Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 9 “A MARVELous Night in Philly”

Michelle and Joe take a look at a few new trailers from Disney, including the new Star Wars: Episode XI “The Rise of Skywalker” and the new “live action” Lion King.  We delve into this weeks Disney news and entertainment news and give a behind the scenes look at the new Marvel: Universe of Heroes traveling exhibit that’s currently at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  As always we finish up the show with our insightful picks, this week with a special Star Wars twist.  Don’t miss all the fun and excitement in this week’s episode.

Episode Transcript

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Speaker 4:0:51Welcome to insights in entertainment. This is episode nine, a marvelous night in Philly. I’m your host, Joseph Raelynn. I’m here with my lovely cohost, Michelle Waylon. Hi everyone. How are you doing today, Michelle? I’m doing a marvelous, marvelous, fabulous. Now I checked me, I happened to notice you have a star wars shirt on. I, I happen to have a star wars shirt. Wow. How’d that happen? Um, and, and this will, uh, I think playing a few of the topics that we’ll be talking about today, just a little bit. Uh, so we’ll have just a quick rundown here. We’ve got our Disney to detective segment that we’ve got a few interesting Disney, uh, pieces of news to talk about. We’ve got a few trailers, some news on Disney parks, some Disney streaming. And then we’ll, we, we will move into our, let’s see, I’m so excited for the topics today. I just turned you talks. You want to get into it. For Entertainment News, we have a, a breakdown of a, an event that we attended last night that was a members only, um, opening of an exhibit that we had a fantastic time map. We have some walking dead news and uh, some reminders of Princess Diana’s death unfortunately. And then as always, we will, uh, wrap up with our insightful picks of the week. So let’s get right into it.

Speaker 5:2:35Okay.

Speaker 4:2:36So go for Disney detective. Sure. So our first thing we’re going to talk about, which is something that actually came up that I thought was a joke, because I think it was originally released around April fool’s day and it was that they’re going to be giving out bathroom passes at Disney land in Galaxy’s

Speaker 6:3:01edge for when you’re waiting on a line and you need to go to the, like I said, when I first saw this headline, I, I honestly, I thought it was a joke, but because they’re expecting the wait times to be six plus hours, you’re going to need to go to the bathroom and obviously they’re not going to have restrooms along the, the Q line wasn’t designed that way. So what they’re going to do is going to offer you a bathroom pass and it’ll allow you to leave the line, go to the restroom, and then you’re going to re enter through a fast pass line where you’ll have to wait until the rest of your party comes up to that area and basically rejoin the line. Just, I don’t know. Well, and it’s smart in some respects. Unfortunately, it’s also required, I think at this point in time because just the fact that Disney is going to allow people to wait in line in line for six hours is unacceptable.

Speaker 6:4:15I don’t understand why they don’t do some sort of reservation system. So now like, okay, if you’re going to require them to wait in line for two hours, which for me, I would never wait two hours in line anyway, but say, okay, you come back between this time and your wait time is going to be two hours this way. I’m just thinking the fire hazard of it all of you know, and you figure two with a six hour line, most of the line isn’t going to be inside in the ride will not only do you have bathroom breaks, you have to worry about, but how are you going to feed these people? Right. And, and instead of the line for six hours and not have anything to eat or dry. And it did say that they were going to be doing a entertainment for people while they were waiting online.

Speaker 6:5:04There was going to be food. Um, you know, I’m guessing they’re going to have, you know, their vendors going up and down the line. You know, at some point, obviously until you probably get into the building, I’m guessing by that point you get into the building, you’re probably at the hour mark or two hour mark, but from a Disney standpoint, why would you want to ruin someone’s experience? Now I get it. You’ve got what, maybe 10 hours in the park and you’re to spend six of them. You’re going to have them spend six of them sitting in line. Right? Well the thing is anybody that’s doing that knows they’re going to be in line for six hours. There’s nobody, unless you’re there at rope drop and you figure rope drop, you know, probably people are going to be lining up at, you know, one o’clock in the morning or the, you know, the, the day before waiting outside.

