Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 40 “Vampires, Zombies and More”

It’s an all Star Wars Disney Detective this week as we try to figure out why Disney seems to want to hide Hayden Christensen. Some sage words of advice from Anthony Daniels on the lead up to the next Star Wars Movie and some candid thoughts Lawrence Kasdan on why Solo: A Star Wars Story wasn’t much of a success.

In entertainment news we look at thew new Dracula series coming to Netflix, then we talk Walking Dead with some of the shows stars swearing off a popular convention and Daryl himself Norman Reedus reflects on his time with the show from the beginning and we’ll wrap up with a couple of great Insightful Picks of the Week.

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Speaker 4: 00:51 Go home to insights and entertainment. This is episode 40 vampires, zombies and more. I’m your host, Joseph Waylan and my thoughtful and provocative cohost Michelle Waylon. Hi everyone. I’m running out of description two scripters for you here and really need to get you at this though. I need like a great big book of adjectives or something. So all right, we are here post a Halloween episode and we’re talking vampires and zombies because vampires and zombies are all year long. Okay, fair enough. Fair enough. Can’t argue with that. So today on our Disney detective, we are going to talk about why Disney keeps hiding. Hayden Christiansen. We will talk about Anthony Daniels encouraging folks to rewatch the original star Wars before the rise of Skywalker. Then we have some solo news and it’s not that he wants to be a pilot, although that is late breaking news isn’t really not really. No, I didn’t think so. Then in our entertainment news, we have a, the Dracula trailer. We’ll be taking a look at and, and talking about the walking dead, some of the walking dead and stars are swearing off of a few conventions here due to some unpleasantness they experienced. And a Norman readiness of walking dead reflects on his run on the show. So a pretty good show tonight. And then we’ll finish up with our insightful picks of the week and I think we’re ready to go. Let’s do it. Right.

Speaker 4: 02:42 Yo, for Disney detectives, Disney detectives segment is really Disney star Wars detectives cause some wrong with that. We’ve thrown enough love Disney’s wedding. Exactly. So all of our stories today are related around the star Wars theme. So star Wars,

Speaker 6: 03:00 You know, Disney kinda keeps hiding. Hayden Christiansen. So apparently he was visiting star Wars Galaxy’s edge and you know, taking in the sites like many actors and celebrities before him. But you kinda didn’t know about it because they had tweeted about it with pictures of him and then all of a sudden they took it down. Now they did actually put it back up. But what was kind of funny was there wasn’t anything crazy about the images. You saw him with some pose shots with some fans inside the millennium Falcon. So, you know, why is it that they’re, they’re hiding him. And what’s kinda funny is this isn’t the first time that he’s run into an incident where, you know, he kind of wasn’t allowed to be around, I guess. So what had happened was he had appeared at celebration, he was doing autographs and signings and stuff, and then he was supposed to be doing a panel with Ian, Mick McDermott, McDermott who plays the emperor.

Speaker 6: 04:09 And right before the panel was supposed to begin, it got canceled and nobody really even knows why it got canceled. You know, some of the speculation was something, you know, that Disney kinda came in and said, no. So, you know, some people are kind of wondering, you know, why are they kind of keeping him away from everything? The person that actually wrote this article, which was on the, the dork side of the said you know, that he was hoping that maybe it was because he’s going to actually have some sort of cameo in the last star Wars movie. Maybe you know about him being ghost Vader type.

Speaker 4: 04:55 Well, it’s not like we can bring some shawl brat back for that. They already did, did away with the right, they got rid of that whole aspect. Yeah.

Speaker 6: 05:03 You know of it. So you know, they were thinking, Oh, maybe it has something to do with that that you know, he was going to spill the beans on it or something.

Speaker 4: 05:11 I don’t know. But what was he doing in Galaxy’s edge? He was just visiting. He was, he was making a lightsaber. Boy, I’ll bet that costs them an arm and a leg. That was, that was a set up your mind. That was almost the name of the podcast today. That’s all we had to have the story. Just, just really, yeah. I couldn’t, I couldn’t help myself on that one actually would have been the arm and two legs, right arm and two legs. One arm will get because the other one got cut off the, you’re right. Right. So that one was already cut off that he was waiting all week for that. Everyone couldn’t resist that. Yeah. So we’ll, we’ll see. You know, see what happens. It’s, I mean, it’s conceivable they’re hiding because of all the bad memories of star Wars. He tends to conjure up in the diehard fans to true, true. The fact that he ruined one of the best villain characters in the history of cinema to owe that and he can’t act. He’s a terrible actor. Should I go on? I mean, it’s entirely up to you. I’ve got a list. I can pull the list out. Why you don’t want Amy Krishnas and around the franchise anymore. So anyway, Anthony Daniels

