Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 91 “Conflict Resolution”

This week we’re talking about conflict resolution. We’ll look at some of the common causes of conflict, how conflicts aren’t necessarily a bad thing and how we can learn from them. We’ll talk about the ten commandments of conflicts and how to handle conflicts with love ones, friends and others. We’ll show you the skills you need to cope with conflict, how to avoid turning it into a negative experience and finally we’ll discuss the steps to take to reach a conflict resolution.

Much of what we talk about in this weeks episode applies not only to teens but to any situation where two or more people find themselves in conflict or on opposite sides of a given issue. We’ll teach you how to compromise, how to reason, and how to see a given issue from both sides you can better understand all points of view and argue your points from an informed perspective.

Insights Into Teens

Insights Into Teens: Episode 74 “Family Problems”

This week we’re discussing some of the more common problems that teens face at home with their family. First we’ll discuss typical friction points between teens and their parents like teen independence, arguing with your parents, a lack of communication between teens and parents and the need for parents to set boundaries and teens to push those boundaries.

We’ll also look at how troubles in the home can cause issues for teens. How do parents who are experiencing interpersonal issues and the arguments that inevitably rise from that affect teens. We’ll talk about the academic pressures and the frictions failing in those expectations can cause. We’ll explore sibling rivalry and how teens competing against each other can be both a benefit and a hindrance.

Finally we’ll talk about ways to combat some of this problems and discuss how to help teens get through these troubling but some times unavoidable scenarios. Learning to negotiate, listen and work as a team are key techniques to solving these problems.