Insights Into Teens: Episode 10 “Questions and Answers”

Madison and Joe take a break from some of the heart hitting topics to mark their 10th episode with a little fun an levity. Here the audience has a chance to get to know Madison a bit more as she’s asked a series of questions ranging from her favorite movies to what historical figures she’d most like to have a dinner party with. We run through questions in the “About me”, “Pick List”, “Time and Space” and “Friends and Family” categories for a fast paced but in depth look at who Madison is and some of the things that make her tick.

Insights Into Teens
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Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:02Insightful pocket by informative post, a podcast network.

Speaker 2:0:21Hmm.

Speaker 3:0:27Welcome to insights into teens, a podcast series, exploring the issues and challenges of today’s youth. Your hosts are Joseph and Madison is a father and daughter team making their way through the challenges,

Speaker 4:0:41the teenage years.

Speaker 2:0:52Welcome to insights into teens. This is episode 10 questions and the answers. I’m your host, Joseph Waylon, and my lovely and talented cohost, Madison Waylon. Hello everyone. How are you doing today, Madison? I’m doing pretty good. Good. So today is sort of a special podcast day for us. This is our 10th podcast in this series, which Nikolay 10th. Technically it’s 11, but it’s a number time because our pug first podcast, our pilot was podcasts zero. Yeah. So I figured we’d been doing some kind of hard hitting topics, uh, in the last few episodes here. I figured we’d take a step back. Let’s, uh, take it down a notch. Let’s have a little bit of fun and, uh, not be as serious as we have been. So what I’d like to do is we’re going to do, I went, went out and got a series of questions. Um, hundred and one questions that are fun and interesting questions to perk up.

Speaker 2:1:59Boring gatherings. Well, this obviously isn’t a boring gathering. Uh, but nonetheless they are a 101 fun and interesting questions. Yup. So we’re not going to get through all of those. Uh, what I did was I picked a select group of those and uh, I broke them down into four different groups. Okay. So we’ve got four categories. We have questions that are about you. We have questions that are pick lists where you get the pick various options for their, we have questions that are time and space, which are, it will become evident when we get to that section. Okay. And then we have questions that are related to family and friends. Um, so what I’d like to do is just get down to it, start asking the questions and uh, let’s get your answers and let the audience get to know a little bit more about you. Uh, and if we have some time at the end of the podcast, maybe you could ask me a few questions. How’s that sound? Sounds good. All right, here we go. Let’s get into it.

Speaker 5:3:09Yeah.

Speaker 2:3:10So the first category we’re going to be asking questions from is about you. So the first question is, tell me the three best things about you.

Speaker 6:3:21Oh, I’m a good student in school, technically a straight a student and you’ve seen so on my report card to when they come out. Yep. You’ve also seen it on some test and courses I’ve shown you. So yeah, that’s one of them. I’m also very imaginative and I like to draw. That is true as well. I’m also good at building legos.

Speaker 2:3:44Okay, fantastic. You’re also not bad on the trumpet either high. I will add that. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Hey, you’re pretty good at that. Uh, the next question we have about you is if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Speaker 6:4:01Well, it would be my athletic ability.

Speaker 2:4:03Okay. How so?

Speaker 6:4:06Well, because you know, I don’t like sports. Some pressures to that multiple times on the podcast

Speaker 2:4:13thought that is a well established fact. Yes.

Speaker 6:4:15And, um, I just hate whenever I have to miss a ball or people always tell me to pass the ball to them and people always pick my last just because of my athletic ability.

Speaker 2:4:26Okay. Well that’s certainly a good treat that you’d want to improve on. So the next question that we have about you was what accomplishments are you most proud of?

Speaker 6:4:38Well, of course my straight A’s is definitely one of them. Um, I also liked the fact at how I can make little comics. I like that. And there’s actually this thing I was working on on Google drawings, which is of a character I had from my comics. And um, her name was goin be, she’s girl, her name was used. And one of my, um, one of the TV shows I watch on Netflix called the haunted house. And, but we like made her look like an UNSW. I made her look like a similar character to another character and they’re like, which his name is Shane Bay and technically they’re both goblins. So I had to make them look the same.

Speaker 2:5:23Okay. Very cool. What is your best childhood memory?