Speaker 6: 06:25 Yes. So there was a cute little video that popped up where you get to see Anthony Daniels as C three PO basically encouraging fans to rewatch star Wars before rise of Skywalker. So obviously everybody knows, you know, who was interested in watching the the last movie has it probably already on their, their you know, their calendar. They already bought their tickets. If you don’t know it’s opening on December 20th. I know we’ve been talking about it for, for ages. So Anthony Daniels is encouraging fans to get ready to see rises Skywalker by rewatching all of the previous star Wars movies before the new one hits theaters. So when C three PO talks, the heroes in the galaxy far, far away, don’t always listen, but you’ll do well to heat to Anthony Daniels here because he is speaking sense. We’re less than two months away now from star Wars rise a Skywalker.

Speaker 6: 07:29 And if you start watching at least one per week, then you’ll make it up to the, the time frame when the new movie will come out. Or if you really wanted to do a marathon in one sitting, that’s 27 hours and 21 minutes in case you, you know, we’re, we’re counting. And that’s, you know, starting with episode one and, and going forward you know, now if you do want to include grow Guan and solo who you could do that too cause she wants to be is to be a pilot. But watching, you know, may be beneficial for seeing the rise of Skywalker because this is the final film of the 40 plus year journey. And obviously there’s you know, we’ve talked about it before, you know, various different things are kinda kind of be wrapped up, you know, things that hadn’t been, you know, discussed. So the idea

Speaker 4: 08:30 Crap that Ryan Johnson put in last time fixed. Right, right, right.

Speaker 6: 08:33 So, you know, so it might be a good idea, you know, for those that, that want to, and then obviously, so is this really just a shameless plug? It is the Disney plus. I was going to say, and that’s the, the next part of it is that, you know, for those, you know, that obviously rise a Skywalker is, you know, kind of the end of the Skywalker saga, but there’s obviously much more calming with Disney. Plus you have the Mandalorian coming out, some other movers are going to be available, right? So all the star Wars movie. So, Hey, you should go back and watch them all. Oh, and if you want to, you can subscribe to Disney plus and get them right. So it probably is, but you know, but then obviously you also have, you know, the new game coming out on April 15th, star Wars Jedi fallen order and you know, so there’s obviously still more star Wars stuff.

Speaker 6: 09:31 The main characters played by the character who played joker on Gotham. Oh really? Oh, I didn’t realize that. So look at that. That’ll be kind of funny. Okay. So yeah, so go back, watch them all, do a marathon. Awesome. So next up we have someone besides me criticizing the movie. Let’s hear about that. Right? So solo, a star Wars story was obviously, you know, has the distinction of being the first star Wars movie not to take over the box office and become a global smash shit. And you know, the movie did okay, but expectations for star Wars movies are just so high and solo largely failed to meet them. And there’s a lot of reasons that many, you know, believe that, you know, why it happened. But the screen rider Lawrence Kashdan seems to have decided that many of the faults in the studio could be traced back to the studio.

Speaker 6: 10:28 In a recent appearance at the Austin film festival, the writer of star Wars, the empire strikes back, appeared to claim that his final entry into the galaxy far, far away faltered because the problems of the studio level after helping out with the script on star Wars, the force awakens, he apparently only agreed to write solo a star Wars story if he could do it with his son Jonathan. It seemed that the father and son writers had no issues with the film. But then Kashdan said that after the script left his hands, the problem ensued and basically in his words, he said, then the studio blew it. But that’s not unusual. He really didn’t elaborate much to that, but it just seemed like they were issues because then you had the changeover of the directors. So it was Phil Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were hired to direct it. And then halfway through it was changed over to Ron Howard and it was kinda reported that filming was just taking really long with the original two directors and that there they were allowing a lot of improv on set. So it was just making things go, you know, longer. And then this also led to clashes between the directors and, and Lawrence. And it seemed ultimately the decision at the studio, you know, they kind of sided with Lauren. Then the directors

Speaker 4: 11:54 Got mad and they left and it just, you know, everything just kinda went downhill. Yeah. I mean, kinds of fantastic reputation in the star Wars world, you know, just on his work with empire. Right. Just alone with just alone with that. Yeah. Yeah. And it didn’t help them, but they can’t someone that, that was not a convincing. Right. You have version of the role of Han solo, you know. And that was the thing too is like he, for me, I think he was trying too hard to act like Harrison Ford where the problem was, he didn’t like, he didn’t walk like him. He didn’t talk, he didn’t have the swagger, he didn’t have the attitude. Oh. And he looked nothing like it was almost like Disney went out of their way to kiss someone to, to basically recast the park. Yeah. And you can’t recast Harrison Ford his hand sole.

