Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 106 “Perspectives Part I”

This week the podcast goes back to it’s roots to ask a series of questions to Madison and get the perspective of a teenager on a number of topics. First we talk academics and find teen perspectives on how much emphasis colleges place on standardized test scores to whether or not the cost of college tuition is too high.

Then we’ll delve into the realm of politics. We’ll find out if our election process is fair, is our tax system fair, should the government provide free healthcare, should there be term limits on all political offices, do campaign contributions distort our political system and much more.

Finally we’ll address some “Big Picture” questions like is global climate change man-made, is the death penalty effective, should smoking be banned, do we have a throw-away society, are professional athletes paid to much and more.

Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 54 "Cheating in School"

This week we tackle the topic of cheating in school. You might be amazed at just how many kids cheat in school. Some do it deliberately while others may not even realize they are doing it. We’ll talk about some of the different ways that students tend to cheat in school and their motivation for cheating. We’ll also discuss both the short term and long term consequences of cheating and why ultimately it simply isn’t worth the risk or the consequences.

Insights into Entertainment

Insights into Entertainment: Episode 6 “Schooling the Celebrities”

This week Michelle and Joe do a quick recap on Captain Marvel. Then we dig into the seedy details of the lawsuit brought by MillerCoors against Bud Light for their now infamous “corn syrup” ad campaign. We’ll discuss the charges of K-Pop star Jung Joon-Young’s arrest and how the culture of Korean celebrities differs drastically from that of Hollywood and it’s often controversial laden crowd. We finish up our news dive with some curious details on the recent Celebrity College Cheating Scandal before we wrap this week’s podcast with our latest Insightful Picks of the Week.