Speaker 6:5:53You know, unless you’re that first, you know, couple hundred and eight better ways of handling this one. You could have a reservation system, right, which they’re going to have their tonight just to give him the area. Right. Just to get into that. Even to get on the right, so you could do a reservation ahead of time like you would for a dining reservation, right? X number of reservations are up. I’m sorry we don’t have any more available for the day. Nobody else can get on the ride that day. You let people book ahead of time and if they can’t book a reservation for the ride, then they pick a different day to go to the park. And then the other thing I’m wondering about too is that normally Disney’s policy is as long as you were online before the close of park, that ride will stay open until the last guest gets on the ride.

Speaker 6:6:42Are they going to do that same thing? So if somebody’s gonna show up at say 10 o’clock at night, well they’ll probably get off the line queue down well ahead of time of park close I guess. But they’ll probably still be planning to run the ride at least an hour or two hours. My point is is that there are different ways you can handle as reservations is one a lottery’s another one. Just like when you show up at studios and you want to get your kids into Jedi training. Right, right. Basically there’s so many slots. You show him for the morning, you get your slot in there and you don’t get in in time, then you have to come back another day. Now that in the event of it being a park ride, that would kind of suck if you’ve only got one day in the park.

Speaker 6:7:24Right, exactly. So that’s why a reservation ahead of time, like a dining reservations art. Well, I’m sorry I couldn’t book it for today, but I’ll try tomorrow. Okay. I can book it tomorrow. So let’s go to the park tomorrow. Yeah, I dunno. It’s going to be interesting to see how, how goes and you know, obviously, like I said, they’re going to offer entertainment. They’re going to have snacks for people waiting in line. Um, they now have their mobile app that has games that you can play, but you figure everybody’s going to train their battery, you know? Yeah. Just, just waiting in line. So it, it’ll be interesting to see how, how this, how this goes. So I’m glad we’re not going to be there. I’ll say that much. That is true. So what else do we have? Um, the other big news is Disney plus their streaming service that’s been going around. They finally announced details about it that it will be launching on November 12th. It’ll cost $7 a month or 74, a 12 month subscription where, which works out to little less than $6 a month. It’s going to launch in the u s and then expand globally. Um, and the first year they’re expected to offer a 25 a series a, which will include the new star wars show, the live action, um, the Mandalorian plus 10 new movies and specials, a 7,500 episodes of existing shows, more than a hundred recent titles and a library of 400 movies.

Speaker 4:9:02So,

Speaker 6:9:04you know, it doesn’t sound too shabby. Overall price doesn’t seem to be incredibly reasonable for a Disney service. I’ll say that right off the bat. Yeah. And that’s, and that’s something, um, you know, knowing whatever you buy something, you know, a Disney services usually always,

Speaker 4:9:22you know, 10%, 20% more than a comparable service. So it was kind of interesting to, to see that. So if we’ve got a surprisingly robust offering as far as content as well, like I wasn’t expecting 25 new series coming out of it, right? Two or three of which are star wars two or three of which are marvel, what they’ve announced so far. Um, plus we know that they’re going to be releasing all their new movies,

Speaker 6:9:56right. Anything new is going to be service. We don’t know how, how soon after Arthur in the theater that haven’t announced that one of them was lady in the live action lady and the tramp is going to go, you know, direct to that. So I know should be interesting to content, we’ll be able to be downloaded and it’s going to be available on most screens, including gaming console. So that’s what I thought was neat. The one gaming console that they had said they’re gonna make it available for is the Nintendo switch. Oh, okay. And that’s an ideal form factor for mobile entertainment. Absolutely. Yeah. So that, that’s pretty cool. So, you know, will we add it to our list of other streaming, you know, services that we use.

Speaker 4:10:39Disney have a choice. You always have a choice, right?

Speaker 6:10:43Do it or incur your wrath. No. Well, and it also depends on, you know, what, what’s there, you know, would we actually

Speaker 4:10:54use it? So, um, it’s got star wars on it, so it will be, you’ll be using it. So

Speaker 6:11:02as a, you mentioned there were a couple of trailers that kind of dropped this week. There were, yeah. I must have missed him. You missed him a whole 20 times. So, uh, I don’t know which one should we, which when should we talk about first?