Speaker 4: 12:50 Yeah. And that’s the thing is, but you couldn’t get him to know either. But the technology exists that you can put another character in there and be true. And now we’ve seen that, you know, in a number of movies, you know, since then that where they have done that, where they have taken, you know, or what they should’ve done was have a Harrison Ford come in and basically make them, make whoever the role person the role was and understudy and coach him on how to be the carer that probably would have, would’ve worked to. You know, but from what this article was talking about, a lot of their issues came over because of the the, the additional costs from having to swap out the directors. Right. So, and Disney is having serious problems, but their directors, cause a lot of it has to do with the studio, like chasm says, is that Disney wants too much creative control because they have this standards buy to the damp, right.

Speaker 4: 13:48 One of we, you know, there’s like three golden rules, I forget what the other two were, but the one was you can’t show dismemberment. Like you can’t shuffle him off. Well, every star Wars movie chops in limo has somebody. So how do you do a star Wars movie with those rules, right? Yeah. Yeah. So, so solo is actually the lowest grossing live action star Wars movie to date original plans. Obviously we’re seeing, you know, when Disney took over, you know, the whole star Wars thing was that we were going to see a new movie every year. But obviously that’s kind of shifted when they realize, well, how can you morally, when they announced those planes, all the star Wars fans knew it wasn’t gonna work. They were trying to take star Wars and do what they did with Marvel. And with Marvel, it works because you’ve got four or five franchises that are building towards one climax 10 years later, and they did a fantastic job, right? Star Wars isn’t constructed like that, right? So you’re not driving this overall story, especially when you’re trying to go back and rewrite the stories of the people that you had already. You know, you went back and you did rogue one. Okay. That’s not moving the story forward at all. You went back and did solo. That’s not moving the story forward at all. Right?

Speaker 6: 15:02 You need to go beyond. Right, right, right. So obviously like I just said, you know, their plan was to do it every year. Now after rise of Skywalker, the franchise will actually take a couple years off before resuming with, you know the, the, the, the other schedule. But obviously with Disney plus you’ll have the Mandalorian and all the other little side projects

Speaker 4: 15:26 Slightly like a solo series would have been fine like we’re doing with OB want a six part series would have been perfect. You could stretch the story out and that was one of the things that killed the movie itself was that they tried to do too much in the hit. They tried to build this history right, that you were introduced to hand solo and a new hope. He had this baggage that he brought with him and showy and they tried to sh to basically cram all that baggage into a single piece of luggage there and it just didn’t work. And it totally where to work as serious as you could eat parts because you could have done skips in timeframe to explain how, what happened in between before

Speaker 6: 16:06 I’ve done him as the teenager, which we kind of saw and then, you know, break away a couple of years later to to this. And

Speaker 4: 16:15 Instead they have a story that in the movie it occurs over the course of a couple of days and they cram years. Well it is, but I’m talking about his time with chip, like his time would show you is he built that entire relationship over a couple of days. Right. That’s, that’s not believable on there any circumstance, not the kind of history that they had. Yeah. So anyway, I’m glad I’m not doing one that had a problem with that movement. So I think that’s it. All right, moving on. Tell us about CULA blah, blah, blah.

Speaker 6: 16:58 Do not say blah, blah, blah. So this had me a little excited because one, it’s Dracula and two, it’s British. So a new teaser trailer came out for Dracula, which will be on BBC one. But then coming to Netflix. And so they had the first look at the reboot just in time for, for Halloween. It actually came out a couple of days ago. So BBC has lifted the coffin lid. Ha ha ha. On the new trailer. Yeah, that was clever. And it’s in production with Netflix and also the makers of Sherlock, also BBC as well. So it’s actually gonna be a three part series and it’s written by Sherlock’s Mark Ghassan and Steven Moffett and produced by hearts, woods films. The series, which it just finished filming in August is obviously inspired by Bram Stoker’s classic novel, and we’ll reintroduce the world to Dracula, the vampire who made evil sexy.

Speaker 6: 18:16 So it’s set in Transylvania in 1897. The bloodsucking count is drawing his plans against Victorian London. And by judging by the trailer, the series will be full of gruesome nastiness that will not be , excuse me, for the faint of heart. The trailer features, blood splattered letters, a fly in an eyeball, loose fingernails and a bang whispering, menacing. To a terrified victim. Oh, bang. Who’s the, the actor that plays Dracula saying try and stay calm. You’re doing very well. Yeah. It was very like creepy, you know, and like blood was dripping down. I’m glad to see they’re going back to kind of these traditional horror routes with it. Yeah, yeah. Getting the Twilight version. Yeah. I mean that’ll come on. That’s just, yeah, this is, this is the nice, gruesome Dracula of days of rotting flesh, corpses and bodies all over the place.

