Insights Into Teens: Episode 88 “Would You Rather? Round 2”

In this episode we pick up with our little personality game of “Would You Rather” from our previous podcast. This week we ask Madison questions about “Grossed Out”, “Future Self”, “Extracurricular Activities” and “Dating”.

We get some very well thought out and some very interesting answers in this weeks edition. We learn that Madison is far more likely to indulge in the performing arts than in sports. We also some interesting reasons why she’s not a fan of flying.

Show Notes




Grossed Out

  • Would you rather never wear deodorant or have really bad dandruff?
  • Would you rather wear winter clothes all year long or summer clothes all year long?
  • Would you rather cover yourself in peanut butter or ketchup?
  • Would you rather only use dog shampoo or never cut your toenails?
  • Would you rather eat moldy bread or eat moldy cheese?
  • Would you rather have your dog kiss you or your grandma kiss you?
  • Would you rather have terrible gas all the time or burp out loud constantly?
  • Would you rather eat a rotten banana or a rotten egg?
  • Would you rather always have the hiccups or always have big sweat stains under your arms?
  • Would you rather sniff expired milk or sniff rotten eggs?

Future Self

  • Would you rather have ten kids or no kids at all?
  • Would you rather ride a bike to work or a horse to work?
  • Would you rather go to your dream college and have a lot of debt or an okay college and have no debt?
  • Would you rather die peacefully at 60 or painfully at 100?
  • Would you rather own a coffee shop or own a bakery?
  • Would you rather be a surgeon or be a college professor?
  • Would you rather take every vacation to Disney World or New York City?
  • Would you rather always have the newest technology or the best food in the world?
  • Would you rather have a mansion or a private jet?
  • Would you rather work for your parents or teach at your high school?

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Extracurricular Activities

  • Would you rather work at a summer camp or lifeguard at a pool?
  • Would you rather join choir or band?
  • Would you rather never lose a sports game or never lose an argument?
  • Would you rather be the school quarterback or have the lead role in the school musical?
  • Would you rather be good at synchronized swimming or chess?
  • Would you rather have a bad picture of you on the cover of the school yearbook or a good picture of you on the cover of the school newspaper?
  • Would you rather always be first in the school lunch line or always be first out of the school parking lot?
  • Would you rather be president of your student council or the most popular person in school?
  • Would you rather be captain of a sports team or President of the Drama Club?
  • Would you rather be able to play every instrument in the school orchestra or be able to play every position on the school basketball team?




  • Would you rather go on a double date with your parents or with your significant other’s parents?
  • Would you rather be turned down for a dance by someone you do like or asked to a dance by someone you don’t like?
  • Would you rather forget the name of a person you’re on a date with or call them your ex’s name by accident?
  • Would you rather get the stomach bug on a first date or run into your parents on a first date?
  • Would you rather always smell bad around the person you like or always say something embarrassing around the person you like?
  • Would you rather date someone who’s gorgeous but unfunny or someone who’s okay-looking but hilarious?
  • Would you rather go on a great date with someone you disagree about everything with, or go on an okay date with someone you agree with about everything?
  • Would you rather realize halfway through a date that there’s something in your teeth or something in your nose?
  • Would you rather date someone really quiet or someone really loud?
  • Would you rather date someone three feet taller than you or three feet shorter than you?




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