our Disney Detective, Disney World & Rivals shift into Survival Mode & An Old Favorite at Hollywood Studios might be gone for good.

Then in our Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy, ‘OBI-WAN KENOBI Star Ewan McGregor On The Legacy Of The Prequels And Excitement For The Disney+ Series & Daisy Ridley Said They Were “Toying” With Rey Being Someone Else’s Granddaughter

And for our Entertainment News, NYCC 2020 Spotlight on ‘Doctor Who’ Plus a First Look at New Series ‘The Watch’ & ‘Walking Dead’ is coming to an End.

And then we’ll finish up with our Insightful Picks of the week….

Insights into Entertainment

Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 77 “A New Hope for the Holidays”

This week’s Disney Detective segment takes a look at a new animation school Disney will be embarking on that builds upon Walt Disney’s legacy with the hope of producing the talented animators of tomorrow at the Promise Youth Animation Academy. Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy introduces us to a new Star Wars Holiday Special, this one done in the style of Lego’s that draws on some of the concepts of the original cult classic 1977 Star Wars Holiday Special.

In Entertainment news we learn that Flash Gordon’s Brian Blessed discovered a fan of his 1980 campy sci-fi film in an unexpected person. Quentin Tarantino has thoughts on what the next Star Trek movie should be and the original series episode it draws inspiration from. We’ll also look at how New York Comic Con will continue it’s story legacy in a similar way to other popular comic book conventions during the COVID-19 lock down.

Finally we’ll finish off with two great Insightful Picks of the week. One a second season recommendation that’s already appeared on the show and the other a pop-culture documentary that no geek should miss.

Insights into Entertainment

Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 67 “Facemasks, Bonuses and Baby Yoda”

As Disney readies to open it’s parks there is controversy swelling around the use of facemasks. Disney heir and grandson of Walt Disney is the latest family member to come out against the corporate giants policies on paying bonuses to management during a massive furlough of it’s employees. George Lucas talks about a little known link between Yoda of Empire Strikes Back and Baby Yoda of The Mandalorian.

Universal Studios announces it will be the first mega theme park to open in the Orlando Florida area, testing the waters and setting a precedent for others to follow. John Krasinski’s supposedly home grown news show sells out to ViacomCBS after an apparent heated bidding war. Some of our favorite conventions announce the show must go on but with delayed dates plus our Insightful Picks of the Week.

Insights into Entertainment

Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 56 "Making Hollywood Magical"

With the opening of the new Mickie and Minnie ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studios we take a look at the history of what was once considered the sleepiest theme park in Disney’s collection. We’l explore how this “half day” park has been transformed into a premier destination attraction in just the last few years. From Toy Story Land to Star War’s: Galaxy’s Edge we’ll explore how Hollywood Studio’s has once again reinvented itself.

Star Wars Insights will take a quick look at a romantic proposal in Disneyland’s Galaxy Edge. A rainbow sea of iconic lightsabers lit the way for a special couple to share their love and passion for the Star Wars universe and for each other, culminating in a marriage proposal for the ages. It’s truly a sight to see and we’ve got the video for your convenience.

The Coronavirus infects our Entertainment News segment this week forcing the cancellation or postponement of several iconic entertainment related events. We take a look at how this world wide outbreak is effecting the entertainment industry in ways no one thought it would and we explore what the future impact on the entertainment industry might be.

We’ll finish up with our Insightful Picks of the Week, a quickly look at some upcoming events and close the show out with a fantastic performance by a friend of the show Dan Fooks.

Insights into Entertainment

Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 25 “San Diego Comic-Con Special”

In our first event special we take a look at the flood of news that emerged from the 50th annual San Diego Comic Con. Marvel and Disney dominated with the roll out of long awaited details on Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We see how closely tied some of what we’ll be seeing in the cinema will be tied to Disney’s new subscription service Disney+. Then we look at the winners and losers to emerge from the mega-pop culture phenomenon of SDCC. We also steer you in the right directly to find information on things that even this special edition podcast couldn’t cover.