Speaker 6: 19:20 Nine Oh two one Oh for vampires. So Dracula will air on BBC one in the U K and then Netflix around the world later on. So looking forward to that. So why are friends from the walking dead pissed off? So we have a lot of celebrities from the walking dead that are actually swearing off Walker stalker con. So the walking dead stars have actually now permanently pulled out of Walker stalker con, which is formally the worldwide walking dead themed convention that recently announced that it would now be exclusive to Atlanta, Georgia after 2020. And this was one that they kind of did kinda like cow wizards and, and comic con, you know, there’s, you, there used to be one in, you know, regional ones cause there used to be one up in North Jersey cause there’s walking dead fans outside of Atlanta. Right. Exactly. So a tweet published on Monday by one of the stars said that it’s time to shut this stuff stuff down.

Speaker 6: 20:25 But he didn’t say stuff. Confirming that basic that stars Norman, Rita’s Deanna Guerrera, Melissa McBride, Cooper Andrews are not coming to the convention when it returns over Halloween weekend in 2020. So the Exodus comes after days. The excess comes days after the Walker stalker creator a resigned, a CEO in the wake of a problematic issue that happened in Atlanta 2019 where the walking dead star angel theory was reportedly verbally assaulted by a member of the convention security staff who does angel. She’s one of the deaf characters. And so reading through the article, basically all of the, the different celebrities, you know, said, I’m not coming, she’s not coming, blah, blah, blah. And so it seemed that there was an issue because one of the, like I said, the, the convention staff, a security member was verbally assaulting her because she had her service dog with her.

Speaker 6: 21:28 The other problem too was that they didn’t have a translator for her. And I guess that was something that was supposed to be set up. So it was just a very difficult situation. And I guess there was also issues where some of the celebrities weren’t getting paid for their time to, to go. So a lot of people were like, you know, they said, while we always enjoyed going to these conventions, meeting our fans, you know, it costs us money to come out there w you know, we’re supposed to get, you know, paid for it, you know, just like, you know, if you went to something, you know, and conventions not making money off it. Exactly. Exactly. So they, they basically pulled out from doing this type of convention, but they did say they would obviously, you know, do other you know, other conventions, you know, around the, the world.

Speaker 6: 22:24 It’s just this specific one. They were going to stop supporting. Okay. That’s unfortunate. But it is what it is. Yeah. Yeah. So Norman Rita’s so happier walking dead excuse me, a news. So he so Norman Redis who plays Daryl Dixon was on last week’s episode of the late show with Stephen Colbert, and he was kinda discussing, you know, his character on from the walking dead. Redis has start on the walking dead since the show debuted on AMC in 2010 and he has seen several characters come and go, including Glenn and Herschel and, and Rick. So he said, like, Norman and Daryl, I have the ghost of these characters and these people that I’ve met that I started the show with. So as my characters progressed, I find myself Norman onset with, you know, you know, this onset behavior. He said, and Darrell is trying to make decisions, like, what would Rick do?

Speaker 6: 23:29 What do you think Hersha would do? So I sort of carry the weight of them. With me. He said he even said that he kept Lincoln’s beard. Andrew Lincoln’s beard, Wilson’s ponytail. Scott Wilson who played her shell he, his, his fake ponytail from the set and he actually stores them in his refrigerator, which I thought was really weird. He said Hershel’s fake head and Darryl’s crossbow are actually in the Smithsonian. Oh. In Washington. So I thought that was kind of interesting. He says his crossbow was right next to Rocky. Balbo was gloves and his Italian stallion robe like that has to be kind of cool to think, you know, are memorabilia is like that. So the walking dead was actually renewed for 11 season this month ahead of the season. 10 premiere. He’s also involved with a new video game death stranded where a new trailer was actually released, showing his character, journeying across, you know, across the country with, with various people.

Speaker 6: 24:36 He’s actually one of only, what did we figure three main characters that are still, you know, from season one. And he, his character has actually always been one where, you know, fans had said, the minute you get rid of Daryl, that’s it. I’m done. Yeah. And obviously for those that, you know, have read the comics, his character is not even, you know, in the comics. So he was in addition to the show and totally, you know, makes it in. And it’s so funny because you’ve actually gone back now and started watching walking dead from, from the beginning where I had watched it from the beginning, you know, obviously still watching it. And it’s interesting to see that 10 year time crunch done so quickly and to see how his character really has grown. You know, in the beginning he was this punk kid, that thousand yard stare though. He does, he just looks at you, you know, Darryl’s trying to make decisions like what would Rick do and do the opposite. Cause now that you’ve watched it, you realize all the wrong decisions makes all the wrong decisions. Yeah. He’s actually one of my favorite characters yet. Just cause he has, he has, there is so much character there and he really doesn’t have to say a lot. You know, he does a lot of, of acting like so much comes through in his acting that the dialogue does not have to be overly robust, rough for right. For his character. For Xero. Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. So that’s it for entertainment news. That is it. Alright, we’ll be back with insightful picks.

