Insights Into Teens: Episode 91 “Conflict Resolution”

This week we’re talking about conflict resolution. We’ll look at some of the common causes of conflict, how conflicts aren’t necessarily a bad thing and how we can learn from them. We’ll talk about the ten commandments of conflicts and how to handle conflicts with love ones, friends and others. We’ll show you the skills you need to cope with conflict, how to avoid turning it into a negative experience and finally we’ll discuss the steps to take to reach a conflict resolution.

Much of what we talk about in this weeks episode applies not only to teens but to any situation where two or more people find themselves in conflict or on opposite sides of a given issue. We’ll teach you how to compromise, how to reason, and how to see a given issue from both sides you can better understand all points of view and argue your points from an informed perspective. Continue reading Insights Into Teens: Episode 91 “Conflict Resolution”

Insights Into Teens: Episode 53 "Problem Solving Skills"

Teens face a variety of problems, issues, challenges and conflicts as they make their way through life. Having the right formula for dealing with problems can make all the difference in the outcome of such events. This week we’re taking a look at some common situations where problem solving skills could make a world of difference. We’ll talk about the common steps to problem solving and learn the skills needed to help resolve any problem or challenge you face.

We’ll also delve into some problems and challenges that Madison has faced and how she was able to cope with them with the proper problem solving skills and how some problems required her to learn those problem solving skills on the fly. Continue reading Insights Into Teens: Episode 53 "Problem Solving Skills"

Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 3 “Battleground Iran”

This week’s episode is ripped from the headlines as we explore the rising tensions between the United States and Iran. We look back at nearly a century of history between the two nations and what brought us to the current brink of war that exist between the two countries. We’ll explore the current relationship not only between the United States and Iran but also how that relationship is influencing the United State’s position around the world with both it’s allies and adversaries. Then we’ll take a look at the various scenarios laid out before us and speculate on the direction that the current conflict will go, the impact on future administrations and the overall stability in the region. Continue reading Insights Into Tomorrow: Episode 3 “Battleground Iran”