Speaker 4:11:23I think the one that we themed our shirts for. All right. So

Speaker 6:11:48please passed on. All we know.

Speaker 2:11:50Yeah.

Speaker 6:11:54Thousand Generations live in, you know, but this is your fine.

Speaker 2:12:26Okay.

Speaker 4:13:32So needless to say, that was awesome.

Speaker 6:13:36Awesome. Why can’t it be December already? No, I, I’ve sat through problems,

Speaker 4:13:44have three different breakdowns of the trailer so far. And I’ve come to the conclusion based on three different opinions.

Speaker 6:13:55I don’t want to hear it. It shows us absolutely nothing. That’s basically it. You’re going to spoil something for me. I was going to cry and I, and I think that’s Kinda what Jj Abrams white it was, hey, here’s a little taste. We’re not going to tell. You know, you can speculate all you want and as to who this is, who that is, who, what this all is about

Speaker 4:14:19here. Enjoy. It is my hope that the franchise is back on track after that debacle that Ryan Johnson gave us, um, with last July, um, there’s been talk that they retcon several of the, uh, points that he made in the last July that everyone universally hated. Even Mark Hamill came out and disagree with many of those decisions that they made. So hopefully this will end

Speaker 6:14:52the saga on right the right way. Yes. It definitely has that feel to it. You know, it’s definitely

Speaker 2:15:03mmm.

Speaker 6:15:06You know, just,

Speaker 2:15:08yeah.

Speaker 6:15:09What are you doing? Sorry, just get ready for the next one. That’s all. So no, it, you know, it definitely, you know, hearing the music, you know, layers theme, just, I totally lost it before even seeing Lando and you know, fact abilities back in that jam was awesome. That was just like, yeah. You know, and, and it definitely had a lot of, oh my God, Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God, when can I buy my tickets? And you know, Yup, let’s take off that day and just see it like five times that day. So very, very excited. It was it, you know, and it was funny. There was nobody,

Speaker 2:15:50okay.

Speaker 6:15:51None of my friends that saw it that didn’t enjoy it. Like everyone is pumped up and like more excited for December to come along now. Now they ain’t playing devil’s advocate. I was very excited when the trailer for last Jedi came out. Then I went to see it and I wanted to scratch my eyes out. So hopefully this isn’t the same effect. Well, and like I had shared with you the one tweet that you know, I saw was that if JJ Abrams screws this up, he will forever be known as George our April. Right. So it’s like we have that. So, so we, we did have another trailer. We did. Which one was this one for? This one is for the lion king. Quit Lion.

Speaker 7:16:47Life’s not fair. Is it? My little friend cloud. Some are born to fees. Others spend their lives in the dark

Speaker 6:17:06begging for scraps.

Speaker 7:17:13Everything you see exist together in a delicate balance.

Speaker 2:17:18Yes.

Speaker 7:17:24While others can take a true team, Susan’s but what he can

Speaker 2:17:37runaway. Simba never retire.

Speaker 6:18:06And the circle of mine, hey,

Speaker 6:18:29so yeah, that looks cool. Yeah, that looks cool. And I have to say lion king is probably up there in my mic. Top movies, you know, Disney, Disney movies. I was actually in college when it came out. Um, and when, um, I, so, so back in the day when people were first starting to get on lines and has had usernames and everything, Nala was actually, um, my, my username on all my different platforms. You know, when I started off, so always had that, that connection. Um, the circle of life was just, uh, you know, powerful song. You know, when I was graduating from college, one of gifts from one of my fraternity brothers, um, that’s, you know, it was always like our thing. She actually, when I had posted it on Facebook, she’s like, we have to do a movie night, you and I to to go see it, you know, to come full circle, you know, so many years later. So it, you know, you know, our, our one tabby cat, you know, her name was Nala and it was all because of the lion king. So while star wars is, you know, your thing, Lion King, you know, it was kind of, this was a great week for trailers to hit home for me, which I socially and I cried, I cried watching. Hi, I’m all teary eyed now watching it like I want to watch.