Speaker 6:5:31Well, I don’t really remember much, but I do remember the one day during the summer after I’d finished third grade, me and mommy were at the park and I met my friend Lindsey who, okay. Who also became my Nate, who also turned out to be my neighbor Mommy and her dad who we know, um, talked while me and Lindsay played and when we realized Lindsay went to the same school as while, there we go. Yeah, we became friends, bing, Bang, boom,

Speaker 2:6:02Bang, Bang, Bang, boom. Okay, sure. What is the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

Speaker 6:6:14Well, I know one time, one time you told me that the most courageous thing I’ve done on was, are actually on the podcast talking about depression and how I’ve faced problems in school at that time and how we didn’t really plan to do depression, but we did it and how it was all very hard hitting topic. But I went through it and I, and we accomplished it.

Speaker 2:6:44You did. And it’s still one of the highest viewed podcasts in the series so far. So Kudos to you for that. So when you’re having a bad day, like you were on Friday, uh, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

Speaker 6:7:02Well, I write down my thoughts. I occasionally, um, trying to think in my mind it’s not worth it. It’s not where it said that kind of stuff.

Speaker 2:7:11I think that’s a, that’s a very good tactic. So using one word, how would you describe your family?

Speaker 6:7:21Caring. Caring. And the reason for that is you always want to help me with my problems. Sometimes I could consider you to caring, which isn’t too bad. But yeah, sometimes I would like to be alone. But you normally sometimes ask me what’s wrong. I tell you enough thing, but you want to know

Speaker 2:7:41that was one really long word.

Speaker 6:7:44I’m just explaining it. Daddy. It’s okay sweetie. I get it.

Speaker 2:7:50I know daddy can be very annoying sometimes if I think that there’s something wrong that he does not just take like leave me alone or I’m fine for an answer there. I can have very annoying like that. You also focused on while I do, because sometimes you have to get reactions out of you. Of course you do. Uh, what trait do you like most about yourself?

Speaker 6:8:12Um, I guess the fact about my journaling instincts and how I’m imaginative and they can think of anything to entertain me.

Speaker 2:8:25Okay. That works. Being imaginative certainly suits you, um, and it, it will help you throughout life. Uh, which of the seven dwarves is most like you?

Speaker 6:8:40Um, I’d say grumpy.

Speaker 2:8:43Grumpy. And why is that?

Speaker 6:8:46Wow. [inaudible] I do tend to be grumpy. Like you said, like I’m fine, leave me alone as how I would sometimes answer you and I drive. Probably be grumpy at that time. Also, when I have bad days, I’m pretty grumpy sometimes on Mondays and Fridays I get grumpy now so

Speaker 2:9:05that, that works.

Speaker 6:9:07Also, he has a realistic view of the world.

Speaker 2:9:11Realistic. You are a realist by for sure. Uh, what personal trait has gotten you in the most trouble? What do you mean by that? Well, a personal trait. Like are you a route or you too honest or do you talk too much? Like what personal tree has gotten you into trouble?

Speaker 6:9:37I’d say occasionally my attitude.

Speaker 2:9:40Your attitude. Okay. And I, and I would, I would agree with that. Um,

Speaker 7:9:47yeah,

Speaker 2:9:48but I think that’s also the case for a lot of people, myself included. So it’s not unusual. Um, but it’s, it’s one of those things that you actually have control over to, which is a good thing. Um, I can kind of guess at this one, but we’ll see what your answer is. If you could be a cartoon character for a week, who would you be?

Speaker 6:10:13Well, I actually have two different choices. Id to be spongebob or Raven

Speaker 2:10:18that C and I was going to go with spongebob. I had spongebob down here and do that. A raven from teen titans, the teen titans go. Okay, that makes sense. I could see that. Yeah. Cause she’s Kinda that grumpy type two, right?

Speaker 6:10:34Yeah. Also as a more realistic view of the world, other than the other teen titans who are just trying to go with the flow. Sometimes Raven does go with the flow. Other times she’s like, come on guys. I got anything.

Speaker 2:10:48Now is she seen as a grumpy one or the show itself or,

Speaker 6:10:54well, she’s not exactly grumpy. She’s more, she acts like an actual teenager. I can definitely say she acts like an actual teenager. Unlike the rest of them, they all act like little kids but technically be boy as a kid. So I could see that um, starfires from another planet hasn’t really learned to speak our language fully. So, and Robin is more of the adult type I would say. Cause he knows all this stuff and normally it’s all about lessons. And you normally teaches all the teen titans about the lessons. So.

Speaker 2:11:28Okay. And the last question that we have in this category is do you feel like you are a leader or a follower? A leader, a leader. And what traits do you demonstrate that make you feel that way?

