Insights into Entertainment: Episode 4 “Dead, Dying and Depraved”

Michelle and Joe run down the list of celebrities we lost this week with the passing of Luke Perry and Jan-Michel Vincent. We briefly discuss the unfortunate news of Alex Trebek’s medical issues before diving into the Spielberg versus Netflix battle that is heating up. We’ll take a deeper look into some questionable comments from Ian McKellen regarding his take on some accused sexual predators in the entertainment industry before wrapping the news up with Britain’s Royals response to social media trolls. As usual, we wrap the podcast with a couple of great insightful picks of the week.

Insights into Entertainment

Insights into Entertainment: Episode 3 “Oscars Aftermath”

Michelle and Joe discuss Emma Thompson’s refusal to work with John Lasseter on a new animated movie. We look at the unfortunate health issues facing Luke Perry. Then we take a deeper dive into the winners and losers of the Oscars and some of the controversies surrounding the storied awards show. We rap another great podcast with a few insightful picks from our hosts.