Speaker 4:19:55Well, the one thing that was really interesting is we found a side by side of the 99 and what was it? Where was it when the originally came out?

Speaker 6:20:04Uh, nine 34,

Speaker 4:20:0794, 94, I believe. So it was a side by side split screen of the carrot preview, a teaser and the original teaser. And it was astonishing how faithful Disney was to creating the recreating the same scene. And I don’t to recreating them, but including the, the modern and the original scene in the trailer itself where you could literally go by scene by scene and see how they’re translated into the new one. Yeah, that gave me goosebumps to see that one. Definitely. Um, so, uh, totally give props to Disney for their, yeah, their authenticity will say, absolutely. It’s going to be a good here for Disney movies. I still, you know, playing devil’s advocate like I do. How do you create a live action version of an animated feature when your computer generating all the characters that are in there? It’s not live action at that point. It’s CGI. It looks fantastic. I’ll give them full props for that, but it’s still an animated feature. You’re just using computers now. Tomato, tomato. Um, I think that was all we have for our Disney detective.

Speaker 4:21:31So last night, uh, we were fortunate enough to attend the opening of a new traveling exhibit at the Franklin Institute. A friend of mine from High School, Regina was kind enough, she’s a member of the Franklin Institute and she was able to get us tickets for the exclusive opening night cocktail hour and we got the dress up in fancy clothes. And you know, it’s kind of neat seeing the, it was, it was kind of neat seeing the museum donut like that. That was, that was really neat. Um, they had a panel from a marvel there, Joe Caséta being, uh, one of the ones that was there and a number of other high profile executives and creators from marvel. Um, but we got the SIA first look at the exhibit itself, which opens today 13th. Um, and it’s celebrating 80 years of marvel history and the 10th anniversary of Marvel studios all on the eve of the release of marvel and in game Avengers and game.

Speaker 4:22:43So the exhibit itself features more than 300 original marvel artifacts, including from what they said last night, the only known cause complete copy of the original marvel marvel comics, number one a which was the first artifact display that you see when you walked in. That was very cool. It was kind of like, why is everybody waiting in line? What are we like so patiently? And then you got to it, you’re like, yeah, you almost went up and paid homage to it. Like it was an alter or something you did. Um, they have a couple of immersive, uh, set pieces, one of which was, uh, the mirror universe example from, um, uh, Dr. Strange, very cool. That was, that was really cool. A number of lifesize seen. So you could sit on the couch and get a picture with a thing. They had a life size, uh, Black Panther and there they had Spiderman matter, man hanging upside down.

Speaker 4:23:50No, I was actually going to go through and grab some of the images and put them up here, but I neglected to do that before the show. Um, so maybe we’ll post them up on the website as an f, you know, just to get folks who aren’t in the area that are listening that, you know, won’t be able to take advantage of seeing it. Exactly. And see the pictures. Um, what else did they have other, had the iron man you can digitally transform in the iron man? No, we had seen an example of that that’s actually using it was using a Microsoft connect when we saw it in Disneyland. I didn’t get up close it off. There was too many. See whether you’re using but, but basically there’s a big screen and a camera associated with you. The camera superimposes you in Tony Stark’s lab. Um, it puts the armor on you and does motion capture to actually allow you to interact on the screen.

Speaker 4:24:47You can shoot the targets and you can fly around. It’s uh, it’s, it was, it was really cool. It was really cool the way they did it. Uh, they had photo ops with a Black Panther and Spiderman, which by the time we got done through the display and came up, I was, I was exhausted. And beaten and they were taking a break where they really, Regina posted a picture later on where they did get a picture with the two of them. So, so, um, it was a great time. It was a, it was a great display. You saw a number of um, movie props, screen used movie prompts, costumes from more of the recent movie. I think that actually almost all of the movies they had something they had, well they, I know they had the costume, the Spiderman costume from homecoming. They had the Thor and what’s his evil sister’s name?