Speaker 7:11:49Okay.

Speaker 6:11:50I guess I’m helpful towards others. I, I feel that I should stand up for what’s right no matter what. Okay. And I care about my friends and family.

Speaker 2:12:04Do other, do other people or other kids actually follow you?

Speaker 6:12:09I don’t know.

Speaker 2:12:11Did they do what you say? Maybe? Oh No. Okay. All right. Well sometimes you’re a leader and don’t realize that you’re a leader.

Speaker 5:12:22Okay.

Speaker 2:12:23So all right. That’s it for that category. Moving right along to our next category.

Speaker 5:12:33Yeah.

Speaker 2:12:34So we’re going to be asking questions from our picklist category and the picklist category, uh, could be from various different subjects, but uh, there they’re generally multiple choice or they’re asking for multiple answers. Okay. So the first one that we have here is what are your three favorite movies?

Speaker 6:12:55Well, um, as privilege previously mentioned before, like the teen titans to all say the teen titans movie. And once again, I also said I like spongebob. I also like the spawn Gerawan and movie. And I also liked Sherlock gnomes.

Speaker 2:13:16Now did you like Sherlock known more than you liked GNOMEO and Juliet?

Speaker 5:13:21Mm,

Speaker 6:13:24a tiny bit. Okay, fair enough.

Speaker 2:13:28Uh, which would you pick being worldclass attractive, a genius or famous for doing something?

Speaker 6:13:37I would pick a genus. And why is that? Well, because if you’re a genius, you’re probably get a good education, have a good job, probably get paid a good amount and probably get a good life because of it. Maybe you’ll even invent something completely new and become famous for it.

Speaker 2:13:56Okay. I can’t really argue with that. If you could eat only three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Speaker 6:14:06I would pick tomatoes, strawberries and non cooked carrot,

Speaker 2:14:10a non cooked carrots cause we don’t like cooked carrots all too mushy for years at it

Speaker 6:14:17too mushy. Taste weird and are juicy. Which I do not like about that. I don’t like juicy. Yeah. Okay, fair enough.

Speaker 2:14:27Um, let’s talk about pets for a minute here. If you could ask your pet three questions,

Speaker 6:14:34what would they be? Well, um, since we have three cats, I guess I’ll ask one of them. I’d ask each of them one question. Fair enough. So I’ll start off with our oldest cat Dorianne. Um, I would ask her what’s it like to too annoying siblings living with you? Or I would ask her, why do you hit up? Why do you hate your sisters? Those are annoying siblings. You just answered your own question. Oh yeah. Okay. What’s next? Um, I, for Dorothy, I would ask what’s up with you in the weird foods like plastic bags and even fruit. Okay. With cream. With fruit.

Speaker 2:15:20Oh yeah, she does love the leftover fruit with whip cream. She also likes cheesits. She loves cheezits and she loves string cheese to,

Speaker 6:15:29and she also loves licking your hand up to your cheese puffs.

Speaker 2:15:32Yes. She loves that. Yeah. She, she’s big on people food.

Speaker 6:15:36Yeah. She loves milk. Yup.

Speaker 2:15:40Oh, that’s a cat thing too. So what would you, what would you ask? Uh,

Speaker 6:15:45I ask her what do the true to actually tastes like cause she’s insane about them.

Speaker 2:15:50Well, you’re working to try one. If you like what she likes him,

Speaker 6:15:54I want to know what, what makes them delicious to her and why does she go insane about it and every, and she literally tries to steal from her siblings sometimes.

Speaker 2:16:04Yeah. Well she has a bit of a hoarder and she’s kind of insane about other things besides the,

Speaker 6:16:09um, treats too. She seems most insane about them. I would agree.

Speaker 2:16:16Um, okay. So would you rather win a Olympic medal and Academy award or a Nobel Peace Prize?

Speaker 6:16:25I Nobel Peace Prize. And why is that? Because out of all of the ones that you offered me, the Nobel Peace Prize seems the most noble because I want to know daddy because I want to try and stand up for what’s right. I want to prove to everyone in the world that we’re all equal no matter the color of our skin or what religion we have. Domo calls that you have there, my dear.