Speaker 6: 26:24 You go my dear for your insightful. So my insightful pick is a new series that came out on Amazon prime on October 18th and it is called modern love. It is a American romantic comedy anthology based on the weekly column that is published in the New York times. It had appeared, like I said, on October 18th and actually on October 24th, it was reported that Amazon had renewed the series for a second season. And it’s a really cute love story Gish type thing because what it is is it explores love in a multi latitude of forms, including sexual, romantic Familia platonic and self-love. So elevators that explore that. Mm, no, there was no 11 an elevator sorta actually all the base. So it’s interesting because it’s, it’s an eight part series and each episode is a standalone for itself.

Speaker 6: 27:40 But what’s kind of interesting is in the final episode, you kind of get to see past characters from the other episodes in different timeframes because like the first episode goes through like a six year period. So when the final episode shows you kind of see just the beginning part of that one where one of the other episodes also goes through a couple year time sprint like a five year time span. And in the final episode, you, you meet some of the characters and it’s at the end of the time span. So you never really know where some of these stories that are interacting are. They all stand alone, they’re all standalone in the vigil, in the individual episodes. But then in the final one, they kind of do like an epilogue type thing. Like, you know, the, the final scene, you know, you see the one character kind of like taking a walk through the park and she passes by and you see the people that you met in the first episode.

Speaker 6: 28:43 Then you end up seeing people you met in, you know, the second episode, and then like the, the, you know, the third episode. But it’s different time span. So, you know, for some people you saw them in the beginning, some people saw them in the end and some people who saw them five years later. So it was kind of, you know, an interesting little way to kinda wrap it up in a cute little, you know, for some for, for some in the epilogue, you got to see an ending that you didn’t see in that original, you know, so it was like, Oh, you thought maybe like these two got together and now you see the epilogue and now this person’s with somebody else. You’re like, Oh, okay. So it was, like I said, a cute little way to wrap it up. Each episode was like a half hour long. So it, you know, it wasn’t very long. It’s all with a background of, of New York city. Everything you know, takes place you know, in the the city. And again, nice little romancey, you know, type show if you’re into that of thing. Cool.

Speaker 4: 29:42 Nice pic. Thank you.

Speaker 4: 29:49 So my pick this week is a podcast that was actually suggested to me by my son Sam. It is Dan Carlin’s hardcore history. Sam and I, my son are both history buffs and he had been listening to this one for a little while and Alan thought that I would like it. So I picked it up recently. Subscribe to and started listening to it. So in hardcore history journalist and broadcaster, Dan Carlin takes his Martian unorthodox way of thinking and applies it to the past. Was Alexander the great as bad a person as Adolf Hitler. What would of hatches with modern weapons be like a, will our modern civilization ever fall like civilizations from past errors? This isn’t academic history and Carlin isn’t a historian, but the podcast unique blend of high drama master from Mallory narration and Twilight zone style twist has entertained millions of listeners.

Speaker 4: 30:52 The last episode that he has available shows 64 supernova in the East, which he talks about the rise of Japan prior to the U S his involvement in the war and moving through us his involvement after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. And what I find interesting about his style is he very eloquently draws parallels to too and analogies more or less to other things to make you understand it. So, so one of the things that people tend to have happened in history when you, when you’re watching history podcasts or listening or, or you’re listening to history lectures, is you get bogged down in the minutiae and you only get the facts and you’re, you try to interpret those facts. And one of the things that’s kind of interesting about this podcast is he’ll draw an analogy in the, and the one that really stuck with me was this last episode supernova in the East where he talked about the allies coming together.

Speaker 4: 32:06 Cause you figure by the time the United States comes into Wars, two years old, at this point in time, it’s been raging in the Pacific Taiwan’s fallen Australia’s under attack. So you have all this aggression going on and the British are having a difficult time supporting their colonies in the Pacific because they’re dealing with the battle of Britain at the same time and they need an infusion of supplies. So, you know, I’m sure most people are familiar with the lend lease act where Roosevelt, you know, the United States was still in an isolationists mood before Pearl Harbor and most of the Americans didn’t want to get involved in the war in Europe. So Roosevelt did what he could to provide supplies and ammunition and tanks and so forth as part of a deal to the UK. And when the United States finally got involved, they got involved conditionally with the United States leading the efforts.