Speaker 4:25:45I can’t think of her name. Helen. Helen. Helen. I think they had lokeys helmet. They had mew, mew Milner there, um, from Black Panther. They had the, the cost. You had the Black Panther Casa, which they’re just, they’re awesome costumes. I love sea. They were very cool. Then we went into the Netflix Room. Um, it’s kind of funny. It’s like Netflix. So yeah, it was, it was punisher daredevil. Jessica Jones. Um, uh, what was the other one with the bullet holes in the shirt that wasn’t punisher. That was a nick. Nick something cage. The cage. Yeah. Um, none of the shows that I want. Yeah. Yeah. I watched, they did have dare devils costume then, which was pretty cool. That did look cool.

Speaker 6:26:45So yeah, it was, it was really cool. And then they had the captain marvel stuff where you could see the evolution of the different, you know, captains, gender insensitive. Captain Marvel was previously with Miss Marvel there. Right, right. You’ve got to see captain America’s original costume shield movie used. Right. It was good. A lot. A lot of photo ops and I’m just an overall overall good time. Oh. And they had a couple of audio displays, one of which was the opening sequence to the old Spiderman cartoons with the original Spiderman theme. And you could listen to her theme, which I thought was awesome. It was funny. And they did a similar thing for x men to, which was, which was really neat. And of course it ended up at a really cool gift shop. Absolutely. Absolutely. Taking a page out of Disney’s a Disney’s book. Yeah. Well, you know, it’s what happens when you’re owned by Disney.

Speaker 6:27:45Everything ends in a gift shop. Absolutely. So, very cool. Uh, if you’re, if you’re in the area in Philadelphia, there are, it is a traveling exhibit. I don’t have the information here. It runs until I believe September 2nd. So it’s there for a while from when I had looked on the regular website, you, um, you can get a ticket included with regular admission. Um, when we went last night, nothing else was included. It was just the exhibit and, and the Party. Um, whereas if you go during any other day, you have the whole rest of the museum, you know, to enjoy. So you could definitely do a full day, do the planetarium, you know, as well. And even a add on, uh, an imax movie as well if you wanted to. So yeah, they do sell tickets for daytime hours and include the rest of the museum and they have evening hours just for the exhibit.

Speaker 6:28:42So you could do whichever you wanted to do. Yeah. I’m looking at the website now and they don’t have a tour dates for where it’s going, where it’s going to be going nuts. I do believe it is a traveling show, so once it’s done, it’s 10 urine in the Franklin Institute. I’m sure we’ll be moving on from there. So. Very cool. Very cool. Um, what was the next one that we had? We were going to be talking about walking dead announced that they are going to be doing another spinoff. Um, and this doesn’t have anything to do with, um, the Rick Grimes spinoff that they’re still planning to do. So if you are a fan of the show, you know that Rick Grimes, you know, it was taken away by helicopter spoilers. Spoiler, shh. So nobody knows where he went, but that’s supposed to be another spinoff. I don’t remember if that, if they were talking about that being a TV movie, that was the rumor that I heard was there. He was supposed to have the reason for it to be a movie for that. But here’s going to be the third series. Um, and that’s set to debut in 2020. It’s supposed to be 10 episodes, um, that they’re actually going to start producing this summer in Virginia, which is, uh, uh, pretty much near where everything else is. His shot. Um, stories written by Scott M Gimbal, um, and Matt, uh, uh, gret regret, regret, uh, who will serve as the show runner. Um, and it’s supposed to be, I guess, sort of a fast forward.

Speaker 4:30:27Yeah. From what I read this, there were using a younger, a younger crew of characters, right. Basically set somewhere further in the future. And again, if you’re watching this storyline now they’ve fast forward of this season, so six years, right? So it’s entirely possible. It’s in the same timeframe they didn’t really give details on. Right, right. Um, so it’s prime for crossover between the two. Right. And I think what you’ll find is if the show’s not pulling the kind of ratings that you’re looking for, you’re going to get crossover,

Speaker 6:31:03right. You’re not supposed to be, like you said, a younger crew supposed to be growing up in this

Speaker 4:31:10apocalypse. Apocalyptic time. Yeah. You know, how the kids are dealing with growing up. Right, right. Interesting. Well, we’ll give it a shot and it sets a debut sometime in 2020. They haven’t given, uh, details on when it’s expected. Yeah. Cool. So the next thing that we had was an unfortunate piece of marvel slash Avengers related news and that was, uh, an incident that scarlet Johannsen actually ran into. She had, uh, uh, finish it appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show and a was leaving the studio and apparently was harassed and followed by five cars full of men and blacked out windows, which, you know, these were obviously Paparazzi, right. Um, and it was a flashback to Princess Diana and the unfortunate situations. Yeah. Uh, fortunately, uh, Johansen’s, uh, security crew had the wherewithal to, to react properly to this, uh, they actually detoured us or they’re going to where she was intended to go.