Speaker 2:16:55Would you rather spend the five days exploring Disney

Speaker 6:17:00or New York City? New York City. Why is that? Well, because, well first off I’ve already been a Disney. Like I don’t know how many times anymore. Maybe 19 more than the average human being. I’m sure more than the average human being. Yes. But you should ask him, mommy, she’s gone over 50 times. Got even more than the US. So yeah. So what is it about New York that interest here? Well, I’ve only ever been there once and I really didn’t get to do much because we weren’t even there for an entire week. Right. And going there for five days. Mike give me a chance to explore it a bit more cause we didn’t really get to see too much of New York. We were just up for the weekend or for a comicon. Comicon. Yeah. Okay, fair

Speaker 2:17:50enough. Next question. Would you rather be the most popular kid in school or the smartest kid in school and why?

Speaker 6:17:59The smartest kid in school? Because I really don’t really care about popularity. Um, and if I’m the smartest kid in school, I really don’t like if you were the popular kid, you really wouldn’t care about your grades. You only care about your own popularity and getting more popular, I guess.

Speaker 2:18:20I don’t know. I wasn’t the popular kid, so I don’t let little punk rock kids worry about.

Speaker 6:18:24I, I know. I’m pretty sure they don’t worry about school though. Probably not. This is why I prefer it to be the smartest kid in school. Cause I’d actually care about my academics. I wouldn’t worry about having everyone like me, which is just to me. Sounds stupid.

Speaker 2:18:39I agree. Good answers. Uh, next question is, what is your favorite Disney movie?

Speaker 6:18:47I’m gonna, I’m go with the Princess Movie Mow Ana

Speaker 2:18:51aren’t all Disney movies, princess movies? No. So you’ve think Bo on? Ah, yes. Why?

Speaker 6:19:00Well, because um, not only is she the newest friend says, but, um, I definitely like, um, the comedy that goes into it. I mean there’s not, there’s not like a lot of comedy, but there are certain moments I like, how am I wanna is sort of a teenager and isn’t all, and is one of those women who doesn’t need a prince and well, technically she didn’t actually say she was a princess. She said she was the daughter of the chief, even though that’s kind of the same thing.

Speaker 2:19:33Right. I agree. I like marijuana because she got the job done. You know, it wasn’t one of these things where she needed to be rescued. She did the rescuing and, and you know, she, she even had to basically convince a demigod that he could do his own job. So pretty remarkable. Yeah, she’s a good, she’s a good, good example for kids. If someone made a movie of your life, would it be a drama, a comedy of romantic comedy? An action film or a science fiction film.

Speaker 6:20:08I do comedy. And why is that? Well, given that the arguments you and may have and you poking sticks in my cage, I think it would be a good comedy effect for viewers. She would watch it.

Speaker 2:20:21I think it would sue. We have, you know, we make fun of each other. We poke sticks in each other’s cage

Speaker 6:20:26along with mommy. We also do that with mommy.

Speaker 2:20:28We do it with mommy. Um, we do it out of fun. We do it out of love and we have a few laughs in the process. So the last question we have in this category of pick lists is, tell me three things you remember about kindergarten.

Speaker 6:20:48Well, I can remember that. Um, hmm. I remember that we did this one thing where there was, um, there was one person special who would pick from the week and they didn’t have to sell them no carpet. There was like a little couch and one end, like before I was able to, my week was to sit on it. Um, there was a kid, I don’t remember who he was or what his name was, but it was meditated on it, meditating on it, and I figured when I was on it I’d be like, hmm, what are the five meditated? Okay. So that’s one thing I remember. I also remember that, um, I always wanted to be the first one in the class, which is why I sometimes rush to the door. I tried to like pass people in my class but unfold, but sometimes the won’t go my way. Other times I’d finally be able to get to class first.

Speaker 2:21:48Wow. You wanted to be first in class now, um, you know, we’re lucky if we can convince you to go to class.

Speaker 6:21:53Yeah. Okay. What’s your third? Um, I remember like when I was at the y program and we were all released and I was still going to my, I want to get to the class first phase. Someone didn’t know how to tie their shoes, but I knew how to tie it. So I did it for them, but we were all released by then. So I probably didn’t make the first, um, time. But I was okay with helping the girl tires. Yeah.

Speaker 2:22:19Okay, cool. See you. There you go. A leader leader again.

Speaker 6:22:22Oh, I also have one more topic which is related to the other one on how I learned to tie my shoes. Okay. We were doing a bunch of fun and we were like playing, I don’t know if it was kickball or baseball, one of those where you had bases. I was like one of the, I was on the other team where the other team was trying to run. And then like when I realized my shoe was untied, I had decided to try and tie it cause I didn’t learn how to tie it yet. And then when I did it I kind of see

Speaker 2:22:53screamed. I know, I understand my shit. They stopped the game and everyone gave her flaws.

