Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 127 ”Teens and Perfectionism”

This week we’re talking about perfectionism and the malicious cycle it can lead us into. We’ll talk about how we determine if someone is a perfectionist and the signs to look for. We then evaluate the causes of perfectionism and some of the negative consequences of it. And finally we’ll look at how to address perfectionism and what parents can do to help.

Insights into Entertainment

Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 100 “The Thrill of the Hunt”

We’ll celebrate our special 100th episode with a little insight into our collections of pop culture memorabilia

We’ll talk about how we got our start collecting, what we collect, and some of our favorite places to acquire pieces for our collection

Then we’ll showcase some of Michelle’s collectibles and talk about some of her most prized pieces

Finally we’ll show case some of Joe’s collectibles and talk about some of Joe’s collection

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Insights Into Things Christmas Special 2020: A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was first published in London in 1843 and recounts the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an elderly miser who is visited by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley and the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come. After their visits, Scrooge is transformed into a kinder, gentler man.