Insights into Entertainment

Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 1 “Polynesian Paradise”

Michelle and Joe are on location at Disney’s Polynesia Spa and Resort in Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida for this special Disney specific podcast. They talk about the family traditions of Disney as they’ve been passed down through three generations now. We take a look at what Disney does right, what Disney does wrong and whether or not Disney World is still relevant and doing what’s right by it’s fans and it’s stockholders. We also ask, and hopefully answer the timeless question “Is Disney World really the happiest place on Earth”? Don’t miss this very special Disney edition of the podcast.

Insights Into Teens

Insights into Teens: Episode 2 “Depression”

Joe and Madison tackle the difficult topic of teen depression. They discuss the factors that cause depression, the symptoms of depression and how to cope with some of the more common sources of depression. It’s an emotionally stirring and inspirational discussion that illustrates the strength and emotional maturity our twelve year old host possesses.