Speaker 4: 33:08 And it sat, it didn’t sit well with a lot of the British and a lot of like, that doesn’t come out. Like the only time you really see tension in the higher upper command was usually when it was against individual generals. You know, Patton and Montgomery were a great example of that tension where they were constantly fighting against each other. But the, the British people in home, very proud people. They are the largest empire in the world. Largest Navy in the world. You know, it was, it was hard for them to take a back seat when the United States got involved and he equates this to a startup company. You know, the British, basically we’re a startup company. They’re in the process of trying to get off the ground here and survive, but they’re running out of resources. And the United States came in is that investment capital, you know, we’ll fund you, we’ll do this, we’ll provide you with these resources.

Speaker 4: 34:05 But we want to say in how it’s spent and how it’s done and just the fact that he’s able to put that analogy out there really puts the whole subject into perspective a lot differently. And that’s a lot of what he does on the podcast itself. It’s very plainspoken citing primary sources. You get a lot of quotes in there, so you, you almost feel like, you know, you’re, you’re, you’re sitting in the middle of it for a podcast and there’s not a lot of special effects. There’s no you know, audio effects or anything. I mean it’s literally he does this as a narrator with his voice and he does a fantastic job with it and, and certainly keeps my interest. And I would highly recommend it. That is Dan Carlin’s hardcore history podcast available on Apple podcasts and all major podcast distributions and I think that is all that we had. It is. And you can reach us. We’ll go down our contacts, you can reach us on

Speaker 6: 35:13 On

Speaker 4: 35:25 You can get our audio

Speaker 6: 35:34 Backslash insights into things. And

Speaker 4: 35:37 I think that’s it. Another one in the book. Another one. Done. Alright, we’re out of here.

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  • Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 40 “Vampires, Zombies and more”
  • My thoughtful and provocative  co-host Michelle Whalen