Speaker 6:22:59No, no. I just felt like saying it, I don’t know if I should in my mind or just had a quietly.

Speaker 2:23:05Gotcha. Okay. Uh, moving on to our next topic of question. So this category questions is labeled time and space. And this will ask questions about historical figures, uh, theoretical time travel and different locations. You’d like to be ready. Yup. Here we go. Uh, which historical figure, if you could pick any one in history, would you like to be?

Speaker 6:23:40Um, I have three options. You can only pick one though. Okay. Um, I’m just kidding. You can see all three. All right. I’d either be Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, or our Einstein.

Speaker 2:24:00Two out of the three didn’t really end well.

Speaker 6:24:02I know.

Speaker 2:24:04Okay. So let’s lean towards Albert Einstein just for the sake of, but getting gruesome. Yeah. Okay, fair enough. If you could travel and time where and when would you go?

Speaker 6:24:21I would go to Egypt during the Egyptian age. That’s pretty vague. Aka The pyramid age.

Speaker 2:24:30So you want to be there when they’re building the pyramids?

Speaker 6:24:33Yes. Why is that? Well, I want to learn. Well, the main reason is I want to learn about their culture and learn things that we haven’t learned already about them. Okay. Very cool.

Speaker 2:24:48Uh, would you rather live a week in the past or a week in the future?

Speaker 6:24:54Oh, week in the future. Why is that? I want to learn all the advances that we’ve had in technology and other things and like health and stuff. Just like, and I’m pretty sure I know what you’re going to say when you want to go in the future because you want to get all the lottery numbers.

Speaker 2:25:12Well I don’t have to go if you’re going to get them for me. Yeah, I’ll just bring back a couple of winters. Doesn’t have to be the biggest jackpots. I not um, if you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be?

Speaker 6:25:28I’m Lincoln. Why is that? Oh, I want to know what it was like being present and having to deal with festival war. I also want an, I also want to thank him for standing up to slavery and inform them of all of how we, how, how far we’ve come from, from his time. And I would like, and I want to tell him that he was a greatest story of go figure for other people. And I, and I think that, um, can I throw in a fun fact? Um, the penny, which has ever him Lincoln on is the only coin. He’s the only president who’s facing right. All the others are facing left and it’s said that he’s facing right. Because, because he stood up for what’s right.

Speaker 2:26:23Interesting. Okay. I like the answer. Uh, what do you think is the greatest invention of all time? The light bulb still. Huh? Even all the stuff that’s been invented since thing. You still think the light bulbs, the greatest invention? Yes, I agree. I think it is. It’s changed the way human beings live. Exactly. Next question. What three famous people living or dead? Would you want your fantasy dinner party?

Speaker 6:26:57I’d have stanway.

Speaker 2:27:02Oh, I’m with you there. I’m the creator of Spongebob. You probably not with me there. Well, he actually just passed away recently, but yeah, and the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas. Interesting. Well, it would certainly make for some interesting dinner conversation. Yup. Uh, back the time travel if you could travel. All right. This isn’t time travel, so this is just places. So if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Speaker 6:27:34Tokyo. Japan. Why? Because, um, well I want to, um, see the culture Japan has and see how it’s different to our cultures and also when he’d sue she there. That’s one of my goals. Okay. I also want to, um, see Tokyo because it’s one of the largest cities in the world, also Japan’s capitol. Yup. And I’d also like to go to Tokyo. Disneyland. Yep.

Speaker 2:28:05Of course you would. Yeah, of course. Okay. That works for me. Uh, that brings us to our last question in our time and space category. Uh, what is the first thing you do when you get home from a trip?

Speaker 6:28:21Um, I normally put down all the stuff I’m carrying. I see. How do they cat see what the mess, we’ll see if they made any mess and normally help you guys unload the car.

Speaker 2:28:34Okay. That works. And moving right on to our last category. So this last category is family and friends. So all these questions are related unsurprisingly to family or friends. So let’s, let’s bash your parents real quick on the first question. So on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the harshest, how strict are your parents on a scale of one to 10? I choose one, one, all the, I’m not really doing my job at that point, am I?

Speaker 6:29:17What do you mean? I’m actually fine. Five.

Speaker 2:29:20Okay. That’s better. So now I don’t have to get more strict there. Uh, okay. If you had to leave the earth on a spaceship and take four friends with you, who would they be?

