Insights Into Teens: Episode 70 “School Refusal”

Anxiety, stress and fear in a teenager can lead to an unwillingness or inability to attend school. This week we discuss what School Refusal is. We’ll look at the symptoms and warning signs to look for. We’ll investigate some of the common causes of School Refusal. And we will look at some of the ways that parents and guardians can help their children overcome some of these issues.

Teenage years are stressful in nature. Add to that the social awkwardness associated with school, the expectations of performance in school and the random variables of bullies, peer rejection, family conflict and underlying anxiety disorder and you have a perfect storm. Supporting our children and ensuring they have an outlet to work through these issues is key. We’ll talk about this and much more in this week’s episode.

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Insights Into Teens: Episode 11 “Fears and Phobias”

Madison and Joe tackle the sensitive subject of fears. We discuss what fear is versus phobia, what the typical symptoms of each area, how such things are useful and we discuss statistics about fears and phobias and find out they aren’t nearly as uncommon as you might think. We learn that fear is a healthy natural defensive mechanism of the body and that phobias aren’t irrational fears but an over-reaction by a part of the brain that can be overcome with the proper training. We also discuss some commonly effective methods of overcoming your fears and phobias.

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