Disney  Star Wars Detective

  • Star Wars: Why does Disney keep hiding Hayden Christensen?
    • Apparently, Hayden Christensen recently visited Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge taking in all the sites and enjoying his time just as many actors and fans did before him.
    • Only you wouldn’t have known it if not for a few fans who spotted the tweet from Disneyland before it was removed — and then re-posted the next day. There was nothing crazy in the three images. It was just Hayden taking a few posed shots, including with a fan and inside the Millennium Falcon.
    • So what’s the big deal? Why does Disney keep cancelling Hayden Christensen?
    • This isn’t the first time Christensen was removed from something Star Wars related. After he appeared at Celebration where he signed autographs and posed for fans, it seemed he might be making more Star Wars rounds.
    • But it turns out, it feels like he has been kept in hiding. Back in September, Christensen and Ian McDiarmid – who played Anakin and Palpatine in the prequels, respectively – were supposed to do a panel together. That got canceled at the last minute with rumors suggesting it was at the hands of Disney.
  • Watch C-3PO Actor Anthony Daniels Encourage Fans To Re-Watch Star Wars Before The Rise Of Skywalker
    • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and the end of the Skywalker Saga are fast approaching, and it’s about time to start preparing to see the climactic film. You may have already scooped up your tickets and watched and dissected the final trailer a dozen times, but C-3PO still has an assignment for you to complete before Episode IX’s December 20 release date. 
    • Anthony Daniels is encouraging fans to get ready to see The Rise of Skywalker by re-watching all of the previous Star Wars movies before the new one hits theaters. When C-3PO talks, the heroes in a galaxy far, far away don’t always listen, but you’d do well to heed Anthony Daniels here because he is speaking sense.
    • We are two months away from when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters, and if you want to re-watch the Skywalker Saga before its closing chapter, you need to start soon. Sure, you could wait until the last moment and marathon all of the films at home, or even do the 27 hour 21 minute marathon in theaters, but that’s a lot of pressure at the last minute if you run out of time or can’t make it.
    • As Anthony Daniels notes in the video from SFX Magazine, they are doing one movie a week, starting with Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. On that schedule of one movie a week, if you start with the Prequels this week, you would complete the eight-film Skywalker Saga the week of The Rise of Skywalker’s release.
    • That’s of course not counting if you want to incorporate Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Solo: A Star Wars Story into your re-watch as well. So while two months might seem like a long time, it’s can creep up on you real fast. For casuals and die-hard Star Wars fans alike, re-watching the existing films is a great way to refresh your memory, as well as get yourself excited and in the mood for a new Star Wars movie.
    • A Skywalker Saga re-watch may be especially beneficial for The Rise of Skywalker because it is the final film in this 40+ year journey. Director J.J. Abrams set out to make a movie that is a cohesive ending to the rest of the saga that answers as many questions as possible. 
    • It’s especially fitting that Anthony Daniels is encouraging us to re-watch this saga, when in the final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker, C-3PO talked about taking one last look at his friends in an incredibly emotional moment. The Rise of Skywalker will be our last look at these friends from a galaxy far, far away on the big screen, so it’s best to savor it.
    • Re-watching all of the Skywalker Saga isn’t the only thing Star Wars fans have on their plates before The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters. The very first live-action Star Wars TV series, The Mandalorian, drops its first episode on the new Disney+ streaming service at launch on November 12 and will continue until the end of the year. And for the gamers out there, the new game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order arrives on November 15.
    • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker blasts into theaters on December 20. 
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story Writer Says The Studio ‘Blew It
    • Solo: A Star Wars Story has the dubious distinction of being the first Star Wars movie to not take over the box office and become a global smash hit. To be sure, the movie did just fine at the box office, but expectations for Star Wars movies are high, and Solo largely failed to meet them. There are a lot of reasons that this may have happened, but screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan seems to have decided that any faults in the movie could be traced back to “the studio.”
    • In a recent appearance at the Austin Film Festival (via SyFy), the writer of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back appeared to claim that his final entry in the galaxy, far, far away faltered because of problems at the studio level. After helping out with the script to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kasdan apparently only agreed to write Solo: A Star Wars Story if he could do it with his son Jonathan. It seems the father and son writers had no issues with the film, but Lawrence Kasdan said that after the script left their hands, problems ensued. In his words…
    • Then the studio blew it. But that’s not unusual.
    • Lawrence Kasdan doesn’t elaborate on his statement, so we don’t have any details on exactly what the accomplished writer is referring to. Having said that, it’s not like we don’t know a lot. The behind-the-scenes situation for Solo: A Star Wars Story is better known than most blockbuster movies, all due to the fact that Lucasfilm took the unusual step of parting ways with the film’s original directors midway through filming.
    • Originally, the team of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were hired to direct Solo, but they were replaced midstream by Ron Howard. It was reported that filming was taking an awfully long time with Lord and Miller, and that they were allowing for a lot of improv on set. This allegedly led to clashes with Lawrence Kasdan, and it seems ultimately the decision at the studio level was to side with Kasdan.
    • Since Lawrence Kasdan is seemingly now leaving Solo’s situation at the feet of the studio, assuming the rumors of his clashes with Lord and Miller are true, it could be that Kasdan just thinks it was a bad move to bring them in in the first place. It could be that, it could be other decisions the studio made, which Lawrence Kasdan doesn’t agree with.
    • Solo: A Star Wars Story wasn’t a massive box office bomb. The film made just short of $400 million at the global box office in 2018. The issue is that, because of the additional costs associated with the director swap, such as a significantly longer than planned shooting schedule which led to a shorter than planned post-production schedule, Solo was a more expensive than planned movie, meaning it was going to need to make a lot to be profitable. That didn’t happen. Solo is actually the lowest grossing live-action Star Wars movie to date.
    • Solo’s lack of success is largely being held responsible for Disney’s decision to slow down the release of Star Wars films. Original plans that expected us to see at least one movie a year have been shifted, and following the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the franchise will take a couple years off, before resuming with an every other schedule.

