Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 26 “Peer Pressure”

In this episode we talk about the various forms of peer pressure and why it can be so powerful at times. We’ll look at some of the myths about peer pressure and talk about the realities. There are five common social pressures of peer pressure and we’ll discuss each of them in depth before talking about ways to detect peer pressure and determine if it is positive or negative peer pressure.

Insights into Entertainment

Insights into Entertainment: Episode 6 “Schooling the Celebrities”

This week Michelle and Joe do a quick recap on Captain Marvel. Then we dig into the seedy details of the lawsuit brought by MillerCoors against Bud Light for their now infamous “corn syrup” ad campaign. We’ll discuss the charges of K-Pop star Jung Joon-Young’s arrest and how the culture of Korean celebrities differs drastically from that of Hollywood and it’s often controversial laden crowd. We finish up our news dive with some curious details on the recent Celebrity College Cheating Scandal before we wrap this week’s podcast with our latest Insightful Picks of the Week.