Speaker 6:29:31Um, I take Lindsey, my friend Mariah, my friend Alaina and my friend Natalya. Good. You’re not taking any boys with you? I’m glad to hear that. I don’t really have any boyfriends like boy o like male friends. Gotcha. Uh, who is the funniest person, you know? Yeah. Why is that? Well, because you normally take cage. You tell a lot of dad jokes. I’ve noticed recently. What are they funny though? Occasionally once in a while I get a good one. And normally I would just say daddy as if you were poking a stick in my cage while telling a judge joke.

Speaker 6:30:25I also like when you and mommy have small fights, like you focused, it can hurricane age. Yeah. They’re really not fight. That’s just play sparring on comments are also quite funny, which is also why we’d have a comedy instead. Yes. Okay. Your next question, which I already know the answer to is who is or was your favorite teacher and why? My favorite teacher was my fifth grade teacher, Mr Trombetta, or as we call him Mr t daddy because he was of very good teacher. He made us all laugh and even though we’ve kind of advised me of my Arachnophobia, we had a good relationship. That’s okay. Yup. Right. He won’t make fun of you again.

Speaker 6:31:19Who is the kindest person army? Yes, she is. She’s the kindest person I know to, so I’m funny. She’s kind. I think that’s a fair trade, don’t you? Yep. Okay. Uh, what is your favorite family tradition? When we all go to Ma’s house to have thanksgiving, I really like how we’re all gathered together and I get to see the family I never normally see, even though I really don’t like the food. Yeah. Well. Okay, so desserts are okay though, right? So we’ve got a good dessert meant you’re there. What, which of your friends are you the proudest of and why? I can I have an example. I really don’t know. Well, an example of what a friend or being proud of someone like being proud of her friend. Can you give me an explanation of I’m proud of Madison because Madison had the courage to stand up to the bully. Ah, okay. So do you have an answer to that or was it just an enlightening experience friend? I’m most proudest stuff would be, that’s a lot of dead air going on there. Why? Why Daddy won’t give me an answer. Okay. Okay. I guess. All right. Yeah. Why? Well, she is facing some difficulties now. Okay. Um, but she’s been able to get through them. I’ve also helped her along the way and she’s staying strong.

Speaker 2:33:01Okay. Good for her. And good for you for, for sticking with your friends like that.

Speaker 6:33:07And we still, and we still laugh even though she’s going through hard times

Speaker 2:33:12and I think you have to, if you don’t, what’s the alternative crying man that doesn’t solve anything. What is the best part of being a part of your family?

Speaker 7:33:25MMM,

Speaker 6:33:28I get a lot of good support. You can help me with my problems when you’re able to. Yeah. You do the, you try and help me the best way you can and you make you all, you occasionally make me laugh, laugh, laugh, Laugh Daddy.

Speaker 2:33:46Gotcha. I got you. I’ll edit that out later. Uh, and the last question we have here today is what has been your favorite family vacation?

Speaker 6:34:00Um, I guess when we went to Ohio and gone to, um, um, what was that one? I’m using this island. King’s island. Okay.

Speaker 2:34:15You like that? Yeah. What was your favorite part of that?

Speaker 6:34:18Um, I guess it doesn’t it not when I went on the Eiffel Tower. Yeah, definitely not that. Nope. Uh, I guess just hanging out with you and meeting some of your friends on that were there, you had friends with online.

Speaker 2:34:35All right, cool. Well that is the last of our questions. We’re actually running a few minutes late here, so I think we’re going to have to wrap this up. So before we wrap things up, uh, we typically give you a chance for closing remarks and shout outs. So I will turn it over to you, my dear and ask you if you have any closing remark for your audience.

Speaker 6:34:59Well, I just want to say if you ever gone through hard times and you need hello but help, you can probably go find something fun to do. And it is quite important to have fun even when you’re stressed. That’s especially a good time for when you should have fun. You should try and figure out a way to calm yourself down and just try to enjoy life.

Speaker 2:35:23All right. And if you could give a shout out to one person this week, who would it be?

Speaker 7:35:28MMM,

Speaker 6:35:30my friend Lindsey. Why is that? Well, because she may have shared very happy moments

Speaker 2:35:38together. We’ve had a few fights, but we eventually get over them and we’re still friends to this day. That sounds fantastic. And I think that’s it for this week. We’ll be back next week with probably another slightly harder hitting topic then our fun questions. Yeah. All right, well, thank you Madison for your time. Thank you for having me, and we’ll talk to you next week. Goodbye.