Speaker 4:32:18They deach or do a local police precinct and they basically waited out, uh, the Paparazzi at that point in time until they could leave safely in return. Um, and she came out with a, with a very harsh statement against this and the fact that, you know, these guys are running red lights and breaking laws just to try to get a glimpse her, cause they did, she was speculating that they were trying to find out what hotel she was staying at, you know, so that they could get photos and it’s like it’s, it’s just, it’s not worth it. No, no. And you know, to a certain extent you have to blame the prop Paparazzi. But again, playing devil’s advocate, these guys have a job to do. They’re trying to make money. Right. If the public didn’t consume the media, right. No, I get it. If there wasn’t a demand for it, right. You wouldn’t have these vultures, you know, right out there trying to do stuff. Yeah.

Speaker 6:33:22Right. And now you know, now and it kind of makes you feel for, you know, those celebrities that have so many people working for them as security details. Cause you don’t know, you know, okay, maybe this is just the Paparazzi, but what if it’s some, you know, crazy stalker person. Yeah. You know, that’s out there, you know, you just never know nowadays. So you know, you have to feel for, you know, for the, the celebrity, you know. Yeah. They’re out there obviously. Yeah. They chose that field and you know, they’re popular and you know what I mean?

Speaker 4:33:58It’s an occupational hazard, right? That comes with celebrity. Um, but really it’s the public that’s the cause of this. Right. The public wasn’t so obsessed with getting these types of photos in this type of insider information, you know, and it’s not like she’s elusive, right. She does her interview, she, she goes to the various events and now she makes herself available. Right. Outside of official, you know, movies and stuff like that, that there comes a time where you kinda have to be satisfied with the level that the celebrity is going to give you. Right. You know, you, you won, you don’t have a right to invade their privacy, regardless of how, how popular that they are.

Speaker 6:34:48Right. But unfortunately, there are people that just aren’t mentally there that right. Oh, well, I know you personally because I’ve watched all of your movies. Right. I know the person, right. I’m entitled to, to, you know, do this or being a Paparazzi. Well, you know what, I, you know, all you have to do is smile nice for a picture and I’ll, you know, I’ll make money. Right. You know, are you gonna deny me something so simple.

Speaker 4:35:16Well, and again, you know, it’s not the celebrity’s responsibility to provide for a photographer, right? Absolutely. Yeah. And it would be, it would be a completely different scenario if they abided by the law. Right?

Speaker 6:35:31Yeah. I actually have a friend, I don’t know how much he does it now, but he’s out in, in La area and he’s, you know, one of the, he’s not what you would call a Paparazzi, but he basically goes, you know, when he finds out that a celebrity is going to be staying someplace or whatever, he goes and has photos of them and, and you know, gets their autographs and gets pictures with them and then, you know, sells it, you know, online, that’s his livelihood. But he’s never chase anybody down, you know, and he does it the the kind way, you know, and if somebody, a celebrity, you know, comes up and doesn’t want to partake in it, okay, have a nice day, you know, and, and doesn’t do anything harmful, has never, you know, chase anybody down, you know. So he always feels bad when he hears about stories like this. Yeah. You know, cause it gives, you know what he does a bad rap