Entertainment New

  • ‘Dracula’ Trailer: BBC & Netlflix Reveal Gruesome First Look At Horror Reboot In Time For Halloween
    • The BBC has lifted the coffin lid on the first teaser trailer for Dracula, its co-production with Netflix from the makers of Sherlock.
    • The three-part series, which stars Claes Bang as Count Dracula, is written by Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat and produced by Hartswood Films.
    • The series, which finished filming in August, is inspired by Bram Stoker’s classic novel and will re-introduce the world to Dracula, the vampire who made evil sexy.
    • In Transylvania in 1897, the blood-drinking Count is drawing his plans against Victorian London, and judging by the teaser, the series will be full of gruesome nastiness that will not be for the faint of heart.
    • The trailer features blood-spattered letters, a fly in an eyeball, loose fingernails, and Bang whispering menacingly to a terrified victim: “Try and stay calm, you’re doing very well.”
    • Dracula will air on BBC One in the UK and Netflix around the world.
  • The Walking Dead Stars Swear Off Walker Stalker Con: “Time to Shut This Sh*t Down”
    • The Walking Dead stars are permanently pulling out of Walker Stalker Con, the formerly worldwide Walking Dead-themed convention that recently announced it will be exclusive to Atlanta, Georgia, after 2020. In a tweet published Monday, star Khary Payton said it’s “time to shut this sh-t down,” confirming co-stars Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride and Cooper Andrews are “not coming” when the convention returns over Halloween weekend in 2020. The exodus comes days after Walker Stalker creator James Frazier resigned as CEO in the wake of a “problematic” Walker Stalker Atlanta 2019, where TWD star Angel Theory was reportedly “verbally assaulted” by a member of the convention’s security staff.
    • “I’m not coming. Norman’s not coming. Melissa’s not coming. Danai’s not coming. Cooper’s not coming. Confirming more… Time to shut this shit down,” Payton tweeted Monday, adding the hashtag “sick of it.”
    • “Hard to believe something that started off so well could end up this sideways,” Payton wrote in a subsequent tweet. “We’ll figure out a new conduit to see you guys but this has to stop.”
    • In response to Payton’s declaration, Andrews tweeted, “I’m not coming.”
    • In June, both Payton and Andrews announced they would be pulling out of all Walker Stalker and FanFest conventions.
    • “After a lot of consideration, I’ve decided to no longer attend Walker Stalker/FanFest conventions. I’m sure we’ll have opportunities to meet each other at different events but at this time, I think it’s best to take a bow and walk away,” Payton wrote in a post published to Instagram. “I have met some great people through WSC and I can’t wait to find you out in the world soon. My unlimited love to you all.”
    • Andrews said in a separate post Walker Stalker and Fan Fest shows are “not the best place” for the star to interact with TWD fans.
    • “I’m also pulling out of ALL Walker Stalker/FanFest shows for the foreseeable future. I LOVE meeting all of you, but as far as I’m concerned, Walker Stalker is not the best place for me to do that,” Andrews wrote. “I don’t write this easily, but I’ve been listening to my gut for as long as I remember and I’m not gonna start ignoring it now. I’ll see you all in other conventions! And of course, there will be cobbler.”
    • Taking to Instagram live over the summer, Theory said Andrews is “not the only one that feels some type of way about Walker Stalker.” Theory said the convention failed to pay its talent.
    • “One thing I can say is I genuinely enjoyed my time doing it, I love getting to engage with the fans and talk to you guys and get to meet y’all and take goofy, silly photos, it’s supposed to be a fun thing. It’s supposed to be fun for the both of us — for the fans and for the actors themselves,” Theory said. “However, it is not fun when it comes to not getting paid from the Walker Stalker company, what is owed to the actors. Just like you guys, y’all not getting y’all refunds back, the actors are not getting paid.”
    • When announcing his resignation, Frazier said maintaining the conventions “became too much and beyond my capabilities.”
    • “Today, I’m turning it over to new leadership and stepping down. I will no longer have any decisions in the direction of the company and it’s daily management,” Frazier wrote in a social media post (via AJC). “I will make sure that they are up to speed on each and every issue and make myself available to assist them in any way that would help them succeed.”
    • Interim CEO Michael DeVault subsequently told AJC “rumors of this company’s demise are greatly exaggerated,” adding “there is a tremendous future in store for Fan Fest events.”
    • TWD star Nadine Marissa detailed Theory’s problematic experience at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta earlier this month, claiming Frazier failed to deescalate Theory’s “very disturbing” situation after a security guard sparked an altercation over Theory’s service dog. Marissa also criticized the convention for not providing Theory, a member of the deaf/hard-of-hearing community, with an American Sign Language interpreter.
  • Norman Reedus reflects on his ‘Walking Dead’ run
    • The 50-year-old actor discussed the series and his character, Daryl Dixon, during Wednesday’s episode ofThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
    • Reedus has starred on The Walking Dead since the show’s debut on AMC in 2010. He has seen several characters come and go, including Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun), Hershel Green (played by late actor Scott Wilson) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).
    • “Like Norman and Daryl, I have the ghost of these characters and these people that I met that I started the show with. So as my character’s progressed, I find myself, Norman, on set with, you know, on-set behavior,” the star shared.
    • “And Daryl trying to make decisions like, ‘What would Rick do? What would Hershel do?’ So I sort of carry the weight of them with me, I think,” he added.
    • Reedus said he kept Lincoln’s beard and Wilson’s ponytail from set and stores them in his refrigerator. He said Hershel’s fake head and Daryl’s crossbow are in the Smithsonian museum.
    • “[My crossbow] is right next to Rocky Balboa’s gloves and his Italian Stallion robe,” the actor said.
    • The Walking Dead was renewed for an 11th season this month ahead of its Season 10 premiere.
    • Reedus is also involved in the new video game Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima. A new trailer released Wednesday shows Reedus’ character journeying across America.

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    • Modern Love explores “love in its multitude of forms – including sexual, romantic, familial, platonic, and self love.”
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