Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 72 “Teens and Religion”

This week we take a deeper look into Madison’s beliefs and religious upbringing. We’ll take a look at the religious background of her parents, talk about the religious holidays we celebrate and how we celebrate them. We’ll also talk about what religious services we attend and our overall beliefs from a larger picture standpoint.

Our second segment address statistics on religion and teens. How important is religion to different age groups. What benefits people gain from their faith as well as some of the unexpected consequences of religion on peoples lives.

Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 67 “Balancing Emotions”

Teens face a deluge of emotions both positive and negative. Balancing those emotions and dealing with them can be a monumental challenge as they tackle all of the other issues associated with being a teenager.

This week we look at five different techniques to help you balance those emotions so you can deal with them, keep them in check and turn them into constructive aspects of your personality. We’ll look at how to ride the wave of emotions, discuss meditation and mindfulness techniques, explore how physical exercise can help, discuss the importance of sleep hygiene and look at how creative and being in the “flow” can improve focus.

All of the techniques we’ll talk about this week not only help to balance your emotions but have both psychological and physical benefits to them. Instead of resorting to medications to combat some of the more common issues in teens learning to balance your emotions can have the same lasting effects.