Speaker 4:36:26and, and I’m a firm believer that if, if you’re a celebrity and your in a public venue, then there’s a limited expectation of privacy. I should be able to take a photo of you. If you’re in a public venue, I shouldn’t be able to chase you down the street running red lights to get to you. Right. You right there, there are reasonable limitations. And I, and I think, you know, celebrities for, you know, to a large extent, celebrities understand that there’s a certain expectation of, of exposure to their fans that they have to give. Um, but there’s also an expectation of privacy outside of that professional venue. Right. Right. And, and the problem we have is there aren’t any laws that govern how Paparazzi Act. Right? Like if someone’s driving behind you when a car running red lights to catch up to you, that shows, I mean that’s a law. You don’t need a law against Paparazzi that point. We just need law enforcement to enforcing the law existing roles. Yeah. So, um, she was safe. She did get, she did, you know, her security detail did get her out and uh, she eventually did, did get back to her retail safely, thankfully. Yeah. Uh, that’s all. I think that’s all we had for our entertainment news. I think that brings us to our insightful pex.

Speaker 4:38:00So my dear, as always, we will start with you.

Speaker 6:38:03Wow. You were so kind as always. So this week’s insightful pick for me is not Netflix. I know. So you’re really boycotting Netflix and say raise the prices aren’t here. No, that’s not true cause I’m catching up on, on Sabrina. So you know, and I already talked about her. So if you haven’t seen any of, uh, the season, it’s a fabulous season so far. Um, I’m on episode six. I think there’s only nine, so I’m pacing myself because I don’t want to finish it because then I’ll have nothing else, you know, to watch or I can always go back and rewatch it. Um, but my week, this week’s pick for me is actually a show, um, that was on Fox, um, called the passage. It was based on a trilogy by the same name. Um, it’s a character driven drama, focuses on project Noah, which is a secret medical facility where scientists are experimenting with a dangerous virus that they’re hoping can help cure all diseases, but it could also potentially wipe out the human race, kind of a vampire ish feel to it because when a person gets infected with this virus, they basically need to eat, drink blood.

Speaker 6:39:29Um, and they kind of have some similarities. They can’t be in the sunlight, but they don’t call them vampires because they feel it’s, it’s a virus that can be cured. It’s just not fashionable. It’s not fashionable. Right. Well, some, but one of the lines in the show was, well, why not just call them vampires? And he was like, but that’s not what they are. So, um, no, not really. I don’t think they have fangs. But they do have like the mental capacity to invade your thoughts and dreams and kind of come to you and do suggestive hypnotic things. Do they have ridiculously complex romantic plots? No, not really. No. So not so not really there. Um, it, like I said, it was based off of a trilogy. Um, they did kind of do a fast forward the cause it was only 10 episodes. Um, they haven’t really talked about whether or not it’s going to have a season two or not cause they kind of clean things up nicely at the end of it.

Speaker 6:40:37But the producers and the writers are hoping that maybe it’ll get picked up for another season. Uh, it looks like it was on Fox so you might be able to find it on Fox on demand. Um, I believe it is also available on Hulu to watch as well. Uh, the first episode was actually back in January and the final episode was, uh, back in March. Um, really, really good show action pack. You know, again, lots of different characters that you kind of meet some that you, you know, you kind of know that that’s the bad guy, but you kind of feel for them, you kind of understand why, you know, he is the way he is, you know, and some one person who’s a bad guy who he really isn’t the bad guy. He, he was caught the wrong place, the wrong time type thing. So overall it was a, it was a good episode, a good season, a good series

Speaker 4:41:34if I can find the right words. So I really enjoyed it and it would be nice if it, it gets picked up for a second one. Okay, cool. Thank you.

Speaker 5:41:47Okay,

Speaker 4:41:48so my insightful pick of the week this week is someplace that I really wish I was right now, but I couldn’t go to this year. We did go to the last one and that is star wars celebration. Uh, 2019 Star Wars celebration is being held in Chicago, uh, from April 11th to the 15th at the McCormick place. Um, this is the first celebration since Orlando in 2017, which we, we did attend. Um, and it’s really, it’s the ultimate place for star wars fans. Oh, absolutely. It’s your Disneyland. Uh, it is, it really is between celebrity appearances, you know, they’re going to have Haydon Christianson, Paul Bettany from solo Forrest Whitaker from rogue one. Billy Dee Williams already made an appearance on the, uh, episode nine panel. Uh, Peter Mayhew, although peer Mayhew was supposed to be a on a panel on Friday, was not feeling well, so he had to cancel for that. Um, and a ton more.

