Insights into Entertainment

Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 104 “The Baby, The Beard and The Boot”

In our Disney Detective, we’ll look at both a real life Disney villain (complete with handcuffs and catch phrase) and a real life Disney Hero

Then in our Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy, Gina Carrano has a new Star Wars-Type show in the works, and the beard is back as Ewan McGregor prepares to start filming the new Obi-Wan series

And for our Entertainment News, The Right Stuff got the wrong news and we can expect a complete different season three for one of our favorite shows

Insights into Entertainment

Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 65 “Skywalker in the Shadows”

Disney is bringing back The Wonderful World of Disney Movie Night with a few modern classics. The Haunted Mansion is getting it’s own board game in October. And Pixar is cooking up some fun with their popular animated characters for the kids, all this week on Disney Detective.

Star Wars Insights takes a look at the reports of Taika Waititi helming a forthcoming Star Wars movie And Lego Star Wars returns with The Skywalker Saga featuring some original actors voices and some never before revealed secrets of some of the lesser known characters from the Star Wars Universe.

In Entertainment News Oscar Nominated projects are being banned from Emmy Competition signaling even more mixed reaction to streaming media’s rapid rise to dominance in the entertainment industry. Tribeca Enterprises is partnering with IMAX and AT&T to revitalize a popular form of entertainment venue. And Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill is taking on a dark role in What We Do in the Shadows.

Then we’ll wrap the show with a couple of fresh Insightful Picks of the Week.

Insights into Entertainment

Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 13 “To The Future”

We open with the newest Spiderman: Far From Home trailer (with spoiler warning). Then we jump right into Disney Detective talking about the announcement of new Star Wars and Avatar movies followed by Disney’s attempts to acquire Comcast’s remaining interests in Hulu. In entertainment news we look at Billy Joel turning seventy and we happily announce FX picking up one of our favorite shows “What We Do in the Shadows” for a second season and how well it’s doing in the ratings. Then we finish up with a couple Insightful Picks of the week.

Insights into Entertainment

Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 7 “Smoking out Apple”

In this weeks episode we introduce our new segment Disney Detective with news dedicated to the house the mouse built. We briefly discuss what is shaping up to be anything but a brief moving in Avengers End Game. We then do a deeper dive into Apples expansion into the entertainment industry with a series of services announced at this weeks keynote a their World Wide Developer Conference. Then we’ll finish up with two new Insightful picks of the week.