Speaker 4:42:52Obviously. We did get the first trailer that was dropped yesterday, which we already saw on the podcast. Um, I watched the, uh, the episode nine panel. Uh, they introduced all the stars there, um, told you absolutely nothing about the movie basically, but he was still watch it. Yes, it was. It was, it was entertaining. It was hosted by Peter Cole Bear or not Peter Cole bear who hosted it. Stephen Colbert. Stephen Colbert. I’m looking at Peter, make you on my notes. That’s why Stephen Colbert hosted it. Um, and you know, he’s an ultimate star wars geek. Uh, so he was really, he was asking all the same questions. I think I would have asked if I was hosting the panel and watching at first, Jj Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm skillfully dodge the questions is always entertaining, not informative, but entertaining. Um, then they brought out the rest of the campus. They brought up Billy Dee, um, who was just fan. I mean, he’s just so smooth. He really is. Um, the, uh, co-vary asked him at one point in time, what did you do to, to get back into Lando? And he slyly giggled and said, she land on, never left me.

Speaker 4:44:25So he was, he was so cool. Um, Anthony Daniels was there, cause he’s in every wars, have a star wars. And then they brought out the new cast. And what was really touching was when they brought out, um, uh, the new cast, uh, we, we were introduced to a new character, a new cast member that we didn’t see before. But when Ann Marie came out and Marie train came out, the whole place went crazy. Just showing her support. That’s awesome. She went, she went through a lot of, uh, abuse I think after, um, last jet I came out, um, JJ paid tribute to her. In fact, what, it was kind of a backhanded compliment or our slap towards Ryan Johnson. But Jj said something to the effect of, well, you know, the one thing that I’m very grateful to Ryan Johnson for was for casting and very, um, he wasn’t grateful to anything else that you came out of a movie.

Speaker 4:45:32So that was nice. That was nice. Um, so there’s a couple of other things that will be coming out of there that we’re expecting to see more on. Galaxy’s edge. Disney is supposed to be doing their presentation on the galaxies as today. Uh, then we will see some updates on video games where he should see some footage of jet. I fallen order coming out of it. Um, and, uh, upcoming information on new novels. Um, Lucasfilm publishing. We’ll have Claudia Gray and the incomparable Timothy Zahn on a panel. Oh, I love Timothy’s on, he could write the dictionary and I’d still read it. Um, they have a panel of the room. They’re going to talking about coming up with new novel supporting not only the new movies but supporting the TV shows, the live action show and all the other shows that will be on Disney plus. Um, so definitely worth watching.

Speaker 4:46:32They are streaming the event. All the panels are being streamed on star wars is exclusive youtube channel. Um, or you can go and find out scheduling and Information at star wars celebration. Um, and that’s also what, what’s really nice about celebration is if you don’t have that opportunity to be there, you are able to still kind of be a part of it from, from you know, wherever you want. That’s true. It is not like a lot of other conventions where you find out about stuff, you know, hours later, days later you can almost find out a lot of the information as it’s happening. And, and one of the things when you’re there, even when you’re there, it’s difficult to get into the panels. They have a lottery system to get into. The panel is just like a comic con, but they stream all the panels and that’s what we ended up doing when we were there two years ago for certain things. Or they had the screens up, you know, and the one you were, they

Speaker 2:47:30do have a viewing areas available throughout the venue itself.

Speaker 4:47:34So, uh, looking forward to the additional news coming out of there. Absolutely. Um, I think that was all that we had today. I think it is a, just a programming note. All of the links to all the resources that we had today are in the show, uh, credits that we’ll be rolling. So you want to visit any of those links. Uh, our contact information is also there. Uh, but you can hit us up on Twitter at insights underscore things. You can visit our a youtube, et Cetera, et cetera. Anything else before we go my dear? I think that is it for us this week. All right. This was a marathon podcast this way. It was lots of talk about, but I think we hit everything we needed to talk about. And we’ll catch everyone next week. Sounds good. Thank you very much. Bye. Bye.

Speaker 2:48:31[inaudible].